Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 436

Chapter 435 theres no way to survive this day
Chapter 435: Theres No Way to Survive This Day

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However, Jun Mo Xie discovered a little problem The Hong Jun Pagoda's aura was getting thinner! It was important to know that the Hong Jun Pagoda had abundant aura inside it. However, Jun Mo Xie had been absorbing it non-stop because of his training.

The aura had currently returned to the same level when he was in Tian Xiang City. But, Jun Mo Xie clearly remembered that the aura was much denser when he was in the Tian Fa Forest. In fact, the aura wasn't only more profound there it was much more profound.

The Young Master's strength used to be very shallow some time ago. So, he couldn't distinguish the difference between the qualities of the aura. But, his strength had become more profound now. The Hong Jun Pagoda surely had abundant supplements of aura. In fact, it was unlikely to run out of it. But, it was getting thinner

People tend to be become frightened if they don't know much about the on-going matter.

It seemed that the change in environment had some effect on the Hong Jun Pagoda.

Jun Mo Xie would absorb a huge amount of aura every time he'd train. And, only a small amount of that aura was absorbed by his body. The majority of it would re-enter the Hong Jun pagoda. This aura would be absorbed into his body when needed at a later stage.

However, Jun Mo Xie had also understood one point the Hong Jun Pagoda also needed to replenish its aura!

It seemed that he would need to think of a solution to this problem. After all, Jun Mo Xie was dissatisfied with the speed of his aura's replenishing ever since he had experienced its potential in Tian Fa.

This change in Jun Mo Xie's attitude was a very normal aspect of human nature. It was similar to the case of a man who had been with a normal-looking partner. However, this man then got a chance to be with a very beautiful girl instead. This continues for six months. Then, the man wants to get married. However, he ends up with a normal-looking partner again. This situation was something similar

This is how men think. And, the Young Master was also a man. So, he was no exception to it either...

Jun Mo Xie gave a satisfied sigh as he stepped out. This had already been a very long night. He had first had those long conversations. Then, he had concocted several pills. And, he had practiced his Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune after that

Therefore, it could be said that Young Master Jun was very tired. Moreover, he had been very excited some time ago. But, his hopes had washed out, and nothing had materialized out of it. And, this had left Jun Mo Xie in an unpleasant mood. [Will I have to end up forcing myself?]

Jun Mo Xie quickly shed his clothes except for those covering his nether region. He then walked barefoot towards his bed, and slammed into it.

But, how could the Young Master have dared to go to "sleep" after landing into the "trap" that had been set there for him

Jun Mo Xie jumped out naked from the bed.

"Damn! What is this?!" Jun Mo Xie had lost his sleepiness. His eyes opened wide as he looked at his bed. His forehead had a dark line. [Have I slipped into the wrong bed?]

He had felt a soft and fragrant body the moment he had gotten into his bed. And, this had left him to believe that he was dreaming

[This dream is very beautiful! I hope I don't wake up very early from this dream!]

Young Master Jun slipped away and moved to the entrance. He then looked around in a secretive manner. [Yes, this is my tent. So, why is Xiao Yi in my bed? Moreover, she's]

Jun Mo Xie approached his bed once again as these thoughts crossed his mind. He then extended his hand and gave a light push, "Hey hey wake up. Don't sleep here."

Dugu Xiao Yi turned over while holding the quilt to her body, and muttered in a haze, "Stop being noisy Let me sleep..."

Jun Mo Xie felt his head ache.

Both his upper and lower heads were becoming bigger...

A single man and a single woman were alone in the same tent in a dark and quite camp. Faint wisps of delicate fragrance were floating in the air. These were obviously provoking wild and fanciful thoughts. Moreover, this extremely beautiful woman had exposed herself like this under these circumstances. And, she was sleeping in his bed as well.

Jun Mo Xie wouldn't have been a man if he hadn't had some reaction to that...

[Do I do it? Or do I not do it?] Jun Mo Xie pondered on that bewildering question with some nervousness in heart.

Dugu Xiao Yi turned over on the bed. The meager quilt on her graceful legs half fell down the bed with a soft clinking sound. And, an extremely beautiful figure was exposed to Jun Mo Xie's eyes as a result...

Delicate arms, perky chest, slender waist, and slender legs Jun Mo Xie's eyes sparkled at the sight of it. And, he made a gulping sound as he swallowed some saliva.

[Fu*k! Forget about one sheep this is like two sheep!]

Lust prevailed over logic, and his inner wolf appeared!

Something moved inside Jun Mo Xie's heart. He took two steps forward, and moved towards the bed. There was a malicious green light in his eyes. He looked similar to a hungry wolf on a cold winter night.

"Huh? You've finally returned?" Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly woke up. She then looked at Jun Mo Xie in an excited manner, "I've been waiting for you the entire night. Where did you go off to?"

"I" Jun Mo Xie's arms were open. He was about to jump and throw himself on her. However, he had stopped in-between this movement. So, his posture was rather strange at this time...

"Well, it's good that you've returned" Dugu Xiao Yi held her quilt and tilted her head as she looked at Jun Mo Xie. Her eyes were brimming with curiosity, "Your look confused. Are you ready or not?"

"Huh? Am I ready?" Jun Mo Xie straightened his back. His small head had been standing tall a while ago. However, it had withered by now.

"Ah, are you ready to cook rice or not? I'm telling you I'm ready to force myself upon you today! So, be a good boy!" Dugu Xiao Yi opened her mouth and spoke in a tyrannical manner. She then lowered her head. Her small head had reddened with a blush. She couldn't help but fiddle with her braid...

"What? What're you going to do?"

"You wait! I'll go and get the medicine," The girl excitedly jumped out of the bed, and put on her clothes in a flustered manner. Then, she fled the tent like a wisp of smoke, and proceeded to get the "medicine."

Jun Mo Xie hit his head against the bed, and bounced due to the cushioned collision. He then used the entirety of his strength to hit the bed with his hand with a "Slam!" sound. "Good God! I've committed the greatest sin of my life! Please let me die! This is a dream. But, aren't nightmares a kind of dream too? Please let me die"

Then, there was a "Bang!", and the three Dugu brothers rushed in aggressively. They then started to shout at the naked Jun Mo Xie, "Jun Mo Xie! What did you do to our little sister? You little lecher!"

Young Master Jun silently turned his head to look at them. The Young Master so depressed that he wasn't even embarrassed anymore In fact, he was already on the verge of a collapse. The Young Master suddenly got up, and got into the bedding. Then, he shouted from inside it, "Get lost! Or I'll put a baby in your sister!"

Dugu Xiao Yi quickly went and procured her "medicines". She was panting madly and violently by the time she entered head-first through the tent's flap

"I've got the 'medicine' Brother Mo Xie! So, we'll 'cook rice', right?" Dugu Xiao Yi was in high spirits. She hadn't even finished speaking when she raised her head and realized that her elder brothers were present. She couldn't prevent herself from feeling flustered. So, she stared wide-eyed, "Huh? What are you guys doing here?"

Jun Mo Xie dragged Guan Qing Han early the next day. He ignored her opposition, and started to bow and beg her. Guan Qing Han thought that his wolf-like nature had flared up again. However, she wanted to discuss the matter of the Mei Sisters instead. So, she couldn't help but frown at him in a resentful manner. [We're at such a critical point. Yet, you only care for your personal needs! There will be a big problem if this senseless man's actions go public! And, everyone will rebuke this Young Master if that happens]

However, the Young Master continued to beg and whine, "I beg you, I beg you sister I beg you please educate that Dugu Xiao Yi. I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore Please"

Guan Qing Han was stunned by this

[A blooming flower in each hand]

The Young Master was surely suffering ruin at this time. However, the Tian Xiang City was in complete disorder as well. Jun Mo Xie hadn't even returned to the Tian Xiang City. But, the new of his affair had already caused a cacophony over there.

Even the Emperor seemed overwrought these days!

Jun Mo Xie's incestuous affair had been suppressed under a huge amount of pressure to prevent it from exploding out in the open. After all, Young Master Jun's affair could cause a huge scandal in this extremely conservative and feudal society!

The Jun Family was obviously trying to push this matter down. Even the Dugu Family and the Emperor were putting pressure on it. After all, this matter could give rise to a very perilous situation if it were exposed...

His Majesty didn't want this scandal to become public because the Jun Family had displayed its strength at Tian Fa Forest. The Emperor was clear about one thing the consequences of the Jun Family being brought down because of this matter would be catastrophic. The Government officials mustn't be allowed to use it to attack them either. After all, the Jun family would retaliate if that were to happen. He was certainly the nation's ruler. However, he wouldn't be able to contain the situation if that were to happen. So, one could only imagine the intensity of the issue...

The Emperor had attempted to cage every information regarding the matter between Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han. And, he had hoped that the big scholars would understand the situation as well. In fact, the Emperor was one step away from jumping to the sky and yelling out, "Open your eyes you dogs! See what's happening! Can you even afford to provoke the Jun Family? Even I'm afraid of the consequences!"

However, things had turned out very contrary to the desired result...

His Majesty's good intentions piled many inches thick in memorials. However, they had come to naught.

He postponed the court meeting for ten days because of this matter. The Emperor believed that the courtiers would consider the matter carefully. And, he felt that they wouldn't create any trouble since they'd realize the severity of the situation. However, His Majesty was left baffled in the Imperial Court the day it convened again.

Nine Imperial Censors, Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang, and fifty-to-sixty other Government officials teamed up. They comprised for more than half of his imperial officials. However, they had decided to accuse the Jun Family of misconduct. They accused Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi. Moreover, they put special emphasis on Jun Mo Xie's scandal involving his elder sister-in-law!

The Emperor felt a stab of pain in his head when this happened.

"Your Majesty, I open my heart and accuse the Empire's Great Supreme Commander Jun Zhan Tian! Jun Zhan Tian hasn't educated his grandson properly. And thus, the boy has committed such a scandalous act while travelling back with the Blood General! The ruler of each and every nation is condemning this act! This relays the shame my Tian Xiang has to suffer for this crime!" Kong Ling Yang's face was solemn. His beard had fluttered as he had stood up.

"Jun Zhan Tian is domineering and arrogant. He relies on his power like a spoilt child. And, he does whatever he pleases! He disregards the Imperial Law. And, he even threatens to kill the Imperial Ministers! This is a huge crime!"