Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 418

Chapter 417 jun mo xies misery
Chapter 417: Jun Mo Xies Misery!
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However, his underlings didnt know that. They didnt know the true identity of those two women. So, they didnt understand how weak they were. Thus, they believed that they couldnt be defeated since they could rely on their leader. So, it was rather difficult to accept that this matter would greatly affect their future authority. But, there wasnt anything they could do about it. However, they at least knew that there would be blood if they were to rashly provoke the other party at this moment.

"Thats okay. But, the hatred between us is near-irreconcilable! However, we should leave that matter for later. Lets look at this hustle-and-bustle for now. I would like to see this decisive battle with Jun Wu Yi as well. Can the elite of the Silver Blizzard City prevail over the Blood General? I hope Im not disappointed in this instance," the white-clothed girl didnt even raise her eyes. It was like she was talking to thin air.

The Snake King got up in an imposing manner, and went besides the calmly seated white-clothed girl. She then resumed the appearance of a pretty girl from a humble family. In fact, she wouldve looked enchanting if it werent for her dark and unsightly face.

Xiao Bu Yu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

[These two women wish to watch that from the sides]

[But, my heart might fail if these two watch from the sides]

It was a good thing that Xiao Han didnt know the identity of those two women. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to showcase his true strength properly.

Ignorance knows no fear. And, this can be the root of happiness at times.

The Xiao Familys Second Elder Xiao Bu Yu had thought about this, and had obviously understood the meaning of that sentence.


The Young Master Juns mood had been bad of late; quite bad in fact

He was getting closer to the Tian Xiang City with every step his horse took forward. This obviously meant that he was getting closer to a huge public backlash. Jun Mo Xie had already prepared for that. So, even the worst-case scenario would mean nothing to him. But, it still somewhat contributed to making his mood bad.

The Young Master Jun was very anxious. He was anxious that he would lose control over his temper, and go on a killing spree as a result. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had to restrain his flood of killing intention every time hed even think about those hateful gossip mongers and honorable individuals. But, Jun Mo Xie still knew that mentally preparing himself for this situation may not guard him from acting-out in an unexpected manner when hed face their combined backlash.

And, then there was Guan Qing Han

The Young Master Juns thoughts had been piercing him. In fact, they had been pierced him like he were a sheet of paper. [Ive been holding back both of my lives. I havent given-in to my bodily temptations ever since Ive come to this Xuan Xuan Continent. However, Ive still been bullied by people for it. Ive been called a myriad of names such as debauchee, skirt-chasers etc However, the two of us have already formed a genuine relationship. So, these scruples shouldnt exist anymore, right?]

[Besides, Im willing to take responsibility for everything in this matter. So, shouldnt we at least be comfortable around each other?] Therefore, he had intended to go a second round. And, he had allowed his lust to rein free. And, his lust had started to rage like a fiery tide within him. But, Guan Qing Han remained like a cold ice-berg no matter how raging an inferno he had within him. In fact, she was aloof and unfeeling towards it

In fact, he couldn't even land a single opportunity. And, this was like throwing dry-wood at the fires of his passion. This would do nothing to help subside it.

The Young Master Jun had ignored what Guan Qing Han had been thinking this entire time. She would seem unmoved by him. However, he had already made a mark on her emotions. Jun Mo Xie made her heart thump, and she had affections for him. In fact, Guan Qing Han had formed a favorable impression of Jun Mo Xie a long time ago. Moreover, her status had also changed by now since Jun Wu Yi had taken her in as his adopted-daughter over the course of this journey. So, everyone in the camp knew about it. And, a fact was a fact even if no one else knew about it.

It could even be said that Jun Wu Yi had approved of that matter between the two of them.

However, this didn't mean that Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han could recklessly satiate their desires before they had been married off. The thing that had happened that night was a mistake. And, she had been left with no choice but to make that mistake. However, she would surely become a laughing stock if she and Jun Mo Xie had such intimate relations while the latter was in his senses.

[After all, people of our society are far from the acceptance of something so bold. And, this is especially true for such a sensitive time.] Therefore, Guan Qing Hans attitude towards Jun Mo Xies advances were shy, embarrassment, apprehension Thus, Jun Mo Xie was never able to cover the distance even once

Therefore, Young Lady Guan had become an even colder beauty than before. She was truly a magnificent and cold beauty now.

So, how could someone with Jun Mo Xies intelligence not understand these matters? Well he was like a virg*n man who had recently opened the gates of passion. Moreover, he was face-to-face with an extremely beautiful woman. And, this beautiful woman was his woman! But, she wouldnt even permit him to touch her. So, he was living in total abstinence.

[I will have to endure this since this is the case.] However, that unbelievably enticing Dugu Xiao Yi was also present in the scene. And, she was ready to exploit any-and-all means at given anytime. She was always ready to entice him so that she could get what she wanted Thus, things were getting more and more

Therefore, the Young Master Jun had been miserable very, very miserable.

One could imagine that a healthy and robust young mans blood could flow downwards ten times a day. This would mean that his daggers would be drawn as many times. In fact, he would be on the verge of supporting the world with only one column

The Young Master Juns veins would start to pop on his forehead whenever this time would come. He would cry out and start to pant soon after. Then, he would rush out from his tent and look for a cold water-puddle to plunge into

He had been at a complete loss these days. In fact, no regular man wouldve been able to endure this

Fortunately, it was early winter time. So, he had put on a few layers of clothes. But, an indistinct bulge could still be seen from time-to-time. One could assume that the Young Master Jun would have had to walk like a soldier with an assault rifle in case this was summer-time.

How could he be in a good mood under such circumstances?

It had become worse over the past three days since his three uncles had taken a different direction from a fork on the road, and had returned to the Dongfang Family. Jun Mo Xies desires had become more unrestrained since then.

The reason for the three Dongfang Brothers departure was quite simple. Only one offspring of their sisters remained. So, they had to save it. They had to return home to give a report to their Old Lady since such an embarrassing event had occurred. And, they also had to make preparations in case the attacks of ridicule didnt come to a stop against the Jun Family. In that case, they would prefer to break the pact and dispatch strong troops. Things could still get out of hand. However, they could always bring the Young Master Jun and the Young Lady Guan Qing Han to the Dongfang Family.

Therefore, the three left without rest when they reached the diversion point.

Jun Mo Xie was riding a horse at the moment. And, he was following the carriage which carried Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi. They were inside the same carriage which he had extorted for himself. However, he couldnt even sit in it now. This strict order had come directly from Jun Wu Yi. In fact, Jun Wu Yi had banned his nephews presence inside that carriage. And, the Young Master Jun had no intentions of violating it either.

However, he again whiffed a smell of that faint and beautiful fragrance coming from ahead. And, the Young Master Jun couldnt prevent his blood vessels from opening up. This gave rise to a reaction he wanted to avoid

The horse he was riding was calm and settled at first. But, it suddenly neighed and turned its head to shoot a puzzled glance towards Jun Mo Xie. The horses eyes were filled with doubts and grievance; [Master, I feel wronged since youre riding me. So, I request that you please stop poking me with that short stick. It may sound strange because beggars cant be choosers. Im a horse. So, shouldnt you give my feelings some thought even if youre feeling hungry? Theres a possibility that you may not be minding this since youre in a favorable position But, that area is also odd after all, its my backbone]

Jun Mo Xie returned the horses glance with an innocent expression. [Im know what youre thinking, brother horse. But, that toy of mine isnt listening to my orders of late. Youre such a lively and spirited horse You mustve had the same problems, right?]

[Please understand]

So, the horse understood it, and turned its head forward. He then continued to move forward while bearing his troubles in silence.

Jun Mo Xie had rested for several days after he had forged the Blood of Yellow Flame. However, he had then discovered this new misery of his. So, he had decided that he was better-off being a thief. After all, his attention and energy would remain diverted as long as he had something else on his mind.

Jun Mo Xie tried to find an alternate solution to his problem as well. However, he failed again and again. Consequently, the thief ran rampant in the barracks again. How could he be blamed for it under these circumstances?

The Young Master Jun was extremely frustrated, and had nowhere to vent. So, he stole everything whether civilian or military. However, he had already informed Jun Wu Yi about this matter. He had told his uncle that he neednt panic. He had also mentioned that they weapons are of use to him.

Therefore, Jun Wu Yi had been prepared for it. And, he didnt lose his cool in front of the crisis. He trusted his in his nephew. So, the Supreme Commander Jun didnt differentiate between right and wrong, and opted to go with what he believed was true and just. Thus, he decided to shield the thief with care. The Quartermaster came to Jun Wu Yi one day, and he nervously reported the current status of the armory. The shivering-man had been expecting a harsh punishment or even execution. However, Jun Wu Yi downplayed the situation, and said while waving his hand, "Is this a big deal? Its just a few blades, isnt it? Youre here to trouble me for such trivial things?! Get out!"

The Quartermaster had already taken a decisive decision to report the matter, and had confessed his failure in the face of it. His head had been filled with sweat. His face was full of misgivings when he had come-in. However, his body had relaxed by the time he had stepped out. In fact, he thought that he was dreaming. After all, it wasnt as if he had lost 3 or 5 weapons. He had lost nearly half of the armory. This was a huge sin for the Quartermaster on the watch!

[How did that happen?]

[Since when did the Supreme Commander become so good to talk to? Hes being so amiable] He felt overwhelmingly warm inside.

Therefore, the Young Master Jun started to forge weapons every evening. However, he didnt exert the same effort he had in the previous instance. He only used a hundred swords or so to forge one weapons this time. He forged around nine of those weapons before he lost interest.

[Im not a fu*king blacksmith! Im only forging these weapons to kill time. Its not important to do this over and over again. There isnt any meaning to this. This is very boring]

[Ah, these swords are enough anyway! One for Third Uncle, one for Grandfather, one for Hai Chen Feng, One for Baili Luo Yun and then, one for Old Pang. There is no one else who has enough strength to use one of these weapons. So, theres no point in giving one to them.]

[Therefore, nine swords are enough.]

There was one transformation in Jun Mo Xie that had become very obvious. His murderous aura had become colder ever since he had developed a better understanding and sense of familiarity with the "Blood of Yellow Flame."