Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 438

Chapter 437 jun mo xies weakness
Chapter 437: Jun Mo Xies Weakness
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Li Family.

The doddering Grand Preceptor Li Shang was seated on his official armchair. His face was covered in thick wrinkles. The old man's health had been becoming worse with each passing day.

"You Ran, do you believe that it's time for our family to make our move?" Li Shang looked at his grandson.

Li You Ran was wearing a white gown. His hair was jet-black, and his face looked very handsome. In fact, he had somehow removed the scars that had previously riddled his face. The Young Master Li smiled faintly, "You're kidding me, Grandfather. This isn't an opportune moment for us to make a move against the Jun Family. It'd be best for us to stay out of it."

"Oh? Do you have misgivings when it comes to fighting Jun Zhan Tian?" Li Shang's eyes had a complicated light in them.

"No! I have no misgivings when it comes to fighting with Jun Zhan Tian not even the Blood General. Instead, I have misgivings regarding the Third Young Master Jun Mo Xie," Li You Ran sighed and continued, "Jun Zhan Tian is a fiery character. So, he's obviously difficult to deal with. But, he's a person of noble character. Jun Wu Yi is a military strategist. He wins every battle. But, he is an emotional person. Such people may have divine power, and they may possess unequalled Xuan strength. But, we know their weaknesses. So, we can entrap them while staying hidden. After all, wisdom will always win in the contest of power and wisdom!

"However, that Jun Mo Xie has left me thoroughly puzzled." Li You Ran lowered his head, and flashed a tranquil smile. However, his gaze became incisive as he hesitantly spoke-up, "I haven't been able to see what kind of a person that Jun Mo Xie is. I can't sense his weakness either

"And, this is undoubtedly frightening. I've always been able to see that Jun Mo Xie's character was riddled weaknesses. And, this has been the same since childhood. Each of his weakness was fatal, and would've been the end of the Jun Family. But, I've come to realize that those weaknesses had merely been a ruse now that I wish to deal with him. It seems like I've overreached myself, and gotten duped as a result."

"Your analysis is very good. You must've observed that Jun Mo Xie carefully," Li Shang coughed twice. He had been listening to Li You Ran's words very calmly. Then, he spoke, "But, you must understand one thing. It's true that Jun Mo Xie hasn't exposed a weakness. But, he's still a young man!"

"A young man? What do you mean, Grandfather?" Li You Ran was somewhat puzzled.

"A young man may be powerful, and he may be very talented. However, a young man is still full of youth and vigor. So, he's bound to be impulsive!" Li Shang chuckled. "Jun Zhan Tian was able to outdo someone as far-sighted and wise as yourself. That matter hasn't been forgotten until now! And, don't even try to deny this in front of me! And, this is your weakness!"

"Yes!" Li You Ran bowed as he listened to his instructions.

"Second; a young man may be intelligent and calm. But, he's still a mountain of passion. And, that is always a strong weapon against any youngster," Li Shang narrowed his eyes. "Jun Mo Xie has never shown it, but it can be concluded that his biggest weakness is women! He cares for women! Take Guan Qing Han for example or maybe Dugu Xiao Yi!"

"You're right, Grandfather!" Li You Ran bowed and agreed cheerfully. [Experience does count for a lot!]

"Obviously! You regard your heart as 'unfeeling and cold'. But, you also felt dejected when you were planning to deal with Princess Ling Meng, right?" Li Shang's gaze was sharply piercing through his narrowed eyes. "Don't even try to tell me that you didn't!"

"Yes I was... at that time I was very irascible" Li You Ran calmly admitted.

"And, the third place where we can attack a young man is his close relatives! Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi are his close relatives. His father and elder brothers had died long ago. But, he was too young at that time. So, he might not have felt the pain of losing loved ones. But, he's an adult now. So, he can understand everything. Therefore, he will treasure them twice as much. However, it'll be an incalculable blow to Jun Mo Xie if his remaining relatives were to die at this time!

"I believe that these are the three ways to deal with that unbeatable Jun Mo Xie of yours." Li Shang warned in an earnest tone, "There are no enemies who can't be deal with. And, there's no man without a weakness. You must remember this important point well."

"This You Ran will remember the Grandfather's advice forever," Li You Ran stood straight. It was evident that he was in awe of the advice he had received.

It couldn't be denied that experience does matter. Grand Preceptor Li wasn't a great scholar. He didn't command great military prowess. He didn't even possess unrivalled Xuan strength. However, he had always held a spot that could compete with Jun Zhan Tian and Dugu Zong Heng for the top-three. Jun Mo Xie and Li You Ran were gifted individuals. And, they had mastered their respective innate talents as well. However, they were still captured by this dismal side of the human nature. And, this made them slightly inferior to these older men.

"You Ran, these are the three weaknesses of Jun Mo Xie's. However, there is another aspect about Jun Mo Xie that you must take note of," Li Shang spoke very slowly.

"Is there another weak point?" Li You Ran was obviously quite interested.

"It may or may not be. But, you must keep it in mind regardless. It will prevent you from making mistakes in the future since this aspect regards to Jun Mo Xie's nature."

The Grand Preceptor Li softly flipped over the thick files of data that were present on the table in front. No less than three of them were piled up! They were named, "Jun Mo Xie one, Jun Mo Xie two, and Jun Mo Xie three." So, it was evident that these were about Jun Mo Xie.

Every move of Jun Mo Xie's was recorded inside them... everything from the time he ate food to the time he used the toilet. Moreover, many comments analyzing the reported facts were also mentioned therein. These factors had obviously added to the size of the document

"Jun Mo Xie's conduct?" Li You Ran raised his brows, and spoke in a pensive manner, "We didn't notice anything strange about Jun Mo Xie's conduct at first. We had started recording his information three months ago. In fact, around thirty of us had discussed the information and recorded it. But, I haven't found any weakness of his nature within these detailed reports and analysis. He he this Li You Ran admires the Grandfather, and prostrates myself. After all, I had no clue about the weaknesses Grandfather pointed out"

Li You Ran's smile was undoubtedly one of envy. However, that envious smile also contained a sincere trace of admiration.

"I've listed those points as Jun Mo Xie's weaknesses. However, they aren't specific to Jun Mo Xie. Instead, they are the common weaknesses of all youngsters. Therefore, you must first see if they even apply to him. Also, you must consider the manner in which we should exploit them. And, you will need to be very careful about it. Else, we will end up warning the enemy. And, we may not get a second chance given Jun Mo Xie's intelligence." Li Shang coughed.

"Grandfather mentioned that there was some aspect about Jun Mo Xie's conduct. But, you didn't explain in detail. Your grandson thirsts for your teachings," Li You Ran nodded slightly. His gaze was profound.

"How do I say this? I've been thinking over Jun Mo Xie's conduct for a while. In fact, it might not necessarily be his weaknesses either. After all, we may consider it to be his weakness. However, his weakness could also turn to his advantage."

The wrinkles on Li Shang's face got deeper, "This is very difficult to understand. Even I can't understand it at this time. Therefore, I ask you to look into this seriously, You Ran. Take some time, and think about it. You're clearly impressed by Jun Mo Xie. However, you stand against him. Do you understand his character properly?"

"Jun Mo Xie is certainly wild, and proud. He is arrogant, bombastic, and seems to require everyone's attention. But, he does succeed in drawing people's attention very quickly. However, he makes everyone hate him. In fact, he often becomes unbearable. But, a persistent person would eventually realize that his actions had gained him many advantages."

Li You Ran then pondered, and continued, "But, this man has become extremely unbearable in the past few years. It would be an incredible feat if he had done this on purpose. Moreover, it seems that the change in this man's situation has only started to reflect in the past half-a-year. This is what I don't understand How can he change so much in such a short a time? This is incredible and unbelievable!"

"Is it genuinely incomprehensible? Nothing would be difficult to understand if you think of it in simplistic terms. Let's assume that Jun Mo Xie was a very talented youngster. Yet, he seemed like an unambitious man. In fact, he didn't even seem to wish for anything in the past; he only wanted to live a merry life. Do things make sense if you follow this notion?" Li Shang's voice was dull, but his words contained a profound meaning.

Li You Ran's eyes sparkled, and he became calm again. He didn't say a word, but he had understood his grandfather's words.

"It seems that many things will become easier to understand if we establish this point of view. Let's assume that we hadn't decided to deal with the Jun Family. It could be said that the Jun Family's military strength would've gradually thinned out after the Old Jun had died. That's because Jun Mo Xie wouldn't have taken-over the family's responsibilities. After all, it didn't seem like his plan at first."

"Unfortunately, everything has changed for that man. And, he has transformed himself very drastically over the past half-a-year. Other people may not know about this, but I see that very clearly."

Li Shang snorted lightly, "Jun Zhan Tian had strenuously attempted to secure the Jun Family's future about six months ago. Therefore, it could be assumed that the Jun Family had reached a tipping point. Thus, Jun Mo Xie had no choice but to change.

"In fact, that Old Man Jun had proposed Jun Mo Xie's marriage to Princess Ling Meng. This was tantamount to telling to Jun Mo Xie that, 'I can't support you anymore. I can only hope to arrange a secure passage for you post my death. After all, I will pass away in time. And, you won't last a day once I'm gone'. However, the Emperor had declined this idea even though he empathized with them."

Li Shang heaved a soft sigh, "And, Jun Mo Xie underwent a thorough transformation after this event. The Emperor's attitude towards his grandfather's helplessness must've induced a change in him. Why would he decline Old Man Jun's request? It showed that the Emperor doesn't want the Jun Family to exist in his empire. This must've forced Jun Mo Xie to expose his frightening hidden talents. In fact, I feel that His Majesty would die of annoyance if he were to realize this!"