Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 407

Chapter 406 the truly divine weapon
Chapter 406: The Truly Divine Weapon

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One genuinely couldnt blame the guards for not being mentally and physically alert. In fact, you could even say that one sword was being guarded by fifty men. So, the security was airtight. However, the-said sword had still disappeared in front of thousands of watchful eyes How could they guard against the disappearances that were so strange and mysterious in nature? Moreover, this hadnt just been the case with one or two weapons that had gone missing. Many others had been stolen in this fashion. In fact, this event was so inexplicable that everyone was at a loss

[Its impossible to guard against this]

[Forget it its just a single blade, right?]

The men who would lose their weapons could only comforted themselves by cursing out loudly, "You want to steal weapons? Steal them from the Emperors arsenal! Theres plenty there. Are you genuinely so jobless that you wish to steal a few damaged swords?!"

[This is hard to understand! This is bullsh*t!]

Dugu Xiao Yi had been expending the entirety of her efforts to initiate an early offensive on Jun Mo Xie over these past days. That bold little girls eyes had been reeking of urgency ever since she had seen Guan Qing Han achieve her goal

The little girl cared for her future and life-long happiness. Moreover, she didnt care about what the others thought. Why would she care about their thoughts? In fact, the battle-returned Dugu brothers had foamed from their mouth in anxiousness when they learned of this. However, it had no effect on her

On the contrary, Guan Qing Han had returned to her normal ice-cold state after the discussions on that huge incident. Jun Mo Xie hadnt dismissed that matter in any way. She was consistently avoiding him. But, that didnt seem to have deterred Jun Mo Xie in any manner. In fact, it seemed as if he was enjoying his defeat instead of getting tired.

The Young Master Juns skin was very thick. In fact, it was as thick as a citys walls. And, many people had come to learn of this fact over these past few days.

Jun Mo Xie didnt annoy Guan Qing Han. He would go for a stroll in the morning. And, he would greet any officer or soldier who was present in the vicinity. Then, he would eventually knock on the door to her tent. However, he would be refused entry without exception. After that, he would to return to chat with the men. Then, hed go smiling to the two women, and say a few words to them once they had come out after having freshened up. He would return happy if theyd pay some attention to him. However, he wouldnt seem bothered if he were ignored. And, this process would consume most of the early morning time...

However, Dugu Xiao Yi would come to over to see him once he was done with his side of the play. In fact, shed sometimes come to bother him even before she had gotten ready properly. The little girl would use the exact same method which Jun Mo Xie would use on Guan Qing Han. And, Jun Mo Xie would react exactly the way Guan Qing Han had. He wasnt neither to distant, nor too intimate. He only kept a reasonable distance. However, Dugu Xiao Yi became extremely bold as time passed. And, she continued to fight-back despite the setbacks. And, this entire process would continue to play in a loop. In fact, their attempts had become increasingly potent as the frustration had increased. However, the three individuals continued to circle around each other in this fashion

This cycle would continue throughout noon. And, it would start in the evening all over again

However, the soldiers eventually lost interest in watching this drama as time passed. [You three cant make any substantial headway! Youre always wrangling like this! Dont you feel vexed? Damn! We feel vexed when we look at you even if you dont]

However, there was another very strange thing that had been happening of late. Most people would be lively early in the morning; they wouldnt seem dispirited to say the least. However, the Young Master Jun had been looking tired after hed wake up over the past few days. In fact, it seemed as if a good nights rest hadnt done any good to him. Moreover, this had been happening every day for a few days. In fact, it seemed as if he had started to lose weight. However, he would gradually regain his spirits after hed eat a meal and take some rest.

Everyone was obviously baffled by this. [The Third Young Master appears less tired at night. But, hes alone at night. So, why is he so tired in the morning? Moreover, we dont see him doing any work during the daytime. So, whats going on? Young Ladies Guan and Dugu also go to sleep early. So, it cant be because of them either. Then, who is it?]

His uncle Dongfang Wen Qing endured these anomalies for a while at first. However, he eventually called Jun Mo Xie to the side, and cautioned him in secrecy, "Mo Xie! Young people must learn to retrain themselves! Your uncle knows that this is the first time youre experiencing such a wonderful feeling. And, Im not interrupting to give vent to my discomfort. Your uncle was also young once upon a time. So, I understand that this is very natural. But, youre comforting yourself like that every night Moreover, its also very important to keep a check on how many times youre doing it. You wont die if you hold back for one evening. I understand that doing it several times in one night is a lot of fun. But, its also very injurious to the body especially for those of us who practice martial arts. Moreover, it isnt good for the progeny either. So, you must learn to control yourself!"

Jun Mo Xies eyes went wide at he heard this. He was stupefied at the heartfelt advice, and didnt know whether to laugh or cry

"Uncle, youre thinking too much. Im not" The Young Master Jun quickly tried to resolve matters. [Good heavens! Whats going on!]

"What Im not?!" Dongfang Wen Qing glared at first. However, he then sighed and decided to serve him with an example, "Everyone here is a man! And, Im your uncle! You think you cant speak-up because your narrow-minded uncle wont understand? Are you embarrassed? Its normal for grown youngsters to have such needs. Your uncle is also an experienced person I was also young in those days. And, I didnt have much control either. Alas in other words In other words wont I know about things related to this? Your uncle is telling you these things for your benefit! Dont say its nothing! Just listen to me and comply!"

Jun Mo Xies face had been riddled with dark lines. He had been rendered speechless, and couldnt help but feel very gloomy. [Uncle is telling me to learn from his mistakes? So, how can I talk-back? How can I dare to talk-back?]

"Ha ha! Everyone understands. Young people have a massive fire within them! So, control it as much as you can. And, dont make it public" Dongfang Wen Qing amiably patted his nephews shoulder. Then, he returned to assuming the very solemn bearing of a Spirit Xuan expert. After that, he walked out in a very arrogant manner. In fact, the expert felt very satisfied after having educated a young individual

[Its fortunate that Ive discovered this early. My nephew hasnt become addicted to it yet. So, I have managed to instruct him quickly. It wouldve been too bad if it had become an addiction. In fact, it couldve become similar to what had happened to me back then. And, one cant change what has already happened.] Dongfang Wen Qings face had pride on it. However, some traces of sadness were also visible on his face as walked in a leisurely manner.

Jun Mo Xie later inquired from his other two uncles, and found out that his eldest uncle had many wives and concubines. However, he also learned that the man didnt have any children there was no one to call him father. So, he continued to take-in more concubines since he couldnt achieve the desired results. However, the negative results also continued to pile-up along with the increasing number of concubines he took in. And, this had eventually turned into a vicious cycle

It was said that the number of wives and concubines Dongfang Wen Qing had had already reached between forty to fifty! This was a terrifying number! In fact, he could change the duty roster every night however, it would still take him two months to

[So thats how it is]

Jun Mo Xie laughed in the secrecy of his thoughts at first. However, a thought occurred to him later [I can use my medical expertise to help restore Uncles ability to reproduce. It is possible! But, how will I explain it?]

The Old Man had gone out of his way to help the Young Master. And, he had consequently attached a bad name to himself. Thus, assisting him at this point wouldnt be proper. In fact, this wasnt even something which should be mentioned at this time. Moreover, he was the Young Masters maternal uncle. Therefore, his position in society was much higher than the Young Masters. Then, there was the prospect of what the others might say Well That matter could be handled until they got to the Dongfang family After all, this matter wasnt extremely urgent in its nature

Jun Mo Xie quickly returned to his tent after he watched his uncle walk into the distance. He turned his wrist, and a bright and shiny sword appeared in his hand. The length of that sword was marginally under two-and-a-half feet. It was six inches shorter than the traditional three feet sword. Its thickness was also somewhat lesser, while its breadth was moderate. Its hilt was unadorned, and its overall shape was oddly average, and very ordinary.

However, its tip and edges radiated light in all directions.

The act of merely brandishing that sword had made the tents temperature to suddenly drop to a chilling degree. In fact, the tents temperature had started to resemble what one would experience during the twilight hours of evening even though it was a sunny noontime outside.

It seemed like the tip and the edges of the sword were sending out cold flames. In fact, it didnt seem to be radiating rays of light from it. This sword could act as a divine deterrent amongst the soldiers even if it would stay stationary in the Young Masters hands. In fact, this sword would make them feel that it had been casting many profound rays of light for a long time.

Jun Mo Xie moved his finger along the blade. And, a clear and impassioned roar was emitted as a result. It seemed as if a cruel and blood-thirsty dragon that had been asleep for thousands of years had woken up from its dreams, and had roared out thereafter

The swords roar suddenly filled the air.

People in a radius of over thirty meters heard it. And, they could help their hearts throb heavily as a result. The countless horses which were stationed nearby went mad with fear and neighed loudly. They felt as if an ancient demon had descended amongst them the terror they felt was indescribable.

Jun Mo Xie picked up the sword that had been hanging on the tents wall. It was of average length. He raised it with its tip pointed upwards. Then, he brought it down in a nearly free-fall manner

"Screech! Snap!"

There was a soft noise as the blade shook and a cold light flashed through it to its tip. Then, it broke into two pieces almost like it was made out of tofu. After that, it fell to the ground. It had been ruined!

It sounded as if a sharp sword had swiftly embedded itself into wood. In fact, it was almost inaudible. However, a sword that had been into many battles had been snapped into two by now...

Jun Mo Xie lightly extended his sword, and leisurely caressed its spine as he muttered, "What are those glorious sharp weapons in front of you? Youre like a King of Weapons! A Monarch of Swords!"

The sword remained silent.

"Three-hundred-thirty-three blades, three-hundred-thirty-three sharp swords, and three-hundred-thirty-three halberds! Those nine-hundred-ninety-nine weapons have combined to create you! How much blood would be needed to feed your appetite?" it seemed as if Jun Mo Xie was talking to a real person in a slow and gentle tone.

However, he knew that the sword understood! It genuinely did!

And, that was because this treasured weapon had a soul. After all, real divine weapons possessed a soul.

The sword trembled a little. It didnt move, but a strand of strange light moved from the hilt to the tip. It then returned, and came to a stop at its spine. It seemed like the soul of a bloodthirsty serpent was moving back and forth

Jun Mo Xie carefully kept the sword in his arms, and stroked it in a gentle manner. A strand of blood flowed out, and ran through the sword. It spread throughout the blade both back and forth. However, the sword seemed as clear as a lake in autumn. It was untainted not even a speck of dust could be seen on it. It appeared smooth, bright, and clean

This action of Jun Mo Xies was very slow, serious, and deliberate. It was like he had cherished this action

[I nourish my sword with my blood, and venerate my divine weapon with my soul!] This was an ancient traditional ceremony of Chinese swordsmen! This ceremony has existed for thousands of years as long as swordsmen have existed. However, the warm weapons had risen, and the cold weapons had waned. And, this ceremony had edged towards extinction!

However, Jun Mo Xie had shown his great devotion to his sword, and had performed such an ancient rite on his own initiative. He had used that method to convey his love to his sword. And, he had also reminded himself

[Im Chinese no matter where I am! I am the blood of China!]

[Even if Im the only one in this world!]