Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 432

Chapter 431 im a kindhearted person in reality
Chapter 431: Im a Kindhearted Person in Reality
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Jun Mo Xie still stood calmly at this moment. He then turned his expressionless face towards the Silver City's remaining elders and the Seven Swords. Then, he slowly spoke-up, "The grudges between the Xiao and the Jun Family have been settled on this day. Do you have anything to say for it?"

[What can we say? You've killed and crippled every one of them. You've finished the job, and you haven't left any room for negotiation! And now, you're asking us what we have to say?]

[You're so fierce and vicious! And, you also have that mysterious powerful person at your back. What can we say?]

[Moreover, we genuinely don't have anything to say about it. So, it seems that the grudges between the Xiao and the Jun Family have been dealt with. Anyhow, the Xiao Family is the common enemy of the Silver City and the Jun Family at this time.]

[How can we say this this matter is freakishly outlandish!]

The ten people looked at each, but none of them opened their mouths.

"Ah, I have dealt with personal grudges now. But, I know that the Silver City has lost some reputation because of this matter. And, I apologize for that," Jun Mo Xie expression was serious as he sighed and spoke.

[You know that the Silver City has lost reputation? How did you figure that out so early!? You made our elder do a striptease! You didn't realize that it would have some negative influence on the Silver City's reputation when you asked him to do that?]

[Xiao Bu Yu surely spoke of rebellion before he died But, doesn't everyone know that the Xiao Family is also a part of the Silver Blizzard City?]

Then, they heard Jun Mo Xie change the subject, "However, let me clarify one thing. I'm only apologizing because of my aunt not because of the Silver City itself! This has to be explained properly because we have discovered Xiao Family's plot against the Silver City. However, this Young Master feels that this is a good thing for the Silver City or at least for your Han Family!"

[A good thing is a good thing. But, it seems like our magnificent Silver City's influence is falling short in front of our Lord's eldest daughter! Oh forget about it We still have some influence at least]

"As the matter stands I'm not showing off my achievements here hehe Everyone has seen today's matters. So, everyone knows that you couldn't have discovered Xiao Family's plot if I hadn't used that amazing technique. Hehe it would've become quite a worrisome future for the Silver City if I hadn't done that

"However, I'm good a person at heart. I would've never allowed things to go to such extremes," Jun Mo Xie's voice had changed as he sighed and continued, "As the saying goes, 'which man floating in the rivers of society hasn't been stabbed?' Everyone has always acknowledged that sacrificing and saving people is the most meritorious thing in the world. In fact, one instantly achieves nirvana if they do such a deed. They are instantly absolved of all crimes, and achieve a higher and divine status! Nirvana ah I'm too good to be true. I did a great service to humanity. I handled things very timely. This is very good. This is excellent!"

These words left the eyebrows of the men from the Silver Blizzard City twitching and taut. Even the Solitary Falcon had been struck dumb along with the soldiers in the army. They could've never imagined that this world could've ever given refuge to such a thick-skinned person

[He dares to go as far as saying that he's 'kindhearted'? Isn't he taking things to the extremes now? How could your tongue even endure speaking such things in such a haughty manner?]

[Your face didn't even become red when you spoke these words Your heart didn't even race at the thought of it! This means that you have reached a new level of shamelessness! In fact, this level of shamelessness would leave anyone to gasp in amazement! How can you call what you did a "service"?]

"The hatred between the Jun and the Xiao Family knows no bounds! But, I'm a kindhearted person. So, I still won't spill any unnecessary blood even though we harbor such immense hatred for the Xiao Family. I mean what I say! Why else would I spare the life of a man as evil as Xiao Han? Everyone who has witnessed my mercy knows that my words aren't empty"

[They obviously aren't empty! But, what you did wasn't that good a deed. In fact, it would've been better to kill him with your sword! You would've shown him great mercy if you had killed him instead of brutalize him in such a violent manner! You would've been considered a pure being in that case!] The Silver City's Seven Swords felt their stomachs convulsing. In fact, they felt as if their teeth had started to melt in their bile.

Jun Mo Xie bemoaned the state of mankind as he continued, "The life which God gives us is virtuous. You see I wouldn't even have killed the Sixth Elder if there had been another way of saving the life of the Eighth and Ninth elders. Furthermore, when it comes to Xiao Bu Yu's death I had only made him jump and strip for entertainment. Everyone who saw it felt happy and entertained. In fact, he even got to exercise his aged body! It was a win-win! He was such an old man! He had seen so many things in this world! However, he had no tolerance And, Xiao Feng Yu was also killed by the Sixth Elder. I had only handed his body over to the Elder so that he could hold it. After all, they were related by blood. How could I have known that the Sixth Elder would kill his own great-grandson because he didn't please his eyes anymore? And, he did it so quickly So, I didn't even get the time to save the boy. I'm really ashamed.

"Everyone knows that I'm a very good man with an extremely soft heart. I deal with every problem with my own hand In fact, I even sweep the floor very careful because I fear hurting a small insect. I even cover my lanterns with cloth because I care for moths. I know that life is important. And, that fact is naturally unchanging"

"Bluergh" the Solitary Falcon turned around and vomited.

The soldiers imitated him, and started to vomit as well. [He's too shameless! He's too disgusting! This is outrageous!]

[Such shameless people are very rare in this world!]

"I only request that you people take those three back to the Silver City. It shouldn't be a problem, right? You're anyway going in that direction Moreover, you can also investigate further into their plans..." Jun Mo Xie ignored the fact that everyone was vomiting, and continued with a big smile in a good-natured tone, "This is the fate of man."

The Seven Swords and the two Elders walked towards Xiao Han and the other two crippled men after Jun Mo Xie spoke this part. [It will be great if we can leave this little devil's side as soon as possible. He's too disgusting]

Mu Xue Tong faced Jun Wu Yi, and cupped his hands before he left. He wanted to say something, but didn't in the end.

It had to be mentioned that the Little Princess Han Yan Meng had been impatient to leave. She had looked at Jun Mo Xie earlier, and he looked like a demon to her eyes. The little girl had feared that this demon would've consumed her to her very bones, and wouldn't even have left a drop of blood behind

"Mo Xie!" Jun Wu Yi's eyes were red. He seemed emotionally moved as he grabbed his nephew's arm and asked, "Was that the truth?"

"Was 'what' the truth?" Jun Mo Xie asked somewhat puzzled.

"The children at the Hall of Hell... are they their children? Are they the children of my brothers?" Jun Wu Yi's eyes were glistening with tears, and his voice was hoarse.

The Blood General could only think of one thing at this time whether those children were the offspring of his fellow brothers. And, he dearly hoped that Jun Mo Xie would answer his question with a 'No'.

That's because Jun Wu Yi didn't know how his heart would confront such hatred if it were true

"I won't lie about this. It's true for an overwhelming majority of them," Jun Mo Xie understood the matter, and continued seriously, "Don't worry, Third Uncle. I already re-investigated them. Their situation is much better than before. Moreover, I've already assigned people to treat them for a quick recovery. Some of them have already recovered to some extent. And, I've also requested my master if he could refine some divine medicines which could help them recover faster"

Jun Mo Xie was forced to say this to make Jun Wu Yi feel better

Jun Wu Yi had always been a man with strong emotions. Therefore, this matter needed to be handled properly. Else, the Third Master Jun would feel sad whenever he would think of those orphans even if he was reunited with Han Yan Yao. In fact, this matter could even create a rift between Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao. The two people's feelings for each other were as deep as the ocean, but they would still hold regrets throughout their lives.

Such a thing wasn't impossible given Jun Wu Yi's nature. In fact, there was every possibility of this becoming a reality

The situation was starting to become better now. So, it would be a huge pity if this matter led to another tragedy. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie grinded his teeth, and made an illusionary promise.

He had pushed everything onto his imaginary "master". And, that would at least give Jun Wu Yi hope even if it couldn't be accomplished. It was something similar to the recovery of his legs. After all, that had also seemed like an illusionary hope at some point in time...

Moreover, this thing wasn't necessarily impossible given Jun Mo Xie's advancement with the Hong Jun Pagoda.

"This is good! This is very good! I'm sure that everything will be fine if the senior is working on it!" Jun Wu Yi was emotionally moved, and couldn't contain himself. His sword-like eyebrows shot up as he continued in a heavy tone, "I won't be able to face 'my brothers of old' if I don't take good care of those children."

Jun Mo Xie's heart sank again.

Jun Wu Yi's state of mind had gone into turmoil ever since he had heard about what had happened to those children because of the hatred between the Jun and the Xiao Family.

[This isn't a good sign.]

"Those little ones and I still look up to you, Third Uncle," Jun Mo Xie reminded him.

Jun Wu Yi became teary-eyed, and his expression became complicated as he looked at his nephew. Then, he laughed loudly, and patted Jun Mo Xie's shoulder. However, he didn't say a word and walked away with his own thoughts.

Jun Wu Yi cut as a very lonely figure from behind as he walked away. In fact, he looked very desolate. One could tell that this matter would gnaw at his mind forever. Jun Mo Xie could only sigh...

The officers and soldiers turned back and returned as the bugles started to echo. They had done so without a single word from Jun Wu Yi's mouth.

Solitary Falcon looked at Jun Mo Xie, and approached him slowly, "Jun Mo Xie, this method of yours is shocking and impetuous! Your strength is good, but you've revealed it somewhat early," The Solitary Falcon had already become accustomed to thinking things over from the Jun Family's point of view.

"Is it too early?" Jun Mo Xie looked at him in an amused manner.

"The matter between you and Guan Qing Han will create a huge disturbance once it comes out. But, you've come out with such a world-shaking revelation at this time. How won't it create any controversy? You're technically at Sky Xuan level, but your fighting-strength has already reached that of a Spirit Xuan expert! But, you haven't even reached the pinnacle of the realm yet. So, this isn't enough to inspire awe in everyone," the Solitary Falcon frowned as he returned his look.

"And you care about it?" Jun Mo Xie tilted his head, and the corners of his mouth curled into his customary evil sneer. "I've done this to make those rotten old bastards ponder over it properly. Humph"

"I want them to consider this carefully which of their families can survive my wrath if the Silver City's Xiao Family can't!" Jun Mo Xie's eyes shone with a baleful look as he continued seriously, "I've done this once. So, I can do it fifteen times more! The power of the Imperial Families their ethics and morality it has never been worth anything in my eyes!"

"They can go and take a hike!" Jun Mo Xie roared in a lowered voice.