Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 404

Chapter 403 i will never shirk away
Chapter 403: I Will Never Shirk Away!

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Baili Luo Yuns mind had formed a target in a flash. He even had a plan by now. But, he didnt talk about it. He was simply going to execute it.

The plan would seem incomplete if he were to talk about it. So, talking about it would be no better than empty words. So, there was nothing to talk about. In fact, it would be meaningless even if he did talk about it.

He had to kill fifty people within two months. So, time was of the essence. Baili Luo Yun carefully placed the white paper inside the chest pocket of his robe. He then looked up at Jun Mo Xie. The young man seemed somewhat relaxed as he smiled and spoke-up, "Ill get to it then."

"The sooner the better." Jun Mo Xie smiled as he patted the others shoulder and said, "You must go."

Baili Luo Yun nodded, turned around, and took a step. It was obvious that he didnt wish to waste any time.

"Wait. Take this!" Jun Mo Xie raised his hand, and dropped a small jade bottle into Baili Luo Yuns. "There are two kinds of pills in this bottle. The yellow ones can dissolve a hundred types of poisons. And, the red ones can increase your cultivation by ten years."

Baili Luo Yun clutched the jade bottle tightly. He didnt turn around as he pressed upon the hilt of the sword that hung at his waist. However, his body stopped, and his face had started to belie the emotion and surprise of his heart. But, he showed no signs of hesitation as he suddenly took large strides forward and disappeared from everyones vision in a flash.

Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, and the three Dongfang Brothers hadnt said a word to interrupt while Jun Mo Xie had been talking to Baili Luo Yun.

The five experts knew that todays conversation was Jun Mo Xies means to increase his personal influence just his own personal influence. However, Jun Mo Xie would never ignore them. In fact, even the very thought of ignoring them would never cross his mind. And, the five hidden experts felt very satisfied in this knowledge.

They knew that their interruption wouldve affected Jun Mo Xies authority. The five of them were cunning individuals in their own merit So, how wouldnt they have known this?

They saw that Jun Mo Xie was finished with his matters. Jun Wu Yi glanced at the three Dongfang Brothers and said, "Come here, Mo Xie. We have something to tell you."

The Solitary Falcon smiled and spoke-up, "You guys talk. This old man will take a stroll," he said this, spun around, and disappeared without a trace. He had more-or-less guessed what those people were going to talk about. But, the Solitary Falcon had no interest in it. He only wanted to advance through his cultivations barrier and forge ahead with his new moves. [What do I care about relationships between men and women? What do I care about making love? Thats their business.] The Great Master Solitary Falcon was in no mood to participate. So, he slipped away. In fact, he was so lithe that it seemed as if his soles had been oiled.

Jun Wu Yi and Dongfang Wen Qing looked somewhat embarrassed. After all, they wanted to discuss a tabooed subject with someone from the younger generation. In fact, all four uncles seemed embarrassed.

Dugu Xiao Yi and Guan Qing Han were standing at a distance. They looked at each other when they saw the five people move towards the big tent. Then, they also started to move towards it in silence. After all, they also wanted to know why there had been such a big transformation in Jun Mo Xie?

The difference in this before-and-after image was too great! Moreover, it was too strange

Both of them had watched the recent battle from their position of hiding. And, both of them had distinct thoughts at the sight. Dugu Xiao Yi thought; [Hes very fierce! He had endured so much for such a long time. But, he has finally jumped out. I have the best eyesight. I had seen brother Mo Xie first! But, who wont wish to snatch him away?]

However, Guan Qing Hans thoughts were far more complicated than those of Dugu Xiao Yis. In fact, she was in a daze as she looked at Jun Mo Xies back. She thought; [He used to let me]

[The social position of a woman has always been lower than that of men. Which man wouldve wanted to be bullied by a woman? To think that I have troubled Jun Mo Xie for so many years? Ive beaten and scolded him so very often. Moreover, Ive never had a good impression of him. But, this man of great skill has always been patient. He had behaved in a manner that was held contemptible by everyone else in his attempts to get close to me]

She recalled that Jun Mo Xie had always trained seriously. But, he had only laughed and behaved like a hoodlum whenever shed bully him. Guan Qing Han couldnt help as her heart was suddenly filled with a warm feeling

[Hes a proud man. But, he was willing to suffer so much for the woman he loves. Arent such men rare to come by?]

[Its easy to discover a valuable treasure. But, its rare to find such a lover.]

[However, this man has shown his true abilities at this time. Moreover, hes about to reveal his exceptional bearings to the world. And, a coincidence I was helpless in made me become his woman. Moreover, he was the first one to acknowledge me as his woman]

[Could this be fate?]

[But, how could this be so simple? How will we face this later?]

Guan Qing Hans mind was left perplexed was she began to ponder over her troubles. And, this was when Dugu Xiao Yi pulled her along, and they made their way to the entrance of the Supreme Commanders tent.

Jun Wu Yi and the others seemed very worried as they took their seats. The four adults looked at each other, but none could speak a word. They didnt know how they were supposed to say it or what they were supposed to say in the first place... Moreover, the individuals inside the tent were aware that the two girls were eavesdropping on them from the outside. But, they didnt deem it necessary to hide this matter from them. After all, those two had also been involved in it all-along.

Jun Mo Xie was baffled as he looked at his Third Uncle, "What happened? Why is everyone looking like this? Did something bad happen at home?"

"Whatever bad has happened at home is because of you, you brat!" the four men shouted and cursed in unison. It could be assumed that their coordination wouldnt have been this great on an ordinary day. In fact, even they couldnt help but look at each other after they finished

"Mo Xie, this is regarding you and Qing Han. Your Three Uncles and I were talking about it a moment ago," Jun Wu Yi had a very complicated expression on his face as he helplessly continued, "I have adopted Qing Han as my daughter. And, I have annulled the old engagement of hers. But, the world doesnt know about it yet. In fact, even your grandfather doesnt know about this matter"

"Huh? What is this? What do you wish to say, Third Uncle?" Jun Mo Xie wasnt stupid. But, he hadnt thought about this. Guan Qing Han was his woman as far as he was concerned. He knew that there might be some slanderous gossip once the matter came out. But, he hadnt expected it to be very serious.

[The womans identity doesnt matter. Her husband, that is, my brother is dead! You cant expect a beautiful woman to live as a widow for her entire life! Its not like we have to go through a public courtship we dont even have to go through a ceremony if we dont want to So, what kind of reasoning is this?]

[Who wouldnt wish to pursue lifelong happiness? The Jun Family intends to return Guan Qing Han her freedom. In fact, the Jun Family has already done that. And, Guan Qing Han would obviously wish to marry someone else after some time. It has to happen sooner or later. She will have to marry someone else! So, why cant I marry her?]

This is how Jun Mo Xie had been thinking on that matter. And, he had always thought that it wasnt a big deal. These thoughts had obviously birthed from the thought-process of his previous world. However, he had unknowingly been ignoring the strict customs that regarded to the male-female relationships of the world he was current a resident of. Moreover, the concepts of etiquette and morality were taken very seriously in this world. And, they were entirely different from the world he had left behind!

"I dont know what youre thinking, brat. But, even an idiot can predict what will happen once your grandfather comes to know of this his anger will strike like a thunderstorm!"

Jun Wu Yi looked at his nephew and continued, "The Guan Familys Lord will also be ashamed. Therefore, I have spoken to your Three Uncles. And, we have decided that you will follow your uncles to the Dongfang Family once the army strikes camp. You will see your mother, and meet your grandmother After all, its been ten years since youve met them. You will continue to get love from your own blood over there. Meanwhile, I will try to resolve this matter as quickly as I can. You will return only once your grandfathers rage has been pacified. Otherwise, I dont know what your grandfather will do in anger"

Jun Mo Xie frowned. He hadnt gotten the hang of what he had heard, "Third Uncle, what do you mean that I should go away till everything calms down?"

"You arent an idiot you brat! You know well what I meant!" Jun Wu Yi sighed and replied, "This matter will result in a lot of things. So, we will have to negate many negative effects from this matter"

"What negative effects? What will grandfather do in anger? Third Uncle, what are you saying?" Jun Mo Xie burst out, "What effects will be there? Is this matter genuinely that big a disgrace to our family?"

Guan Qing Han was standing outside the tent. Her delicate hands covered her mouth as two tears fell from her eyes.

The three Dongfang Brothers and Jun Wu Yi believed that this brat was usually very quick on the uptake. So, they couldnt understand why he was acting so confused at this time The four men knew that neither Jun Mo Xie nor Guan Qing Han could be blamed for what had happened. But, the result was still the same. And, it was a huge mistake

This was a complete mistake since the world-at-large hadnt recognized Guan Qing Hans new identity.

"Third Uncle is doing this for your good!" Jun Wu Yis eyebrows shot up, "I dont want to you to run and hide either But, you have to know that not everything in this world happens like you want it to. We have to work very hard for everything. And, Im sure that it wont be long before everything calms down! Moreover, dont you wish to meet your mother and grandmother?"

"No! Thats totally different! I want to visit mother and grandmother! But, I cant do it right now!" Jun Mo Xie firmly refused, "I will never escape and hide behind the Dongfang Family, and wait for things to run their course! Jun Mo Xie doesnt not do this!"

The four men hadnt expected such an impassioned reaction from him. In fact, they were stunned by it. [This is obviously the best way to resolve this embarrassing matter. So, whats the issue with this brat?]

Jun Mo Xie suddenly stood up, "I dont know a damned thing about this worlds customs! And, it doesnt matter how people will regard what happened. I wont discuss this any further! I wont yield or make any compromise! I will never shirk away!

"Dont tell me that this woman will abide by the customs and remain a widow her entire life? Dont forget that this woman didnt even see her husband much nor did she have a marriage ceremony let alone derive the pleasures that come from it! What is the meaning of such a marriage? Cant a woman even pursue happiness for herself?!

"The Jun Family has already decided to return her happiness to her. Weve allowed her to marry again. So, why cant she marry me? Am I not a man? Cant I bring her happiness? Moreover, she is already my woman!

"Why should we care about other peoples views or what they will think? What do they have to do with us? Those rotten nobles are no better than farts! I will conquer the land and burn each one of them if they ever offend me! I will destroy their very roots! All of them will be finished!" Jun Mo Xie was somewhat mad. And, a crazy killing intention had risen from his eyes!