Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 402

Chapter 401 help me a little if you arent in a rush
Chapter 401: Help Me a Little if You Arent in a Rush?

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"Fight you?" Baili Luo Yun smiled bitterly. The usually calm and attractive Baili Luo Yun showed signs of turning blue.

Baili Luo Yuns guts had left him. [This Young Master Juns fighting prowess is unbelievable. You killed two out of our five people a moment ago. And, one of those two was a Spirit Xuan expert. Moreover, you did it while being a Sky Xuan expert. Why the fu*k would I fight with you?]

[I think very highly of myself. But, my brain isnt filled with water. Nor have I been kicked by some animal that I wouldnt know the difference between heaven and earth. I would never fight you!]

[Im fully aware that Im no match for you. So, wouldnt any attempts to fight you indicate that I have a defect in my brain or something?!]

The Baili Family wouldve perhaps been destroyed countless times if Baili Luo Yun could challenge and prevail against someone as strong as a Spirit Xuan expert. And, why would he have waited all these years and gone through such endless and terrible suffering if he couldve done something like that?

Baili Luo Yun looked at the two corpses that lay on the ground. The two once-renowned elders of his family had complicated expressions in their lifeless eyes at this time. Those men had used their tyrannical strength to intimidate and bully him for the many years of his childhood. They had always looked at him with displeasure no matter how hard he had tried, and no matter how much devotion he had showed towards the Baili Family. In fact, they would often expend their energies in finding a reason to torment him

However, they were ice-cold as they lay on the ground at this time. And, they had turned into lifeless lumps of flesh. The two of them were somewhat closely related to him in terms of bloodline. But, Baili Luo Yun still harbored a lifetime-worth of hatred towards those two men.

"Theres no need for us to compete. I will follow you my entire life in the light of what has just happened! My life is yours from now on!" Baili Luo Yun straightened his body, and looked at Jun Mo Xie. His eyes were full of fire.

Raging fire!

Baili Luo Yun looked at the two men who lay in front of him, and he felt that he had been freed from the shackles which he had always faced difficulty in breaking away from. He had always felt emptiness deep down in his heart. But, it was quickly being replaced with an immense desire to fight. And, it seemed that this desire to fight had been ignited from the very bottom of his heart.

[Im sure that my life will be very interesting as long as I follow this young man.]

"What do you need me to do?" Baili Luo Yun asked.

"Its too early to ask these questions," Jun Mo Xie flashed a faint smile, and turned away before he said, "I told everyone to enjoy the scene as spectators. You have seen enough, right? The big play has ended in case you feel that theres more coming"

"Ha ha ha" there was a burst of laughter as seven men appeared. Dongfang Wen Dao stuck his thumb upwards, "Mo Xie, youve become very ferocious! Youve actually managed to get rid of a Spirit Xuan expert! How did you do it? Your uncle is very curious! And, when did you enter the Sky Xuan realm? You have genuinely amazed me! I wouldve been dead if you had used this method against me that day! A Sky Xuan has defeated a Spirit Xuan today! You have created a legend!"

Everyone looked at Jun Mo Xie as he said those words.

"Ha ha its not so magical this mystery has a reason to it"

Jun Mo Xies eyes turned as he said, "My master has a unique technique. It can even be called the most unique technique in the entire world. A person can overdraw his potential for an extremely short period of time with its help. Moreover, it has another advantage its usage has no after-effects. So, the user will be restored after he has rested for three to five days. Its not like those other secret techniques which drain ones strength quickly or cause injury or shorten ones life and what not Those techniques are trash! Moreover, I had heard that Baili Xiong Feng had a running stomach right now. And, he didnt have any strength left as a result. Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to defeat him despite my breakthrough.

Everyone gnashed their teeth in annoyance. [What bullsh*t explanation is this?! Baili Xiong Feng had a running stomach? Who has ever seen a Spirit Xuan having stomach problems? A Spirit Xuan wont have stomach problems even if eats a belly full of highly toxic food!]

However, the explanation he had given before was very shocking! That secret method can help one overdraft their ability for a short period of time This was astonishing in itself. However, the fact that was even more astonishing was that the price of using this ability was only a rest of three to five days. [What kind of secret technique is this? Its not surprising that he has no regard for anyone in this world. This technique is too much!]

[However, its a secret technique. So, how can he reveal it to us?]

The seven experts had their hands tied in this regard. After all, that secret technique involved someone else. And, they couldnt dare to provoke such a powerful and mysterious person.

"Theres another matter I wish to discuss. I have a small request for the two seniors," Jun Mo Xie smiled merrily, and turned towards Duanmu Chao Fan and Skiong An Ye as he cupped his hands. Then, he continued in a polite manner, "It can be assumed that the two seniors are about to leave this place and return to their families. But, would they be willing to help me a little if they arent in a rush? Moreover, the two seniors would have to expend very little effort to help me with this thing"

"Whats the matter? I, Sikong An Ye will not decline as long as its within my capabilities!" Sikong An Ye seemed vigilant as he asked that question. He had only met that youngster a few times. But, he knew that this youngster was a small fox. [I will be caught in his momentum if Im not careful. So, I have to be careful! I told him that I wont decline as long as its within my capabilities. But, Im very sorry if dont have any power over that matter.]

"No no no need to ask. You you you dont have to hesitate to request," Duanmu Chao Fan was a very genuine person. So, he didnt think much into it. He stroked his beard, and took on the airs of a senior expert whod take the charge.

He had only said that he needed a little favor from them. But, how could they have guessed that he would ask them to commit murder and arson for him? However, they had made their promise. So, they would have to keep their word. Moreover, the situation surrounding the Jun Family wasnt the same as before.

Jun Mo Xie obviously smiled as he heard them. He then said, "Its nothing big. And, I will send fifty guards with you when you leave. That will help avoid any unnecessary trouble and harassment that this young ones request may cause"

"Theres no need for that. We both arent that great as experts, but we dont need any escorts. So, the Third Young Master neednt inconvenience himself. But, we appreciate your kindness," Sikong An Ye shook his head and declined.

Everyone else also thought that this youngsters words had sounded somewhat unreasonable. [What is he saying? Two great experts of Spirit Xuan realm would be travelling together. Why would they still need an escort? Who would try to rob them even if they were to be careless? Wouldnt that be a moronic situation?]

Everyone was thinking along these lines when they heard Jun Mo Xie speak-up, "I request the two seniors to hear me in entirety. The guards Im sending to escort you will return after you pass from the Baili Family. They will help you pass conveniently, and wont hamper your speed in any way. He he I hope that the two seniors wont take offense at this small matter and wont form a negative opinion of my request..."

Everyone became silent. [Damn! This guys shamelessness knows no bounds! The thickness of his skin has reached levels which are unheard of!]

Six of the seven men shifted their gazes and locked their eyes on Jun Wu Yi. Their thoughts seemed rather evident [Is this brat genuinely of your blood? And, the only one of his generation at that? How can your upright, plainspoken, and straightforward family not see this?]

[And, why would we need to charter a route through the Baili Family? Do you or do you not know that the two of us will have to travel thousands of kilometers extra over this matter. Moreover, he has tried to act like a beneficiary, and has even tried to add emotions to this matter. However, the real purpose of these escorts will be This is extremely shameless!] Sikong An Ye and Duanmu Chao Fan cursed in the secrecy of their hearts, and this reflected in the bitterness of their expressions.

[The two of us personally witnessed you kill the two elders of the Baili Family with your hands. And, we now have to go and meet the people of that family. The two of us have some status and influence in the society. But, this matter isnt pleasant to hear]

"I cant do this" Duanmu Chao Fan resembled a rattle-drum as he shook his head. This leader of the Duanmu Family didnt stutter when faced with such a huge problem, and managed to decline very quickly. Moreover, his enunciation was perfect. In fact, it sounded like that of a teacher or a lawyer.

"The two seniors neednt be so polite. The two of you had stepped forward in Jun Familys hour of need, and disregarded the dangers for our sake. I genuinely admire the divine nobility the two of you have embodied. This Mo Xie only wanted to show his respects. And, I wont let this trivial matter delay the two of you in any way"

It seemed as if Jun Mo Xie hadnt heard his refusal. He smiled as he continued, "Im sure that the two seniors would never care about a little delay. We must note that the two seniors are unrivaled fighters. Moreover, they are also righteous. They are heroes, and real men! They would undoubtedly draw their weapons and run to the aid of anyone they see being bullied and humiliated. Third Uncle, Senior Solitary Falcon tell me isnt this true?"

Jun Wu Yi nodded seriously and replied, "Its true. These two seniors treat your Third Uncle with the utmost dignity. They are good men. I myself am a witness to it."

The Solitary Falcons expression was also solemn as he spoke-up, "Their reputations are genuine. We have gotten along well in these few days. They arent immoral men!"

Sikong An Ye and Duamnu Chao Fan were left open-eyed and open-mouthed. In fact, the two had become speechless. [These men are unreasonable! That uncle-nephew duo and Solitary Falcon are singing the same tune! How can we be considered immoral men if we refuse to accept their task or not do our best to complete it? In fact, we wont even be considered men if we were to decline?]

[This is too lowly! Jun Wu Yi used to be straightforward and upright. His sense of justice had transcended the clouds! But, even he has become crafty because of this cunning nephew of his?]

The two of them felt so gloomy that they wanted to hit a wall. How could they not agree after all this had been said? They simply couldnt say no in this situation. [Damn it! You kill a man, you dig his grave in the corner, and then you want us to clean up after you? And, you dont just wish for us to clean up you want us to clean it spotless? And, you dont just want us to clean your mess spotless but you also want us to go the extra mile after it? What the fu*k is this?!]

They were being pushed, but they couldnt push back. Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikong An Ye stared blankly for a while before they suddenly jumped-up and said, "Damn it! We should start on our journey and get to work! We have to take quick advantage of time. Otherwise, who knows what will happen if they receive the news of these deaths from the rumors? We must quickly be on our way! We admit defeat after having faced you uncle and nephew, havent we?"

The two men quickly turned around and fled. In fact, they left in such a hurry that it seemed as if they were two fishes trying to escape from a net. [We shouldnt stay in the company of this uncle-nephew duo any longer. God knows what they will ask us to do further. They might just sell us off for a good price]