Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 446

Chapter 445 youll be a grandpa
Chapter 445: Youll Be A Grandpa
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Dugu Wu Di's eyes opened wide as he became stupefied. He then raised his trembling finger, "You, you, you" he couldn't even say half-a-word more for a long while. Suddenly, there was the sound of something falling as he tumbled down with a "thump," and lay sprawled on his back. He was in a pitiful position, but he still strained his neck and turned his eyes to look at his daughter. However, he couldn't believe it even after getting an eyeful of her.

Jun Mo Xie was also left shocked at the sight of it. In fact, his eyes had ferociously popped outwards.

[What's this? What's happening here?]

As for Dugu Chong, Dugu Shang and Dugu Qian the eyes of the three brothers had also nearly popped out of their sockets.

They saw Dugu Xiao Yi holding her belly as she walked in a careful manner. Her body looked very bloated. This was the figure of a pregnant woman who had suffered a lot of hardships, and was nearing her time of labor. In fact, it seemed like she wouldn't even be able to see her toes if she looked down.

[This girl's body was slender until yesterday. In fact, she would've been blown away with a gust of wind. So, how come she has such a big belly now? This is too great a speed. Anyway, her belly wouldn't have become so big even if she had become pregnant in October and was on the eve of childbirth! Not to mention that we didn't even do it. Anyway, her belly wouldn't have become so big this fast even if we had done it, right? This little girl is too bold]

Jun Mo Xie didn't know whether to laugh or cry for a moment.

[It turns out that this girl has resorted to this final trick now!]

Jun Mo Xie laughed, but he also suddenly felt a bit touched.

This girl's move was undoubtedly willful and troublesome. But, it also showed that she truly and wholeheartedly loved Jun Mo Xie. In fact, it seemed that her affection had reached a point where the situation didn't matter to her!

[I don't care what the cost is! I love Jun Mo Xie! And, I want to marry Jun Mo Xie!]

Her ways of handling matters was very similar to that of the Young Master's. The Young Master would also do what he wished. He would never care about what the others would think or say. The little girl had also ignored everything else out of her love for him. The two of them weren't mirror images, but they had a lot of similarities

Therefore, one could imagine what that little girl must've had to bear when she decided to come out like this in front of the huge army at the gates of Tian Xiang City. After all, she was the only girl in the third generation of a family as influential as the Dugu Family! What would happen to her reputation? The little girl wasn't foolish; nor was it that she didn't know the consequences. But, she had still done it without any hesitation.

She was acting willfully, but this also showed her determination to follow the Young Master even though he'd have to face the criticisms of Tian Xiang. This act was ridiculous, but it said to Jun Mo Xie I will accompany you no matter how much I have to suffer for it. You won't be alone. You will never be alone!

Because you will always have me!

The corners of Jun Mo Xie's callous mouth suddenly became soft. His heart had been moved by the acts of that silly and nave Dugu Xiao Yi.

The affections of that little girl were this strong how else could one regard her?

"Xiao Yi, you, you, you I, I, I It's a sin! It's a sin I will hammer it! Where's the" Dugu Wu Di hit his head with a "Slam!" The magnificent general's eyes and nose had started to run. He shouted out, yet no one answered. He shouted again, but it didn't work.

"Daddy Don't be like this!" Dugu Xiao Yi became anxious, and forgot that she was supposed to be 'pregnant'. She quickly rushed towards her father without thinking. She obviously hadn't had much practice with her props. So, it was quite likely that the stuffing would fall out if she was to try and cover distances at a running speed.

"Stop! You, you don't move you foolish girl you'll cause a disaster" Dugu Wu Di turned pale with fright, and jumped up. He wasn't even able to grieve properly, and was left to extend his arms to stop her instead. He then spoke nervously, "don't don't move the fetus will be in trouble! Aaaaa."

Dugu Xiao Yi quickly came to herself, and realized the condition she was supposedly in. She obviously couldn't run or jump in this condition. So, she stopped her dash. And, her hands cautiously reached for her belly in fear that the stuffing had come out. Then, she faced upwards and walked awkwardly like a penguin as she lovingly said, "Don't get angry, Daddy Your daughter is unworthy But, I'll be a mamma And, you'll be a grandpa you should be happy not mad"

"I'm not angry I'm not angry I should be happy I should be happy ah" Dugu Wu Di hoarsely gasped for air. However, his beady eyes were blue with anger. And, his heart was hammering in his chest as he resisted bursting with fury. Then, he used his finger to poke at his daughter's belly; some of it was with malice, while some of it was in excitement, "Who?"

General Dugu had fathered many children. So, he had seen women carrying children. Therefore, it was unusual that he was fooled so easily. After all, the little girl had left home only a few months ago. Therefore, his daughter's body shouldn't have gotten so big this early even if she was pregnant. However, the first impression of his daughter's act was so strong that he simply ignored this elementary fact.

"Hic? What who?" Dugu Xiao Yi was stunned. Her eyes turned as round as saucers as she asked.

"" Dugu Wu Di nearly vomited blood. He trembled as he looked at Dugu Xiao Yi. The man nearly sobbed blood and burst his liver as he roared, "I'm asking whose child is it?!"

"Whose? Oh this" Dugu Xiao Yi bashfully hung her head, and replied in a low voice, "Who else could it be Brother Mo Xie"

"Ah ah ah" Dugu Wu Di panted with anger. He had been prepared, but seeing his treasured daughter appear in front of him with that big belly had suddenly made the general lose himself. He clenched his teeth and stamped his feet. He then faced upwards and roared, "Jun-Mo-Xie! I will castrate you"

Jun Mo Xie stood amidst the troops. However, his soul was left to tremble when he heard this.

[Huh? Castrate me? On what basis? Your daughter drugged me, and left me to hover between life and death. Yet, you want to castrate me? Isn't this injustice?]

"What are you saying, Daddy?" Dugu Xiao Yi stamped her feet, and her face reddened. Her small hands covered her ears as she summoned her courage to open her mouth. She hadn't experienced the intimacy of a relation between a man and woman, but she understood what castration meant. So, she obviously wasn't happy about it.

"Don't stamp your foot... don't stamp your foot..." Dugu Wu Di jumped up with urgency. He madly scratched his head, "A, a, a... My dearest, your body supports two lives... So, it won't be able to handle big movements... Please be careful..."

The ceremonial guards finally rushed up panting at this time. They turned to Jun Wu Yi and waved a marquee, "Imperial Edict! Jun Wu Yi will receive Imperial Edict!"

"I'll take your grandma's mouth!" Dugu Wu Di stamped his feet. He had a belly full of anger, but nowhere to vent it. And, that's when he heard the court eunuch speak. Dugu Wu Di's anger had covered his ears like heavy clouds shroud a mountain top with mist. So, he wasn't able to hear what the Eunuch had proclaimed. He suddenly erupted like a volcano, kicked out, and cursed, "Curse your family to the eighteenth generation. Screw your grandma's thighs! Can't you see I'm busy? I'll tear your grandma's mouth right up to her ass till she calls me uncle!"

The court eunuch heard these curses as he flipped ten times in the sky like a roasting fish. Then, his body made a squishy sound as he fell to the ground. He gave out a squeak, and became unconscious immiadeitely-after.

The Imperial Edict he had held wasn't very fortunate either, and fell into a puddle with a splash. The water obviously didn't care whether it was an Imperial Edict or not. It drenched it with a murmur, and left the writing on it to become hazy.

Everyone's eyeballs hopped in disorder.

No one had ever seen anyone beat an Imperial Envoy not since antiquity! Moreover, Dugu Wu Di had cursed so bizarrely and fluently that they turned their heads several times in order to understand the curses he had hurled.

This Imperial Envoy had been very unlucky. After all, the reward being bestowed upon Jun WU Yi wasn't small. So, it could be considered that Jun Wu Yi would've rewarded him as well. In fact, he had been dreaming of getting rich. But, how could he have expected to be kicked on the face out of the blue? Therefore, he was still confused with regard to the turn of events when he lost consciousness. In fact, he didn't even know what offence he had committed

Jun Wu Yi had looked-on when the Imperial Envoy was coming over. He was dressed in his proper general's attire. After all, it was necessary for him to be prepared to receive this decree in style. However, Jun Wu Yi then saw that the Imperial Envoy was suddenly kicked-away. He had only heard the envoy speak, "Jun Wu Yi will receive an Imperial Edict... ack..." The Third Master Jun stared blankly at Dugu Wu Di for a long while at first. Then, he sighed and spoke-up, "Elder Brother Dugu, you've charged into disaster with this..."

"I charged into disaster? Brother Wu Yi... ah, ah, ah... this, this guy isn't good!" Dugu Wu Di didn't get what Jun Wu Yi had said. So, he glared and shouted, "Your nephew attacked and raped I can never stand him! Where's that bastard Jun Mo Xie? Come to me! Show yourself and die by my hands!"

There was a clatter of hooves, and Young Master Jun moved out of the crowd atop his horse. His lips were red, his teeth were white, and his facial features looked handsome and elegant. His graceful bearing made him look extremely cultured.

"Jun Mo Xie! You little bastard! Argh, argh" Dugu Wu Di's eyes reddened as he pounced. But, Jun Mo Xie evaded with a "whooshing" sound, and stood on top of a flagpole twice or thrice his size. Then, he jumped down the flagpole with a brushing sound, and moved to the top of a dozens of feet tall flagpole with another brushing sound. He then spoke, "You what are you doing? I have nothing to do with this matter! You check again and speak! You're going crazy. But, at least find a proper target to get mad at!"

The flagpole was too high. General Dugu's skillsets were surely good, but he couldn't jump that high. And, the flexible flagpole wouldn't have been able to support his big and burly body if he had jumped on top of it. So, he could only stand under the flagpole and become angry upon hearing Jun Mo Xie's remarks, "What?! You have nothing to do with it? Who else would? Fu*k, I should understand this matter better? You've ruined my daughter's innocence, and you're not even ready to admit it! And, I should understand better?"

Dugu Wu Di trebled with rage. So, grabbed Jun Mo Xie's flagpole with his hands, and shook it violently. Consequently, Jun Mo Xie was left to whirl around like a trapeze artist atop that pole