Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 437

Chapter 436 which side do you take
Chapter 436: Which Side Do You Take?

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A long-unending speech followed. Wherein, the scholar listed no less than fifteen crimes that had been committed by the Old Man Jun. It would go against the natural order of things if Jun Zhan Tian wasn't punished for them. In fact, it would be a grave misfortune for the common people!

There was one particularly interesting part in the accusations. The specific content was as follows The soldiers and guards around the Capital City's ministers are being threatened by the Jun Family. And, this has forced the guards to relocate out of fear. It seems that Jun Zhan Tian is on the verge of causing an uprising

A total of fifteen crimes were listed. And, one of them was said to have been committed by the Old Man Jun's grandson Jun Mo Xie. "That young and shameless brat has defiled his elder sister-in-law. He has committed an immoral act. Guan Qing Han is the Eldest Daughter-in-law of the Jun Family. However, she has seduced the Young Master with little shame. She has ruined the family values, and has lowered their morals very considerably!" This charge had seven accusations in itself.

His Majesty frowned as he looked at the old scholar in a very impatient manner.

However, Kong Ling Yang seemed very more emotional as he continued in a loud voice, "This official believes that Jun Zhan Tian is a traitorous scoundrel who is guilty of these crimes. And, he should be punished with execution without further delay. Jun Wu Yi has been shamelessly ignoring rules of the military. He should be sacked. And, an inquiry should be initiated against him. This man should be sent to prison, and he should be given a very strict punishment. Jun Mo Xie's crimes against his elder sister-in-law are filthy to the extreme. He should be given death by a thousand cuts. It shall serve as an example for future offenders. Guan Qing Han isn't a woman who defends her honor. She is extremely shameless. She is a widowed woman. However, she still shared the beddings with another man. Her crimes must be declared publicly. That shall uphold Tian Xiang's moral integrity to the world at large!"

These words were very poisonous in nature. In fact, they could taint and ruin the Jun Family.

The Dugu Family's head grinned. He hadn't heard a single word about the extermination of the entire family. But, this punishment was still as cruel. After all, all three members of the Jun Family had been nominated to the scaffold

Jun Zhan Tian was sitting with a lowered head. However, he didn't seem to be paying attention to anything. In fact, it appeared as if he was sleeping.

"This official seconds this motion!"

"This official also supports this motion!"


Everyone in the hall kneeled in front of the Emperor, and requested him to punish the Jun Family.

Many people who hailed from the various powerful families hesitated to speak out. So, they merely watched as everything proceeded. However, the Emperor's brows continued to knit tighter and tighter together...

"Your Majesty, I believe that Jun Zhan Tian has lost his status of the past. He doesn't hold the same status and authority in the army anymore. It will be good for Tian Xiang if we root out the Jun Family by using this opportunity. And, it will be good from a morality standpoint as well," Even Jun Zhan Tian raised his eyebrows when he heard the voice of this man.

[I knew that someone would try to get me when I'm down. But, I had never thought that he would be the first person to do so.]

It was the Song Family's Head. He was also a General in the army. His name was Song De Hai.

"The Song Family's head has spoken correctly. This official seconds this motion!" The Meng Family's head Meng You Wei stood up as well. His face brimmed with grief and indignation, "Jun Zhan Tian is like a malignant disease for the Empire. It will be difficult to keep the rest of the continent calm if we don't remove him. It would be very difficult to maintain the court's discipline if we don't remove him. And, it'll be difficult to prevent the common people from speaking about it for ages. So, I sincerely look to His Majesty to resolve this as quickly as possible!"

"We sincerely look to His Majesty to resolve this as quickly as possible!" everyone called out together as they firmly prostrated themselves.

The Seven Great Families of the Capital were present in attendance. The Murong Family had remained neutral as usual. The Tang and the Jun Family were still as thick as thieves. So, the Tang Family hadn't spoken a word. However, many others stood in opposition to the Jun Family. But, one family had acted beyond everyone's anticipation The Li Family hadn't participated in this onslaught even though they were the Jun Family's greatest rivals!

"This matter is of utmost importance! We shall discuss this further tomorrow!" His Majesty announced in a low voice, "The officials may rise!"

The Emperor was about to flee from the court. However, this is when he heard the old scholar Kong speak-up again

"Your Majesty mustn't leave! Your Majesty mustn't leave! You need to sort this matter out quickly! We can't delay! Anyone who hesitates can't resolve this chaos. Your Majesty is divinely wise, and he knows the military law!" Kong Ling Yang wasn't prepared to leave. So, he took the lead and started to shout these slogans. His meaning was very clear. [We won't give up unless you deal with the Jun Family today.]

The Emperor frowned in a serious manner as he got up. However, it seemed as if these words had escaped from deep within him, "I'm feeling unwell. So, I'll leave." Then, he waved his sleeves and disappeared like a wisp of smoke. [You love to kneel, don't you? I can't believe you've put me in this position. I'm going to lose my mind!]

Even the Emperor wanted to use this opportunity to deal with the Jun Family. And, anyone who'd peak into his heart would know of it. But, he couldn't dare to. He was the ruler of an Empire. So, he had obviously thought far ahead than most people would. Perhaps, those rotten scholars hadn't considered this point. Perhaps they thought that the consequences of dealing with the Jun Family wouldn't be that bad

However, the Emperor knew that the Jun Family had a comprehensive command and influence over the military. Therefore, he was certain that there would be new of a mutiny in the morning if he were to make a move against the Jun Family. In fact, even speaking up against Jun Zhan Tian would result in the same! And then, more of such news would pour-in from at least five or six places within three days...

What would the nation of Tian Xiang do then?

[Is it that easy to deal with the Jun Family at this time? What a big joke! Would I have waited for you to submit your petition if I could've dealt with them?]

The officials also left after the Emperor departed in violent anger. Jun Zhan Tian had seemed to be sleepy inside the hall. But, he was as lively as a dragon when he walked out. He hadn't taken the accusations of those rotten scholars seriously.

It would've been a serious matter if the Murong and the Li family had launched an attacked as well. But, those small fries weren't enough to entice the Old Man Jun's fighting spirit.

"Jun Zhan Tian! You haven't educated your youngsters, and now your grandson has act in an evil way. Yet, you dare to show your face in society! Retribution awaits you!" Kong Ling Yang trembled as he called out. An overwhelming majority of the officials were waiting at the door along with him and Mei Gao Jie. The public opinion was also in their favor. So, they were quite confident.

This information was right on the bull's eyes. Therefore, the old scholar Kong was quite certain that he could bring down the Jun Family in one swoop!

Jun Zhan Tian stopped in his tracks, and turned to look at him. Then, he snorted and said, "Hey bookworm, can't you shut your beak? This old man is very annoyed. I don't have time to deal with you. We will discuss this matter tomorrow."

Kong Ling Yang became furious when he heard this. Even his whiskers started to tremble, "You you you" However, Jun Zhan Tian merely rolled his eyes, turned, and walked away.

One of the officials went closer to Kong Ling Yang's ear and said, "Master, this Old Man Jun is one of the greatest experts of the city. Moreover, he has reached the Sky Xuan peak. So, he's almost as good as the strongest expert in the city. Therefore, I beseech the Master to be cautious."

"Sky Xuan peak? The strongest expert? What's that again?" Kong Ling Yang raised his eyes and gave a resolute look to his disciple. He then said with disdain, "He merely has martial prowess! What do you have to fear about?! There's an ancient saying words are the law of the land. Strength can only choose sides. Haven't you heard that? The ones with talent decide the fates of empires! Do you understand? How can a mere warrior ascend to the top of an imperial court? It will be extremely hard for him to find excuses or apologize in this situation! He can't justify anything. This matter has already been determined! How can an ordinary man like him be anything in my eyes?"

That old scholar's philosophy was as follows [So what if you're a Sky Xuan peak, Jun Zhan Tian? You would still be a mere warrior even if you were a Spirit Xuan! And, you don't have brains since you're a warrior. So, you're useless!]

It had to be mentioned that this old man had been studying in somewhat of an ivory tower his entire life. Consequently, he had no idea how frightening a Sky Xuan or Spirit Xuan could be...

"Tomorrow! Everyone hadn't come to participate today. But, we will deal the fatal blow to the Jun Family tomorrow!" Kong Ling Yang snorted coldly and continued, "I would like to urge all officials within the borders of this nation to get involved. We must form popular public opinion inside the city. I won't allow this filthy moral debauchery to exist! Does this shameless family have the qualifications to stand above the Imperial Court?"

"Today's momentum wasn't bad But, it still wasn't enough when it comes to the Jun Family. The Meng and the Li Family's Heads need to support this," Kong Ling Yang turned his head.

"Be at ease, Master. The Meng Family won't shirk from its duty," Meng You Wei thumped his chest in guarantee. "And, the Jun Family isn't very pleasing to the Li Family's eyes either. So, everything should go smoothly."

"Ha ha" everyone laughed as they looked at each other.

In a distant place.

"What do you think of this?" the Head of Murong Family Murong Feng Yun asked Dugu Zong Heng. Dugu Wu Di stood behind the two in silence. However, his rough beard was twitching again and again.

"What? Didn't you see that Jun bastard was just sitting there? He didn't even give a damn! Those annoying scholars only eat till they're about to burst. They have nothing else to do! They're foolish idiots!" Dugu Zong Heng raised his head with disdain. "Jun Zhan Tian can pinch their balls with his fingers! They won't have anything to cover their asses with if he comes for them by tomorrow!"

Murong Feng Yun frowned in indignation and said, "How can you speak like that? You're a Head of a Family! Can't you be more refined?"

"Refined? Refined, my fart! Your elegant words aren't as good as the hair in crotch!" Dugu Zong Heng rubbished and spat saliva, "I'm a military general! Have you ever seen generals fighting with elegance? It's like a hairball to me!"

"It's my fault that I asked you to be refined I was gravely mistaken" Murong Feng Yun felt endless remorse. "But can I ask if you're sure about this onslaught? Jun Zhan Tian looked calm and collected, but that Kong Ling Yang seems to have a big and sharp momentum. Can that Old Man Jun stand firm in the face of it?"

"How will he not? I've already said that those rotten scholars won't be able to do it!" Dugu Zong Heng snorted as he looked disdainfully at the group of officials who had gathered at the side, "It would be a huge joke if these scholars could bring down that rascal Jun! In fact, I'll castrate myself with a sword if they succeed by using here accusations. Hell, I'll even wear a skirt, and marry a man!"

"Damn!" Murong Feng Yun burst out cursing, "I won't marry a man!"

"Fuck you, old man! Listen Old Murong, I'm asking you whether you will take a side? Or, will you sit on the fence again?" Dugu Zong Heng's wide eyes resembled those of an ox.

"Sitting safely on the fence is always a good idea! But, you're asking me What do you plan to do?" Murong Feng Yun's narrowed eyes resembled those of an old fox.

"Can I ever lack taste and stand in the middle like you do? I'm obviously holding fast with Jun Zhan Tian. Which idiot would help those foolish and glutinous pieces of dog-shits?" Dugu Zong Heng drew back his huge mouth, "Besides he and I are related by marriage now."

"Huh? Relatives by marriage?" Murong Feng Yun was shocked, "When did this happen?"

"Fu*k it! Don't mention the damned thing! My family is very unfortunate!" Dugu Zong Heng got mad at the mention of that topic. He couldn't beat-up Murong Feng Yun. So, he turned around to look for his son. But, Dugu Zong Heng had been very loud a moment ago. Therefore, the 'very obedient' Dugu Wu Di had turned tail and fled the moment he had heard the mention of that topic. Thus, there was nobody there when the old man turned back. He couldn't help but rain a mountain of curses in anger, "Bastard! You wait for me, you little cuckold! You didn't let me vent my anger?! I'll beat you up twice as bad once I return!"

Murong Feng Yun's white eyebrows sank as he frowned. It seemed that he had fallen into deep thought. [So, the Jun Family and the Dugu Family have become relatives by marriage because of this matter this isn't right In fact, this is big news! It seems that my Murong Family will have to reconsider. After all, it's always a good idea to choose a safer side in advance]