Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 406

Chapter 405 everyone has their own issues
Chapter 405: Everyone has their own Issues

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Jun Wu Yi and the commander of the Southern Heaven Citys defenses Wan Wu Yan earnestly bid farewell to each other. In fact, it seemed as if they were reluctant to part since these two had hit it off like they were old friends.

"Third General Jun, this Wan Wu Yan appreciates your kindness. However, the people of this Southern Heaven City have suffered the same fate as my Wan Family for many years. So, my family would be loath to leave. Besides, it is possible that the taxes might increase if I leave. So, wouldnt it be tough for the Southern Heavenly Citys elderly if I leave? Im content to guard this city till I die!" Jun Wu Yi had proposed he would petition for Wan Wu Yan to be transferred to him at a later date. However, Wan Wu Yan had flatly refused without any hesitation.

"I wont put this proposal forward if thats the case. Moreover, this Wu Yi will try his hardest to ensure that General Wan Wu Yan retains his position as the commander of this citys defenses if the Ministry of War ever decides to transfer you!" Jun Wu Yi cupped his hands and spoke-up in a profound manner.

"Many thanks, Third General Jun!" Wan Wu Yan was overjoyed. He cupped his fists as he stood up and said in a solemn manner, "This Wu Yan cant accompany the Supreme Commander unhindered throughout the world. Its a matter of real pity. But, I have no regrets. I only hope that the Supreme Commanders heroics spread far and wide like the wind. And, may he accomplish great fame and glory! May my Tian Xiang conquer all! Take care, Supreme Commander. We shall meet again!"

The two men made their salutations in a heavy manner since they were reluctant to part. The sound of the hoof-beats rose like a whirlwind. They started slowly, but they quickly sped up and formed a powerful torrent of steel. The armys fluttering banners made whistling sounds against the autumn wind as they moved. This might army had set on its course northwards!

Tiang Xiangs army moved in a long and snaking formation. It surprisingly maintained good order as it flew northwards to mark its triumphant return.

Not a single regular soldier had been lost in that battle at Southern Heaven City. Everyone had come prepared for bloodshed. And, all of them had readied themselves to sacrifice their lives. Therefore, everyone was overjoyed at this time.

Everyone had thought that going to this battle had meant a certain death. A soldiers career is one of blood and steel. Orders are like mountains, and death isnt to be feared. However, all men have a fear of death. Even the most ferocious of soldiers arent an exception to this. Any man would feel sorrow when the thought of his death would cross his mind. Moreover, this army had been sent to face a force that could wipe out an army ten-times-stronger!

However, no one had thought that the infamous, powerful, and lethal Xuan Beast uprising would cause no great casualties to their numbers. Even the opportunity to send troops from reserve force hadnt arisen. In fact, many hadnt even suffered scratches. It could be regarded as a strong start but weak finish. And, the troops were now making their return to the Capital. However, no one celebrated as they marched back. In fact, it was like everyone had woken up from a nightmare. However, everyone was happy since they were returning home. So, their strides were long and brisk.

And, the Young Masters from the powerful houses who had been named by the Emperor to participate in this war were also feeling like they had escaped death. Moreover, their party had also lost only a few guards. They had journeyed out for the first time. Yet, it seemed that they had made a huge contribution

The three-hundred soldiers who had gone to battle also contained guards from many powerful families. And, the surviving members from other families were very dissatisfied with their Young Masters. But, they couldnt express it. [Young Master Jun will give two-hundred taels in silver to each survivor from his guard. Moreover, he will look after the families of those who had died in battle!]

[You must know that weve also come here for your sake Otherwise, whod come to this area to throw away their life? Who wouldnt wish to stay home and hold his wife as he slept?]

[Our devotion for our Young Master wouldve been better rewarded by others perhaps even strangers!]

[There is a genuine disparity between these men!]

However, these negative emotions were completely lost on the various Young Masters since they were in an excited state of mind. Anyway, they wouldnt have bothered even if they had noted those feelings

After all, these Young Masters had grown up in extreme luxury, and an environment of constant self-importance. Moreover, they had known that their chances of survival in this battle had been nine-to-one in the beginning. And, this had left them to feel wronged and gloomy [Why are some brothers enjoying a comfortable life at home while we were sent here to risk our lives? Which one us doesnt have an influential father? Which one of us wasnt raised by a caring mother? So, why are we worthless dirt while those other Young Masters were treated as precious gold?]

Moreover, some news had come through from the Capital. And, it had said that each powerful family was facing turbulence due to the internal contest for seeking the next heirs to the position of the Familys Lord. Furthermore, the rumor had said that the Young Masters who had been sent to battle had already been renounced. In fact, they hadnt even been nominated

One or two people had guessed that this news was perhaps false. But, what would happen when a hundred people said that it wasnt? Therefore, everyone had started to believe it soon-enough

And, this had left the many Young Masters who had gone to war extremely angry



[You piles of trash can stay at home comfortably. Yet, you still receive the nomination for the seat of the familys Lord. We go to wars and face grave dangers on the other hand. However, even our very nominations are cancelled despite everything?!]

[Youre trash! Were heroes!]

[This glory has come in-exchange of following orders! We didnt take to the battlefield. But, that was because we had no opportunity! But, this doesnt mean that we didnt try hard-enough. In any case, we were at the battle! And, that too at the cost of our life!]

[We are coming back! And, with an outstanding military service to back our merit!]

Therefore, the Young Masters of the various families had turned into fighting-cocks. Moreover, their fighting spirits seemed very high. In fact, the eyes of each one of them shone and produced a cold killing intention which couldnt be subdued. And, this killing intention was obviously directed towards their families particularly towards their brothers who had reaped without sowing. So, they gnashed their teeth and prepared themselves for the fight.

One could imagine that these young men would be like a pack of crazed red-eyed wolves when theyd return to the Tian Xiang City. They would show no quarter to those in their families who had schemed to covet the familys top seat.

They would launch an unending and ceaseless struggle for power.

However, they were completely unaware that their brothers in the Capital had been in a state of panic ever since the news of the armys safe-and-triumphant return had reached the city. This news hadnt even subsided when everyone had started to heap glory on the Young Masters who had gone to war. People had obviously started to say that those Young Masters would be the ideal heirs to the familys top position once theyd returned. In fact, it didnt even matter if they had genuinely taken to the field or not. They had done an outstanding military service since they had put their life at risk by participating. And, this illustrated the problem rather clearly

Therefore, the Young Masters who were left behind were also prepared and waiting. for the battle! [Those damn brothers of ours didnt die. And, they are now returning!] There would inevitably be a conflict between opposing factions. And, this would give rise to a civil war within the families!

Both sides were already ready and waiting for war. They were separated by thousands of kilometers, yet they were already battle-ready. [Are you ready? ...Im ready! Who is scared of you?!]

Obviously, there were some exceptions to such matters. Not every familys Young Masters were like this. The Dugu Family, and the Li Family were two such examples apart from the family which had profited the most from this war And, that family was obviously the Jun Family!

However, the Third Master Jun Wu Yi and his family members were still in the most serious frame of mind. In fact, they were even more serious than the Young Masters who were chasing after the power of their familys top seats.

The thing that had happened between Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han had been too unfortunate

Jun Mo Xie would have to face an offensive torrent of slanderous rumors. In fact, Jun Wu Yi reckoned that the first wave would surge so powerfully that it couldnt be controlled...

Jun Mo Xie was the crowned debauchee of the Tian Xiang City, and no one could stand him. Moreover, he had offended the great scholars during the Scholarly Feast. And, it was important to know that those scholars had huge influence inside the city. In fact, many in the Imperial Censor Board had come from their ranks

The Young Master Jun was in an official military position. And, any promiscuous behavior within that capacity was strictly prohibited. And, ignoring this rule was extremely dangerous. So, it would be hard to offer an excuse even though the war had ended at the time of the incident. Moreover, Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi werent a part of the army. In fact, it could be said that even the Supreme Commander Jun couldnt escape censure in light of the strict military provisions. So, what chances did Jun Mo Xie hold?

Moreover, the rules regarding male-female relationship were very strict. And, Jun Mo Xie had violated his elder brothers wife. So, the justice for that crime would obviously be very harsh. How could they allow Jun Mo Xie to be at ease with so many grounds on their hands? Moreover, the Jun Family had delivered many outstanding military leaders. However, it was important to note that the Civil and Military leadership had always stood against each other. In fact, they had never been to each others liking. And, this was a rare and huge opportunity to attack. So, no one knew how this matter would turn out. However, things didnt seem very optimistic from the outset

Moreover, Jun Wu Yi had determined that the news of the scandal had already been passed-on to the Capital. He had given a closed-lips order. But, there were many spies and informers in the army. And, these people belonged to other families as well as the Imperial Court. So, why would they privately follow his orders? Therefore, it could be presumed that many people in the Capital were already preparing to make attacks of denunciation

Therefore, the victorious and glorious Supreme Commander Jun Wu Yi was quite concerned at this time. In fact, he had been frowning the entire journey. His nephew was a brilliant and divine talent. But, how would he remain unruffled in the face of the tongues of men throughout the world? Moreover, how could the delicate Guan Qing Han survive these stormy seas?

[The accumulated hatred could rise as high as a mountain if all the enemies of the Jun Family team-up and launch attacks on us. In fact, Im certain that they wont miss such a good opportunity.] The more Jun Wu Yi thought about it the sadder he became.

However, Jun Mo Xie had managed to remain calm throughout. It didnt even seem like he wasnt on the eve of facing an earth-shattering offensive of public opinion. In fact, there wasnt a strand of botheration in his eyes. He was very relaxed. In fact, he had even used the remaining of his personal guards to act as vanguard once again

Jun Mo Xies objective was simple. [My teams wont walk on the main road on this return journey from the Southern Heaven City. Moreover, we wont leave a single bandit on this road. All of them should be eliminated. Kill as many as you can find. The more the better! But, dont touch the innocent. We will sweep-clean the entire route on our way to Tian Xiang as we return!]

The Young Master Jun would often separate from his guards. He would even follow after Guan Qing Han in a mischievous manner during the day time. And, sometimes he would listen to Dugu Xiao Yi as shed brag. However, no one would be able to spot his shadow after nightfall. So, no one knew what this brat was up to after nightfall

No major incident had happened throughout the journey. However, there had been some strange occurrences. The weapons of every Young Masters soldiers were being stolen every night. And, it was extremely strange that those weapons were being stolen without a trace. In fact, it seemed that they had vanished into thin air. But, these weapons werent a part of the militarys stock. So, the military didnt care about these incidents even if they were being stolen. And, they merely recorded each and every theft nothing more. However, it wouldve been a major event if the armys weapons had been stolen

They would put these incidents on record every day. And, they would even assign a team of men to guard these weapons every night. However, the thefts continued to happen every night. And, any efforts made in defense would go in vain. In fact, they never even found a shadow out of place!

In fact, the guards had begun to lose their mind over this matter as time passed [Damn it! This guy loves to steal stuff. And, it doesnt seem like well be able to catch him. I dont care what he loves to do as long as he doesnt steal away my skull! Its not like they were some divine weapons anyway! So, forget about them now that they are gone]