Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 435

Chapter 434 bone tempering pill
Chapter 434: Bone-Tempering Pill!
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"Right! Anything else?" Jun Mo Xie nodded.

"But, the establishment of this conclusion leads to another question. Why did they have to come and seek protection in an army camp if they had someone of that strength to guard them? The expert who is guarding them may be very strong. However, we can't forget that this is an army camp. So, their guardian will have to remain hidden even when they enter the camp. This means that their guardian might not have enough time to save them if anyone has any bad intentions," Guan Qing Han exhaled a long breath.

"So, I'm guessing that they might have some other means to defend themselves," Guan Qing Han knit her delicate brows. "And, neither you nor Solitary Falcon has discovered what that ability is And, that is extremely strange!"

Jun Mo Xie continued to nod.

"I'm even guessing that this mysterious self-defense ability comes from the two women themselves?" Guan Qing Han finally relayed the thoughts that had been concealed in the depths of her mind.

"This is the only way these puzzling dots can be connected and explained," Guan Qing Han became increasingly shocked as she continued to speak, "It could be concluded that these two women are even stronger than the peerless Great Master Solitary Falcon?"

"This analysis seems reasonable, but it's very unlikely to happen," Jun Mo Xie nodded heavily. "Those two women haven't shown any malice towards us. They've only requested us to take them to Tian Xiang City; that's all. And, I'm sure that these doubts will be clarified once we get to the city. So, we only need to make some preparations in secret for the time being..."

"I only have these things to speak of. And, you're good at making the preparations. So, it's best that I stay with them and keep an eye on them. After all, it's impossible for them to always be flawless with their words and deeds," Guan Qing Han gave a long sigh and stoop up leisurely.

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes. The beautiful Guan Qing Han had clearly indicated she was returning to her tent since the conversation had ended [This means that I'm going to be left disappointed Damn! I shouldn't have bathed!] Jun Mo Xie thought gloomily.

Jun Mo Xie became even more dispirited since Guan Qing Han's head didn't even turn as she walked away. He was about to enter the Hong Jun Pagoda to train when he raised his head and discovered that Dugu Xiao Yi was still there. Moreover, she was looking at him with wide and round eyes

"You haven't left? Is everything okay?" Jun Mo Xie asked with no sense of imperceptivity.

"Brother Mo Xie" Dugu Xiao Yi pouted as she exploited the opportunity to come closer. "I want to discuss something with you. Is it alright?"

Jun Mo Xie's spirit quivered. His body was also left to tremble. Dugu Xiao Yi's coy voice had made every last hair on his body to stand. "Don't ma'am I'll do whatever you say. I won't have any objections I promise!"

"It's nothing big I only wanted to know when you will give me a chance to "cook rice" again?" Dugu Xiao Yi's pretty face had turned red. She was extremely shy, but she had still firmly held on no matter how this matter appeared.

"Huh? Cook again? Cook what?" Jun Mo Xie stared wide-eyed. He was certainly thirsting to "cook rice" at this time. But, how could he cook? His thirst for it didn't mean that he was in no position to make choices. And, it most certainly didn't mean that he was prepared be enslaved by that aphrodisiac's effect and ravage her to ruins afterwards

"Good lady please forgive me have pity on my 'small weapon.' It won't rise again even if it's tossed from side to side."

"No! There will be no discussion about it!" Dugu Xiao Yi raised her neck, "What will happen if you two return and secretly go over the rituals? You will become husband and wife after that! Do you want this young girl to be your concubine? I will force myself upon you if you don't agree!"

[Being my concubine? Force yourself upon me? This girl is bold, but she's way ahead of her time]

Jun Mo Xie had been beaten by her.

"Uh you're still small. You won't be able to deal with that. So, how about we talk this over first?" Jun Mo Xie hadn't merely spoken these words to escape from this situation. Instead, they were hard truths. He was only seventeen years old in this life. But, he still had the thoughts of an older man from his previous life. Therefore, doing it with a sixteen year old girl was still a crime for him.

[She's still a kid!]

"Did you say I'm small? How much older are you? You're only one-and-a-half years older than me! So, how are you too old, huh? I'm not that small!" Dugu Xiao Yi's perky bosom burst forth like raging waves. This nearly gave Jun Mo Xie a nose-bleed

[Ah mother! Is this my fate?!]

"And, don't worry about what will happen once we return home. Elder Sister Mei Qian Qian gave me an idea about that," Dugu Xiao Yi's face blushed as she bit her lips, "There will be no problems if we do this."

"Huh?" Jun Mo Xie scratched his head in confusion.

"She told me that there won't be any problem as long as I go back with a big belly. It might be a bit strenuous, but we can persevere through the issue in that case," Dugu Xiao Yi's face became a deeper shade of red as she twirled her finger, and spoke in a lowered voice.

[What? Going back with a big belly?] That matter regarding strenuous or not reminded Jun Mo Xie of what had happened earlier. And, he was left covered in sweat as a result. [That tremendous scandal involving Guan Qing Han hasn't even been pacified yet. And, this is likely to create another terrifying storm. And, if I make your belly big]

Jun Mo Xie suddenly and quietly disappeared from the tent with a "whooshing" sound.

[You won't go But I can, right? You think I can't hide?] Young Master Jun immediately thought of moving into action. And, he entered the Hong Jun Pagoda.

Dugu Xiao Yi bashfully waited for a reply. In fact, flowers had started to blossom in front of her eyes by now. However, her Brother Mo Xie had already vanished

This made that Young Lady unbearably angry.

"Jun Mo Xie! Humph! I'm considered one of the two most beautiful flowers of Tian Xiang City! But, you're still not ready? Do you know how many guys wish to pluck me? You think you're the only guy around?" It was hard to tell where she had learnt this wisecrack from. However, her words were clearly not conforming to her actions.

She looked around twice. Then, she walked over to Jun Mo Xie's bed, and sat down. She then felt the bed with her hand, and groaned in a loving manner. Then, something flashed in her mind. She quickly grabbed the quilt, and dug into it.

"Thud! Thud!" Two small boots flew out from the bedding.

[You can run! I'll wait for you here! I'll see where you go! I'll surely force myself on you when you come back. I'll give my all for you!] Dugu Xiao Yi snorted and groaned a bit. She still felt a little embarrassed. But, she let it pass no matter what. Dugu Xiao Yi was wrapped in the bedding, and she was also surrounded by a man's smell. She couldn't help but feel her heart beat loudly [This smell isn't bad]

No one else was present there. But, she still felt a bit guilty. Dugu Xiao Yi then stealthily looked around to see that no one else was there. And, she slipped further inside the bedding once she was certain that no one was watching. She wriggled as she shrugged off her gown. She then lay on her back, and rested her head on the pillow as she thought [How do I forcing myself on him?]

However, Jun Mo Xie didn't return for a while. She waited for a while longer. But, Jun Mo Xie still didn't come back. Dugu Xiao Yi started to feel sleepy. She tried to fight to keep her eyelids open. However, she yawned twice and, eventually

Fell asleep

A first-class sleep is the best way to rest. And, this sleep of this little girl could actually be called 'savory'.

Meanwhile, Jun Mo Xie had stepped into the Hong Jun Pagoda. He had carefully inspected each of the nine swords he had forged earlier. And, he had put them back after he had pondered over them a bit. After that, he had picked-up some fragrant herbs, and had started to refine the divine pills. He had received a message from fatty a few days ago. And, this message had stated that their supply of the two divine pills had hit rock-bottom. These were the main source of their wealth. So, the supply mustn't be stopped. In fact, it was even necessary for him to prepare a reserve-stock if possible...

Therefore, the Young Master started to increase his store's capacity. Moreover, he had also concocted divine pills which could increase Xuan strength to a greater extent. However, he could only refine this pill to support the Ten Years' Dan.

The third level of the Hong Jun Pagoda had given him the access to refine another kind of pill. This pill could act as a 'Bone-Tempering' pill. The advantage of such pills was that they could transform a man's bones to become more compact and coordinated. But, it didn't provide any other advantage...

However, this bone transforming pill could be combined with the cleansing pills. And, that would yield instantaneous results. In fact, it could take a mediocre fighter, and could transform him into a martial genius! It didn't matter whether it was his physical strength, his meridians, or his dantian everything would be transformed!

The said-individual would be given a new life!

However, it was a pity that the 'cleansing' pills could only be refined at the fourth level of the Hong Jun Pagoda. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie could only look up and sigh since he didn't have a better option. And so, he continued to refine the Missing Yin Pill and the Mysterious Yang Pill. Even that bone tempering pill... [Those clumsy ox-like idiots will be better off if their bones are better coordinated, right?]

However, Jun Mo Xie hadn't realized that these bone-tempering pills would have more importance in the Xuan Xuan Continent than he had anticipated. In fact, they would be worth much more than the ten years strength-enhancing pills.

The strength enhancing pills could increase one's cultivation by ten years. However, those pills would ignore the natural hierarchy in doing so. In other words, they would work against the will of the heavens. It was truly awesome when one comes to think of it! However, this would be a 'one-off thing' even if it managed to increase the cultivation. This meant that it would have no effect after one use alone. But, the bone-tempering pills could transform one's basic attributes. They could destroy the bones' original form, and could reassemble them from a scratch

This was something which one couldn't even dare to imagine.

Such an enhancement in someone's basic constitution couldn't happen by following a procedural training. However, there were some things which could increase someone's basic constitution in this manner. The Tian Fa Forest's sacred fruit was one of those things

However, a pill that could improve someone from the inside was very rare to come by. That was because no legendary potion had ever been able to achieve such a thing

Jun Mo Xie tossed the tiny jade bottle after he had successfully finished the refining. He then laughed out in a complacent manner.

Young Master Jun felt the aura from the Hong Jun Pagoda filling his body and replenishing the vigor he had earlier lost. And, he smiled in a satisfied manner. The speed of this process had become very astonishing by now. He had continuously been improving his skills for the last few days. He had also been using his 'turning iron into gold' skill very frequently of late. But, his ability to replenish his lost energy had also improved a lot. And, he had also been rising through the Sky Xuan realm as a result

In fact, his strength had already stabilized past the Sky Xuan middle rank!

One could even say that reaching close to the breakthrough to Spirit Xuan wasn't impossible if this speed of improvement continued