Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 421

Chapter 420 its not true
Chapter 420: Its Not True!
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The sword burst into a bright light of a silvery shower as it reached midway. It then transformed into a bright arc and exploded with a "Bang," It resembled fireworks as it did so. Then, the brightly glittering sword started to revolve around Jun Wu Yi's body.

This trick of Xiao Han's could be called a flashy trick. It would harass the enemy and dazzle them. Then, it would attack the enemy in a manner which couldn't be defended against.

This was a circling attack if things were to be explained in a simpler manner. So, each strike would fall from behind at Jun Wu Yi's body.

Bluntly put, this attack could easily bully a crippled man!

His actions were utterly shameless. In fact, they were cheap beyond any known equal. Xiao Han's trick play had clearly proved his character's make.

Xiao Han's attack was surely very shameless in its make. However, Jun Wu Yi's situation had become dire because of Xiao Han. In fact, he was in grave danger.

No one could bear to watch as Xiao Han used that trick. And, the Seven Swords of the Silver Blizzard City were also included in the list of these people

"What's going on? His legs aren't working. Isn't it obvious that he can't move about? Is this how you save your honor? Is this how the Silver City works?" the one who spoke-up was the Third Sword of the Seven Swords. He was frowning, and his expression was one of disgust.

"Jun Wu Yi's legs are crippled. He is crippled, but he's not useless. He spent ten years focusing on his Xuan Qi. So, it isn't very surprising that he's at the middle rank of the Sky Xuan level. And, that is already superior to that of Xiao Han's. Moreover, his sword is far better than Xiao Han's Xuan Jade Sword. Xiao Han's way of dealing with matters isn't that great. However, it still gets him the greatest advantage if you compare the two sides. You think that he should stop doing what benefits him the most? Isn't that courting death?"

The Sixth Elder said coldly, "One is allowed to commit any sort of crimes while fighting to the death against a mortal enemy. Where does the question of honor arise in it?"

Xiao Han's methods were lowly and cheap. But, the two men were fighting to the death at the end of the day. Moreover, the fight was full of splendor and brilliance. So, it didn't matter whether it was the people from the Silver Blizzard City or the men from Tian Xiang's army all of them were paying full attention to the fight. In fact, there were barely any exceptions.

There were only a very few exceptions. However, that didn't mean that there were no exceptions at all. For example

One such exception was the Silver City's Han Yan Meng. She was pouting as she leaned against Mu Xue Tong. Her expression was one of grievance, and she lacked the interest to even cast a single glance at the ongoing fight.

Mu Xue Tong was stone faced on the other hand. He was worried about Jun Wu Yi. He looked towards his side at Han Yang Meng, and whispered in her ear, "Why do you feel wronged, little girl? Isn't this a great opportunity if you're against this marriage? Foolish little girl"

Han Yan Meng's delicate body trembled. Her eyes and her small face shone as she exclaimed, "Wow ha-ha!" she suddenly laughed and jumped onto Mu Xue Tong's arms. Then, she started to sway with unspeakable excitement.

Jun Wu Yi had been facing inconvenience due to his body's disability. And, Xiao Han wasn't the kind of man who would spare him after getting the advantage. Therefore, he had set-up an overwhelming superiority for himself by now. In fact, the Third Master Jun would've died a long time ago if it weren't for his superior Xuan efficacy and his fearsome divine weapon. However, only the final conclusion determines whether an advantage is turned into a victory or not

The men of the Silver City looked-on as the arrogant Xiao Han continued to dominate the battle. However, their expressions seemed very complex. In fact, one couldn't even tell whether they were excited, or disappointed or happy or sad.


The white-clothed girl finally moved her eyes from Jun Mo Xie, and looked at the fight.

She glanced once.

She only shot a single glance!

Then, she sighed, "That Silver Blizzard City's Xiao Han is done for."

The Snake King frowned and said, "I also think that this fight is somewhat strange. But, I can't put my finger on what's making it seem that way. I believe that Jun Wu Yi is stronger than Xiao Han. But, his legs"

The white-clad girl stated in a low voice, "Jun Wu Yi's legs are fine. He's pretending to be a cripple! He has deliberately created the disadvantages that we see before us.

"Jun Wu Yi surely wins when it comes to Xuan Cultivation and strength of weapon. But, he has been a cripple for many years. Therefore, he's still quite unfamiliar and unpracticed with his martial skill. And, that Silver City's man's martial skill is quite good. So, it outpaces Jun Wu Yi's by far. This is one area where Jun Wu Yi has a disadvantage against Xiao Han. However, it's not difficult for him to win. He only needs to shoot down the enemy's sword with his powerful skill. That can be enough to determine the difference between victory and defeat.

"But, Jun Wu Yi's seems more interested in killing his opponent. The difference in strength isn't much between the two. And, Jun Wu Yi can't strike and kill Xiao Han while the others from the Silver City watch since they are bound to stop that from happening. Therefore, he has arranged this situation. He's making his opponent exhaust his Xuan Qi as much as possible. Moreover, he's also creating a chance to kill him with one strike. And, Xiao Han won't be able to survive if Jun Wu Yi gets that chance. Moreover, no one will be able to stop him either."

"I see!" The Snake King finally caught on.

An air-rendering sound echoed as a sword screeched through the air. Xiao Han's hair fluttered in the wind in a crazed manner. His expression was that of cruel pleasure. His skills and strength had reached their peak after this warm-up. His entire life's skill was in that sword-strike along with everything else. This was his killer move!

The Merciless Blizzard Sword!

The temperature of that area suddenly decreased. It felt as if a cold wind from mid-winter had started to screech-about.

"You're toast, Jun Wu Yi! How does it matter that your Xuan Qi is greater than mine? You're still a cripple! A cripple! And, you will die a cripple now! Ha ha ha" Xiao Han seemed like a manic as he laughed.

Flowery and hexagonal snow-flakes suddenly appeared in the sky along with Xiao Han's laughter. And, they shone brightly as they floated down in a dreamy manner. Then, they got filled with crazy sword-light in a split second. This attack seemed full of murderous intention as it frantically moved towards the spot where Jun Wu Yi was sitting on the ground.

Jun Wu Yi was on the ground. So, he couldn't evade even if he wanted to

Xiao Bu Yu sighed. His heart hesitated. [Should I go forth and stop this? Or should I let things continue?]

However, the Solitary Falcon and Jun Mo Xie suddenly smiled in a strange manner as they watched this happen from afar. This was a kind of a 'sneering' smile and, one of elation! But, everyone else was focusing on the fight between those two men. Therefore, they hadn't noticed this.

Xiao Han's mind was brimming with murderous hatred and joy at that moment. [I have finally achieved my dream of many years! I have finally washed away my disgrace with his blood! You were always unwavering, right Yao? Well, your lover has died by my sword today!]

[If I can't have you then, no one else can either!]

Xiao Han's face seemed twisted as he moved his sword crazily and sent it flying like an arrow at Jun Wu Yi with the entirety of his strength.

It seemed that Jun Wu Yi couldn't do anything anymore. His sword circled above his head, but was sent flying by the impact with a screeching sound. However, Xiao Han didn't relax despite this positive development. Instead, he continued to laugh as he shot his sword forward.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Jun Wu Yi's calm and collected face. His smile was one of contentment and pride. In fact, he even winked at Xiao Han. Everyone else was left to wonder why the Blood General would make such a gesture.

And then, almost everyone suddenly cried out in shock!

It wasn't because of the Blood General's expression. Instead, it was because the scene that had unfolded in front of them was too strange and unbelievable!

Because, at that moment

Jun Wu Yi had suddenly jumped and stood up. He even seemed to have walked with vitality. After that, Jun Wu Yi made a single and simple move as Xiao Han's powerful sword came overhead he ferociously kicked Xiao Han's abdomen!

Xiao Han had made his move in the anticipation of the effects of the poison. In fact, he had focused his entire energy on Jun Wu Yi's upper body. In fact, he hadn't even thought about his opponent's lower body. How could a man whose legs had been crippled ever use them to attack back? Only a fool would think about that

Xiao Han had become even more relieved once Jun Wu Yi had lost his sword. Therefore, he was prepared for his opponent's upper body to be cut under the influence of his final attack. In fact, he had assumed the attitude of someone who was about to win, and his mind was full of thoughts about the ways he would torture his opponent. [You have always been under my foot, Jun Wu Yi! Just like before! It doesn't matter what method I use it's all my skill! I can insult you wantonly as long as I win. I can trifle with you to my heart's content! I can wreak havoc upon you!]

However, Xiao Han could've never imagined that his crippled opponent could kick him! And, so hard at that!

[How did Jun Wu Yi kick me? Isn't he a cripple? How can a man who's his legs have been crippled kick? How did he kick me?]

That kick was powerful very powerful! Xiao Han's body flew with that kick. In fact, he had gone flying out like a kite with its string cut. His sword-light didn't do any better than he did. And, it was sent flying in disarray as well. Moreover, Xiao Han's mouth and nose had also started to stream with blood.

However, his eyes were still full of disbelief. Even his mouth was opened wide, and hadn't closed. [How is this possible? Wasn't he crippled for the last ten years? So, how can he kick me?]


Never had such a conflicting feeling of anger and amazement come out so freely from Xiao Han's psyche as they had in this moment while he was falling

Jun Wu Yi didn't let up. His body shot like an arrow to keep up with Xiao Han even though he had been kicked to fly backwards. He kicked his enemy firmly on his chest again. Xiao Han screamed in pain as a result. His eyes reflected the chaos and confusion of his mind confusion as a rib cracked. Meanwhile, that rare sword from the Silver City had flown out, and no one knew where it had disappeared to.

However, Jun Wu Yi didn't give him enough time to think about it. The Third Master Jun's fists were clenched as they resolutely smashed against Xiao Han's temples. Jun Wu Yi's eyes became red as his fists came into contact with Xiao Han's face and felt his facial temperature

[Is this the elated feeling one gets from squishing their enemy's flesh when they take their revenge?]

[Ten years of animosity! Ten years of hatred! Ten years of separation! Ten years of sullen grief! Ten years of regret! Ten years of deformity!]

"Aaaargh!!!" Jun Wu Yi screamed madly as he faced upwards. He punched like a madman as his mighty face got covered with guilt-ridden tears.

[Eldest brother! Sister-in-law! I will take revenge for you!]

[Second brother! You little brother hasn't forgotten you!]

[Can you see this, little nephews? Can you see this?]

[Yao! My Yao!]

The lowly man who had been the reason for all those crimes was before him. Jun Wu Yi was screaming noiselessly. Tears continued to gush out as he resolutely continued to strike Xiao Han's abdomen. He could only hear the "Crack!" and "Bang!" of his hits, and the sound of escaping air as Xiao Han's dantian broke with an explosion.

Xiao Han's body flew out with a "whoosh." However, he was unable to feel any pain at this moment. His eyes were full of fear and disbelief as he opened them wide in shock. He continued to call out, "Impossible! Absolutely impossible! How can this be possible? It's not true! It's not true"

However, Jun Wu Yi still didn't let him breath, and got close to him in an instant

There was a "Bang!" and a "Slam!" as he fiercely hit his enemy's flesh to swirls.