Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 411

Chapter 410 the matter is something like this
Chapter 410: The Matter Is Something like This

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"This Old Man is calling you his kin. So, hes obviously referring to you. Who else would it be in this case? Anyway, how many others in this Tian Xiang City do you think are capable of being my kin?" Jun Zhan Tian looked bewildered. In fact, it seemed as if his expressions were saying, "Are you an idiot?"

"Bah! When have I made you my kin by marriage? Dont spit your bile and take a piss wherever you want! Your Jun Family has only you, one son, and one grandson. Your son is a cripple, and your grandson is a debauchee. So, your familys seed has basically withered. Do you still think that I would look for a relation with your family? Youre delusional!" Dugu Zong Hengs facial muscles twitched. Moreover, there was an ominous light in his eyes, and it seemed that he would flip out any moment.

Old Man Jun wouldve become very angry if he had heard his counterpart say, "Your son is a cripple," on any other day. In fact, he may even have launched an attack on Old Man Dugu over such a remark

However, at that moment

Jun Zhan Tian unexpectedly didnt get angry. He instead started to smile as he spoke-up, "You are my relative, but It doesnt matter now even if you dont want to come come Listen to me carefully. The matter that Ive brought up is quite simple in reality. In short the un-mendable act has been done! The rice has been cooked! Do you understand what I mean? Ill give you the details. Wu Di, you also listen to this. After all, your offspring happens to be my most direct relative"

Dugu Zong Hengs face became green when he heard the term "un-mendable act." However, it then became purple when he heard his granddaughters reference in this regard.

"Uh I just remembered that the officers were looking for me over something important in the barracks. I need to go and deal with it. Otherwise, the militarys plans will be severely affected. And, that would be a felony by law. Human life is very important. I cant miss out on this I just cant"

Dugu Wu Di realized that things werent looking good. So, he figured that the best strategy would be to lay low. And, he had given a good reason as well. After all, human life was invaluable

"You will stay here with me, you brat!" the already-purple Dugu Zong Heng stared wide-eyed, and issued a sky shaking roar, "I will break your legs if you try to leave before the proper explanation of this entire matter is given out! In fact, I will break your legs if I hear another sound from your mouth!"

Dugu Wu Di had turned around a moment ago, but he now stood still. He didnt even dare to utter a single word. In fact, he even maintained the posture he had while he was attempting to leave. So, one of his legs was in front of the other at this time. Moreover, the reddened man had started to drench in his sweat. In fact, he had begun to resemble someone who had stomach problems, but had no option other than waiting outside a toilet since he couldnt go in.

"Please, Jun Zhan Tian!" Dugu Zong Hengs eyes were narrowed, while his head was tilted as he looked at Old Man Jun. His hands were raised in a gesture that indicated, Lets not talk about this matter here. Lets do it inside behind closed doors.

"You brats wait here. Dont let anyone inside. Kill anyone whos rash-enough to approach in an attempt to eavesdrop on these secret military talks!" Jun Zhan Tian turned and gave the order.

Dugu Zong Heng felt that the issue was something unusual when he heard Jun Zhan Tian give such an order. So, he followed suit, and ordered his own familys guard to join forces for standing guard. The two sets of guards replied their understanding in an orderly manner, and quickly scattered to critical points.

Then, Old Man Jun started to walk inside as Old Man Dugu took the lead once they had set everything in order.

Dugu Wu Di followed slowly at their heels. However, his thoughts had started to become increasingly clearer. [The Un-mendable act? It cant be, right? Good Gods! My maiden daughter has my daughter has been pushed over that fiery pit?!]

"You Jun bastard, speak whatever you wish to! Let that fart out! And, dont speak in riddles!" Dugu Zong Hengs complexion had turned black. He seemed impatient, and was becoming increasingly ill-tempered after looking at his sons expression.

Dugu Wu Di usually had the aura of a general about him. However, he sat restrained in a corner at this juncture. It seemed like he was a bullied young mistress. His tall and sturdy body seemed to have caved in and gone underground thereafter. He kept wiping his sweat. It was early winter in Tian Xiang at this time. However, it seemed that General Dugu was living in a mid-summer territory.

"Your daughter Xiao Yi ha haha is a very good girl this time in the Southern Heaven City, she" Jun Zhan Tian didnt mince any words as he started to speak. However, he was suddenly interrupted by Dugu Zong Heng at the very beginning.

"Stop!" Dugu Zong Heng raised his hand, and turned to look at Dugu Wu Di. He then asked in a very fierce manner, "Didnt you say that Xiao Yi is at the Imperial Palace with the Princess? So, how is she in the Southern Heavenly City? Is this scoundrel lying to me?"

Dugu Zong Heng was a man of many years of experience. So, he had understood Jun Zhan Tians words very clearly by now. But, he still had some hope inside his heart. After all, Old Man Jun talking about the un-mendable act was a bit too shocking.

"This that" Dugu Wu Dis forehead had become even sweatier. In fact, the sweat was ceaselessly flowing down at such a fast speed that it was almost obstructing his eyes. However, he continued to wipe it as his face turned black red and then, white. He appeared to be in a dilemma. And, it didnt seem as if he could speak properly. In fact, the General had literally caught up with the famed Mr. Duanmu Chao Fan!

Dugu Xiao Yi had followed Guan Qing Han to the Southern Heaven City in secrecy. And, General Dugu hadnt come to know about this matter until several days after she had left. But, his old man wouldve peeled his skin off if he had come to know of this matter. Therefore, Dugu Wu Di had arranged three of his powerful nephews to go there in order to guard his daughter. He had prayed to the Gods a million times in the hope that no mishap would occur. After that, he had prayed a million times that the women would return safely, and without any incident.

However, things were turning out contrary to what he had wished for. And, it seemed that his treasured daughter had created a big mess over there. Well it was rather evident from Jun Zhan Tian's expression.

Dugu Zong Hengs hopes started to crumble as saw his son remain silent and wiping his sweat to no end. So, he said in anger, "I'm old. I'm very old. So, my family is treating me as a blind man now."

"Father... this... that..." Dugu Wu Di started to whimper, and his mouth became like a tea-pot. He was finding it difficult to explain this matter. In fact, he couldn't even squeeze out half-a-sentence.

"Shut up, you bastard! I will really break your legs!" Dugu Zong Heng shouted loudly, "You continue with your story, Old Man. There are some details that can't be leaked!"

"...ahem, you guys know the relationship that the maiden Qing Han has with our Jun Family at this time... Xiao Yi saw that Qing Han was no longer Mo Xie's sister-in-law. And, she got anxious since shes very fond of Mo Xie. The little girl then devised a plan, and made the accompanying family guards to get her some aphrodisiac. The amount wasn't a lot only a packet; that's all. But, she made Mo Xie consume the entirety of it. So, Mo Xie can't be on guard against her under these circumstances, right? He drank every drop of it... but, the little girl wasn't able to handle him on her own under such critical circumstances... The benevolent Guan Qing Han feared that Xiao Yi may have a mishap. So, she was looking for her. The outcome... he he... a serious mistake was made... and, that's how it is...

"...Old Man Dugu... you said that we aren't kin by marriage, right? Well, it was your granddaughter who took the initiative. Bah! It doesn't matter who took the initiative! That brat Mo Xie will take responsibility for this," Jun Zhan Tian smoothened his beard. He deliberately hadnt clarified the important parts, and had intentionally spoken in a very vague manner. He then put stress on the Young Master Juns initiative to take responsibility.

After that, he took on the appearance of a victim, and sighed.

In fact, the Old Man Jun had spoken only the truth. However, he had done so in a very misleading and suspicious manner. For example the words, "she wasn't able to handle him on her own under such critical circumstances..." It was true that Dugu Xiao Yi hadnt been able to handle the Young Master Jun at the time. However, this sentence didnt clarify the matter properly. But, this sentence was still enough to get people wondering and talking in a particular direction. And, the two Dugu men were no different

Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di obviously thought that [Jun Mo Xie had consumed so much aphrodisiac because of Xiao Yi. And, that silly little girl has no experience in these matters. So, she wouldn't have been able to handle him on her own. And then...]

They continued to think along these lines. And, the eventually ended-up forming a fixed notion about the incident. [Jun Mo Xie wouldve begun an intimate relation with Dugu Xiao Yi. However, she wasnt able to handle the matter on her own. It was then that Guan Qing Han mustve arrived to save Xiao Yi. However, she too wouldve paid with her honor to save Dugu Xiao Yi]

This was the most normal deduction to make from those words. Dugu Xiao Yi's means of escape had been cut-off since she had used that medicine. So, how could she have escaped?

The eyes of the father-and-son duo became extremely enlarged as Jun Zhan Tian continued to recount his story. And, the sound of their echoes became louder and louder until their throats started to issue "Hu Hu""Hu Hu" sounds of heavy breathing.

It was a long while before Jun Zhan Tian finally finished speaking. However, the father-and-son duo was still staring wide-eyed, and panting heavily. Jun Zhan Tian was very happy to note that he had accomplished his task. So, he didnt ignore their plight any further, and poured them a cup of water in order to help them calm down.

"Ah, Im very angry!"

Unexpectedly, the one who jumped up was the listless General Dugu Wu Di. He literally danced out in rage. Even his face had distorted due to excessive anger, "Jun Mo Xie, that little bastard! He did this... I... I... I... I will castrate him! I will cut him into many pieces! Damn it! I... I"

He stammered for a long time without coming to stop. However, he then received a heavy slap on the face, and went down like a gold pound. He then lay there with his limbs hung in mid-air.

"You... you bastard... what are you saying?! Your mother... ah! Didnt I say that I will break your legs if you uttered a single word! Are my words nothing but fart?!"

It seemed like Dugu Zhong Heng was about to burst open. His face had become very purple. He slapped his son repeatedly, and continued to curse that entire time. "You raised your precious daughter in that manner. You spoiled her. People are going to frame your daughter for this. And, people will mock you to your face. Do you think that people will blame Jun Mo Xie for this?! You... you... you're making me crazy! I... I... I will break your legs! Argh!"