Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 399

Chapter 398 jun vents anger
Chapter 398: Jun Vents Anger

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Jun Mo Xie neednt have drawn close to the people from Baili Family since they could already feel his sharp aura. After all, Baili Xiong Feng was at the basic level of the Spirit Xuan realm. So, his Xuan Qi cultivation was only marginally inferior to the three Dongfang brothers.

Moreover, the two other men of the Baili Family were at Sky Xuan peak, while Baili Luo Yun was at Jade Xuan peak. So, wouldnt they have been able to sense that all-enshrouding murderous aura? In fact, it was obvious to them that this imposing aura was moving towards their tent. So, they were the intended targets

The three men of that family were led by Baili Xiong Feng to stand at the tents entrance.

They then saw that glorious silhouette as it slowly approached them while they faced the rising sun. The pupils of the Baili Familys leader dilated at the sight of this. That bright, shining, and golden youngster was the one who had been applying such great pressure on him

[How is this possible? Hes just a young brat! Why am I feeling such intense pressure?]

He felt as if Jun Mo Xies dull-looking eyes could read every thought that was circling in his mind. He felt that his fate was under that youngsters control. In fact, he felt like he had no free-will of his own.

He felt extremely powerless. [Why is a youngster who possesses a cultivation far beneath mine able to have such an effect on me?]

"The Third Young Master of the Jun Family?" Baili Xiong Feng realized that he felt uncomfortable to his very spirit. In fact, his heart had been sent trembling. So much so, that he hadnt even realized when he had taken a step back He asked in a loud voice in order to hide his uneasiness, "May I dare to ask why the Third Young Master has come here?"

However, even Baili Xiong Feng had realized that his voice had seemed to lack any power in front of his counterpart.

The three great experts of the Baili Family had fallen into a disadvantage position the moment they had rushed out of their tent after having perceived that imposing murderous aura. In fact, they had lost the right to talk on equal terms. It didnt matter if they were Spirit Xuan experts or Great Masters the result wouldve been the same.

And, that was because they had been forced to come out!

They wouldve found themselves in a far better situation if they had been able to remain in their tents when Jun Mo Xie had arrived outside since he wouldve had to take the initiative, and wouldve had to speak first in order to provoke or request them for their attendance...

However, it was a pity that they werent able to do that

Baili Luo Yun and two other members of the Baili Family stood behind Baili Xiong Feng. And, they could see that Jun Mo Xie appeared very calm, yet arrogant. In fact, his aura seemed strong-enough to force the entire world to submission! Yet, their eyes shone with a brilliance of fanaticism at this sight.

And, that was because this was the realm they had been striving to achieve their entire lives.

This realm perhaps wasnt the greatest. And, it perhaps wasnt the strongest in the world either. But, it was a realm that entailed absolute confidence in oneself. And, this was a realm of genuine pride!

Baili Xiong Feng had always been proud of not being a part of the herd. But, he felt extremely inferior now that he compared himself to the exceptionally imposing attitude he was faced against.

"Ive come to look for you, Baili Luo Yun. We had an agreement," Jun Mo Xie spoke-up in a dull tone. He didnt take any notice of the Baili Familys leader even though the man was standing right in front of him. The Young Master Jun instead faced Baili Luo Yun as he spoke. In fact, he even smiled at him faintly.

Jun Mo Xie seemingly hadnt heard the question which had been asked by the Spirit Xuan-strong Baili Xiong Feng. Or perhaps he had disdained to even answer

This was a show of complete disregard bare and blatant disregard.

The lack of foresight from the Baili Family, and their attempts to destroy such a great asset had made Jun Mo Xie despise them. In fact, the Baili Familys doom had been foreordained as far as Jun Mo Xie was concerned. And, that would be for Baili Luo Yun!

And, for his own plan!

Baili Xiong Feng could feel the anger rising inside him. And, he suddenly lost all sense of reason and self-awareness. He was a Spirit Xuan expert at this time. Something like this had rarely happened to him even when he was a Sky Xuan expert. However, this brat had thrown away the regard of his many years of powerful cultivation in an instance.

The leader of the Baili Familys platoon couldnt understand what was going on...

He took a deep breath, and did his best to keep his raging anger in check as he shouted, "Im talking to you, Jun Mo Xie!" The Jun Familys strength had risen very suddenly ever since the arrival of that mysteriously strong person who had killed the Second Great Master. So, Baili Xiong Feng tried to maintain some sense of appropriateness despite the fact that he felt extremely angry.

The Baili Family couldnt afford to provoke the Jun Family because of that person who stood behind them in support. Forget about the Baili Family Baili Xiong Feng knew that even the monstrous powers like the Silver Blizzard City couldnt offend that mysterious person.

Therefore, Baili Xiong Fengs tone had been somewhat warm even though he was extremely angry.

"I was thinking of our bet. So, Im here to relieve you of your three uncles. I was finally able to take out some time for this now," Jun Mo Xie smiled brightly and amiably. And, it seemed as if he was waiting for a suggestion as he continued, "Youre not in a hurry, are you?"

Jun Mo Xie had again pretended that he hadnt heard Baili Xiong Fengs words. This was akin to two back-to-back slaps to the latters face.

Baili Luo Yun was suddenly struck by a realization. In fact, he felt touched as he somewhat understood the matter...

Jun Mo Xie had been facing him, and had been speaking to him. In fact, the Young Master Jun hadnt even glanced at the Spirit Xuan Baili Xiong Feng. This indicated that even the leader of the Baili Familys troops wasnt much in his eyes

This point entailed that the Baili Family was nothing in Jun Mo Xies eyes.

What was Sky Xuan? What was Spirit Xuan? They were nothing in his eyes.

Jun Mo Xie only had eyes for one person at this moment

Baili Luo Yun!


Baili Luo Yun had understood the reason very clearly...

[This Young Master understands me clearly. In fact, he even understands what Im thinking...]

[Thats right! Hes venting out this anger in my stead! for everything Ive suffered at the hands of the Baili Family over these dozen or so years!]

[He knows that I wish to leave the Baili Family in a blaze of glory, and confidence. He also knows that I mustnt leave them by sneaking out like a dog.]

[Im a genius. I know my worth. I wouldve left the Baili Family long ago if I had wanted to. No family would ever miss an opportunity to have such a talented member in their ranks. But, I didnt go. And, thats because I want to claim the glory I deserve!]

[I wanted to come out at the top, and not the bottom!]

[And now, this youngster isnt holding back hes offending the entire Baili Family for my glory for my justice and, for the injustice that Ive suffered]

[Who in this world would do so much for me?]

Jun Mo Xie hadnt spoken a single word of solicitation. But, Baili Luo Yun had already begun to admire him.

Baili Luo Yuns eyes flickered. He didnt say a word, but he made a solemn vow in his heart.

[Jun Mo Xie has delivered what I had requested. He didnt stint even a little when it came to fulfilling his promise. He has instead been extremely brash. So, I will also fulfill my commitment. In fact, I will spend my entire life in fulfilling my commitments. I will never stint from my commitment as long as I live. I will pledge my life in loyalty to him!]

However, Baili Xiong Feng was already trembling in rage.

Jun Mo Xies downright arrogant attitude had left the Spirit Xuan expert to stamp his foot in fury. [You may have some exceptional backing. The Jun Family may have rebounded from its degeneration, and may have started to resonate with fame and glory. But, a young brat shouldnt show any disrespect to the Baili Family because of that. Moreover, he certainly shouldnt show any disregard to Baili Xiong Feng!]

[Who can ever endure such a thing?]

[The Jun Family may have boundless future prospects. And, no one would dare to mess with them. But, this doesnt mean that they can bully people like this!] Baili Xiong Feng had never been a broad-minded man. This was obvious from the fact that his Family had decided to act against their own future interests and had sent Baili Luo Yun to die. Moreover, Baili Xiong Feng had personally taken charge of escorting Baili Luo Yun to his death in the Southern Heaven City. These schemes had already revealed the traits and status of his character. Who couldnt understand this point

However, people with a higher affinity for such traits in character often tend to attach more importance to their reputations

A low snarl resounded from Baili Xiong Fengs throat as he panted. He was afraid of the mysterious man who was backing the Jun Family. So, he had been trying his best to keep his anger in check. However, it was a pity that his anger had continued to increase. And, this had in-turn increased the difficulty hed face in controlling his anger. He gnashed his teeth hard, but his restraint finally collapsed as he said a few words, "Jun! Mo! Xie!"

Baili Xiong Feng wouldve probably turned to a fawning lickspittle if the Young Master Jun had shown him any respect just the way he had clasped the foot of the Xue Hun Manor a few days age. This was because the Jun Family's prestige was now greater than what the Xue Hun Manors had been in the past. In fact, it had exceeded that by far at this time. So, how could an insignificant family like the Baili Family afford to provoke them?


The Young Master Jun refused to notice that low snarl as well. In fact, it seemed that he hadnt even heard it. Baili Xiong Feng seemed to be too trivial in Jun Mo Xie's eyes since he was still smiling softly at Baili Luo Yun, "I know you're worried that your father will suffer problems at the Baili Familys hands because of you. He may even suffer unjust bullying and prosecution. But, you needn't worry anymore."

Jun Mo Xie was still smiling brightly. He lowered his voice, and it seemed that he was consoling Baili Luo Yun. However, he still seemed to be making a proclamation at the same time, "I've never noticed the trash from the Baili Family. They're nothing in my eyes." He had lowered his voice, but his tone was still declarative in its make, "I only wish that your value... deserve my actions..."

Baili Xiong Feng had already attained the Spirit Xuan realm cultivation. Jun Mo Xie had lowered his voice, but the Spirit Xuan expert could still hear him very clearly. In fact, the very act of Young Master Jun lowering his voice left them to feel that he didn't hold Baili Xiong Feng in much esteem

Baili Xiong Feng heard a noise inside his brains. It seemed that something had snapped within him. His fists were clenched, his eyes had become red, and his face had become purple. He suddenly faced upwards and roared, "Youve made me mad!"

Jun Mo Xie's eyes blinked for a while. He folded his hands behind his back, and frowned. He then addressed Baili Luo Yun again, "The weather isnt good. The Sun seems so big in the sky, but the sky is still rumbling with thunders. Its truly terrifying ah..."

The sound of these words had hardly faded when a sharp wind blew as an extremely enraged Baili Xiong Feng extended his hand to grab Jun Mo Xie. He believed that making minced meat out of this hateful brat was the only way to soothe his anger