Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 409

Chapter 408 old man juns extreme joy turns to sorrow
Chapter 408: Old Man Juns Extreme Joy turns to Sorrow

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Ye Gu Hans expression would become complicated whenever this would happen. And, he would consequently turn listless and melancholic. There was a sense of loss within him But, it was also accompanied with a sense of happiness. His eyes were full of emotion and attachment; they were full of pain and happiness. His lips would repeatedly chant a name in silence. He didnt utter the words, but those two words would still remain on his lips [Xiu Xiu]

Ye Gu Han would frequently mutter a poem as well. It was the same one that he had recited when he was about to die that day. He would often speak that verse again

[Dont regret such deep affection,]

[I willingly fall and wither into loneliness;]

[The regret of my beloved can haunt an eternity,]

[I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved.]

However, Ye Gu Han had changed the final few words, "If the next life is not enough I shall give up on the heavens, but on my beloved." Ye Gu Han had modified those words a little. And, those words no longer spoke of hate, but of hope for the next life

The next life had become a beautiful and cherished dream

These two individuals were merely separated by a wall. But, it seemed like a long and difficult road spread across the entire human world lay in-between them.

It seemed that this huge wall was a massive eternal chasm which couldnt be crossed.

[If the next life is not enough I shall give up on the heavens, but on my beloved. My dear Xiu Xiu You used to love this verse when we were together. And, Im finally getting to hear it now] Ye Gu Han had become teary-eyed with sadness.

"Uncle Ye, I never knew that mother could play the flute. Moreover, shes so good at it." Princess Ling Meng propped her cheeks, and her eyes became misty, "This is the first time Im hearing mother play the flute."

"You said that this is the first time youre hearing your mother play that tune?" the unintentional speaker from the audience was the trembling Ye Gu Han. He raised his head, and his eyes suddenly shone with a brilliant splendor that reflected his unexpected contentment.

"Yes. Ive never seen mother fiddle with any instrument. In fact, Ive never even heard her sing a verse. I had always thought that she didnt like music. Today has been a surprise for me!" Princess Ling Meng replied in an innocent manner.

Ye Gu Han smiled. And, this smile had stemmed from the bottom of his heart.

He was feeling very satisfied at this moment. He wouldnt have asked that question otherwise.

One tune was, "Listening to the wind with a King," and the other was, "A world away from tears."

[Thank you, Xiu Xiu.]

[I possess something very beautiful in this world your affection]

[Thank you!]

[I already had the reward I had craved. And, the price Ive paid for that was worth it!]

[Im content, Im really content!] Ye Gu Han had been leaning against a tree at that time. Its dead leaves fell swirling around the heroic man. His appearance had changed into something different and calm something different yet peaceful.

Ye Gu Han had been crippled due to the destruction of his cultivation. However, he didnt look lonely from then on. He didnt look exhausted either. The man didnt go berserk again. Ye Gu Han didnt even mind the unbearable pain he was suffering. In fact, he didnt even groan...

And, that was because Ye Gu Han had realized that the price he had paid had been worth it. [Im no longer in misery. Im no longer alone. I dont feel lonely anymore. I have no regrets]

[Because I have you]

The news from Southern Heaven City also started to come in from that day. And, it continued to come every day since. The Emperor also started to visit the Jun Family every day from that day onwards. He would come to share to warm and cordial chat with Jun Zhan Tian. And, this left the Jun Familys household to bustle with even more activity. It was obviously put under heavier guard as well.

The Emperor would also get to hear that distinct sound of the flutes melody on occasions when hed arrive. He would sigh whenever hed hear that music. His vision would get a little blurry, but he would sit calmly whilst he would drink his tea. In fact, he would even feel a little guilty if the past would flash by his eyes whenever hed hear it

[We get tangled in grudges. The world of mortals is very fickle]

However, most of the families had to deal with the internal strife at this time. But, Old Man Jun would only stroke his beard and look calm. He would even smile as hed watch the great drama unfold in the court. In fact, he could almost feel himself bursting with happiness

Jun Zhan Tian would be exhilarated at the sight of it. In fact, it was like he was getting to watch his favorite drama. His numerous contemporaries and rivals were full of anger, but they were also having cold feet. Old Man Juns face was calm on the surface, but his heart was rejoicing in their troubles. [Hah! You old-timers used to joke about my grandson! Now, all of you shall suffer!]

All these events had left the Old Man Jun to feel very happy. He didnt like going to Imperial Court in the past. But, he had started to wander-in there every day these days. Nearly everyone present inside the hall used to look anxious. But, Jun Zhan Tians hearty laughter never seemed to cease. It was like the Old Man Jun Zhan Tian was taking pleasure in someone elses sadness. In fact, it seemed as if he was finally getting to scratch that hated-itch on his chest. But, it genuinely wasnt easy for those other old men. Who would wish such a thing to happen to their posterity?

In fact, Grandpa Jun saw Murong Feng Yun narrow his eyes and wrinkle his nose one day. So, he left a sarcastic remark for the Old Man of the Murong Family

"Why is the wily Head of the Murong Family so angry? What is there to get angry for? Its a good thing that the younger generation is striving for the position of the familys head! Whats that called? Thats right! Its called the virtuous cycle! Ah! That explains the Murong Familys prosperity!

"This reflects their motivation! This shows that they have the spirit to struggle and forge ahead! You should be happy, you bastard! This Old Man genuinely envies you! Just look at me Im so old! And yet, Im still struggling to support the Jun Family. Im genuinely worn out! I would raise my limbs and gladly welcome the situation if Wu Yi or Mo Xie were to come after my position! Ive thought about it in my heart why havent they tried to take my position? They should hurry up and do it! I will step down and retire if that were to happen! Look at you look at you Whats it called...? The man is in his coffin, and hes still reluctant to hand over the power to his family? You should give your young ones a chance! Dont be so stingy!"

These peculiar words had obviously left Old Man Murong to tremble with anger. His glare had affixed to its target, and his limbs had gone cold. Even the white hair on his head and in his beard had started to tremble. In fact, it was like they were dancing, "You philistine Jun! Youre just babbling on! Do you know anything except for taking joy in others sorrow from the sidelines? Damn! Your Jun Family has nothing! There isnt a fart that can compete! I have thirty here! Take my place and see! You want to try that?!"

"Haha! You Murong barbarian! You actually have thirty! I genuinely admire you!" Jun Zhan Tian spat and continued, "You Old Murong bastard, didnt you use to flaunt about your grandsons? What did you once say about three years ago? You had told me in front of all these old fools that, My family is going to grow and prosper. I have thirty-three grandsons who can fire their weapons and grow the family!"

Jun Zhan Tian continued to clatter loudly, "You still have like thirty weapons in your arsenal, right? But, they are filled with silver-wax cartridges. They look impressive, but theyre useless in reality!"

Old Man Jun then looked disdainfully at the other old men, and pointed with his finger at them as he laughed heartily, "You also, you, you, and you...humph! You people used to brag about how big your families can grow! You used to tell me that you would have someone to hold either of their hands even if your sons only give birth to one son each. You used to give me such sermons whenever wed meet for a merry gathering! How are things now? What happened to all that noise? Where are those words now? Have you guys withered? Arent you going to show off now? Ha ha ha this Old Man is indeed very relaxed! My grandson is like an accurate firing weapon! He can bring me ten victories; maybe even a hundred! Ha ha ha ha"

Jun Zhan Tian felt extremely pleased with himself as he sang and created that drama. And, this obviously gave rise to a lot of anger from the other side. In fact, seven or eight old men literally charged at him to attack. But, Old Man Jun just laughed and fled.

He had been forced to evade and flee from the scene. But, he had also been able to let out the anger that had been accumulating and chocking him for decades. Jun Zhan Tian was now at ease, and extremely happy as a result.

However, the Old Man Jun had started to rejoice too early.

Extreme happiness is usually partnered with equal degrees of sadness.

Heavy downpour would follow violent winds. He couldve never anticipated that the grandson he was immensely proud of and was talking big about had been firing around on his own. In fact, this grandson had even managed to create a huge hole.

Old Man Jun returned home while happily humming a tune. And, he was welcomed by a compendium of documents. He opened it, and his smile vanished. His face froze, and his mouth became open like that of a thirsty carp.

"My mother! How could this happen?!" Jun Zhan Tian managed to utter those words after some time had passed. His eyes had opened wide like huge bells. His posterior then went downwards as he fell onto the sandalwood chair. However, the chair broke into pieces from the impact. However, his posterior continued to crouch until he was finally sitting on the ground. But, it didnt seem like he was aware of it.

"Ah! My grandson! Ive been waiting for this for half-a-year. It wouldve been fine even if it had happened two or three months back! But, why did such a thing happen at such a critical time? Your grandfather will die because of that joke where will I show my face now? The whole gang of them is offended they are thoroughly offended"

Old Man Jun was shocked. In fact, the old man was so stunned that he had even used some foul words. However, the old man anxious about losing honor in front of his contemporaries in reality [This is going to be a nerve-racking problem]

"My lord what happened?! Is it something to do with the Supreme Commander and the Young Master? Didnt we receive a message that they had gotten through safely? Werent they about to return?" Old Pang jumped in a scare, and rushed over to help him up.

"What happened? Something big happened!" Jun Zhan Tian stood up trembling. He let out a long sigh before he raised his hand in an absurd manner. He then hit the table with his palm. The table was obviously smashed to pieces as a result.

"Huh?" Old Pangs expression changed, and he started to emit a murderous aura, "Could it be that the Supreme Commander and Young Master have had a mishap?"

Jun Zhan Tian got up slowly. The old man had managed to recover his usual composure after the initial shock. His face had also become calm at first. However, he then started to paced back-and-forth with a frown on his face.

He eventually sighed and said, "Youll understand when you look at this." Then, he pressed the letter towards Old Pangs hands.

Old Pang gave a cry after he read it. His eyes became increasingly wider, and so did his mouth. He cried out in pain after a while passed. He did so because he had managed to dislocate his jaw

Such an outrageous thing hadnt been seen or heard of since ancient times!

It was bold and imaginative. Old Pang groaned with pain as he quickly set his jaw back. He then burst into laughter. This situation was too funny for him to handle.

In fact, the comical degree of this matter had left the old housekeeper to overlook the upcoming troubles