Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 430

Chapter 429 keeping a promise
Chapter 429: Keeping a Promise!
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"It's very weak! The tolerance is very weak!" Jun Mo Xie had stood fairly close to Xiao Bu Yu when he had performed that passionate striptease a little while ago. However, Xiao Bu Yu had suddenly detonated his own body in suicide. Young Master Jun had been calm and collected in that moment, but he still hadn't been able to react in time. He had understood that Xiao Bu Yu had done this to free himself, and had no intention of killing anyone else. After all, the explosion hadn't contained any lethal force. But, Young Master Jun was still taken by surprise by that spray of blood, and it had ended up covering his whole face.

Young Master Jun wiped his face and shook his head in a somewhat dissatisfied manner at first. He then said, "He was an expert who was only second to a Great Master. How was he not able to endure that much and killed himself instead? He was wasted all my plans now. It's a pity that we won't get to see those amazing buttocks again. Wouldn't we have wanted to see more of them? Damn it! I had planned that I would cut the skin of his great-grandson, and pour mercury inside his body while he was watching. Or maybe, I would've cracked his skull and boiled his brain. This excellent spectacle had barely started And, we hadn't even reached the best parts yet. But, it's already over now It happened so quickly. I wish he would've had more tolerance and strength to him It's such a disappointment when you hear a lot about someone but they don't match up to their fame"

Everyone who had heard Jun Mo Xie's words had the exact same expression on their faces they all looked straight at him in rapt attention.

Jun Mo Xie's remark had obviously implicated someone else who was present on the scene. Consequently, Xiao Feng Wu's legs had been left to shake like the strings on an instrument. And, his small face had turned deathly white. In fact, it was almost as if his face had been boiled in lime soda

The powerful and mysterious aura that had been covering the five elders disappeared at this time. In fact, this happened very suddenly and silently, and left no trace of its existence behind.

The five of them obviously started to move-about as a result. However, the five men separated into two clearly distinct groups the moment they were able to move. The three men from the Xiao Family were left to face the two from the Han Family. Moreover, the men of both groups were looking at each other with extreme hatred.

The three elders from the Xiao Family had some shame in their eyes but not too much.

The condition of the five men was quite similar. They were sweating profusely since they had been subjected to the enormous pressure from that mysterious aura. The sweat had soaked their clothes, and their faces also belied their exhaustion. It was evident that they had exhausted their energy while enduring that formidable pressure from before. And, each of them felt weak at this time. But, the five of them were still glaring at the other side. In fact, it was obvious that they were itching to take down those who had been allies and brothers a few minutes ago.

"The Xiao Family is great! They make great schemes! They make great plans! They are great!" The Third Elder was panting with anger. His eyes were also burning with anger. "The Lords of the Silver City have treated the Xiao Family's members with utmost courtesy and respect. But, they were nurturing tigers who would harm them in the future! Bah! It's useless to say that they were nurturing 'tigers'! Tigers are meant to rule over the other beasts. We've basically been raising a pack of conniving wolves! How can people like you live in this world?"

The Eighth Elder tilted his head and snorted coldly. He then said, "What would you do, Han Fei Yun?"

The Third Elder trembled in rage. He replied in a very blunt manner, "Your Xiao Family started this. Yet, you ask me what I will do? I would've already found it impossible to live if I were you. In fact, I would've found the nearest tree, and would've hung myself from it! You are so devoid of shame that you have bitten the hand that feeds you!"

"You want us die? Han Fei Yun, you have no qualifications to wish for that! Humph! In fact, your Han Family may not be able to win in the contest between our two families once we return to the Silver City!" the Eighth Elder glared coldly and sneered as he spoke.

"I don't have the qualifications? Let's test it out and see!" the Third Elder's face twitched in a violent manner as he raised his palm and shouted, "Seven Swords! Move into formation! Uphold the Family's law! Take these Xiao Family's rebels into custody!" The Seven Swords moved in unison to deal with the three Xiao elders. The Xiao Elders looked strong in their rebellion, but it was obvious that they wouldn't be able to last long.

The complexion of the Eighth Elder and his companions changed very drastically in this moment. The contrast in their strength was obvious at once glance. These five elders had been forced to endure that insurmountable pressure a short while ago. Consequently, their Spirit Xuan energy was at 10-20% of its normal capacity. So, it could be said that they were at their weakest at this time.

There was a clear divide between these five at this time. However, those three could still match their two opponents, and could even take the advantage. The Seven Swords were quite powerful together. In fact, an ordinary Spirit Xuan couldn't match them in normal times. However, their bodies had suffered injuries while fighting the Great Master Solitary Falcon. Therefore, the Seven Swords weren't guaranteed to arrest the three Xiao Elders even if they united against them

However, the Han Family had another ace up their sleeves Mu Xue Tong! This Sky Xuan middle-rank expert's strength hadn't suffered any damage until now!

Mu Xue Tong was merely a Sky Xuan expert on a normal day. So, he wasn't much in the eyes of these Spirit Xuan experts. But, the circumstances had changed very drastically at this time. Consequently, this seemingly insignificant persona could easily turn out to be a trump card, and could play a critical role at the end of the day.

Could it be that Mu Xue Tong would make the decisive blow in the Silver Blizzard City's civil war?

Suddenly, an unusually mild voice echoed, "It is hard to say whether they have enough qualifications or not I have to say that the Xiao Family's life isn't their own anymore. However, it doesn't belong to the Han Family either"

No one except for Young Master Jun could've spoken in such a leisurely tone under such circumstances.

Jun Mo Xie floated as lightly as his words did, and he suddenly disappeared in thin air. He then suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Feng Wu in one quick move. Jun Mo Xie reached out, and grabbed his neck. And then, Young Master Jun returned to the spot where he had started from with a fluid and rapid move. He only left-behind an after-image of his hand grabbing Xiao Feng Wu's neck. In fact, the only that had changed was the fact that he had raised Xiao Feng Wu by his neck by now

The muscles of Xiao Feng Wu's throat had become limp and pained out of fear. Jun Mo Xie had appeared in front of him like a ghost. In fact, the Xiao boy hadn't even been able to think of putting up a resistance!

The Sixth, Eight, and Ninth Elder suddenly became very anxious when they saw Jun Mo Xie grab Xiao Feng Wu's neck like a butcher holds up a chicken's before the slaughter. They frailly took a step forward, "Jun Mo Xie! Every crime has a criminal to its cause! But, Feng Wu has committed no crime against you! Don't tyrannize the innocent!"

It was only natural that the three elders seemed anxious. The male line of the Xiao Family was thinning. There were surely many youngsters in the Xiao Family in Xiao Feng Wu's generation, but there weren't many who were worthy. Moreover, Xiao Feng Wu was the most talented youngster in his generation

"I'm tyrannizing the innocent? This Young Master isn't even seventeen years old, but your grandson is fast-approaching twenty, right? So, how could I be the bully? Every crime has a criminal to its cause? These words came out from the mouths of you Xiao Family people? Don't you always take out your rage on innocents? Don't you always do whatever you feel like? Don't tell me what Xiao Bu Yu had told us about was orchestrated by him alone?! Didn't you guys know anything about it? Damn you arrogant old men!"

Jun Mo Xie used his free hand to prick at his ear as he argued in a baffled tone. Jeering sounds from the crowd had been echoing along with his voice this entire time. Even the Seven Swords were amongst those who were sneering

"How many millions have suffered injustice because of your Xiao Family's personal grudges? How many hundreds of thousands have died a violent death? And, that's not even the end of it! You've even harmed innumerable innocent children! And now, every crime suddenly has a particular culprit to cause when you've faced a problem?"

Any man could speak those words for clemency. However, the men of the Xiao Family couldn't!

Jun Mo Xie gave them a cold and sharp look. He seemed calm, but he still emanated an icy murderous aura as he slowly spoke, "I swore to Xiao Bu Yu that I won't let off a single man of the Xiao Family! Those who can't be truthful shouldn't stand tall. And, a Young Master from a good family mustn't break his promises. It's necessary for a Young Master to keep his promise! In fact, he can't renounce his promise even if he dies fulfilling it!"

The Sixth Elder trembled in rage at Young Master Jun's mockery. He found it difficult to control his anger. In fact, he was about to roar and pounce forward when Jun Mo Xie smirked and there was a sound of something breaking. It was then that Xiao Feng Wu screamed like a dying pig. Young Master Jun crushed his shoulder!

"No! Don't kill me! Don't cut my skull and pour mercury in it! I beg you I beg you Elder Brother Jun! My Great Older Brother Jun" Xiao Feng Wu started to beg for mercy under the influence of the pain. The more he spoke the more pain he found himself in. And, this automatically made him more afraid in return. He suddenly shouted and started to weep. His eyes and nose were left streaming. It seemed as if he was willing to say anything out of fear at this time

The Sixth Elder paused for a second. Then, he roared in rage and fear, "Jun Mo Xie, how can you be so despicable?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly, "Despicable? You have the nerve to a call me 'despicable'? You didn't think it was despicable when you slaughtered tens of thousands of men? You didn't think of the heaven's judgment when you crippled the children of the men who were loyal to us? So, how is it despicable when it's your turn to suffer? Could I do anything today that could be worse than what the Xiao Family did?"

Xiao Feng Wu's blood-curdling pitiful screams accompanied Jun Mo Xie's laughter. The sound of breaking of bones also ringed in the air as each one of the Xiao youngster's limbs were crushed one after the other. In fact, his voice was brought close to a groan by the time each one of those limbs had softly hung down to his side after being broken. The Sixth Elder roared frantically and dashed forward. Jun Mo Xie saw the Elder burst into motion. So, he grabbed Xiao Feng Wu's neck by the nape, and threw him forward. A crisp and sharp sound was heard as this happened. It was obvious that Xiao Feng Wu's spine had been broken in that snap...

Then, Jun Mo Xie followed Xiao Feng Wu's flying body at an extremely quick pace. In fact, it seemed as if he was moving at a lightning-fast speed.

The Sixth Elder was shocked by this, and he dashed straight towards Xiao Feng Wu's falling body. He was about to reach out and catch him when he heard the blowing wind. And, he quickly realized that Jun Mo Xie was rushing over from behind.

The Sixth Elder had seen Jun Mo Xie's fight with Xiao Bu Yu. So, how could he not know the problems that Jun Mo Xie's amazing, demon-like, and magical moves could cause? Moreover, the Elder's strength wasn't at its usual peak. So, he knew that there would be no way out for him. Thus, he made a prompt decision, and decided against catching Xiao Feng Wu's body. Instead, he dodged left, and drew his sword. A hurricane of snowflakes filled the sky the moment he drew his sword!

The old man had just drawn his sword and displayed the Silver Blizzard City's swordplay when he heard a loud "Bang!" and "Bang". It was obviously the sound of breaking of bones. Then, he saw that Xiao Feng Wu's body had been sent flying at him once again. It turned out that Jun Mo Xie had moved into action, and had kicked Xiao Feng Wu again. However, these kicks had changed the direction of Xiao Feng Wu's body, and had redirected it back towards the dodging Sixth Elder.

This kick had changed the direction of flight with perfection. Moreover, it had also broken Xiao Feng Wu's lower back. Consequently, Xiao Feng Wu's condition was only a step behind that of Xiao Han. In fact, it was only his face that remained to be dismembered

Xiao Feng Wu had been completely destroyed

The Sixth Elder knew that he couldn't avoid the incoming body this time. Moreover, he had realized that Xiao Feng Wu would be the first one to suffer the disaster in case he persisted with his sword attack. So, he had no choice but to restrain his attack in haste. He then grabbed Xiao Feng Wu's body. However, he quickly realized the true misery of the youngster's body the moment he embraced him. Consequently, the old man couldn't help but shout in anger and fear, "How can you use such malicious methods, Jun Mo Xie!"

However, he was left stupefied after speaking this And, this was a result of what he saw!