Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 403

Chapter 402 good and evil will eventually be distinguished the heavens justice cant be escaped
Chapter 402: Good and Evil Will Eventually Be Distinguished! The Heavens Justice Cant Be Escaped!

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Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud. Then, there was a whistling sound. Fifty members of the Heaven Destroyer Team had already been ready to escort the two experts away from Southern Heaven City.

It was when they had gone about fifty kilometers away that Sikong An Ye and his companion became gloomy. And, this had happened because they had realized something. They hadnt brought anything with them for this trip They had forgotten their luggage bags. In fact, they had even forgotten the basic necessities. The money and everything else was inside those bags. Moreover, they couldnt function on an empty stomach. After all, even Spirit Xuan experts needed to eat And, how could they eat good food without paying money for it?

The two of them turned around as they realized this. However, they saw that the fifty men were silently following them in strict order. And, each one of them was carrying things that seemed somewhat familiar. [But, we are seeing these men for the first time. So, why do the things theyre carrying look familiar?]

[That cant be right?]

[Those are our things!]

[Damn! This brat Jun Mo Xie managed to predict our reactions to accuracy! He had already asked these guys to pack stuff from our luggage so that they could carry it. Moreover, the way theyre carrying our things is quite good]

The looked at the fifty men carefully. The strongest of them was only at the Gold Xuan realm. But, all of them were uniform in that regard. And, this was because all of them were at the Gold Xuan realm they only differed in terms of internal levels of the realm. Moreover, each one of these men looked grim and tough. They had a fierce look in their eyes. In fact, it seemed as if a cruel aura was spreading from their very souls...

[Are these a group of men? Are they merely Jun Mo Xies bodyguard? Damn! These people are more like ferocious wolves on a cold winter night. Theyre covered in murderous aura!] The Spirit Xuan Sikong An Ye was both terrified and moved at that sight. [It wouldnt have been surprising if only one or two of them were like this. Many powerful families train a few cold-blooded warriors of the highest quality like these men. But, this Jun Mo Xie has managed to train fifty of such men? This is shocking!]

However, this wasnt that strange in reality. These originally hapless guards had been waiting for their deaths to come. However, the extremely powerful Third Young Master Jun Mo Xie had made them go through a cold and cruel transformation. So, how could an ordinary guard compare to them? It wouldnt have been an exaggeration to say that those men were like killing-machines at this moment

This team was headed by a man with cold and sharp facial features. He had a towering stature, and a dark skin-tone. He was the captain of this team, and he was named Li Tie. His name meant Tower of Iron, and he did full justice to his name Particularly with that towering stature and dark skin-tone

They looked-on as Li Tie took a step forward. He then spoke-up in a respectful manner, "Our Young Master had told us to give you both a small thing before our departure. We sincerely thank the two seniors for coming to the aid of our Jun Family when it was in dire need. So, we give you this little thing," he scrambled his hands over his body after he spoke this, and fished out two small jade bottles. He then handed them over to the two Spirit Xuan experts.

"Whats this?" Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikong An Ye looked the bottles over in a curious manner.

"These are our Young Masters secret ten years pills. Each bottle has three pills. These pills can increase the Xuan cultivation of any Xuan expert by ten years," Li Ties eyes had a fervent shine to them.

And, the only reason behind that was the faith his Young Master had placed in him.

[This is a unique thing. Who wouldnt consider it as an exceptionally valuable treasure? People would keep it close for the fear of losing it. But, the Young Master had given it to me for passing it on to other people. Moreover, he didnt just give me one pill he gave me two bottles which had a total of six pills in them] This was a matter of glory for Li Tie. Moreover, it showed how much faith his master had placed in him.

"Oh? Is this true?" Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikog An Ye were startled by this. [Our cultivation will grow by ten years after weve consumed one pill? Is this genuinely some kind of a legendary magical elixir?]

"These arent fake. I had heard the Young Master say that his Master-himself had refined these miraculous pills. I may even dare to say that these are most unique treasures in the entire world. The Young Master had also said that the two seniors are of the highest noble character, and had rushed to help our Jun Family. We will never be able to return the favor. So, he gave three pills each for both the seniors in the hope that they wont decline them," Li Tie said solemnly.

"Decline them? Its only that these gifts are too great! How can we decline them?!" Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikong An Ye heard that Jun Mo Xies Master had personally refined these pills. And, their eyes suddenly became so fervent that it seemed as if these jade bottles were the legs of their first love

[These are divine pills!]

The two men embraced the "precious items" tightly. They then patted the items, and looked around somewhat sneakily in case there was another person around who was at the Spirit Xuan realm.

They hadnt expected the wily and treacherous Jun Mo Xie to be so wonderful. The two men became extremely relaxed in a split second. And, their previously gloomy appearance vanished into thin air. Sikong An Ye waved his huge hands as he brandished the treasure and said, "Lets go! You and I will go to the Baili Family, and meet their people! Ah! Come, this way!"

These men had obviously been given their orders very clearly. However, their orders had nothing to do with

"This lowly man gives his many thanks on behalf of the Young Master," Li Tie spoke-up in a manner that was neither rude nor servile.

Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikong An Ye had become quite affable as they continued-on with their journey. The two men began afresh in excitement, but they again became depressed as the journey progressed.

The reason was rather simple The fifty men who were escorting them behaved in a way which made them seem like fifty pieces of wood if they werent eating and sleeping. They made no sounds. They obviously didnt talk either. In fact, Sikong An Ye had to resort to talking with Duanmu Chao Fan to make himself feel better since this was the only way he could hear another voice or any other form of sound

Communicating with Duanmu Chao Fan and his stutter was hard. But, it was at least worth a fart. However, those fifty escorts were as good as fifty mute people.

"Youre Jun Mo Xies personal guards?" Sikong An Ye had asked in a spirited manner.

"yes," Li Tie seemed to cherish every word like gold. The others didnt even say "yes." Their expressions were blank. In fact, it seemed as if they hadnt even heard what had been said.

"It seems that the guards trained by the Third Master Jun are very skilled. How did he train you? How did you train to become so good? Tell me, and I will listen. I genuinely wish to learn," Sikong An Ye was genuinely interested. He wanted to use those training methods so that the Sikong Family would

"" Li Tie merely stared.

"What training do you do every morning?"

"" only a stare in reply.

"Is the training very tough?"

"" Silence.

"Does Jun Mo Xie have more men like you under his command?"

"" Wooden silence.

"The Third Young Masters Master is very fierce"

"" Li Ties eyes had started to seem impatient by now. [This Spirit Xuan expert is nagging like a woman! He still hasnt stopped]

"The Jun Family"


"" Sikong An Ye finally became silent. [Who wants such men under their command? I will choke and die if I had such men! You wont speak a word! Im not asking your secrets! Im a Sirit Xuan expert who is showing you some respect. Im showing respect by asking these questions to a lower leveled Xuan expert! But, youre being rude to your senior! Youre genuinely annoying me]

However, the people who genuinely felt annoyed were the ones following after him

They eventually met with a group of robbers some time later. Sikong An Ye had been feeling very gloomy, and these robbers were just-in-time for him to vent his anger. He revealed his imposing strength to some extent, but didnt make them kneel for forgiveness that instant. [Let me show you Gold Xuan brats what the tyrannical strength of a Spirit Xuan looks like!]

Who wouldve thought that the guards would instantaneously raise their power with the intention to kill? The ten robbers were turned into ground meat in a split second. In fact, the entire fight was over in the blink of an eye. After that, the ground was cleaned, and their bodies were buried. In fact, even half-a-lump of their bodies couldnt be seen by tea time

Sikong An Ye was left stupefied by this. However, he wasnt amazed at the fighting strength of those guards. After all, each of these guards was a Gold Xuan expert. In fact, they could even create some trouble for a Spirit Xuan expert like him. However, he was stunned because he had seen one of them face a bandit. That guard had walked to the side with a steamed dumping stuffed in his mouth. And, he had then started to fight. In fact, his mouth was still stuffed with that dumpling while he had fought his opponents. He had eventually hacked three of them to their deaths. The blood had splashed all over his body. Even the stuffed dumpling in his mouth had been dyed red with blood. In fact, some blood had even started to drip onto the ground from the dumpling. That guard had then walked back, and shoved his sword into the scabbard at his waist. He had then opened his mouth, "munch, munch, munch," and had resumed eating that stuffed dumpling. He had swallowed his fill, and given a cry of relish from the very bottom of his heart


Sikong An Ye couldnt resist the urge to vomit even though he was at the Spirit Xuan realm.

[These guys are too disgusting I will never eat with them on the same table]


"Are you feeling reassured now?" Jun Mo Xie asked Baili Luo Yun after the two Spirit Xuan experts had left.

"Many thanks, Young Master Jun!" Baili Luo Yuns eyes were full of gratitude. Those men had hailed from his fathers family, and this fact had been giving him some trouble.

However, Baili Luo Yun didnt have any misgivings anymore.

Would the Baili Family not show respect if the heads of the Duanmu and the Sikong Families were to arrive there? After all, those two families were-in-no-way weaker than the Baili Family!

"Thank you never speak these words to me again. You must understand that I wouldnt have expended so much energy if this matter were a waste. After all, they call me the Young Master the no-good Young Master of the Jun Family and what not!" Jun Mo Xie smiled. He then took out a folded sheet of paper from the sleeve of his white robe, and handed it over.

"This is what you need to accomplish over the next two months. And, this must be done in two months only. You can come and find me in the Tian Xiang City afterwards," Jun Mo Xie smiled as he continued, "We will look after your family even if you arent able to finish this task in two months. However, theres no need for you to return if youre unable to complete the mission." Jun Mo Xies eyes shot a sharp and oppressing glint.

Baili Luo Yuns body shook as he took the white paper and unfolded it. Then, he looked up at Jun Mo Xie in shock before he looked down again and read it carefully.

"The names given here are fifty in number. Officials, rich merchants, Xuan experts etc each person has some reproachable crime to their name. I want you to kill these fifty people within two months and succeed in making your own name. Listen carefully make your own name. Do you understand?"

Jun Mo Xie continued slowly, "Good and evil will eventually be distinguished. Heavens justice cant be escaped. A hand from the Heaven has descended to kill the vile."

Baili Luo Yun shuddered. Then, a thick murderous aura emerged from his eyes. He had finally understood what Jun Mo Xie had wanted from him.

"You must remember another thing. You mustnt leave any evidence behind after youve killed them. No injuries no nothing! Nothing except for those words! And, no man must know that it was you. But, you have to create the greatest uproar."

The Young Master Jun continued slowly, "You can come and look for me in Tian Xiang after your mission with these fifty people is done. And, I will make you an indispensable part of my life when that time comes!"

Baili Luo Yun nodded solemnly. He then folded that piece of paper very slowly. In fact, he did it carefully and delicately. The young mans face was still as calm as before. And, he was still looking down. But, a fire had already lit-up in his eyes