Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 420

Chapter 419 its a good sword its a cheap o
Chapter 419: Its a Good Sword! Its a Cheap-o!
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It was important to know that the tents of an army of hundreds of thousands of soldiers would spread out over a distance of over five kilometers if they were to pitch camp. And, the Supreme Commanders tent would be in the middle.

It wouldnt be easy to even infiltrate into a five-kilometer-long army camp. One could only imagine how difficult it would be to achieve this feat if they had to fight the camps soldiers en route. Its true that one could only have to infiltrate the camp half-way to reach the Supreme Commanders tent. However, what kind of strength would be needed to achieve such a feat?

Even a strong senior expert couldnt fly along a five-kilometer-long camp without pausing for breath. And, they would be hemmed-in by the soldiers if they paused for breath. So, they wouldnt be able to get out of that encirclement for a while. Thus, they would be left panting by the time theyd reach the Supreme Commanders tent. This infiltrator wouldve wasted a lot of energy in this process as well

However, the Supreme Commanders tent could be promptly shifted if the opposite party created a disturbance.

Perhaps the Solitary Falcon could attempt to assassinate Jun Wu Yi amongst his twenty-thousand soldiers. However, he too would surely find it a difficult task to accomplish.

Only the Young Master Jun could bring-back the severed head of the Supreme Commander from within his thousands of soldiers. And, this was because he could rely upon the amazing Yin-Yang Escape technique.

However, Jun Wu Yi clearly knew that the individual who stood opposing was only a Sky Xuan expert. Moreover, this individual hadnt appeared out of the blue like an assassin. Therefore, he didnt need to fear an attack he wouldnt be able to prepare for...

Moreover, there was a very strict guard around the Supreme Commander. It could be reckoned that even a mosquito wouldnt be able to fly-in on their watch.

So, how could someone succeed in storming-in?

In fact, it would be impossible to kill Jun Wu Yi unless there was a traitor in his armys ranks.

[However, who couldve this traitor been? That is if one existed in the first place. And, where are these traitors now?] Jun Wu Yi had always had these suspicions. In fact, he had been suspicious about someone particular. But, the target of his suspicion was someone important. In fact, that persons influence could create huge problems if Jun Wu Yi acted recklessly. So, Jun Wu Yi needed to confirm those suspicions first. Thus, he needed concrete proof for it!

This was the major difference between Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi. Jun Wu Yi was a genuine talent of the Jun Familys later generation. In fact, he and Jun Zhan Tian were very similar in this regard. They could even give up their hatred for the country, the people, and the family. They could at least delay their revenge if needed

However, Jun Mo Xie would move into action then-and-there if the same thing had happened with him. He wouldve investigated anyone he was suspicious about. In fact, he would even torture and threaten them, [I will argue with my fists no matter how big and strong your backing is. And, I will destroy your whole family if you even hurt a single finger of mine! I wont bother if many innocents die because of the storm this matter creates. I will only blame the person who caused this trouble. How can the victims family blame me for it?]

"Ha ha! Are you confused Jun Wu Yi? Is scratching your head over this matter making you depressed?!" Xiao Han had a maddened grin on his face, "Let me tell you that I know the inside story. But, I wont tell you! I will never do it! You can go to hell with this question of yours! Ha ha ha"

"So, my guess was right! There existed another inside story to this matter! I will fight out since youve challenged me! First you, and then your Silver Blizzard City! Not for anything else but, for my two elder brothers" Jun Wu Yis eyes were full of murderous intention. A light of anguish flashed deep inside his eyes.

His heart was hurting at this time. [Eldest Brother Second Brother]

[Forgive me for taking so long to erase the disgrace of your death!]

Jun Wu Yis glare became sharp. He reached out with his hand, and said, "Give me my sword!"

Jun Mo Xie was already prepared for this. He twisted his wrist, and a sword appeared in his hand with a green light. Then, he handed it to his uncle.

Jun Wu Yi reached out and took it. However, the swords weight was unexpectedly higher than he had imagined. Even someone at the Sky Xuan middle rank wouldnt have been able to catch it if they were careless. His wrists got bent, and the sword started to sink downwards. However, he moved his Xuan power, and stopped the swords fall. That sword was average in terms of its looks, but its weight was a over three times that of a normal sword.

Moreover, this sword wasnt even the second-best sword that Jun Mo Xie had forged. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had forged this sword only moments ago in an urgent manner. And, he had only used fifteen swords to forge this one. Jun Wu Yis couldve been able to handle a sword that had been forged using hundreds of swords. However, the weight of the sword wouldve been ten times heavier than a normal one. So, he wouldnt have been able to use it to fight freely. Thus, the Third Master wouldve needed some practice-time with that weapon if he wished to use it in an effective fight against the enemy. It wouldve been counterproductive to give him such a sword.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had quickly forged this sword while they were walking to the front. It was only thrice the normal weight of a sword. But, a man of Jun Wu Yis strength could become efficient at using it very quickly.

This hastily-forged swords quality couldnt be compare to the one Jun Mo Xie had forged earlier. But, it was still a divine weapon ranked sword when compared to regular swords.

Jun Wu Yi looked at his nephew in astonishment. His nephew returned his glance with a faint smile, but didnt say a word.

The Supreme Commander waved his sword. The sword started to move downwards in a gloomy manner. But, a strange blue light was emitted from the sword as it moved. This light was very similar to the color of lightening. And, it painted a slash in the air as it moved downwards!

"Its a good sword! Its a very good sword!" Jun Wu Yi blurted out loudly.

Xiao Bu Yus expression had also become heavy on the opposite side. [This sword is clearly a divine weapon!]

"Elder Sister, I think that this sword is a little strange. Moreover, this swords light and texture arent very different from the one that Lei Wu Bei had used."

The Snake King had arrived besides the white-clothed girls ear when she had spoken that in a soft tone. But, the latter didnt even react to what was spoken. The Snake King couldnt help but find it strange. At first, she thought that the white-clad girl was also attracted to that sword. But then, she raised her head and saw that her sister was staring unblinking at another direction.

Green Hunter followed that gaze, and saw a smart young man. He was standing tall and straight. He looked handsome, and his eyes were flickering. He stood amongst an army of thousands, but he still appeared solitary. It seemed as if he was the only one in the entire world!

This one glance at him was enough to give rise to a bitter and lonely feeling in Green Hunters heart. In fact, this feeling had arisen from the very depths of her heart. She felt that this youngster had always felt loneliness boundless loneliness. And, she couldnt help but be hurt at perceiving this feeling...

Jun Mo Xie!

Snake King still remembered this youngster.

However, she couldnt understand why her sister was staring at that youngster without blinking [That youngster is indeed quite talented for a human. He possesses such a great cultivation at such a young age! But, he still isnt in the league of our Tian Fas Beast Kings.] So, Green Hunter retracted her gaze in bafflement. And, she saw that her sisters hand was still clasping the teacup as if nothing had happened. However, her knuckles had turned white. Her expression had also changed, and it looked like she was about to burst forth.


She could see that the teacup in her sisters hand still looked intact. In fact, it still seemed to be full of tea. But, the Snake Kings discerning eyes could tell that the teacup had already changed into dust. It was only being kept in-shape by her sisters supreme Xuan efficacy. And, its true form would be revealed if her Xuan efficacy were removed. Then, it would turn into flying dust.

[Elder sister has never been so angry She wouldnt have behaved so strangely even if she saw a most-hated enemy of hers. So, why now?]

It was a pity that there wasnt enough time for Green Hunter to ponder more over this matter. And, that was because the two individuals had started to mobilize their strengths in the field.

Jun Wu Yi had exclaimed, "Its a good sword! Its a very good sword!" However, Xiao Hans face had turned red when he had heard this. Thats because he had somehow managed to mishear those words as, "Its a cheap-o! Its a cheap-o!"

Xiao Han appeared to be seething in anger.

The people of the Silver Blizzard City had often passed this comment behind his back. They had often considered him to be a cheap person. Even the Elders of his own family had often felt that he had failed to meet their expectation. In fact, they had often looked at him and wondered, [How can you be so cheap?]

[That woman doesnt love you. She never harbored a good impression of you. She loved someone else. And, you tried to kill that man? Whatre you doing? Those two were happy with each other. And, this woman is the daughter of the Lord of the City. Do you genuinely believe that a betrothal of children is binding upon them when they mature? However, you still took revenge against his family, and didnt let up in the matter Are you genuinely that reluctant to lose the title of the Lords Son-in-law? Then, you think that they are cheap people. Who can be called cheap if not you?!]

[How can you be so cheap, Xiao Han? Why are you so cheap?!]

[Im cheap? Im fu*king cheap?!] Xiao Hans eyes became red. A bright snow-white sword-light flashed. However, Jun Wu Yi had barely gotten out of his wheelchair by this time. In fact, he was still getting into a fighting position. He had stood up. But, he hadnt readied himself for the fight. However, Xiao Han had still moved into action. Wasnt such behavior and character cheap? In fact, any man would find it very hard to find a better adjective.

Jun Wu Yi understood his opponents character very well. So, he was already prepared for something like this. Therefore, he quickly lifted his sword, and the two swords clashed with a "clang!" The wheelchair flew back like an arrow under the pressure of the two swords violent clash. Jun Wu Yis body had also been swept away. His black clothes fluttered as he was sent flying fifteen meters. Then, he jabbed his sword in the ground, and leveraged it to support his body as he turned around.

Jun Wu Yi dropped down, and sat on the ground. He looked at Xiao Han and said, "You came here to fight. So, you mustnt worry about injuries!"

Xiao Han felt a burst of regret. His wrists hurt from the impact of their swords collision. Moreover, his sword had also been nicked badly.

It was important to know that Xiao Han had carried that sword for over twenty years. It had been made using Xuan jade. It had been carried by several generations of the Xiao Familys members. And, it was inherited by each member from his elders when they came of age

His sword complimented the Silver Citys Xuan techniques. And, this combination formed a cold and sharp Qi. Moreover, this sword was very sharp, and differently textured. In fact, these qualities made it a world-class weapon. Xiao Hans sword had made the ones used by his opponents feel cheap in past encounters. In fact, there had been times when opponents with a slightly stronger Xuan strength had fallen into a huge disadvantage due to the power of his sword. But, Xiao Han had unexpectedly suffered this reversal of fate in this instance. And, his sword had also been damaged in that clash.

However, Jun Wu Yis long sword still looked fine. It hadnt incurred the slightest of damage!

[Dont tell me the sword in his hand is one of the rare treasures of the world?]

Then, he was suddenly struck by a realization. [That sword is one aspect. But, I can feel that Jun Wu Yis Xuan efficacy is very profound. In fact, its even better than my own! How is this possible? In fact, it would be hard to get the upper hand if I use my Sky Xuan strength and my divine weapon!]

However, Xiao Hans confidence soared once again when he saw Jun Wu Yi sitting on the ground. He then thought; [So what if your Xuan Qi is stronger? Youre still a cripple! Cant I even beat a cripple?!]

The corners of Xiao Hans mouth twisted and formed a cruel curve. He shouted in an elated manner. Then, he turned into a bright light along with his sword. After that, he dashed forward to pierce Jun Wu Yi.