Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 405

Chapter 404 i will protect my woman myself
Chapter 404: I Will Protect My Woman Myself!

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"Dont get so emotional, Mo Xie. I never said that I wont allow the two of you to be together. Im only saying that we must postpone this matter for some time. Yes, your relationship with Qing Han is that of husband and wife now. This is a fact that doesnt need reminding. Each one of us wants to facilitate this. And, none of us wishes to hinder it. And, you have to understand that!"

Jun Wu Yi pounded his hands on the desk, "But, this thing will take time! You need to give us some time for mediation! Wait till Qing Hans new identity is known to the world. After that, I will personally take charge of your wedding! Let her live with honor and dignity as your wife! Cant you even wait for such a short period of time? Do you want everyone to be reviled? Do you want that our family perishes and everyone sneers at us? Will you be pleased then?"

"How would that happen?" Jun Mo Xie didnt yield an inch. He looked up and replied, "Third Uncle, who will bear the pressure of these mistakes if I avoid these problems and hide like a turtle in its shell? Who will bear it?"

Jun Mo Xie had a quick idea. He turned around, and a streak of blue light emerged from his fingertips. It streaked across to the tents entrance, and cut its flap like a blade. The flap floated down, and revealed Guan Qing Hans tear-stained face. Dugu Xiao Yi stood beside her with a panic-stricken and helpless expression.

Silence reigned inside the tent. No one spoke-up. [Who will bear it? Is it even necessary to say it?]

"I will leave, and I will relax. And, I will escape all punishment. After all, the infamy will have nothing to do with me if Im not around. But, that doesnt mean that it wont find anyones doorstep! Someone will still need to bear those onslaughts. And, that someone will be her Guan Qing Han!" Jun Mo Xie strode over, grabbed Guan Qing Hans arm, and pulled her inside.

"This woman will have to bear the dishonor if I escape! This woman who has already suffered so much for the Jun Family!" Jun Mo Xie had turned somewhat red. He did his best to control his anger. But, he was unable to stop it, "Will my woman have to bear everything for me?!"

Jun Mo Xie looked at his uncle in a serious manner. His eyes flashed with light, "Youre an experienced man, Third Uncle. How could you not know the power of slanderous gossip? Theres no end to the envy of so many people! How could a delicate young woman bear those accusations? Wouldnt that pressure hound her to death?"

Guan Qing Hans delicate body seemed like a dead leaf that was floating-about in the autumn wind. She was even shuddering in a light manner. Her otherwise cold face seemed helpless at this time. She was strong, and she could bear much more than an average woman could. But, she still wouldnt be able to stand up to the entire world once theyd start deriding her virtue.

"Shes my adopted daughter, and my nephews wife! I will protect her! I will hide her inside our home, and I wont allow her to hear a single strand of those slanderous gossips! She can wait to show her face. And, everything will have become calm by the time she does that," Jun Wu Yi was moved somewhat, "Do you think that I wouldnt even have known this much?"

"Will this situation ever calm down?" Jun Mo Xie snorted and said, "How many of those people could you call resolute individuals? There are many who are bored out of their minds! There are many who can sleep with prostitutes, yet they act high-and-noble on the outside when they criticize others! Am I seeing less here? This crisis will perhaps never be resolved unless I assert myself! They wont stop unless Guan Qing Han kills herself! They will only stop once her blood has wiped this matter clean. Therefore

"I will protect my woman myself!" Jun Mo Xies voice was extremely sharp. He seemed to be brimming with a murderous aura as he straightened his back, and gazed loftily at the four men, "This is my responsibility! I wont avoid it! Ill never do that!

"I dont care about her previous identity. I only know that she is my woman now! And, she became my woman to save me!"

Jun Mo Xies shining eyes were full of killing intention. And, they shone even brighter as he continued, "I dont care what happened before! And, neither do I care about what my feelings were at that time. I only know that Guan Qing Han is my woman! She is Jun Mo Xies woman! And, no one can ever even dream of harming her!"

Jun Mo Xies voice was sonorous. And, it resounded in a powerful manner, "Would I be able to call myself a real man if I hide from the truth and make my woman deal with the mountain-like burden of an ocean of criticism in my stead?"

Jun Mo Xie sneered and continued, "Would I be regarded as a real man if I run and escape from my responsibility? Would I still be me? Dont forget the Jun Familys teaching; Having b*lls doesnt make you a real man. It is the indomitable spirit that does!

"So what if everyone comes to curse and criticize us?"

Jun Mo Xie smirked with arrogance, "I will support my woman in this world! I will continue on my path even if I have to kill everyone else in the world! I wont retreat even after ten-thousand deaths have stained my path!"

Guan Qing Han suddenly-and-involuntarily broke down, and started to cry bitter tears. And, her weeping was loud

She had been worried about this matter since the previous evening. In fact, Guan Qing Han didnt know how she would face everything if Jun Mo Xie were to go into hiding she perhaps wouldve killed herself

However, each word of Jun Mo Xies was strong and resolute. In fact, each of his words was a decisive blow which could kill any enemy

[This man isnt speaking with honeyed words. And, he isnt pledging his undying love either. But, hes ready to set himself against the world for my sake. Moreover, hes even ready to fight against the morals and ideologies of the society at-large!]

[He will fight the entire world for my sake!]

[Which man would ever have taken such a step for his woman?]

The misgivings of Guan Qing Hans heart had vanished in an instant.

Dugu Xiao Yi looked at Jun Mo Xies upright body. His words seemed like a declaration of war. His eyes seemed to have been brimming with affection. And then, she saw Guan Qing Hans expression. The little girl obviously couldnt help became envious. [If only he does something like this for me one day]

"Ha ha good!" Jun Wu Yis serious voice had suddenly changed. His face had started to brim with admiration. He clapped and said, "Good! You are worthy of being called Jun Wu Yis nephew! This is the indomitable spirit of a man who deserves praise! This is a real man!"

The three Dongfang Brothers also looked at Jun Mo Xie with a sense immeasurable satisfaction in their eyes. Dongfang Wen Dao laughed and spoke-up, "Good spirit! Youre truly worthy of being called the Son of the White Commander Jun Wu Hui! Very rarely can we find a man with such determination! Youre worthy of being my nephew! Youre heroism overshadows the heavens! Your uncle will always take your side in this matter even if the whole world stands against you!"

Jun Mo Xie was stumped. He stammered as he asked, "Were you guys testing me from the start?"

"It wasnt a test," Jun Wu Yi was very pleased as he looked at his nephew, "We are very helpless in this matter. And, it wouldve ended at that if you had agreed to hide. After all, the customs and values of this world are very strict. No one would dare to take them lightly! So, hiding from this matter is also understandable. However, it has always been a Young Masters job to take such responsibility on his shoulders. And, especially if that Young Master is a real man from the Jun Family! He he not many people in this world wouldve taken this responsibility. But, youve made your uncle proud, Mo Xie. My nephew didnt disappoint me! You are a real man with indomitable spirit!"

"And, dont worry! Your uncle will do his best to help you. And, we will get the desired results! But, your grandfather is also there So, you will have to suffer some pain from that side. I cant help you with that" Jun Wu Yi smiled.

Jun Mo Xie nodded and gnashed his teeth as he said, "Dont worry, Third Uncle! Your nephew will remain steady! I have taken this path. So, I will have no regrets even if I have to kneel. Im willing to go to any extremes!"

"Good! Good spirit!" Jun Wu Yi and the three Dongfang Brothers cheered loudly.

Guan Qing Han looked at Jun Mo Xies determined expression. And, she couldnt help but erupt with a feeling of tenderness. An indescribable sense of security had bubbled up in her heart. She couldnt help as she silently lowered her head, and blushed

Dugu Xiao Yi was pouting at her side. Her cheeks were very bloated, and her eyes showed that she hadnt resigned to what was happening

Jun Wu Yi seemed in high spirits. He bent on his desk, and scribbled something on a paper for a while. He then threw his quill away, and shouted, "Someone, come in!" A personal guard hurried inside.

"Quickly send this letter by an eagle to my father in the Capital. This is top secret, and very urgent!" Jun Wu Yi ordered coldly.

"Yes sir!"

"I, the Supreme Commander give a first-class order to the officers and men of the army. Keep your lips sealed. I will act in accordance with the military law, and I will execute the entire family of the man who dares to divulge this secret. In fact, I will extinguish them to the ninth generation!" Jun Wu Yis voice was full of killing intention.

That Blood General had exceeded his authority for the first time, and he had issued a non-combat order for the happiness of his nephew and the future of the Jun Family. But, the killing intention in his voice was so strong that anyone who heard it would realize that Jun Wu Yi wouldnt care about the amount of blood on his hands if they disobeyed that order. He would easily make a mountain of corpses, and run rivers red with blood if he had to

"Yes sir!"

The order passed quickly to the twenty-thousand officers and men, and left each one of them to shiver. The two squads who had been besides Jun Mo Xies tent trembled even more than the others

They had been acting recklessly, and had been discussing this matter since that day. It hadnt gone out yet, but they had still been talking about this matter in some detail. However, the members of those two squads had fully understood the meaning of this order the moment it was relayed. In fact, each one of them felt as if they had started to hover close to the very gates of hell

Those two squads suddenly became extremely orderly and disciplined. In fact, they could even be considered a model squad now

It seemed that two lowered voices had been discussing something on a distant tree while Jun Mo Xie had spoken those words. It was also evident that the two voices were in disagreement

"This is very unexpected, Elder Sister! That Jun Mo Xie was very serious and honorable. He also took the responsibility! Hows he the despicable and shameless person that Elder Sister said he was? Did Elder Sister misunderstand him?"

"How can I misunderstand? This brat is very despicable and shameless! He must be acting"

"Really are you sure?" the reply sounded very skeptical.

"He has obviously discovered us outside. So, hes putting on an act for us to see."

"This how can this happen?"

"Anyway hes not a good man. Hes not a good man."

"But Im not sure he seems like a good man how can this be?


The army struck camp once Jun Wu Yi gave the order. Their banners fluttered as they began their triumphant march back to Tian Xiang City.