Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 425

Chapter 424 cruel
Chapter 424: Cruel!
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"This despicable brat actually dares to do this?!" Xiao Bu Yu roared with a desire to crack him open.

After all, that man was his grandson

He could feel his courage failing since things were out of his control now. In fact, he felt as if his heart was being twisted. The old man was so mad that he started to burn with a maddening rage. Xiao Bu Yu's hair had stood up it seemed as if he had been struck by lightning

Yet, he could only get enraged and show it. But, he couldn't do anything else. In fact, he didn't even dare to do anything else. And, that was because the Solitary Falcon's tyrannical attack had collided with the Xiao Elder's palms like a storm a moment ago.

A Great Master had struck back with all his strength. How could it be an ordinary attack? Xiao Bu Yu's strength was only a step away from that of a Great Master's. And, he even had seven skilled people at his side. However, the situation on the battlefield still didn't seem optimistic.

It appeared as if an atomic bomb had exploded from the center of their battle!

The eight people were thrown backwards into eight different directions because of the explosion!

The Solitary Falcon stood heroically at the center. He was motionless, and his hair was fluttering in the wild wind. In fact, they seemed to resemble the seaweed that whip-about in the sea-bed water currents during a storm.

One of the greatest Xuan experts of his generation hadn't retracted a single step in the face of powerful attacks from his eight opponents.

The corners of Xiao Bu Yu's mouth streamed with blood as he flew backwards. But, he didn't have time to check his own injuries or even put a check on his momentum as he flew backwards. Instead, he gave a long and miserable scream as he pounced towards Xiao Han's direction.

His face was twisted, aggrieved, and had a brutal expression on it

Jun Wu Yi had gained an overwhelming advantage over Xiao Han in their fight, and had given his opponent a thorough beating thereafter. He had broken Xiao Han's arms and legs, and had also struck his nether regions. Xiao Han's meridians had also been shattered into many pieces. Therefore, he had become an out-and-out cripple!

However, Jun Wu Yi hadn't killed his enemy; he had only crippled him. Killing Xiao Han wouldn't be bad enough as a punishment. So, Third Master Jun wanted his enemy to suffer his pain before he killed the man. He wanted to vent out his anger in this manner even if it was dragged out.

The degree of Xiao Han's deformity was greater than what Jun Wu Yi had suffered earlier.

And, Xiao Bu Yu had understood Jun Wu Yi's intentions very clearly. Therefore, he wasn't being irascible. Xiao Han wouldn't be able to do Xuan training after this. But, Xiao Bu Yu knew that his grandson had the aid of the Xiao Family's Replenishing Jade. Therefore, he was convinced that there was hope for the injured Xiao Han's recovery.

However, Jun Wu Yi didn't know this fact!

Xiao Bu Yu had also planned to resolve the conflict between the Jun and the Xiao Family by using this matter as a pretext. After all, Xiao Han had been the root of everything that had happened. It wasn't that Xiao Bu Yu wanted to take it lying down or intended to renounce Xiao Han Rather, it was because of that awfully tyrannical and unrivalled mysterious person who was backing the Jun Family!

[Things will become easier between the two families if this matter is resolved.]

In fact, Xiao Bu Yu was very relieved. Xiao Han had surely been crippled. Moreover, he had also been insulted by Jun Wu Yi very badly. However, he didn't feel the need to worry about his grandson's life. And, this was because Xiao Bu Yu clearly understood the Third Master Jun's personality.

Jun Wu Yi and Xiao Han had deep hatred towards each other. But, Jun Wu Yi had always been someone with a noble character. And, no one could deny that fact. [A man of noble character may wish to torture an enemy a little. He may even decide to kill his enemy, but such a person would never go the extreme lengths of torture]

Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu had felt increasingly relieved after he had seen Jun Wu Yi inflicting only pain to Xiao Han. After all, Jun Wu Yi didn't intend to kill him. Xiao Han wouldn't be permanently crippled either. In other words, Xiao Han would suffer serious injuries, but he wouldn't die at the end of the day...

However, Xiao Han had fallen into Jun Mo Xie's hand now. So, things had changed!

In fact, they had changed very drastically!

Who was Jun Mo Xie? He was the most cruel and unscrupulous man ever born. The manner in which he dealt with people was very different from that of Jun Wu Yi's style. In fact, they couldn't be compared since the younger Jun was too spiteful and cruel

In fact, his methods could send shivers down anyone's spines!

Jun Mo Xie had tossed everything in this move. He had tricked Xiao Bu Yu, and had turned towards Xiao Han. In fact, he had intended to use this method to enrage Xiao Bu Yu this entire time. And, he would later use this instance to kill him once the opportunity would arise.

The Blood of Yellow Flame was the best sword in the entire world. And, Jun Mo Xie wanted a Spirit Xuan expert to be its first tribute in terms of blood!

However, Jun Mo Xie's mindset went through a turbulent change the moment he arrived in front of Xiao Han. And, his heart was swept over with sorrow and grief

His thoughts were suddenly run-over with a thirst to commit cruelty. In fact, this desire had even overshadowed his very soul!

The image of a lofty and formidable white-clothed middle-aged man appeared in front of him. His gaze was mild, yet sharp. He stood tall and proud like a mountain. The man waved his hand, and a huge army of bloodied men attacked triumphantly in the battle. Nothing could defeat his army's attack. And, the men deferentially addressed the white-clothed man as the White-Commander!

However, the cruel-hearted Xiao Han had gotten such an open-hearted man a man who was like the patron saint of Tian Xiang killed!

Jun Mo Xie's eyes became red.

His mind suddenly found itself filled with resentment, violent rage, and an endless desire to kill!

In fact, that anger and hate filled his very heart and guts.

Then, another mighty and bright figure appeared in front of his eyes. It was his second uncle Jun Wu Meng!

The scene in his mind changed again, and a gentle and virtuous woman appeared. She was giving him an exceptionally loving look. Her gaze was extremely doting, loving, and affectionate. In fact, this love was as vast as the oceans. After all, it was the love of a mother [Mother?]

Then, two handsome youngsters showed up. They looked almost the same as him. And, they were looking at him with hope and expectation

[Take revenge! Take revenge!]

These cries suddenly filled Jun Mo Xie's mind like a tsunami. And, those words started to echo inside his head.

Only those two words

Nothing, but those two words!

Jun Mo Xie didn't know how those images those scenes and, those voices had appeared to him so suddenly.

However, these exceptionally abrupt and mysterious recollections had sourced from his own memory. After all, his memory had been fused with those of this body's previous owner. Therefore, he had retained these beautiful images as well. But, these recollections had given rise to bitter hatred in the backdrop of the events of the past!

[That unrivalled hero and that peerless beauty were wronged and killed because of the conspiracies of this lowly and despicable Xiao Han!]

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt that his veins would explode. He felt indescribable grief and indignation. That feeling then bubbled-forth towards his heart. Then, it proceeded towards his mind, and he broke away from his original intention when that happened

[Take revenge!]

[How can those heroes die in vain? How could those heroes be wronged?]

Jun Mo Xie roared, and his eyes reddened as he raised his sword.

Xiao Bu Yu turned to look, and saw Jun Mo Xie pierce Xiao Han's eyes. And then, he heard the chillingly fierce words, "Xiao Bu Yu! I wish for your grandson to never see again! This sword of mine shall take revenge for the thousands of soldiers who were killed by you!"

The unconscious Xiao Han was met with a painful awakening when his eyes were taken away. And, he gave a bitter, desperate, and blood-curdling screech. Then, there was a loud explosion as he gnashed his teeth into pieces. His blood-covered face looked extremely miserable as he screamed with incomparable hatred, "I will take revenge for this hatred, Jun Wu Yi! I will make slaves out of all men and women of the Jun Family! Aaargh!"

Murderous intentions flourished in Jun Mo Xie's eyes, and the murderous aura inside his body became even more concentrated.

Xiao Bu Yu roared, and flew forth with increased urgency.

[My grandson!]

"Jun Mo Xie, stop! Or I will cut your body into a million pieces!"

But, Jun Mo Xie was already next to Xiao Han. So, it was too easy for him. He slashed his sword on each of Xiao Han's arms. And, these slashes were answered by a scream of pain, and the splutter of blood. Xiao Bu Yu's body trembled violently, and he vomited blood as he helplessly looked-on.

"Xiao Han! I have taken-away your arms now! Xiao Han! You want to take revenge? I will chase you to the ends of this world! I will wipe out my family's disgrace with this sword!"

Jun Mo Xie gnashed his teeth, and gave a sinister and fierce laugh before he said, "Xiao Bu Yu! Aren't you a Spirit Xuan expert? Aren't you the greatest of the senior generation? Come quickly and save your grandson! Come on! Can't you dare to?!"

"I will even take away your legs! This strike is for my uncle! This is for the ten years of confined suffering that he had to go through!" The sword flashed twice, and tendons of Xiao Han's legs were cut off. Jun Mo Xie's eyes were abnormally clear as the corners of his mouth curled into a ferocious smile. His narrowed eyes then quickly turned to the anxiously speeding Xiao Bu Yu as he sneered and roared, "And, this strike is for my father! You won't be able to hear from now on, Xiao Han!"

"Don't!" everyone from the Silver City cried out in unison.

However, Jun Mo Xie's sword flashed again, and Xiao Han's ears flew away from his head. Then, the sword flashed again, and Xiao Han's nose also flew out. Then, his teeth came flying out of his mouth And, they were followed by his tongue a moment later...

"You can't speak now!" This was for the debt to my Second Uncle!" Jun Mo Xie proclaimed with somewhat a savage delight, and laughed wildly.

Xiao Bu Yu's blood boiled. The injuries he had suffered from his collusion with the Solitary Falcon weren't serious. But, they were still internal injuries at the end of the day. He was a Spirit Xuan expert, but even he couldn't help his blood steam at the sight of his grandson's misery. Therefore, he couldn't prevent his Xuan Qi from acting up and scattering inside his meridians.

He was still some distance from Jun Mo Xie when he staggered and fell over. Then, Xiao Bu Yu stood up with difficulty, and raised his head before spraying a mouthful of blood. He could only see a golden light of confusion flashing in front of his eyes. The old man helplessly looked at Jun Mo Xie. He then gnashed his teeth in hatred before he spoke-up in a low voice, "Why are you so cruel, Jun Mo Xie? Don't you fear karma? Don't you fear retribution?"

Jun Mo Xie gave him a cruel look and laughed, "You are mentioning karma and retribution, Xiao Bu Yu? Did your Xiao Family not think of this day when you were plotting against our Jun Family? Didn't you think it was cruel when hundreds of thousands of soldiers died for the selfishness of this one man? When countless men were torn apart from their families when families were ruined and their men died! Weren't you happy then? Weren't you happy?"

"What right do you have to call me cruel? There are hundreds of thousands of orphans and widows in this world because of your wicked selfishness. Many men were humiliated to death! And, many of those brave soldiers were made martyrs!"

"Many heroes of this world were wronged because of you! Everything happened because you were stronger! You were stronger, right? Fu*k you! You're nothing more than trash! A mix of refuse! A bunch of green-haired cuc*olds!"

"Do you like it when you watch your grandson under my feet neither alive nor dead? Huh?! Do you like it or not? You old bastard! You think your grandson will be enough?! He isn't! Just wait! This will happens to all of your progeny! And trust me you will start enjoying this once you have seen it often-enough!"

Jun Mo Xie gave a loud, shrill, and mournful laugh. An ominous light flickered in Xiao Bu Yu's eyes. He had already decided to take a decisive action. He had decided to take a decisive action against Jun Mo Xie!

"You're not far from here, Second Elder! I have made arrangements to ensure that this man can neither see nor hear. He can't even use any of his limbs! But, I will make him even more of a cripple! I will ensure that he can't even have children! I will make him into an object of ridicule! I will make completely useless!"

Jun Mo Xie looked up and gave a fierce roar. Blood dripped from his sword as he pointed it to the sky! Then, there was flash. And, it was followed by a splutter of blood. Xiao Han's crotch spurted blood with that flashing sword. A lump of flesh flew and fell at Jun Mo Xie's foot. He kicked it straight into the air. This action of his' covered the sky with blood and dust.

Xiao Han had no strength to do anything. However, he hadn't died yet. In fact, it would've been much better for him if he had died a painful death than to be alive in the condition that he was presently in

The moonlight shone over the land. Everyone had gone silent with fear their bodies were trembling, while their faces had gone pale!