Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 429

Chapter 428 extreme humiliation
Chapter 428: Extreme Humiliation!
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Jun Mo Xie would only need to twist his wrist to kill Xiao Bu Yu under these circumstances. But, the Young Master Jun felt that he would be condemned in history if he allowed this beast to get away with a clean and easy death!

Therefore, it was important that Xiao Bu Yu's death be remembered in the name of infamy. It was important that he left behind eternal ridicule to his name. In fact, it was necessary that this infamy wouldn't even allow his spirit to rest in peace after he had died and became a ghost even the sight of his ghost should bring laughter to the heart of people!

It would be fine it others didn't get to see this. However, Jun Mo Xie would still feel that he had done his best.

After all, an evil man must die an evil death.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie persevered even though he felt tired.

"A great reward? I'll have to strip? But, I'm not going to jump" Xiao Bu Yu seemed bashful. This appearance was poles apart from the one of a world-renowned individual.

"About the striptease twist your ass, and then take off a piece of clothing. After that, you twist it again, and take of another piece. Keep doing this until you're bare naked! Everyone will praise you for it! You'll get a huge reward at the end of it. You won't be disappointed. Go on be obedient" Jun Mo Xie's spoke in a patient manner. His voice was extremely affable. However, his eyes had a touch of extreme malice to it.

"Ah! I want my reward! I will jump" Xiao Bu Yu promised obediently as he stood expressionlessly in front of Jun Mo Xie. Then, the old man swayed his hips and twisted his posterior. After that, he jumped and started his striptease under the gaze of thousands of eyes.

This early sixties level-four Spirit Xuan expert was a renowned individual. However, he was jumping and doing a striptease in a public place at this time. Jun Mo Xie genuinely believed that [This method should be enough to leave this profoundly respected elder so ashamed that he wouldn't be able to show his face.]

This insane form of humiliation for such a famous Spirit Xuan expert was a bit excessive even though he had killed someone's father, and attempted to steal someone's wife.

However, Jun Mo Xie's conscience wasn't the least bit troubled while subjecting Xiao Bu Yu to such humiliation.

[His punishment fits his crimes!]

The clothes on Xiao Bu Yu's body gradually lessened as the flabbergasted crows looked-on.

His robe flew away from his body...

His inner clothes flew out

His under-armor flew out

His trousers flew out

"Yes, yes Move more flirtatiously more tenderly a bit more gently a little more audacious you need to be more aesthetic concentrate on this! Be a little gentler! Turn your ass that way a little again! Everyone will be happier if you do that again! Dance to my beat, 'Tap, tap! Tap, tap!' Concentrate on this beat. This is better! You feel very rhythmic now!" Jun Mo Xie's face was covered with malice as he gently and delicately guided with the instructions.

This white-bearded old man looked like an immortal figurine now. He had an enchanting smile on his face. His hand had gestured high in a pose, and he started behaving flirtatiously. Moreover, he was doing all of this in front of everyone! The old man then twisted his posterior in an eccentric manner. In fact, it seemed like he had a motor there

Only a tiny piece of underpants remained on Xiao Bu Yu's body at this time. His upper half had become bare-naked a lone while ago. However, he didn't seem to sense that mournful cold wind. Moreover, his facial expression was that of merriment! In fact, he was somewhat bashful, and somewhat covered in honor. It seemed as if he believed that erotically dancing and shedding clothes in front of the public was an extremely reputable and glorious thing to do for a man in his position.

It had to be said that Xiao Bu Yu's body was extremely sturdy despite his age. He was covered in taut muscles, and there wasn't an inch of loose flesh on his body. His skin was like that of a middle-aged man. In fact, he could even give a youthful teenager a run for their money!

"He's taken very good care of it" the Solitary Falcon swallowed in envy.

Xiao Bu Yu twisted his buttocks again, and removed that last piece of cloth from his body. His proud and unyielding rifle was standing unabashed in front of the world at this time. His manhood gathered a world-full of vigor in a moment, and shook its head in that dense underbrush. In fact, it seemed as if it was ready to run-amok the country-side!

"Sss~" the soldiers exclaimed in admiration as they looked-on. They seemed to enjoying themselves, "It's so grand and imposing. This is so admirable. Its unyielding even in the presence of so many people! He's a true Spirit Xuan! Hail the Spirit Xuan!"

Suddenly, there was loud a cry of fear

It had sourced from Han Yan Meng. She had covered her face and eyes. The little girl had never seen such a thing before. She hated Xiao Bu Yu, but she still couldn't help but make such an overwhelming observation at this moment

This shout had a very bad impact!

Jun Mo Xie felt a strange unrest in his spiritual power. Then, he suddenly felt very dizzy and exhausted. In fact, he felt like his mind was being attacked. And, his Spirit Deterrence technique got disconnected with Xiao Bu Yu as a result.

Xiao Bu Yu's hand came to a stop as he was moving it to throw away that old underwear. Then, his eyes underwent a transformation, and resumed cognizance.

That Spirit Xuan expert suddenly became aware of his compromising situation as the cold wind blew over. And, he stood dumbstruck for a moment. There were many people in the vicinity. Moreover, they had lit-up torches since it was late. And, the light from those torches were reflecting on his body. In fact, even inch of his body was clearly visible to everyone!

Even the Seven Swords were glaring at him in hatred and indifference at this time. In fact, they had no shred of sympathy for him. The other elders were looking at his ashamed and pitiable face with anger. Only the people from his Xiao Family were an exception to this. In fact, the Third and the Fifth Elders were glaring at him in a manner that made it seem as if they would move forward and slap him to death.

[Why has everyone betrayed me?] Xiao Bu Yu was internally shaken at this moment. His mind raced, and he recalled what had happened. Then, every single dialogue that had taken place between him and Jun Mo Xie came to his mind

"Ah!" he bitterly cried out in fear. Xiao Bu Yu suddenly crouched on the ground, and did his best to use his hands to cover himself. But, his hands were too small. So, he managed to cover the front, but he wasn't able to cover the back. The old man couldn't use his underwear either since he had torn it during the show. Moreover, everyone had already seen everything. So, there was no point in burying his head in the sand

His actions may have lightening fast. But, how much could he have covered?

"Clap! Clap!" Jun Mo Xie clapped his hands in a very cold manner. He gave Xiao Bu Yu a cynical look of unspeakable hatred. Then, the Young Master Jun laughed out loud and said, "Good, good! It was indeed a treat for everyone. They are very fortunate to have gotten a chance to appreciate such a peerless expert. The Silver City's Xiao Bu Yu holds the great position of the Second Elder. But, he jumped and did an erotic dance while shedding his clothes for these people! Isn't this a matter of privilege and pride? I'm sure that even a man who has lived up to ten lives wouldn't have been fortunate enough to witness something this!

"Elder Xiao Bu Yu is the only person since time-immemorial who has gathered the courage to do a bare-naked dance in front of thousands of troops. This Young Master genuinely admires such a level of art, commitment, and courage!"

The troops of the army had already heard about the wickedness of the Silver City's Xiao Family. Therefore, they had begun to detest the Xiao Family to their very bone. In fact, they abhorred the Xiao Family. Therefore, the troops cried themselves hoarse, and cheered loudly when they heard Jun Mo Xie's words.

"I never thought that the ass of someone so old could be so fresh! Tch" one person exclaimed.

"Is it fresher that yours?" someone else asked.

"But, I'm nothing like this old man! He's an Elder of the Silver City! He's also a Spirit Xuan expert! So, how is his ass so pure? It seems that he rubs it very frequently. Would it be that nice if he didn't rub it repeatedly? Rubbing one's skin again and again can even turn black skin to a whiter shade"

"Why would a man feel it with his hand so often? Isn't that a place one doesn't touch very often?" An increasing number of people had started to join-in.

"Ahem ahem! How would I know this? Maybe the Second Elder was under pressure from living a hard life So, it's possible that may have had no choice but to sell his ass for money!"

"That makes sense! But, what time does the Second Xiao Elder open for business? I would like to become his customer!"

"Bah! That old man is a level-four Spirit Xuan expert! His fee won't be low! You think he'll do it free?! Ask yourself can you afford him?"

"The status of a Spirit Xuan is astonishing, ah! I can't afford him. But, I think that the Xiao Family would have loads of extra resources. So, they wouldn't have asked the Xiao Elder do this thing for money, right? So, maybe he does it because he enjoys it!"

"That sounds reasonable too! That must be it. How else could his ass be so good? You have good knowledge and understanding, my brother! That outstanding ass as genuinely tempted me after he twisted it and danced it out in such a saucy way"

"You flatter me. But, I think that someone like the Second Xiao Elder would require us brothers at the same time. How could you meet his expectations on your own? The Elder's Xuan cultivation is excellent. I hear that he's the strongest man if you exclude the Great Masters from the list! He's excellent in that regard. A regular person can't meet his expectations! No man can! It's no small thing. So, you and I should go together. One should go from the top, and other should go from the bottom at the same time. We must go for a pincer attack. And, I'm sure that we will eventually satisfy this Elder!"

"Good, good! We might as well cut off some bamboos before we meet him. After all, there's a chance that we may have to surrender and lay down arms midway. So, we must prepare a stick in advance. He's strongest man if you exclude the Great Masters! Who could else could tolerate that if he can't"

"Ah! That's a good advice! It's a good way of going about things! You're worthy of being the leader of the Third Battalion! Your weapon never strikes with uncertainty! We can surely serve this Xiao Elder properly if we follow this approach!"

"Ah, it's nothing You're flattering me! My method isn't that great. And, won't this Elder look to create trouble for my family if I'm not able to service and satisfy him properly? Don't ever doubt that. He's very familiar with that road. In fact, that would be a walk in the park for him hahaha!"

"Hahahaha and thus, great minds think alike!"

These were the uncouth fellows of the army. They would often harm others. So, how could they not harm their opponent? And, those lacking in morality wouldn't refrain from fighting a battle of words or making lewd comments about others. However, these words from those men made Xiao Bu Yu very mad. In fact, they left him in so much pain that he didn't wish to live anymore.

"Aaaargh" Xiao Bu Yu looked upwards, and let out a very loud roar. His expression was one of extreme grief as he suddenly stood up straight. His skin turned red, and the color continued to deepen with every passing moment. The Elder's outer surface had started to blow up like an air-balloon. And, it was still expanding at a quick pace

"Xiao Bu Yu moved unhindered throughout the world. But, my fall has unexpectedly arrived! However, it has come in a shameless way by dancing naked in front of these small-fries! I've suffered so much ridicule and hatred today. I won't forget this hatred even if I am reincarnated!" Xiao Bu Yu faced upwards and roared. He had a look of anger, and a desire to tear everything apart. Thin wisps of red had started to flow from the corners of his mouth and eyes.

"Jun Mo Xie! Wait for me! I will turn into an evil spirit and look for you to avenge this disgrace!" Xiao Bu Yu shouted in a miserable and sharp tone. Then, there was a loud explosion as his body burst. His blood filled the sky, and disappeared with the cold wind.

That terrible humiliation had made Xiao Bu Yu lose any love for life. Therefore, this powerful expert had committed suicide in an extremely terrifying way!

He could've gone over to the enemy, and could've taken some of them with him in that explosion. But, he didn't do that. And, that was because Xiao Bu Yu wanted to turn into nothingness as soon as possible! He wanted to end this humiliation so desperately that he couldn't even wait for one additional moment. So, he committed suicide the moment he was ready to explode