Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 417

Chapter 416 is there still room for more bad luck in this situation
Chapter 416: Is There Still Room for More Bad Luck in this Situation?
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"Wait, please! This is a misunderstanding!" Xiao Bu Yu moved quickly and faced the green-clothed girl. His expression changed from that of carelessness to one of grave seriousness. He also looked bewildered, "Please calm your anger, Young Miss. This is just a misunderstanding. Please allow this rotten old man to give you an explanation."

"Misunderstanding? This joke isnt funny! We wouldve been captured by you if we were ordinary sisters from a wealthy household. You wouldve flagrantly insulted and devastated us if we hadnt been killed by that idiots hand first! Do the so-called men of the Silver Blizzard City behave like this? Explain this to me! And, would you even give an explanation to someone if it werent for us two sisters? Do you have an explanation for this?!" The green-clothed girl gave a frosty look to Xiao Bu Yu. And, she didnt hold-back her killing intention as she did this. Instead, it continued to rise.

One couldnt compare Xiao Bu Yu to Xiao Han. The girls killing intention continued to rise, but it wasnt as if he couldnt resist it. However, the pressure was too great. So, it was overwhelming him to some extent.

However, this was an example of the ignorant are fearless. Xiao Han had been horrified when he had felt the terrifyingly imposing aura of the green-clothed girl. But, his confidence had risen-up once Xiao Bu Yu had stood-up in his support. In fact, he still hadnt realized the danger that lay before him. He believed that anyone would be helpless before him as long as he had Xiao Bu Yus support.

However, Xiao Bu Yu had gotten covered in sweat as he did his best to resist that overwhelming killing intention. He felt that he was being watched by a highly venomous snake. Moreover, he felt that he couldnt compare to this serpent in any regard... whether it was in terms of speed, strength or agility

Xiao Bu Yus entire body felt cold at this moment. It was as if a cold wind had stabbed him at the back of the head.

And, that was because he had finally thought who this green-clothed girl could be.

In fact, his derivation didnt feel much like a guess. So, he started to act like he was near one of the strongest existences in the world.

"Please calm down, respected miss. Feng Wu and Han are young. They dont understand things well. They had spoken without thinking. But, they didnt have any bad intentions. I must beseech you to not take offence! I apologize on their behalf!" Xiao Bu Yu wanted to slap-himself-crazy as he said those words. Moreover, his intestines had started to turn green with regret

[Im a dotard! This familiar imposing aura, that familiar clothing, and that venomous glare Only her face is different! Doesnt this mean that shes the Snake King of the Tian Fa Forest?]

[However, the opposite party is unwilling to reveal their true identities, and they are traveling in secrecy. So, speaking to them about it at this time will have very bad consequences. In fact, that would be akin to committing a huge mistake]

[Then, theres this white-clothed girl shes the Snake Kings elder sister and, her name is Mei]

[Good God!]

[Kill me now!]

[I planned to make the Snake Kings elder sister my Feng Wus wife or maybe even an insignificant concubine! It's like my brain had a cramp! I feel like my brain is filled with water! Even genuine idiots wont do something so idiotic!]

[Wouldnt it be a huge joke if this goes out?]

[She is surely the Snake Kings elder sister. Thats obvious from the respect shes receiving from the Snake King. Im sure shes a bit weaker than Venerable Mei. But, I cant understand how much weaker But, Im sure that shes not too weak. Xuan Beasts give hierarchical status according to strength. They consider you as nothing if you dont have strength. Moreover her family name is Mei? Can she be Venerable Meis younger sister?]

It wasnt surprising that he was thinking along these lines. After all, Venerable Mei was a man in the eyes of the world. In fact, he was supposed to be an extremely old man. However, this white-clothed woman was extremely beautiful, and possessed peerless style. Moreover, she had a very youthful appearance.

Xiao Bu Yu was in no mood to even spare half-a-glance at Jun Wu Yis arriving army. He hadnt even heard their movements since he had turned deaf to everything else. The man was in a shock at this moment [My God! What a huge mistake did I make? I allowed my grandson to take liberties with Venerable Meis little sister! And, he even called the Snake King a plebian girl!]

Xiao Bu Yu was on the verge of a collapse. [Im a fu*king old fool! Im having a spell of bad luck. But, did it have to be so bad? Why did I let Xiao Han act so freely like an idiot? Whats the difference between him doing this, and courting death?]

Xiao Bu Yu couldnt help but give a stern look to Xiao Han as he thought of this. [Damn it! Would we have stopped here if you hadnt gone crazy? And, how could we have run into these two celestial beings if we hadnt stopped here? And, how could you have tried to take liberties or even abused them by calling the Snake King a plebian girl if we hadnt run into them in the first place? And, how could you have made her angry if this hadnt happened?!]

[Weve already established that our Xiao Family has the unquenchable hatred of that extremely powerful Mysterious Master. And, we have added these Beast Kings to the roster now. Venerable Mei neednt even act themselves those Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa could make the Silver Blizzard City the next Xue Hun Manor. They could destroy us!]

[You you are a messenger of death! Youve stirred trouble with such a terrifying woman! We had set-up here so that we could wait for Jun Wu Yi. But, you had to go and stir such huge trouble! And, we have now provoked the Beast Kings of Tian Fa because of you!]

"Silver Blizzard City! You think youre too strong! You dared to take liberties with my elder sister, and then you cursed me humph! You have some guts! But, youre only worthy of being called youngsters of a renowned house!"

The Snake Kings eyes were full of cold lightning as they swept over the seventeen men. She then spoke-up in a cold tone, "This thing isnt over yet. I will look for the Silver Blizzard City. And, I will talk to that Han Feng Xue! Is this how he educates his people? "

Snake Kings voice was becoming increasingly muffled in the back-drop of the hoof-beats of the arriving army. So, only Xiao Bu Yu had heard her. However, the other men of the Silver Blizzard City didnt know how big of a trouble they had provoked in this instance

However, they had seen that Xiao Bu Yu was talking very softly. Moreover, he was even talking about compensating and explaining matters to them. Therefore, those men had determined that these two women werent normal, and couldnt be trifled with.

However, Xiao Feng Wus eyes were shining even more brightly now. He thought, [Wouldnt my prestige in Silver Blizzard Citys shoot up exponentially if this white-clothed woman hails from a powerful hidden family?]

[There might be a big change in my marriage plans if these women belong to some powerful and secretive family. But, thatll be worth. I wouldnt even mind renouncing my marriage to the little Han Princess. In fact, I would also be fine living with my wifes family. This beautiful womans company is much better than that of that unruly little girl!]

It had to be said that mens thoughts have no limits. Xiao Feng Wu was still thinking about those things even at this moment. In fact, he was still embracing his wishful thinking and grand dreams of living with that girls family. This had to be admired a lot!

Xiao Hans cultivation was at the initial stage of Sky Xuan. But, his cultivation was mostly the result of help from his elders since they had opened his meridians. And, he had also been taking a lot of medication. However, very little of it was his own accomplishment through bitter hardships. He was a true Sky Xuan expert, but he couldnt be compared with someone who had accumulated Xuan Qi on their own and had made their breakthroughs with hard work.

Even Mu Xue Tong could notice that something was wrong. But, Xiao Han had only been thinking about the strong support of his indestructible grandfather Xiao Bu Yu.

Therefore, Xiao Hans sight had never been attracted to the green-clothed girl. Nor did he know what kind of trouble he had provoked. Instead, the man was only staring at the dust that was rising from the south. And, his eyes were clearly showing his crazy desire to fight.

[Youve finally arrived, Jun Wu Yi! Ive been waiting for you for a while! This is when you die!]

Only Xiao Bu Yu had understood this situation. And, he was struck dumb like a rock. And yet, he couldnt shout to draw attention since there was still some room for mitigation in this situation as the matter stood. However, there wouldnt be any other choice apart from a great fight if he spoke-out the identity of the opposite party.

[Fight? Can we fight them? Our side is extremely strong. We can look down on the world with arrogance but, our own people cant hold against this opponent who is at least as strong as the Cold Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei. And then, theres that mysterious Mei girl with the Snake King]

[Its not like we are no match for the opponent if I think about it But, would we dare to face them? Lets say that we can match them. But, we will still lose in every situation. Thats because we will only invite the wrath of Tian Fa Forest if we beat these two girls! And, the Silver Citys strength wont be enough in front of their might!]

The Silver Blizzard City stood at the top of the world. But, only three other parties were as fierce as the Tian Fa Forest!

Xiao Bu Yu was a peak expert of the Silver Blizzard City. He was also an Elder of the Xiao Family. And, he was one of the strongest experts in existence. However, he was frightened and at a loss.

"Are these people worth dirtying your hands over? We will go and teach that Han Feng Xue a lesson for these crime," The white-clothed woman hadnt spoken till now. However, she had finally said a few words. But, these few words had left Xiao Bu Yu and the others to pick their ears

"Uh this little sister will obey what elder sister has said," The Snake King nodded respectfully. Then, she looked at Xiao Bu Yu and asked in a mighty manner, "Why are you here?"

"Hehe I wont conceal anything from you. Our Xiao Family and the Jun Family have a few grudges. My grandson had taken a vow with the desire to challenge Jun Wu Yi to single battle as a man!" Xiao Bu Yu was going to say, "Wont conceal anything from the Snake King." However, he then realized that he wouldnt wish to reveal their identities. So, he quickly corrected himself.

He saw the far away army getting increasingly closer as he surmised everything vaguely. So, his complexion became serious, and his voice became gloomy.

Could he still allow Xiao Han to challenge Jun Wu Yi under these circumstances?

The words spoken by that white-clad young woman had provided a temporary solution to this situation. But, the problem hadnt finished from the long term perspective. In fact, the words, "well go and teach that Han Feng Xue a lesson for these crimes," signified that his Silver Blizzard City had incited a powerful and unequal hatred.

This was like someone had shattered their heels with a powerful fart from their own buttocks. Or someone had broken their own teeth by spewing out water from their mouth. Getting oneself into such a bad situation was nothing short of the worlds top anecdote!

He felt like turning his back and flying to the Silver Blizzard City so that he could convene an emergency meeting. [The Snake King is an unrivalled celestial being. And, that Mei girls tone is even more terrifying.]

[Weve been very unlucky!]

[Since when did we have to show such humility? But, the circumstances are strongly against us. I believe that even Han Feng Xue wouldnt have been able to prevail if he were here. So, what can I do?]