Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 413

Chapter 412 the two military families join hands
Chapter 412: The Two Military Families Join Hands
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The father-and-son duo stopped when they heard the Old Lady Dugus question. However, they didnt reply.

"You, tell me!" Old Lady Dugu pointed her finger towards Dugu Wu Di and asked.

However, Dugu Wu Di still didnt speak-up. He merely trembled in anger as he thought about the matter. He was gasping with difficulty while attempting to suppress the rage in his heart. It could be said

The man told her that the little devil of a girl had lost her mind, and had made her guards bring her a hundred grams of aphrodisiac. She had then tricked Jun Mo Xie into consuming the whole packet. Wouldnt this have been enough for Old Lady Dugu to guess what had happened afterwards? Dugu Wu Di hadnt even finished speaking, but she had already started to sway. Then, her walking stick fell from her hand, and fell on the ground with a "Bang!" And, the Old Lady was now on the verge of collapsing

Dugu Wu Di and his wife rushed forward to catch her. And, they called out to her repeatedly as they did so.

"Its a sin" Old Lady Dugu got a hold of herself before she opened her mouth and cried out. She didnt doubt this news one bit. She knew Dugu Xiao Yis personality very well, and she also knew about her feelings for Jun Mo Xie. So, she knew that it was entirely possible.

Moreover, would someone like Jun Zhan Tian lie about such things? And, particularly on the eve of the armys return at that? How long could the Old Man Jun maintain such an irrefutable lie even if he were to lose his self-respect and lie? Wouldnt he be ridiculed by the world if he were to do something like that?

Moreover, Dugu Xiao Yi had always had a favorable impression of the debauchee Young Master of the Jun Family. And, this matter was no secret for the Dugu Family.

However, the main problem still hadnt been dealt with. So, General Dugu braced himself and finished narrating the second part of the story. The details had been light until now. And, the important stuff was still to come And, that part was regarding Guan Qing Han. The expressions of all the women present on the scene became heavy as they heard about it

"What are you planning to do?" Old Lady Dugu looked like she had drowned as she looked at Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di.

"What can we do? I dont agree with any of this! That Jun Mo Xie is a debauchee and spoilt child. In fact, hes someone who looks for prostitutes in broad daylight! He doesnt do honest work! The brat is a true wastrel! How can Xiao Yi marry such a brat? Thirty generations of our family will feel wronged if that happens!" Dugu Wu Di spoke-up in anger, "I will castrate that boy the moment he gets back! Ill do it!"

"Your mothers fart! This thing has already happened! Can Xiao Yi ever marry someone else now?" Old Lady Dugu was mad and gloomy, "And, you still want to castrate him? You you idiot Are you that stupid? How dare you even think of this?"

"Humph you want to castrate him? Hehe I will give General Dugu this authority. But, will he dare to do it?" Jun Zhan Tian spoke-up while tilting his head. The Old Man held out his hands and snorted, "This Old Mans grandson has always been courteous and considerate. Hes refined and gentle. Hes talented, and his genius touches the sky! How could you even say something like that about him? I dont know if its you or that girl Xiao Yi who is blind"

"You still have the nerve to speak those words, Jun Zhan Tian?" Old Lady Dugu gave a hateful look to Old Man Jun. "Do you not feel ashamed while speaking such words about your grandson? What would a little girl understand? A few sweet lines wouldve been enough to fool her!"

"Oh my dear Kin, ask your conscience when you speak those words. That brat Mo Xie had never taken the initiative for Dugu Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi was the one who had taken the initiatives for Mo Xie! And, everyone knows this! Am I right? Moreover, I had heard a certain-someone say something very particular at the beginning of the auction at the Aristocratic Hall I will repay with my daughter if I dont have the money! I can always pay my debt by making her your wife!" Old Man Jun leisurely spoke this as he brought-up the old debts.

Old Lady Dugu shifted her glare to Dugu Wu Di and asked, "Did you say this, you beast?!"

General Dugu had been thoroughly stunned by this. However, he tried to deny in the face his mothers overbearing presence, "That that brat had run amok... I had spoken it without thinking no one wouldve taken it seriously

"Bah! Who wont take it seriously? Didnt you feel any shame in speaking those words?!"

Old Lady Dugu was at a complete loss for words.

However, Jun Zhan Tian saw the chance, and pressed for an advantage.

"Oh my dear Kin, a real man doesnt fight with a woman. I havent come to you to fight. We need to act at this time. And, the biggest problem we have at hand is ahem ahem that those two have lit the fire and committed the un-mendable act. And, I have come here to seek your opinion on that matter."

Old Man Jun sneered, and quickly changed the subject, "Its unpleasant to hear it But, our Jun Family isnt necessarily seeking your daughter if your Dugu Family insists on not marrying her off to us. In clearer words, were not dying to take her if youre not willing to marry her off to us. Would Mo Xie still use the aphrodisiac on your daughter if he had commitments? Youngsters as talented as my grandson are rare. But, there is no shortage of suitable women. The Imperial Princess Ling Meng visits our home every day these days. Your Dugu Family isnt the only one which has a daughter in the Capital. Wouldnt becoming the relatives of the Imperial Family be better than marrying my grandson to your Xiao Yi? Plus, Qing Han is already perfect for the position of his wife. Moreover, she has also committed the same sin"

Jun Zhan Tian had spoken this in a very confident manner. Dugu Wu Di had been very rude when he had talked about castration. And, Jun Zhan Tians approach was different that cursing in a direct manner. But, the effect was the same.

"Im here to ask you about what you plan to do in this matter. And, I have a second purpose as well. Your granddaughters actions have also involved Mo Xie and Qing Han. Our family has revoked Qing Hans relations to us as a daughter-in-law, and she has been taken-in as Wu Yis adopted daughter instead. But, only a few people know about this. So, she is still our eldest daughter-in-law in the eyes of most outsiders. We cant officially hide this matter. So, we must solve it! This matter involves an elder sister-in-law. So, it is a huge scandal! Therefore, your Dugu Family must give me a statement over this incident even if you wont marry off Xiao Yi to our family!

"Ah, and, theres a third matter as well! We dont have a problem if your Dugu Family doesnt wish to get involved with us. However, you can still help us out with some money! I dont mind if you use a little money to resolve this matter. So, quickly handover the money you owe me! Dont delay it too much further!"

Jun Zhan Tian had spoken those words anxiously, quickly, and clearly. And, the men and women of the Dugu Family were stunned by listening to them. Jun Zhan Tians words had seemed unpleasant, but it had some essence to it. They had only been concerned about Dugu Xiao Yi till now. So, they had forgotten about Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Hans relationship.

And, this was a very important factor. After all, Dugu Xiao Yi had committed the sin herself. But, the Young Master Jun and Guan Qing Han were the victims.

The Dugu Family wouldnt be able to stay away from this matter if it came to light. After all, this matter had been caused by Dugu Xiao Yi. So, all levels of society would attack them. After all, it was a matter that involved ones sister-in-law. In fact, even the people who knew that this wasnt Dugu Xiao Yis fault in its entirety wouldnt mention this part in a decent light of affairs.

Not many people had the guts to provoke two powerful military families if they stood together. However, the Jun Family could tell everyone that Dugu Xiao Yi had caused this matter if they were put under the scanner. Therefore, people would come to learn that a Young Lady had done the un-mendable deed with a Young Master even though they werent married. And, this would become a huge joke and, a huge scandal!

Moreover, Dugu Xiao Yi had mixed-in the aphrodisiac, and that had given rise to this situation in the first place.

Only extremely wily hoodlums or escorts adopted such methods

Old Lady Dugu called-out in anger as she thought of this, "Why did a body guard of our family have such an aphrodisiac with him? They are loyal men, and they were selected from the best before they were sent to the Southern Heaven City. Moreover, they were supposed to guard our familys women. So, why did they have the aphrodisiac? What were they thinking?"

Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di shuddered coldly as they listened to this. Their expressions became very solemn and unsightly. Dugu Wu Dis eagle-like vision went over the seven concubines one at a time. His gaze was cold and dense like a knife.

"Ahem ahem the aphrodisiac which that girl used was male-specific ahem ahem she then emptied the whole packet Ive heard that the said-guards health was somewhat defective ahem ahem not very good" Jun Zhan Tian felt somewhat awkward, and had no choice but to give that explanation. A very bloody event mightve occurred if he hadnt given that explanation...

"So, thats what it is" That giant bear-like mans eyes became soft again.

The women also became relieved. Each had been very nervous. And, that was visible since their foreheads were full of sweat at this time. None of them could ever look up again if they were to get stained with such a bad reputation. In fact, even mere suspicion would feel very shameful for them

This matter hadnt raised great waves yet. But, Jun Zhan Tians words had created an extremely frightening picture.

Old Lady Dugu and Dugu Zong Heng hunched down when they heard Jun Zhan Tians three conditions. Old Man Dugu started to grieve over the matter at first. Then, he became filled with violent rage. So, he grabbed Dugu Wu Di, and started to beat him up again, "Damn you! You lowlife bastard! You pulled one over this Old Man, and got me into a debt of millions! But, your daughter is even better. She has created such a huge scene! I I I will kill you! I will kill you, you bastard!"

"Stop!" Jun Zhan Tian shouted loudly, "You bastard neednt put on a performance in front of me again! Youve already spoken to your hearts content. Now, what will you do about this matter? I am already preparing countermeasures regarding this event. Wu Yi had kept a tight lid over this matter at the Southern Heaven City. But, I reckon that every family has already received the news. In fact, Im certain that even His Majesty has heard about it! Im also in a terrible shape at this time! But, you father-and-son are still wrangling about it! Dont you know that time is worth gold right now? Do you think that this is the time to create this drama?!"

"We might as well postpone this matter about marriage. But, the matter at hand we have never worked together before, but we have to make an exception for this case. And, we need to work together for now Your Jun Familys reputation mustnt fall, and our Xiao Yis much-praised virtue mustnt be tarnished!" Old Lady Dugu promptly made the final decision.

"Her virtue? It is worth a fart now!" Dugu Zong Hengs chest heaved in anger, "She acted herself, and administered that drug to a man! How can we still speak of her virtue?"

He then raised his carrot-thick finger at Dugu Wu Di and his daughter-in-law, and started to admonish them again, "You you you you raised your daughter like this! You taught her all this! She has disgraced our family now! A young girl from a big family has caused such a big scandal! Youve made this Old Man very mad!"

Dugu Wu Di and his wife lowered their heads, and listened to the curses. However, everyone was thinking the same thing in their hearts [Wasnt it you whod pamper her? You would get furious if we ever spoke to her in a loud voice. Therefore, she got used to living without any sense of responsibility. And, this happened because she wasnt disciplined. You bear ninety-percent of the blame in reality!]

However, they could only think along these lines. Who would dare to speak this out aloud? Wouldnt that be asking for death?

"We must be prepared in that case! It is important to know that the Imperial Censors can cause a persons death by their verdict in a matter like this one! Moreover, any attempts to give an explanation would be useless! So, we must have a proper understanding. We must act, and resolve this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, inconceivably horrible things will await us in the future!"

Old Man Jun had sounded very serious when he had spoken this. However, he was actually very relieved inside. [Ive finally tricked this annoying family to join our side. That wasnt easy. But, victory is within reach since they are on our side! We will be the most powerful force in this world if our two military families joining hands. How would the rotten scholars dare to mess with us if we stand together?]

"You Old Jun Dog Youre right about this! We must first work together to get over this difficulty! As for the matter regarding marriage we must consider it properlyAnd, slowly very slowly!"

Old Lady Dugu was speaking this when she suddenly changed her mind halfway. She then said, "Consider it slowly? No. That wont do! This marriages matter must be settled as soon as possible as well! In fact, you should be worried if you arent already What if that little girl became pregnant due to this? What would we do if that happens?"

"Thats not possible, right? There isnt any chance of that, right?" Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di looked at each other in dismay as they scratched their heads. Dugu Wu Di even opened his huge mouth and spoke-up, "Think over it properly, Mother! It wont happen in one attempt! Wouldnt this Old Man Jun be dancing if his boy was that potent? Moreover, Xiao Yi is still very young. And, sixteen years of age is too early!"

"You two are pig-heads!" Old Lady Dugu looked at them with resentment and cursed, "Do you believe that a boy and girl will stay idle throughout the journey once theyve got a taste for it? And, theyll only be here after two months of that shameful deed happening on the journey! We need to be careful Ill see what you two bastards have to say if that happens

"Moreover, we also have to look at the other aspect about the Jun Family. That Jun Mo Xies reputation was in tatters for a few years. But, havent we heard he is changing things of late? Then, theyre also graced by that outsider who is a world-conquering expert So, this match may not sound that big of a disgrace to Xiao Yis name" Old Lady Dugus face was very anxious as she finished speaking.

The eyes of the several ladies suddenly showed a trace of embarrassment as they heard this. And, their complexion turned deathly pale. This assumption was rather possible if one thought about it.

"Damn!" the Dugu father-and-son exclaimed in unison at first. And, they were left dumbfounded thereafter.

Jun Zhan Tians eyes assumed a happier expression as he continued to hear what they had to say. He snorted [It seems that things arent turning out that bad after all]