Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 445

Chapter 444 returns to tian xiang
Chapter 444: Returns to Tian Xiang
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Jun Mo Xie had resolved most of the matter that surrounded the Xiao Family. Therefore, most of this evil charms had subsided as far as that matter was concerned. However, the aura of his charms had still been growing around his body over the course of this journey. In fact, they had been becoming increasingly dense. But, this increase in his aura was accompanied by a proportionately dulling look in his eyes. This change was surely very contradictory in nature. However, it only added an indescribable evil charm to his personality

This was the charisma of Jun Mo Xie from his previous life. This was the charisma of someone who'd look askance at the world, and would look down on all creation.

It was the same then.

It was the same now.

Dugu Xiao Yi looked at Jun Mo Xie, and couldn't make it out properly

Jun Mo Xie had seldom gone to the girls' area after he had beaten the Xiao Family. He had mostly stuck with the men instead. Guan Qing Han could still remain calm, but Dugu Xiao Yi couldn't contain herself. So, she'd regularly run to see Jun Mo Xie. But, her efforts didn't produce any results

It was because Jun Mo Xie had been truly disappearing during these days. He didn't spend much time outside. Instead, the Young Master spent most of it inside the Hong Jun Pagoda, and would focus of his efforts to promote his cultivation.

[The clenched fist is the greatest argument in this world.]

Jun Mo Xie wanted to replace the sword which Jun Wu Yi had used with one of the nine divine swords he had forged. But, Jun Wu Yi didn't agree to it. He said that the sword he was currently using was fine, and he was satisfied with it. But, he was mainly attached to that sword because this was the weapon he had used to defeat Xiao Han.

That sword had cleansed the greatest shame of Jun Wu Yi's life. So, he would treasure it even it was merely a scrap of iron. Moreover, hadn't this sword also been forged with Jun Mo Xie's "turning iron into wonderful gold" technique? Its quality may not have been as good as the nine swords Jun Mo Xie had forged later, but it was still an extremely rare and divine weapon in the eyes of the mortal world.

Jun Mo Xie understood this feeling very well. So, he didn't insist further.

Moreover, the quality of the weapon wasn't always the final parameter. After all, it was also important to find the perfect man for the sword. A man and a sword which suit each other well had the potential to take their abilities to great heights.

Jun Wu Yi wasn't the only one who was like that. The Young Master also nourished his divine weapon the "Blood of Yellow Flame". Men have souls, and swords have spirits. And, things could only work in perfect sync if the two had a deep connection.

Jun Mo Xie wasn't aware of any sword spirits or their legends. But, he also believed that divine weapons which could cleave iron like it was clay must have some spirits within them.

Perhaps it depended on the swordsmen's psychology For instance A swordsman mustn't deserve to hold a sword if he didn't feel any connection to it even if it were made of the best metals!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie would use that "golden method" to tune his mind's reaction to the sword's movements. He would also try to experience and understand the sword. After all, that sword was the only companion which would never betray him.

People could change, and people could betray. But, the sword would never do it; never!

It could only accompany its master forever until the sword broke, or the man died!

Jun Mo Xie had even felt his sword tremble once they had reached close to the Tian Xiang City. It was because it had sensed ruthless and bloody events lying ahead. In fact, it seemed as if it thirsted for slaughter.

That kind of faint murderous intention had also triggered Jun Mo Xie's murderous aura. And, his aura had also started to become denser as his sword's intention became stronger. His face had become increasingly still. His expression had become increasingly demonic, while his heart had started to beat more violently.

The men and horses circled a mountain.

Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi gazed at the small mountain in unison.

It was that same mountain by chance

This was where Jun Mo Xie had slaughtered the Blood Sword Hall to loot the crossbows. But, he now knew that his actions hadn't been unjust. After all, the Blood Sword Hall had been the Jun Family's enemy this entire time.

[Even their deaths can't absolve their crimes!]

The road ahead seemed empty. However, Tian Xang City's walls could be faintly seen in the moonlight if one were to raise their head and look.

Jun Mo Xie's narrowed eyes lit up with sharp flashes of light. It was like a sleeping God of Death had suddenly opened his eyes and his large-malevolent mouth. His murderous aura rose with an explosion, and surged forth in a tyrannical manner.

The God of Death had opened his eyes. The King of Hell looked, and the King of Evil focused!

[This journey has been long, but I will finally see who has been creating this chaos and gossip in Tian Xiang City!]

Jun Mo Xie's sword half-drew itself out of the scabbard with a loud screech after it sensed his murderous aura. It glistened brightly and clearly in the light; it looked very threatening. It appeared as if those bright clouds that were tinged with sunset had suddenly descending onto the world. Or as if the ruler of heaven and earth had suddenly opened his cold and murderous eyes!

The ruler looked down on the common people as he overlooked the whole world. It seemed that he would confront the upcoming tides of chaos, and he would show no quarter as he prepared to slaughter in a madden frenzy.

This murderous aura pierced straight into Tian Xiang.

The men around Jun Mo Xie felt the arrival of a terrible, awe-inspiring, and frightening power beside them. It took them a moment to realize what had come to happen. However, they discovered that Jun Mo Xie had already left their side by then. In fact, he had walked thirty meters ahead

Moreover, these iron-blooded soldiers these veterans of hundreds of wars were finding it hard to endure Jun Mo Xie's aura at this moment...

Even the profoundly strong Mei Xue Yan opened her eyes flabbergasted. She then looked at that man's sword, and frowned. The others wouldn't have thought much of it. But, she could sense that the sword was every bit as powerful and awe-inspiring as the man who wielded it. [This man and his sword can make for two very formidable opponents. And, the two of them could easily pose a huge threat to me when combined!]

[How can this be? That is only a sword; and nothing more! It may be unique in its quality, and it may be unrivalled in its sharpness. But, it's still an inanimate object! So, why is it giving me such a strange feeling?! In fact that sword seems more dangerous than Jun Mo Xie]

The army set up camp fifteen kilometers away from Tian Xiang City. This was a custom. The army mustn't enter the Imperial City at once after it had returned triumphant. They would receive their orders, and the high-ranking generals would enter the city first. The rest of the army would only be allowed to return to their barracks later.

Jun Mo Xie moved to the front of the army at once.

They heard a loud screech. This strange sound had sourced from the flagpole of the carriage beside them. The flag was hoisted to flutter in the wind as a result. However, there was a whooshing sound after that, and the flagpole suddenly sprouted half as many more. In fact, it seemed as if a sharp sword had pierced the heavens.

This was a very strange thing. So, it was obvious that the men who saw it were left dumbstruck. But, no one dared to ask why when they sensed that restrained but tyrannical aura that was emanating from Jun Mo Xie.

It seemed like Jun Mo Xie was a volcano which had remained dormant for thousands of years. However, this volcano was about to erupt soon...

Suddenly, a loud bugle sounded inside Tian Xiang City. The drawbridge fell down, and a group of riders suddenly rode out with a thunderous sound. Two huge banners were also dropped down from the walls on either side of the gate.

On the left marked The divine power of the Blood General.

On the right marked Victorious from the Southern Heaven City.

Then, an ordered troop of men came out following the first group of riders. This was the official ceremonial honors to receive a triumphant general.

The first group of riders drew closer with a thunderous sound. However, they didn't decrease their speed. In fact, they rode with increasing swiftness. But, Jun Wu Yi couldn't help but smile at the sight of the man in front.

[It has been a long time since we've met, Dugu Wu Di!]

Jun Wu Yi knew that this was a suicide mission when he had gone to war. But, he had returned hale and healthy, and was finally meeting his friend after a long time. So, he smiled and moved forward to meet him. But then, he noticed that something was wrong. He couldn't help but be stunned by this realization, and was forced to rein his horse.

He saw that the Dugu Family's General Dugu Wu Di was riding forth with his two large sons and nephews. In fact, one could see that General Dugu's hedgehog-quills-like beard was quivering like a young dragon's as they got closer. His eyes were opened wide like round bells, and it seemed as if he could shoot fire out of them. It seemed like the horses won't stop until the man had arrived. However, this man suddenly gave a loud roar at this time

"Dugu Chong, Dugu Shang, Dugu Qian come the fu*k out you three bastards!" his voice shook everything like thunder, "And, Dugu Xiao Yi you come out quickly too! Aaaargh! You've angered me as well!"

Listening to this roar was enough to tell that General Dugu was extremely mad. In fact, it was evident that he was unable to restrain his rage!

Dugu Chong, Dugu Shang, Dugu Qian the three members of the Dugu Family's, "Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward," felt like their souls had flown away in fear after they listened to Dugu Wu Di's loud roar.

The three brothers had calculated their actions beforehand, and were happy with it. They had thought that they would enter the city, receive their orders, and would then flee to the western front to seek shelter under their fathers and uncles. They obviously knew that they couldn't return home. After all, their skin would be flayed in case they did

But, they hadn't expected that Dugu Wu Di would come forth to catch them outside. And, that too with such speed

The three looked at each other in dismay for a moment, and started to tremble when they saw the terror in the others' eyes. So, they dejectedly came out after dilly-dallying for a while. They had obviously realized that hiding wouldn't be good for their cause. However, they resembled defeated troops, and were emanating an aura of defeat on their personas...

"I'll deal with you three wretched disgraces!" Dugu Wu Di's eyes were opened wide as he panted hoarsely and called out. He raised his horsewhip, "I had sent you three to watch over your little sister, your sister, right?! Huh? Are the three of you just good for looking like giant bears on a battle field? Damn it! Why don't you eat hot shit?! You don't like living? Why don't you go to hell then? My Dugu Family would be well if it rids itself of you good-for-nothing losers!"

There was no nonsense; only a crack of the horsewhip! However, the three burly youngsters stood there motionless. In fact, they even winked and pulled faces at each other. [We foresaw that we would be whipped. So, we wore armor under our clothes. Anyway, everything will be fine as long as he doesn't tell us by looking at our faces Hehe]

"Dugu Xiao Yi? Why haven't you come out, you filthy little girl? You can hide for a while, but can you hide forever? Come out quickly, and face me!" Dugu Wu Di cracked his whip twice in front of the crowd. He then threw it aside, and screamed like a black bear.

The ceremonial guards had also arrived by that time. In fact, their front was almost upon Dugu Wu Di.

"Daddy this daughter has missed you a lot" Dugu Xiao Yi slowly walked out from the army. In fact, each step she took was unusually slow.

"You you" General Dugu shot one glance at her. Then, everything went dark before his eyes, and he fell to the ground