Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 423

Chapter 422 exactly what was desired from the game
Chapter 422: Exactly What Was Desired From The Game!
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The degree of sharpness of the sword in that youngster's hand had left everyone to gasp in amazement. Xiao Bu Yu had never seen such a divine weapon in his life. [It can split anyone open by barely rubbing against them. It doesn't matter if it is rock, steel, or even Xuan power.]

In fact, this sword could even cut through the Xuan Qi defense of a level-four Spirit Xuan~

Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu had no choice but to take a firm defensive stance. He was only focused on defending at this time. However, Xiao Bu Yu had still started to feel ineffably powerless. [None of the things which have happened today are any less than unimaginable or fantastical!]

[I would've found it very amusing and satisfying if I had seen these things happening to someone else. In fact, I would be having an excited guffaw, and my face would've been filled with waves of excitement!]

[But, it's a complete and thorough tragedy that something like this is happening to me!]

It could be said that Xiao Bu Yu couldn't even cry when he wanted to.

This fight felt like the one between a man and a ghost. The man may have had such an overwhelming strength that it could've shaken mountains and destroyed cliffs but, the opponent didn't have a physical presence. Therefore, strength wouldn't work against them. In fact, it would be of no use. Moreover, it would only be a big waste of effort on the man's part.

[I know that a ghost is only a ghost, and has no strength. But, that ghost still has the ability to kill me!] Xiao Bu Yu was genuinely sad. In fact, he was very regretful. [It would've been so great if we had returned when the order from the Silver City had arrived! How could we have landed ourselves in such big trouble then?]

[It's a pity! Such a pity! But, it's too late for this old man to repent now!]

Xiao Bu Yu insisted on persevering against changing tactics with the same technique. And, he was waiting for the time when Jun Mo Xie would exhaust his power. After all, it was an obvious fact that he wouldn't be able to attack Xiao Bu Yu once he had exhausted his strength even if he was a heaven-conquering talent and with an extremely clever set of skills.

After all, Jun Mo Xie was still young at the end of the day. So, how profound could his strength be?

Xiao Bu Yu had concluded that Jun Mo Xie had already reached the first levels of Sky Xuan realm after the last face-off. And, such cultivation at that young-an-age was shocking. [This level of Xuan strength is comparatively higher than ordinary. However, my level-four Spirit Xuan strength is only a single step behind that of a Great Master. And, I may have to suffer a higher degree of mental exhaustion while continuously defending against these attacks, but my physical exhaustion is still far lesser than it would've been if I were attacking! This blizzard of maddened attacks from the Young Master Jun must be exhausting his Xuan strength very fast!]

[I have to drag this fight on for a long time. So, I can't waste any energy. And, I'm sure that I will get the final opportunity to win if I keep steady, and strike hard without slipping a once. I will tire him to his death as long as I can delay!]

Xiao Bu Yu's plan seemed foolproof in the prevailing scenario. In fact, it was brilliant. After all, such tactics were applicable anywhere. And, one could say that no one else in the world could go beyond that.

It's true that it wasn't generally possible to beat such a tactic. However, this didn't mean that it was absolutely impossible either.

For example using these delaying tactics against Jun Mo Xie was a huge and special mistake.

And, that was because the Young Master Jun was a monster with as many heads as a hydra. Moreover, he didn't care about wasting energy

However, the Young Master Jun's heart also had some misgivings even if he had an all-round advantage at that moment. After all, Xiao Bu Yu was a level-four Spirit Xuan expert. He was surely a step behind the Solitary Falcon in strength, but the difference in their Xuan cultivation wasn't that enormous. In fact, the difference in the strengths of these two opponents was so huge that the Young Master Jun believed that his superior skill-set could only bring this fight to a lose-lose situation in case he tried to use his entire strength in an all-out attack. The Young Master Jun would suffer heavy losses if he tried that. And, he would be able to inflict similar injuries to the other side as well. However, the injuries still wouldn't prove fatal

But, how could the Young Master Jun be willing to take such a desperate decision against this Old Fox? Jun Mo Xie was as young as the rising sun, and he hadn't lived enough of his extravagant life yet. So, wouldn't dying with this nearly hundred-year-old man be too much?

It was a pity that Xiao Bu Yu cherished his life similarly. In fact, he cherished it far more than what Jun Mo Xie could've imagined he would. Moreover, he still wanted to preserve his honor as a Spirit Xuan expert. He was still putting-on-airs while dealing with a powerful enemy like Jun Mo Xie. In fact, he had even fallen into a disadvantageous position by taking the back-foot, but he still hadn't used his sword until now.

After all, it would be completely unjustifiable if a renowned top-tier fighter and level-four Spirit Xuan expert was to use his sword against a sixteen-seventeen-year-old boy

However, Xiao Bu Yu couldn't have imagined that his fail-safe plan of 'making the enemy exhaust their energy' was working the other-way-round since he was only exhausting his own self by doing that!

Jun Mo Xie's attacks and tactics became increasingly magnificent as the fight progressed. But, he also felt admiration in his heart. [My attacks are vigorous and sharp. Moreover, none of these moves have ever been seen in this world before. In fact, I'm sure that each move of mine can cause a huge shock to anyone who witnesses it!]

[But, this Second Elder of the Xiao Family is genuinely worthy of his fame. He is worthy of being labeled as someone who is only one step behind a Great Master! My attacks are frantic, and they are very difficult to deal with. I've even managed to confuse him at times. But, he has still managed to use his profound Xuan skills and deep battle-experience to hold out for so long]

[Xiao Bu Yu's Xuan strength can't be compared to that of that wretched Baili Xiong Feng. In fact, they aren't even on the same page! Both of them might be called Spirit Xuan experts. But, Baili Xiong Feng was merely a regular Spirit Xuan expert, while Xiao Bu Yu is at level-four of the Spirit Xuan realm!]

[That is a huge difference!]

[Moreover, I've had countless opportunities to stab Xiao Bu Yu with my sword. But, I would've had to face Xiao Bu Yu's crazy counter-attack if I had attempted that. And, his counter-attack would've been fatal!]

[I could deal a fatal blow to any normal person if I were to use my Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune. Moreover, there would be no risk to my life in such a case. But, I can't bring this old guy down with my strength. In fact, the gains wouldn't be worth the losses if I were to calculate it properly.]

Therefore, the Young Master Jun merely continued to move-about

He had the Sky Xuan cultivation to protect his body, and the Hong Jun Pagoda to support his energy. Jun Mo Xie's spiritual energy was like an endless stream. And, it could be said that he could use it endlessly since it would never run out. Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu was getting increasingly defensive as they fight dragged-on. And, he was invariably forced into taking stricter defensive actions. However, the Young Master Jun was slowly getting more room to do what he wanted. So, his moves were also becoming bolder and more violent. His sword moved like fireworks in the night's sky. It appeared as if his sword was like the moon that was providing the heaven's illumination to a temple on a cold night

Xiao Bu Yu was getting increasingly cautious for the fear of exposing any weakness.

And, Jun Mo Xie had become livelier as a result. He had started to move more freely. In fact, he even managed to pull-off some good poses and stances. Therefore, the Young Master Jun obviously looked very valiant and heroic!

Jun Wu Yi had already finished his fight on the other side. Then, he had recovered his sword, and had held it up in his hands. Meanwhile, Xiao Han was lying curled on the ground like a ball of mud. It was hard to tell whether he was alive or dead. And, the Solitary Falcon had beaten the Seven Swords in an even more brilliant fashion.

However, the Snake King and the white-clothed girl had been focusing on the fight between Jun Mo Xie and Xiao Bu Yu from the very beginning. They hadn't done so because of the ferocity of the fight. Instead, it was because of Jun Mo Xie's swordplay. It was genuinely amazing. Every move, and every pattern had left the two women dazzled. Some of those moves may have seemed average and simple. However, a careful study would leave anyone to realize that they were very profound in reality. Each strike could be used to attack or defend if needed. Moreover, the swordplay and footwork matched perfectly, and had left them to gasp in amazement.

They wouldn't have believed that such wonderful moves genuinely existed in the world if they hadn't seen it for themselves.

The two of them could see the real strength of Jun Mo Xie's swordplay due to their exceedingly outstanding strength. Jun Mo Xie was merely a base-level Sky Xuan, but he had still used those moves and had fought a level-four Spirit Xuan expert to a standstill. In fact, he had dominated the offensive for the most parts of the fight. There were other factors at play as well, but this was still the fact that had dictated the fight for the most part. How strong would the Snake King or the white-clothed girl become if someone of their strength were use those moves?

"Ha ha!" the Snake King laughed and stood up. She reacted in this manner because Jun Mo Xie had made an unusual move after his last swordplay. He had cocked his legs, and he had made a strange gesture of salute towards Xiao Bu Yu with his buttocks. And, this action had seemed very offensive to say the least. In fact, it was wrong on many levels. Therefore, the Snake King couldn't help but laugh as she spoke, "It's one thing to fight the fight. But, it's entirely another thing to make that sort of a gesture. He's a mere base-rank Sky Xuan contending against a level-four Spirit Xuan. Is he trying to court his death?"

"You're mistaken!" The white-clad girl looked dully at the fighting men, and slowly continued, "Xiao Bu Yu is a proper level-four Spirit Xuan expert. He has accumulated a life time of profound Xuan Qi. That Jun brat has a wonderful method that quickly replenishes his Xuan Qi. But, he's merely at the Sky Xuan realm at the end of the day. Thus, his combat output and power is somewhat limited. So, it would be hard to determine the victor of this battle even if this fight drags-on for another night and day since he's finding it hard to force Xiao Bu Yu into wasting his energy.

"So, Jun Mo Xie can only be successful if he manages to provoke and anger Xiao Bu Yu first. Then, he can take advantage of the situation with his crazy attacks. Jun Mo Xie is in a dominant position if you analyze the current situation. But, the diversity of his dense and ferocious attacks will eventually be exhausted at some point. Xiao Bu Yu may perhaps suffer one or two hits if he shows a weakness, but he will be able to withstand them. However, Xiao Bu Yu can deal an extremely fatal blow using his level-four Spirit Xuan strength if he is able to grasp a proper opportunity."

"But, Jun Mo Xie's crazy antiques won't be able to make Xiao Bu Yu angry, right? After all, Xiao Bu Yu is a member of the society at large. He has amassed decade's worth of cultivation, and has experience of many years. So, he won't get mad so easily, right?" The Snake King was somewhat unconvinced.

"Xiao Bu Yu is obviously an experienced man, and won't fall for such tricks by the enemy. But, you haven't noticed that Xiao Bu Yu is thrown into confusion every time Jun Mo Xie makes an exquisite move. And, he has now made a very insulting pose as well. And, Xiao Bu Yu would be thrown into confusion for a moment this time as well. You could say that this action of Jun Mo Xie's was very effective from a certain angle. In fact, the Xiao Elder's confused state of mind would make it very difficult for him to seize the opportunity to attack even if Jun Mo Xie had exposed some weakness by chance.

"Moreover, Xiao Bu Yu is very unlikely to catch onto this trick-play. Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu will only be left to regard this as a new tactic of Jun Mo Xie's. Hence, Xiao Bu Yu wouldn't be able to launch a counter-attack when Jun Mo Xie does something like this again. And, this will only create more opportunities for Jun Mo Xie since Xiao Bu Yu will continue to remain in a confused state of mind. So, you could say that this is Jun Mo Xie's trick to maintain this current state of affairs! I have to admit that this idea is indeed very innovative in its own merit!"