Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 415

Chapter 414 peerless magnificence
Chapter 414: Peerless Magnificence!
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Everyone from the Silver Blizzard City glanced around. And, they were stunned by what they saw. Especially Xiao Feng Wu his eyes sparkled with an exceptional fire. The six elders and the Seven Swords were much older than him, but even they couldnt help having such an amazed look on their faces. Even the somewhat crazed Xiao Hans expression had suddenly become a little mild.

The two horses galloping forth were being ridden by a white-clothed and a green-clothed girl respectively. The green-clothed girls appearance was difficult to discern. They could see that the girls posture was graceful. But, her face was dark. So, it was difficult to make it out. But, it seemed pretty nonetheless. Her eyes were mischievous like the lakes in autumn. Her general appearance made her seem more like a little girl. She was full of inquisitiveness, and was covered with innocence. She seemed pure, and extremely adorable.

Her face was difficult to judge. However, everyone had already overlooked that aspect.

Then, they looked behind her, and saw that white-clothed girl. And, the men genuinely forgot their manners and surroundings in that moment.

The clothes covering her body were as white as snow. Her hair was as black as a rain-cloud. The young womans facial features were normal. But, anyone whod look at her face would discover that any man facing her magnificent beauty wouldnt have the courage to look at her. They thought that she was very pure. Even the most beautiful of women would feel inferior when facing that white-clothed young woman.

She resembled a shining moon in the night sky. Her cold radiance shone over the world. However, no one could reach her. She was too high to reach. And yet, she was graceful as she floated above the mortal world like a fairy from the ninth heaven.

Her figure was delicate like a beautiful flower. They found her very beautiful. In fact, she looked so beautiful that they couldnt even fathom how someone could look so beautiful. It could be said that even the most beautiful rhetoric that could be used to describe a woman would sound pale if it were used to describe this peerless beauty

It seemed as if no words could describe the beauty of that woman!

Only the heavens could describe something so beautiful; the creatures of this mortal world would fall short of this task.

Her appearance was devilishly magnificent. Would it be enough to say that her beauty could bring-about the downfall of an empire? Would it be enough to regard her beauty as devastating? Cities, countries, or even the entire continent would readily turn over for this womans beauty. And, everyone thought of this same idea when they laid eyes on her.

Her body seemed to be enveloped in a mysterious cotton-like mist. In fact, it seemed like the vapor that originates from a tobacco pipe. This seemed to be making her appearance blurry, but somewhat clear at the same time. In fact, she was like a rising moon incomparably clear, yet equally unclear at the same time. Everyone had the same thought when the laid eyes on her [Damn! Such a beautiful woman actually lives in this land!]

The unique, divine, and peerlessly magnificent beauty had seemingly stopped the setting sun in its tracks the moment she had appeared on the road. In fact, it seemed that the rarity of this white-clothed womans beauty had compelled the sun to cease its downward motion so that it could allow this woman to shine under a million rays of its light.

However, the splendid sunlight lost its splendor the moment she dismounted. Instead, the very ground beneath her feet started to radiate with an immortal-like aura.

However, no one from the Silver Blizzard City had realized at that a strange light had flashed in the eyes of the green and the white-clothed women. Moreover, this strange light had vanished very quickly.

"Elder Sister, this hurried-journey has made me very tired. We might as well stop here and have tea before we continue-on with our journey. How does that idea sound?" the green-clad girls voice was like a songbird sharp and sweet.

"Youre right, younger sister. Theres no need for haste. We can rest here for some time before we proceed further on our journey. Theyre behind us in any case" the white-clothed woman smiled after she had said that. However, the people from the Silver City thought that flowers were blooming before them. No. It didnt seem like this flower was in full-bloom at this time. However, that smile could still bring-about the downfall of an Empire

"But there are so many people here. I dont know if the patron can provide two more seats? Moreover, could this country-side tea shop be any good?" The white-clothed woman frowned with some anxiety.

"The two ladies I ask the girls to please sit here this youngster ahem, ahem I can stand for some time thats not a problem! Here please have some snow-tea. The quality is great. It might not be worthy of the two young ladies. But, I ask you to accept it since this place is very remote"

Xiao Feng Wu looked at the white-clothed girl. His eyes were already brimming with infatuation. His face was fervent as he hastily stood up. He then eagerly offered her the Silver Blizzard Citys special "snow-tea". After that, he politely brushed his seat with his sleeve. He had even forgotten the somewhat irascible Han Yan Mengs presence as he said, "Your legs must be tired after such a long journey, right? Come and sit. Well stand. You must rest your legs."

Han Yan Meng pouted the moment these words escape Xiao Feng Wus mouth. In fact, her facial expressions were illustrating her displeasure very clearly. [What did this guy say? The Silver Citys snow-tea is the best in the world. But, this isnt good-enough for these women? Then, I dont know which tea is! Plus, this guys attitude is utterly disgraceful. He doesnt seem to carry himself as a man from the Silver Citys younger generation. He genuinely isnt living up to his status]

[In fact, Xiao Feng Wu should call me aunt if we observe the strict hierarchy. But, the Elders said that Im too young for that. And, that has made my generational status drop. Shouldnt I call my elder sister, aunt by this logic? What logic is this?!]

Han Yan Meng had later realized that the drop of her generational standing hadnt been an accident. In fact, she had found that some people had done it on purpose.

[This was done in order to get me married. Theres no doubt that Im very young since the others of my generation are thirty to forty years elder to me. However, there are many men of my age in the generation that comes under mine. But, theyre obviously separated by generational hierarchy. And, human relations are irreversible. Moreover, the Sliver Citys Xiao Family wont wish to get related by marriage to an outsider. So, this strict fall of my generational status has happened in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble]

[And, Xiao Feng Wus presence has only highlighted this issue since the two families had unanimously decided to appoint him as my husband. Hes my age for sure, but hes not mature enough yet. Moreover, they must be afraid that I could repeat my elder sisters case. But, this Xiao Feng Wu will become my husband if everything goes smoothly]

[This is such a silly thing. In fact, its akin to purposeful self-delusion. But, no man in the Silver City will speak against it. This is because there would be a huge power struggle inside the Silver Blizzard City if anyone from outside becomes my husband. That may not be a problem today. However, my children will have to face the brunt of it...]

Han Yan Meng didnt have a good impression of her betrothed to be honest. But, she didnt have a bad one either. In fact, she was confused about it. But, she noticed that Xiao Feng Wu was being particularly attentive towards an attractive girl he had barely met. She found it laughable, but she also felt somewhat uneasy. Then, he unexpectedly offered his seat to her. And, this was very contrary to how polite he usually was. This made the little girl look fearful since she felt that she may have to give-up her seat for those women as well

[None of the Xiao Elders have said anything in this matter!]

[This is the reality of these men!]

How could this unexpected event not leave the little girl to feel extremely wronged? She tilted her head downwards, and pretended that she hadnt heard anything. [Its your choice if you wish to be lowly and violate norms. But, youre pulling me down with you? Who do you think you are? Who are you?!]

"Little Sister, please vacate your seat" Xiao Feng Wu glanced at Han Yan Meng. Then, he looked at the white-clothed woman with a fearful look in his eyes. It seemed that he was worried that she would get angry. Therefore, he had shouted-out his request.

"How can you talk like that to the Little Princess, Feng Wu?!" Mu Xue Tong glared since he couldnt stand this any longer. His voice was also full of anger.

However, many of the Silver Citys elders found his rebuke misplaced. One look at Xiao Feng Wu made it obvious that the first-grandson of the Xiao Family had fallen in love with the white-clothed woman at first sight.

Han Yan Meng was very unhappy about this matter. She had always been the most-favored and adored young woman. She had always been doted on by her elders. However, not one of those men had opened their mouths in her support at this juncture. She wrinkled her nose and stamped her feet. Then, she stood of up angrily and said, "Xiao Feng Wu! Youve turned out to be a great man indeed! Ive finally come to know you today!" Then, she ran to Mu Xue Tongs side in anger. She leaned against him in grievance, and couldnt help her tears from falling down.

"Please sit, young ladies hehe rest peacefully youve been neglected. Please let me serve you your tea," It seemed that Xiao Feng Wu hadnt even noticed Han Yan Meng. He quickly moved his limbs and dusted the seat that had been vacated by Han Yan Meng as well. The young mans face was full of eagerness.

"Ah, thats so nice! Thank you, Young Master!" A thin and imperceptible trace of contempt flashed in the green-clothed girls eyes. Then, the two women walked over in an elegant manner. Their perfume assailed everyones nostrils as the two women walked past them. And, the men were left with a very satisfactory sensation as a result.

The white-clothed woman didnt say a word from the beginning. Nor did she show any peculiar expression

"Youre welcome youre welcome May this Xiao Feng Wu dare to ask the young ladies proper names?" Xiao Feng Wu cupped his hands. His face showed how honored he felt. In fact, it seemed like his spirit had already left his body.

The girl-in-green quickly shifted her gaze and replied, "My elder sisters name is Mei my name is also Mei"

"Mei? Your family name is Mei? Hehe its like the beautifully blossoming plum after a cold winter! Its so noble, lofty, and aloof," Xiao Feng Wus face was full of admiration. But, he continued to stammer for a long time without coming to a stop. It seemed as if he didnt even know what to say.

"Mei?" The Silver Citys Seven Swords and Six Elders trembled. That name wasnt anything on its own. But, these people were returning from the Southern Heaven City. So, they couldnt help but recall the unreasonable strength of Venerable Mei the Lord of Tian Fa. In fact, they still had some lingering fear when it came to the name "Mei."

"May I ask where the Young Ladys homeland is? This Old Man has walked everywhere under the sky, but Ive never come across such a rare and talented beauty such as yourself. Perhaps the Young Miss is an old friend I dont know about he he" Xiao Bu Yu smoothened his beard, and chuckled as his eyes flashed.

"Were sisters of a business house from Tian Xiang." The white clothed girl was still silent. She looked at that high-quality tea from Silver City. But, she didnt move even a bit. So, it was the green-clothed girl who had replied this time as well.

"Two single women travelling on the road alone you must be very brave and talented." Xiao Bu Yu became increasingly suspicious as he continued to look at them. Those two didnt seem to have any Xuan efficacy to them. However, he was only a step behind the strength of the Great Masters. So, he was a top-class expert in his own merit. And, he could sense that his heart was feeling constricted for no apparent reason.

[What kind of strength would these two possess if they can conceal their cultivation from me ? Is it possible that?]