Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 419

Chapter 418 a suspicion of ten years
Chapter 418: A Suspicion of Ten Years
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His glare had become increasingly cold. The incorporeal murderous spirit was continuously being recycled throughout his body. It would reverse inwards, and then it would come out in a volatile manner. However, it would go back inside after some time.

It was like the rising sea when it was volatile. In fact, it was like a rising sea of converging swords, and could seemingly destroy the clear blue skies above. But, it was quiet when it went back in. And, it would seem that it was a calm ripple which wouldnt rise-up in a thousand years

Whether it was volatile or receding the current Jun Mo Xie and the one he would to be in the Tian Xiang City were completely different personalities. In fact, they couldnt be mentioned in the same breath.

The Young Master Jun was extremely fidgety and dizzy at this time. He also felt that his posterior and inner thighs were getting scratched. However, his pike still stood tall and unafraid. It didnt seem willing to surrender in any way.

And, no amount of effort could help in bringing it down

That was because Dugu Xiao Yi was riding at his side. That girl wasnt sitting inside the carriage. She had demanded for a pony to ride on. She had then decided to ride smugly at the Young Masters side. And, she had been chattering and giggling the entire journey. In fact, she would often jump onto the back of Jun Mo Xies horse with a whooshing sound, and would then sit behind him. She would then grasp his waist with a content expression. And, she would pay no attention to the onlookers gaze while doing so.

Therefore, the officers and men had also gotten used to it as time had passed.

After all, that pretty little girl made many of the younger troops happy by being a visual treat. And, her long-lasting fragrance was also enjoyed by everyone.

For example Dugu Xiao Yi was speaking with Jun Mo Xie in high-spirits at this time. She then started to choke with panic in the face of the northern wind. After that, she suddenly jumped over to him with a very loud "Pop! Pop!" sound.

However, she hadnt jumped on the horses back this time. Rather, she had jumped into the Young Master Juns arms. It would be correct to say that she had landed on the horses neck. Then, she lowered her posterior, and extended her arms to embrace Jun Mo Xies neck.

This entire thing happened very suddenly. So, Jun Mo Xie wasnt left with many options. He extended his arms and embraced Dugu Xiao Yi with vigor so that she didnt fall down. This was because some things could be reacted to with instinct rather than being conveyed in words.

What happened next wasnt unexpected. Jun Mo Xie gave a repressed groan. His face changed color as he bared his teeth. He was going through pain, and a bit of enjoyment at this moment.

Dugu Xiao Yi cried out "Ah!" as her arms circled around Jun Mo Xies neck. Her posterior had barely touched down when she turned pale. Then, it immediately shot up again. She couldnt help reach out to feel that protrusion next to her buttocks. She then rebuked, "What is this hard thing?! Its pressing me so painfully. I will die of pain! Brother Mo Xie, youve got to pull your weapon away"



The surrounding soldiers whimpered and laughed as they heard this. They obviously knew what was "pressing painfully" against Dugu Xiao Yi. [Thats a good and incisive weapon!] Each one of them was swaying from side to side.

"What is this?! Withdraw it quickly!" Dugu Xiao Yi tried to act quickly, and exerted herself as she pulled on it.

"Ssss" Jun Mo Xie hissed with pain and pleasure. Then, he hurriedly removed her hand from the weapon she had grabbed, "Stop messing with it! How can you mess with it?!"

"Why? Never mind. Ill just sit like this!" Dugu Xiao Yis eyes had turned into big circles as she tried to get up. She then hovered her body a bit above Jun Mo Xies since she wanted to avoid that thing. However, that didnt help her case since that thing was unwaveringly strong and upright. In fact, she couldnt avoid it no matter how hard she tried. Dugu Xiao Yi didnt like this feeling. So, she turned her buttocks around, "What is that thing? Its so warm as well!"

"Hey" The accumulated lust inside Jun Mo Xie was ready to burst out. In fact, it could ignite and burn the very heavens! He nearly pressed hard upon the nave little girl, and committed the deed then and there. But, he eventually controlled himself, and picked the little girls delicate body and placed her behind him.

The soldiers besides them winked at each other in joy.

Dugu Xiao Yi held Jun Mo Xies waist from behind. She buried her small face even deeper into his back, and sighed with satisfaction. She then sniffed with her small nose and said, "You have a very good smell. It smells like Little White" but, these words reminded her of her grievance, and she started to weep, "I dont know where Little White is! I dont knowboo hoo"

A dark line appeared on Jun Mo Xies face. [Little White? Would he have advanced like that if I hadnt helped him? You shouldve said that he smells like me! Wait this is wrong, crap! Im a big man. How can I be compared to such a little beast?]

He felt a divine feeling as he enjoyed the sensation of her fragrant and soft body sticking to his back. She would stick her red lips to his ears as shed speak. And, he could clearly hear the words from those sweet lips. Even her soft hair would sometimes touch the sides of his face and mouth in a teasing manner. His nostrils wouldnt be able to help but take-in a whiff of their fragrant smell. Jun Mo Xie couldnt help but feel some waves rippling in his heart.

It was no doubt that his luck with women was wondrous. However, it also entailed misery and suffering. Jun Mo Xie had opened the gates that had led him to the world of passion very recently. Therefore, something like this would only simulate his blood vessels into opening wider. And, this meant that it would become hard for him to control himself. Therefore, he could only help himself by wearing additional layers of clothing to the front of his body.

He couldnt endure anymore at this time. However, they suddenly heard a loud voice from the front, "Jun Wu Yi! Come out if youre a man, and fight me to the death!"

That voice moved like the thunder in the sky. It was a mix of craziness and extreme hatred. Everyone in the twenty-thousand-strong army could hear it.

It was Silver Blizzard Citys Xiao Hans voice!

This change had been very sudden

The troops who carried the banners at the front came to a stop. The thousands of troops and horses didnt utter a sound. They repressed their emotions and remained quiet. They wouldve toppled any mountains, and crossed any seas if they were given the order. Anyone whod speak rudely wouldve been turned into minced meat even if he was a Sky Xuan expert. There was an ocean of soldiers in this army. So, one would replace the other until they had trampled upon the enemy.

Jun Mo Xies expression changed, and his glare became cold. He kicked his horse. It took a step forward and suddenly picked speed. Dugu Xiao Yi screamed in fear behind him. She then looked up as she tightly held onto Jun Mo Xies clothes.

The men from the Silver Blizzard City had sensed the imposing aura of that green-clothed girl. It was unlike any regular person, and exceeded everyone else. But then, she had retracted her claws once the white-clothed girl had intervened and resolved the conflict. Therefore, everyone was at ease at this time. Moreover, Jun Wu Yi had been their intended target in any case. So, they would be wronged if they carelessly started to fight with some other great expert instead.

It wouldnt have mattered whether they wouldve won or lost. It wouldve been unnecessary to pick that fight. Everyone had relaxed. However, they had begun to curse Xiao Han and his nephew; [You Damned lecherous idiots! You should know who you can provoke! Are you capable enough of provoking these two women? These two guys are very reckless!]

[The idiocy of these two dim-wits needs to be dealt with later on. Theyve potentially implicated everyone with this one stupid act of theirs.]

[Todays happening are very worrying]

However, the problem had been averted for the time being. So, everyones minds turned to the upcoming challenge that Xiao Han would deliver to Jun Wu Yi. It was strange to say this but, all of them had previously been hoping to witness Xiao Han teach Jun Wu Yi a good lesson. However, everyone had suddenly changed their minds. And, all of them wanted Xiao Han to be beaten by Jun Wu Yi now.

[Eh. I hope he gets a proper beating. Its fine as long as he doesnt die.]

[The green-clothed girl may not seek out our people to cause more trouble if Xiao Han gets beaten into a miserable condition after having provoked her, right?]

Xiao Han stood holding his weapon. His clothes were like snow, and his sword was like silver. He seemed to have some traces of elegance to him. But, his twisted expression had destroyed that image.

The army halted in a proper order.

After that, a slow reply came, "Xiao Han?"

Jun Wu Yi was the one who had spoken back.

The vanguard of the army parted as Jun Mo Xie slowly pushed his uncles wheelchair to the front. The eyes of on Jun Wu Yis tranquil face were filled with hot fire.

[Xiao Han, its good that you are here to look for me since I was looking for you as well. So, lets settle our debts since youve come knocking at my door.]

[Youre looking for me because of your hatred for me for taking away your wife. But, Ive also been looking for you to settle old debts. Ours is an enmity that cant be reconciled.]

[For my eldest and second brothers For my two nephews, and for Yao!]

Jun Mo Xie was also going berserk with anger. In fact, he was very sullen and fierce. [Fu*k! You Silver Blizzard City people had to show-up at such an important juncture?! Thats good! This Young Master will loosen your muscles and bones! Our situation is destined to have only one end. So, I will help you attain death if you wish for it. In fact, I believe that using my Flame of Primal Chaos would be a complete waste on you guys!]

The anger of this uncle-nephew duo soared. Their accumulated anger was making them feel like going berserk. They wanted to wreak havoc through the heavens. There was a mountainous pressure around them.

"Jun Wu Yi! Do you dare to fight me like a man today?!" Xiao Hans expression was twisted, "Dont hide behind your thousands of soldiers and refuse me! Whats the use of hiding behind other experts? Fight me for Yao!"

"For Yao" Jun Wu Yi repeated that word in a low voice. Then, he raised his head in a flash of understanding, and a sharp light flashed across his eyes, "Xiao Han! What hiding behind thousands of soldiers? What hiding behind other experts? You used to be bold in those days, right? You used to move freely within the thousands of soldiers, right? Are you scared to attack my army today? What happened to your courage? What happened to your strength? Have you grown inferior in these ten years?"

Jun Wu Yis words had seemed sinister and taunting in nature. But, these words went far-back and deep to a huge issue that had been plaguing Jun Wu Yis mind. [How did that tragedy occur with my elder brothers and nephews all those years ago?]

This matter had been bothering Jun Wu Yi for ten years! It had also left him to suspect everyone for ten years!