Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 427

Chapter 426 the spirit xuan expert falls apart
Chapter 426: The Spirit Xuan Expert Falls Apart!
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"There is an old saying about what to say The speaker has no particular intention of speaking something, but the listener reads their own meaning into it. So, I started my own investigation. And, I started to look into the troops that had served under my father during that time. What were they doing right? Where did they live now? Half a month of investigation was conducted. And, I was informed that those men had disappeared mysteriously along with their wives and children at one point of time.

"So, I continued with my investigation. And, I checked every case that had gone without leads at that time. And, I found that there had been countless murders where the evidence of the homicide had been erased. These murderers had left no clues behind. So, the authorities couldn't make a proper case out of them. Moreover, those corpses had also been in the same condition. A person couldn't even identify them properly. The only thing that was similar was that those corpses weren't of aged people Moreover, there were no children amongst the list of the deceased..."

Jun Mo Xie's voice was filled with grief and savagery at the same time, "Therefore, I became suspicious after a time Who was behind this Hall that had been ill-treating those children so badly? It was possible that those kids were the orphans of those soldiers. But, this meant that it was possible that those children had suffered so much because their parents had been involved with the Jun Family And, this also meant that the person behind the Hall of Hell must've harbored deep hatred towards my Jun Family. But then, who could this hidden enemy be? Who could it be?!"

Jun Mo Xe's eyes met Xiao Bu Yu's aggrieved gaze. And, the Young Master Jun's eyes also started to become fiercer. He took a step forward as he glared at Xiao Bu Yu and asked in a serious manner, "Second Xiao Elder, I've heard that you're the one with the most wisdom inside the Xiao Family. So, can you tell me who the person behind the Hall of Hell is? Who is it?!

"Who can be so devoid of humanity?

"Who can have such hatred for our Jun Family that they are willing to take out their hatred on innocent lives in such a maddened way?"

"Second Xiao Elder, tell me who is it?"

Jun Mo Xie took another step forward as he spoke. His cold and murderous aura became stronger with each step he took. And, his glare slowly became razer-sharp as he looked at Xiao Bu Yu.

Xiao Bu Yu finally looked away since the Young Master Jun had continued to glare at him. Unexpectedly, the old man couldn't meet his gaze anymore. In fact, Xiao Bu Yu was unconsciously taking a step back with every step that the Young Master Jun was taking forward. Moreover, his mannerism had seemingly become anxious and perplexed. The Spirit Xuan expert was feeling ashamed and perplexed by Jun Mo Xie's questioning!

Each step of Jun Mo Xie's resembled heavenly thunderstorms to Xiao Bu Yu's ears. In fact, his heart had also started to beat at the rhythm of Jun Mo Xie's feet.

"How would this old man know? What ridiculous mystery do you speak of?" Xiao Bu Yu asked angrily. But, his voice was trembling. Any man with a little knowledge would find it odd if the voice of a Spirit Xuan expert were to tremble like this.

"I had only suspected it before. But then, Xiao Han came to the Tian Xiang City sometime after I had dealt with the Hall of Hell. Moreover, he had seemingly taken the initiative to look for my Third Uncle in order to give him trouble. Why did he arrive so quickly at such a 'fortuitous' time? Can you answer this question for me, Second Xiao Elder?"

"Are you suspecting me? How could this old man have done such a thing? What evidence do you have?" Xiao Bu Yu's voice trembled as he shouted loudly.

"I do suspect you to some extent. But, you are a person of great fame in the Silver City. So, you won't be able to pull-off such a thing. However, there were so many murders, and so many cases without evidence. It would've been fine if there had been a couple of cases where no evidence had been left behind. But, so many of such clueless cases was worth a closer scrutiny. And, what kind of a power would have the capability to push down so many cases? And evidence? You're asking me for evidence? You want proof? How would a man who is determined in his heart leave any proof behind?"

Jun Mo Xie smiled in a strange manner, "However, I have another thing now. You see, there's a new suspicion in my heart now. Why did you ask if I was suspecting you instead of asking me if I suspected the Xiao Family? Or maybe you should've asked me if I suspected Xiao Han Hmm? The wise and far sighted Xiao Bu Yu must clearly remember that I had specifically indicated towards Xiao Han. So, why did you pull it to yourself? This is such a lucky stroke! You're confessing without even being pressed!"

Xiao Bu Yu stumbled and staggered back again. His brows were dripping with sweat, "Utter nonsense! You have no evidence! Those empty words from your teeth are aimed to entrap an innocent man to entrap the Xiao Family! What evil schemes are you harboring?"

"You're mistaken again, Second Xiao Elder. I had clearly mentioned Xiao Han alone. When did I ever entrap the Xiao Family? What logic is this? Does Xiao Han represent the entire Xiao Family?" Jun Mo Xie pressed hard with each step as he pursued his retreating enemy. His eyes also flashed with an increasingly bright and divine light.

And, Jun Mo Xie's methods had been producing results till that moment.

Xiao Bu Yu's mind was in confusion.

He no longer had the determined mindset of killing his enemy.

First, Xiao Bu Yu had been involved in that annoying fight. Then, he had to face the Solitary Falcon's attack, and had sustained an injury in the process. Then, Xiao Han was brutalized in front of him. And then, the inhumane Hall of Hell was mentioned to him once a nick in his mental defense was exposed. Consequently, the Xiao Elder's mental defenses had been smashed in their entirety!

"Jun Mo Xie, you're a slanderous liar! Are you saying that you have evidence against my Xiao Family? Your tongue is a like a knife! You've put these criminal accusations against the Silver Blizzard City's Xiao Family!" Xiao Bu Yu's face was flooded with sweat. His facial muscles had started to twitch and twist like crazy.

"Evidence? I've already told you many times that I don't have any. I only have suspicions. And, my suspicions are enough in this case."

Jun Mo Xie's eyes were like a cold knife, "Xiao Bu Yu, do you still think I will need some bullshit evidence at this stage? Who in this world has the power to keep such a matter under wraps? Who has the power to push down such cases? And, who has such deep hatred towards my Jun Family?"

The Young Master Jun had spoken the last words in a low voice so that only the very few near him could hear it. Consequently, Jun Wu Yi's face twisted into an extremely fierce and terrifying expression.

These pointers were merely speculative in nature. And, Jun Mo Xie had admitted to that as well. But, these speculations were very reasonable. And, each of these speculations had only pointed to one direction!

Jun Wu Yi's tiger-like eyes overflowed with tears. He desperately wanted to fly back to the Tian Xiang City so that he could lovingly find a place for those children to settle down

"Do you know? I had received a small payment by a little girl some time ago. And, I had pledged to destroy the Hall of Hell in return?" The image of that helpless little girl sprang up in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. He could see her younger brother's little dead body... And, the way she was trying to reach out for him And, that broken copper coin!

"So, it's obvious that I will do the job since I had received the payment!"

Jun Mo Xie then continued in a ruthless manner, "Be at ease, Xiao Bu Yu. I won't kill anyone from the Xiao Family. I will merely cripple them one by one. I will cut off their tongues, noses, and ears. I will break their teeth. I will destroy their man-hoods, and break their spines. Then, I will stuff them in jars till they grow old and die. I will let the world witness what kind of lowly people they are. I will let the world know where the road of savagery leads to. Do you like my plan?"

"You you dare!" Xiao Bu Yu looked confused as he stepped back. Then, he gave a severe roar, "You dare!" But, his voice couldn't help but feel weak when he saw that everyone was looking down on him with disdain. His roar no longer had the deterring effect it used to in the past

The mind of the level-four Spirit Xuan expert had been defeated by Jun Mo Xie even though he was nearly as strong as a Great Masters! The old man hadn't been associated with the Hall of Hell very directly. But, that didn't mean that he was absolved of all guilt. It was because Xiao Han his grandson had been involved

Moreover, none of those atrocities would've ever taken place if Xiao Bu Yu hadn't supported his grandson's cold-blooded reprisals at that time

Everyone has a dark side to them. One can try hard to hide it. And, one can attempt to seem falsely perfect by pushing this dark side deep down. However, this darkness would eventually be opened to the world once the lid that covers it is lifted. A man can be extremely contemptible. And, a man may be well-accomplished or even phoney However, no one can face and bear the truth of their dark side!

Xiao Bu Yu fell apart!

His spirit and body didn't have any strength to retaliate!

The third, the seventh, and the ninth Elder had different expressions on their faces. One looked ashamed, one looked-on with hatred, and one looked resentful. The eyes of the Seven Swords were full of disgust. They had never dreamed that the Xiao Family could ever be involved in such frenzied savagery!

Han Yan Meng had also woken up by now. She couldn't help but tremble when she heard what had transpired. Even she looked at the Xiao Family with disgust and loathing now.

Any person with any sense of conscience wouldn't be able to stay indifferent if they had heard about such brutal events

Anyone who couldn't see the clues after Jun Mo Xie's repeated questioning and Xiao Bu Yu's subsequent reaction could die and go to hell

"Xiao Bu Yu, how did the Xiao Family's members infiltrate into that army of millions? Tell me, I'm sure you know!" these words came out of Jun Mo Xie's mouth at a time when everyone was thinking over this topic, and Xiao Bu Yu's mind was in a troubled state

"Who is that hidden traitor?!"

This shout was even louder. It was the result of the accumulated energy from the entirety of Jun Mo Xie's body. This loud shout was purely comprised of spirit energy. In fact, it had sounded like the roar of the legendary lion. Even the burning torches had been left to flicker because of it. Everyone had felt a loud explosion in their minds, while their hearts had been startled. Their cultivations had started to seem meager, and their minds had become fuzzy. The events of the past had started coming back to them

Xiao Bu Yu trembled as he bore the brunt of that. His eyes were brimming with a sense of loss at this moment. And, he suddenly felt that he was standing in front of a dominating and extremely awe-inspiring Supreme God. This God had asked him that thunderous question, and had imposed a sense of pure dominance over him while doing so. And, this had incited an involuntary reaction in the depths of his heart! He felt that he couldn't defy those orders