Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 434

Chapter 433 guan qing hans suspicion
Chapter 433: Guan Qing Hans Suspicion

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The silence of the night was suddenly broken when Dugu Xiao Yi shouted loudly. It even made the not-too-far-away Jun Mo Xie tremble. So, he draped his robe over his shoulder, and scuttled to examine the cause. And, he found out that Dugu Xiao Yi's missing pet had unexpectedly and unfathomably returned in the middle of the night.

It was important to know that they had covered a distance of over ten days from the Tian Fa Forest by now.

However, this surprise had driven Dugu Xiao Yi mad with happiness.

The two women got plenty of time to examine Jun Mo Xie's appearance after they answered his questions. It must be mentioned that the Young Master had only put-on his robe. So, some parts of his body weren't properly covered. In fact, his thigh and legs were nicely looming free of any clothing. And, the two women were left to scream at the sight of them. Their scream had mostly been derived from the surprise of this situation. However, it also contained some elements of envy. Moreover, there was another strange element which was rather hard to assess

The time the Young Master had spent in the Hong Jun Pagoda had yielded amazing results when it came to the aspect of his physical transformation. His physical form had become tough. In fact, even a pageant model couldn't have reached this level. It could be said that he wouldn't even have needed to show his handsome face to attract the women on-present-day earth that physique of his' would've been enough to drive the women crazy

However, the degree of his body's transformation had gone a bit overboard. Perhaps it should be said that his extremely fair skin color was a bit dissatisfying. It must be mentioned that it wasn't deathly white. In fact, it was a very healthy shade of white. But, it was still somewhat translucent like snow.

And, this point had left the two beautiful women to feel jealous of him. In fact, the comparatively crazier Dugu Xiao Yi had been repeatedly asking Jun Mo Xie about what he had done to make his skin so smooth and glossy. And, this had obviously made the Young Master very gloomy. [A beautiful woman is exclaiming over the skin of a man Should I should feel happy or sad?]

The Young Master had arrived here in haste after he had heard Dugu Xiao Yi's scream. So, he had only been able to cover himself with his robe. His upper body was better off. However, the area below the knees was left open to prying eyes. Still, how could the two women not cry out after they had answered his impatient questions?

However, that room had a total of four women inside it. So, why had there only been two screams? That was because only Guan Qing Han and the little girl had screamed Mei Xue Yan and Mei Qian Qian had unexpectedly fainted, and hadn't regained consciousness since.

However, Little White had become much better behaved since he had returned. There was a time when he would straight away pounce at Young Master Jun the moment he'd see him. However, he didn't recklessly rush forward anymore. Instead, he would diligently practice his cultivation. He would often hold a knife in his claws when he'd practice in front of the four women. It was like he was putting on a show, and didn't bother with who was watching him.

Dugu Xiao Yi's little imp seemed to be calling out its grievances. It seemed that he had finally become sensible, and had matured and grown up. He ought to look for a wife soon.

The little girl stopped teasing her Xuan Beast. She merely sighed faintly. It was obvious that she had understood these hints. Guan Qing Han also sighed after her. It was unclear whether this was a chain reaction but, even Mei Qian Qian sighed after them. The white-clothed girl was the only one who didn't sigh. However, she did cough softly.

They continued with their journey the next day. In fact, they even picked-up pace.

Jun Mo Xie had become suspicious when Little White had returned. But then, he thought about the prospect of a Xuan Beast King travelling all the way to return the little beast and this notion obviously seemed ridiculous to him. So, he dismissed it with a laugh. [Maybe there's some kind of telepathy between Xiao Yi and this little thing. Moreover, this beast's tracking capabilities are good-enough to scare anyone. So, this matter isn't very surprising]

Jun Mo Xie had tried to engage Mei Xue Yan in conversations along the journey. He only wanted to use this as a pretext to get some reaction from Guan Qing Han. [He he You will ignore me? Look how I am still doing fine without you Or, you could hurry up and join me. I'm waiting for you between the bedsheets. We'll make love again. We'll keep intertwining like the wind and rain. And, that blissful spring will come back again hurry up and come to me!]

However, Mei Xue Yan's reaction towards Jun Mo Xie was what people call, "Someone greater than the previous foe." Young Lady Guan was cold. However, there was now an iceberg atop an iceberg. Young Lady Mei always stayed aloof. She didn't speak much, and always frowned. She would get impatient very quickly, and would show him the door at once. In fact, her attitude would even make Guan Qing Han freeze. Guan Qing Han was a cold person at the most. She would only ignore him when the worse would come to worst. But, the beautiful Mei Xue Yan was the complete opposite. Her word was like the law, and she commanded strict obedience. She could've easily been an empress among empresses!

The Young Master figured that his plan had been laid to waste by Young Lady Mei, but he felt that there was still some room for hope.

Then, Guan Qing Han finally relented one day. She secretly told Jun Mo Xie to wait in his tent late at night. She had also mentioned that she had something to say.

Jun Mo Xie's nether regions started to flare-up the moment he heard this. [The labor of a relentless man pays off. It seems that this girl is still conscious of the situation, and wants to consolidate her position with me]

Young Master Jun spent the afternoon looking for a place to wash himself. After that, he wore a silky-soft white robe. He even embodied the demeanor of an elegant and graceful youngster. To put it simply he wanted to appear as tempting as possible

He heard a sharp and cold cough outside his tent as the curtains of night descended

[The iceberg has arrived!] Jun Mo Xie felt very proud of himself. He even laughed inside. Then, his voice became aloof as he spoke-up in a manly, graceful, and exceptionally steady tone, "Please come in."

The entrance flap opened, and Jun Mo Xie's bright and smiling face turned sour.

Guan Qing Han had admittedly come over to see him. However, the problem was the person who was behind her it was Dugu Xiao Yi! And, she was also carrying Little White in her arms.

Jun Mo Xie suddenly lost his breath like a deflating balloon.

Even a man who had been thinking with his toes instead of the brain would know that Guan Qing Han hadn't come over with the desire he had been hoping for her to have. Jun Mo Xie had been burning with a fiery passion ever since this meet had been set. However, that fervent flame of desire was met with disappointment in the end. In fact, he felt as if someone had poured ice cold water into his leather clothing on a snowy day. His entire body felt cold

"We've come to you with a serious matter. Xiao Yi and I were discussing that the two women you are taking back with us have made things complicated. They aren't as simple and ordinary as you had said they were. They don't even talk much. So, why do they wish to join us? This leaves me to believe that they have an ulterior motive. Why did you have to be so careless?" Guan Qing Han gave him a cold look. "You decided to give shelter to two unknown women. Don't you know that these are times of trouble?"

"How can you be sure?" Jun Mo Xie inwardly rolled his eyes. [I obviously know that these women are unknown to us. You don't have to be that serious about it, do you?]

[You two had fallen for me because of my charms. But, you started to refuse my advanced later on. So, I figured that I could use Mei Xue Yan to pull you closer to me. I felt that you won't be able to refuse me if you sensed some competition. It was merely a trick to attract your attention!]

"Mo Xie, I know that everything has been going smoothly over the past few days. You had gotten rid of numerous powerful experts from the Xiao Family the other day. So, you should be please with yourself. It's okay to have pride. But, you mustn't be overly prideful. Whatever those women have said doesn't make any sense. Haven't you noticed it?" Guan Qing Han scowled as she continued.

"It doesn't make any sense? I know that their story isn't entirely true. But, I haven't discovered a concrete problem with their story yet. But, I'd invite you to enlighten me on this!" The Young Master looked calm as he went to them.

"Those two say that they are from Tian Xiang City. They said that they are the daughters of a chemist. Moreover, they knew who you were when they requested us to journey together. This doesn't make any sense!" Guan Qing Han snorted.

"Huh? How does it not make sense? They are from Tian Xiang City So, it's good that they are travelling with us. And, there's nothing strange about the fact that they know me. After all, those people from the Xiao Family had called out my name many times over. So, it would've been very strange if they didn't know me even after my name had been spoken so many times. Moreover, they had run into trouble with the Xiao Family, and I had acted justly by helping them out of their predicament. That's very chivalrous, right?" the Young Master asked in a puzzled manner.

Guan Qing Han was rendered speechless for a time before she finally spoke-up, "Don't you know what your reputation is, Third Young Master? Do you have any idea how bad a condition your reputation is in? These two women would've escaped far away the moment they had heard the name Jun Mo Xie if they had genuinely hailed from Tian Xiang City! Why would they rush into our camp instead? Why would they request to become your travel companions? Isn't that like taking a lamb to the tiger's den?"

"Well, that's also a sensible argument. I didn't think of it that way Wait what?!" Jun Mo Xie had come to himself, and had begun to ponder over it when suddenly, "What does that mean? Is my image so unbearably bad in Tian Xiang City?"

However, these words made the two women giggle.

"Brother Mo Xie's image is very good. But, it seems that I'm the only one in Tian Xiang City who knows of it. Otherwise, Brother Mo Xie would've left the others to boil with jealousy!" Dugu Xiao Yi came over, and annoyingly clung onto his arms in a complacent manner.

"You know your image well enough. And, you still want me to explain everything carefully? Wait. Let me think about it since when did your reputation start to improve?"

Guan Qing Han gave him a plain look before she continued, "Firstly, they lied. And secondly they were facing trouble from the Silver City's people when we had arrived. This is the point that I'm worried about more since both sides were standing in confrontation! Focus on the 'confrontation' part! It means that the two women had enough strength to face off against the Silver Blizzard City! And, what's more unusual is that those two women have nothing unusual about them"

"So, what you mean is that they have some powerful expert protecting them from the dark?" Jun Mo Xie frowned.

"Yes. But, neither you nor Solitary Falcon has discovered them. And, this is extremely strange." Guan Qing Han was a woman. And, a woman is a woman. She had obviously thought everything over in detail, "It would've been acceptable if you hadn't been able to discover this hidden expert. But, the Solitary Falcon is one of the Great Masters. So, it could be something big if he hasn't been able to figure these people out either! How powerful would that expert be if they are able to hide in such a way?"

Jun Mo Xie put his hands behind his back, and strolled twice round the tent's interior.

"So, the expert protecting these two women must be stronger than the Solitary Falcon. That's why they were able to confront the Silver Blizzard City's people. And, that's why Solitary Falcon couldn't discover this person. This is the only pla