Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 408

Chapter 407 the blood of yellow flame
Chapter 407: The Blood of Yellow Flame

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There was no doubt and no room to question the fact that Jun Mo Xie had been behind the entirety of those thefts over the past few days. It was a very obvious thing. He was the only one who had the skill to be that divine thief.

However, this so-called obvious matter could only have been known to us. The other people didnt know anything about it.

The thieving Young Master Jun would go out and steal things whenever hed have some free time. Who in the world could stop him when hed use those methods? He could stretch his hand and grab whatever he wanted. His skills had been growing and developing this entire time as well. Moreover, his spiritual strength had reached a very profound level.

He would only need to make one mental action, and he would go inside the Hong Jun Pagoda in case he came across the owners of those weapons. This method had taken him into a different league. And, he wouldnt leave any trace or evidence behind as a result. In fact, he was convinced that even the premier scientists from his previous life wouldnt be able to figure anything out if they were to research this case.

He would then use the turning ordinary iron into wonderful gold method inside his tent later at night once he was finished acquiring whatever he wanted. This destroyed any evidence of the theft by making structural changes into the weapons.

It would be hard to describe the amount of pains the Young Master Jun had been taking while using the Yin Yang methods to escape into the five elements in order to steal these weapons. Then, one has to consider that these weapons were very ordinary in their make. And, the material used in them wasnt of some exceptional quality either. It was merely ordinary steel that was used to make ordinary weaponry

One could even say that the Jun Familys Young Master Jun Mo Xies prodigal ways had transcended all previous notions that could be used to scale that very word. In fact, he had nearly lost himself in his extravagant endeavor!

Jun Mo Xie had used his skills for several nights whilst being lost in this extravagance. However, he hadnt spared any effort in doing so. Consequently, he had used his amazing skill-set to collect nine-hundred-ninety-nine weapons, and had then used the turning ordinary iron into wonderful gold on each of them to forge only one sword in exchange.

It could be said that this was the first sword which Jun Mo Xie had personally forged in this world. However, it could also be said that he had used such an extreme method to forge his ultimate sword. This was because he had used his energy three-hundred-times-over over the past few days while making that sword. And, this was an exceptionally huge consumption by any notion!

The Young Master Jun would perhaps still use the turning ordinary iron into wonderful gold technique to forge a sword. But, he would have to pay a huge cost in terms of the drainage of his spiritual energy whenever hed forge a new sword.

Even someone with Jun Mo Xies perseverance would find enduring such energy consumption a difficult task. Besides, he also felt that he may not have the courage and time to do something like this at a later stage in his life

The enemies hed face in the future would continue to become more formidable as his strength would rise. They wouldnt be weaklings anymore. And, they wouldnt allow him the time it takes to consume such energy. Jun Mo Xie could perhaps hide the fact that his energy had been consumed. But, his relatives and underlings probably wouldnt be able to. So, even the slightest of carelessness could bring about irreparable tragedy and death.

He had extracted the quintessence of each weapon!

Jun Mo Xie had stubbornly worked towards perfection!

And, this is how this new sword had come into existence!

The Young Master Jun would steal those weapons, and then proceed onwards to forge his weapon. Then, he would repeat that cycle again, and endlessly at that. In fact, he had worked day and night without a proper break. And, he had done all of that in order to forge that sword.

The cycle had continued in this manner, and he had continually used his amazing power. He would over-draft his energy first. Then, he would restore it. The vessels within his dantian and meridians resembled a hilltop reservoir. Both ends would be blocked at first. Then, the lower end would suddenly be opened, and the water would rush out. This would leave the reservoir empty momentarily

Subsequently, the top end would be opened once the reservoir had been empty for a while. Thus, the reservoir would quickly fill with water. And, this cycle would continue in this fashion. This cycle had become increasingly fast after the first use. And, it had also become increasingly efficient. Moreover, the capacity of the reservoir also increased very marginally with every cycle of assault from the water. The capacity of the reservoir continued to increase as the frequency of these cycles increased. However, the reservoir would still be able to replenish its supplies in a very short period of time regardless of the scale of its expansion

Therefore, Jun Mo Xies strength had increased very significantly because he had successfully refined that sword. In fact, his Xuan skills and cultivation had also surged up.

He had already reached close to the middle level of Sky Xuan realm in accordance with the Xuan Xuan Continents standards. It was only a rise from the starting level to the middle level from one perspective. However, this was a huge progress if it was taken into consideration from the standard Xuan cultivation norms. The Young Master had entered the basic level of the Sky Xuan realm a few days back. But, the circumstances over the past few days had allowed him to fly up and reach the verge of breaking through to the middle level. This matter was so alarming that it would make a man lose his teeth in shock. This was a never seen before speed of Xuan progression. In fact, even the legendary figures in the legends hadnt been this legendary.

In addition, the Young Master Jun had also become more proficient at using his amazing new powers. In fact, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he had become very familiar with them. The Young Master Juns skill-set was no longer limited to merely the extraction of the material. He could even try to manipulate this technique into reducing the length of a sword to half or perhaps make tiny sword in order to make it sharper and stronger. He could even melt three or four swords to make one sword or a knife

It was important to know that it was comparatively easier to release remarkable power in a fit of rage. But, to exercise pin-point precision was a feat that required absolute workman-ship. Perhaps the Young Master Jun couldnt control his power in its entirety. However, he had been ceaselessly studying the power, and had been working to develop his workmanship...

However, this consumption of energy for an extended period of time would still leave Jun Mo Xie somewhat tired. The Hong Jun Pagoda would continuously replenish his physical energy. But, this workmanship also required a huge amount of spiritual and mental energy. And, the best means to replenish spiritual and mental energy was a sound sleep at the end of the day. The Young Master Juns achievements were great, but they still couldnt replace the benefits of sleep. And, the lack of sleep would inevitably result in a worn-out expression on his face

And, it was because of this particular reason that Jun Mo Xie was forced to endure his dear uncle's lecture since the said-man wanted to lead by example

Jun Mo Xie felt both good and ridiculous at the same time. But, the entireties of his negative feelings were alleviated the moment he saw his sword...

The Young Master Jun only had eyes for this sword at this moment!

Jun Mo Xie had used the Yellow Flame Ceremony for the first time. And, this was also the first time that he had used the blood sacrifice method to forge such a powerful sword. Moreover, he had forged that sword himself. And, without the use of any tools at that! In other words, he had created this sword out of thin air. In fact, it was like he had suddenly begotten a child. Perhaps, one could say that it was like a good friend who he had reunited with after a long time. But, the-said friend would never leave his side again

[You have my blood in you. I am a descendant of the Flame and Yellow Emperors! Im a blood of China! I will keep it in my mind forever in this life, and forever after!]

Jun Mo Xie gave his sword an exceptionally gentle look. This gaze had a hint of longing and melancholy in it. There was also a bit of nostalgia in that gaze. It was like he had passed through endless space and time to return to a place he loved. But, his gaze was as resolute as before.

"You shall be called the Blood of Yellow Flame from now on," Jun Mo Xie manner of speech was very heavy. And, his eyes were fervent with passion. It seemed as if his blood had started to burn, "I have come to this other world. And, you shall be my companion. You shall be my partner. I shall praise the name of Yellow Flame for my achievements as the Evil Monarch. We shall behead everyone we dont like. Only one sword and one man shall stand unhindered on this land!"

"I will nourish you with the blood of my enemies in this world. You and the Blood of Yellow Flame shall become an eternal legend!" Jun Mo Xies voice was low and serious; it was very serious. In fact, it didnt sound like a whisper at all. It sounded like pledge!

It was an earth-shaking pledge!

An oath which would survive till the end of time!

The sword cried out loudly as it heard this. And, this sound was like the cry of a dragon and the roar of a tiger!

~In the Capital~

The Jun Family was bustling with activity these days.

Princess Ling Meng had been visiting the Jun Familys residence everyday ever since the army had marched. And, she would stay there the entire day. Even her Majesty, the Empress, started to tag along with her from time to time as time passed.

The Old Man Jun knew everything about the matter, but he didnt bother much. He merely waved his hand at it. In any case, Guan Qing Han wasnt residing in her accommodation for the time being. So, her quarters had been made ready to host the Empress and Princess Ling Meng.

The Empress always stayed at Guan Qing Hans accommodations whenever she visited. She would often take out her jade flute, and play a gentle song. Then, the Empress would remain there quietly without moving even a bit. She would always play her flute whenever she wanted to leave. And, she would leave once she had played her flute again. She would never stay over.

The anxious notes from the flute seemed cold and resentful. In fact, it was so mournful that it would leave the listeners weeping and broken-hearted.

The Empresss expression was very serene. It could even be said that her face had frozen up. She only appeared devoted to playing those few tones. Her face would always be heavy. It would seem as if she was using her entire spirit to play those tunes. No man could resist feeling gloomy after having witnessed that serene grief.

In fact, the Empresss eyes would sometimes reflect a gentle despair or a helpless sorrow when shed play her flute.

Ye Gu Han would be lying in Jun Mo Xies courtyard. However, he would become extremely peaceful whenever the sound of the flutes music would arise. He could get up and move-about to some extent nowadays. He could even take a few steps. But, his body had suffered serious injuries, and his meridians were severely damaged. Moreover, his right arm had been chopped off from his shoulders. So, his superb sword-play had been put to rest forever. His dantian had also suffered severe injuries. And, this had resulted in the obliteration of his Sky Xuan cultivation.

Ye Gu Han had already become thin and diseased by now. His Sky Xuan strength had disintegrated and reduced to the Xuan Qi of a crippled person. In fact, he had become an out-and-out cripple...

This massive change in situation had brought the once-proud Ye Gu Han to the brink of insanity. He didnt regret this loss. Nor did he regret becoming a cripple for Princess Ling Mengs sake. In fact, he had no regrets as far these points were concerned. But, he still blamed himself for not dying on the spot that day. And, he blamed himself for having survived with that destroyed body he now possessed. His arrogance couldnt accept such a shameful fate. So, he would everything in his power to seek death.

However, even the berserk Ye Gu Han would become like the most obedient child when the sound of the flute would reverberate. He would sit calmly like the people next door, and would pass his time in that manner...