Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 448

Chapter 447 ill give you two choices
Chapter 447: Ill Give You Two Choices
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Mei Xue Yan was sitting beside Guan Qing Han; the corners of her mouth twitched for no reason. She didn't know why, but she felt anger rising within her. The 'young woman' felt a sudden desire to rush out of the carriage and help. In fact, she felt like stamping on those ants until they had been turned into ground meat.

[What is thing? These people would get blown away by a breath. But, they still dare to do this in front of the strongest man of his generation? Has this world become so unrecognizable to me?]

The person who had spoken that last sentence was another scholarly disciple. He had also been there at the Scholar's Festival. His name was Qin Qiu Shi. His face was cold and full of vitality; his whole frame reeked of strength derived from this self-styled moral character.

"Ah, I remember you. You're called Qin Qiu Shi, right? Ah, doesn't your name mean that you diligently seek to be shit? It's probably a good name. But, it leaves me confused whether you want to be 'shit' or 'serve as an official'. Your name doesn't make its meaning very obvious..."

Jun Mo Xie smiled as he looked at him and spoke this. His eyes were cold as ice, "I only wish to ask you this you've leveled these allegations against me. But, where have they come from? What's the basis for these?"

"Where have these come from? What's the basis for these? Jun Mo Xie, you still think that it's still not clear at such an important point? The debauchery you and your sister-in-law have committed is a despicable matter; it is devoid of any shame! You two make for an adulterous couple! But, you still think that you can conceal this from the world? What are you playing innocent for? You may be the grandson of this country's great general. You may even be the heir to a noble family. But, you can't hide your innate shamelessness!" Qin Qiu Shi's face paled with anger as he pointed his finger and rained curses.

"Ah, good You're filled with righteous indignation! That's very good! Do you have anything else to add?" Jun Mo Xie picked his ears.

"Jun Mo Xie! Are you telling us that Elder Brother's words aren't enough to make you feel ashamed?" Another scholar came forth. He looked at Jun Mo Xie with resentment, "You're an offspring of generals. You will become a Noble later. You live a life of luxury and splendor, and you will receive the vast kindness of the Emperor. It could be said that you're already standing at the peak of Tian Xiang. But, you still did such a deed while not knowing any sense of honor? You've ruined my Tian Xiang's reputation! Do you know that our Tian Xiang has become a laughing stock for the neighboring nations? You would've killed yourself in shame long ago if you had any conscience! But, you've instead appeared at Tian Xiang City's gate in a just and honorable manner! You're acting innocent after all this? You're extremely shameless! Aren't you capable of sensing any shame, Jun Mo Xie?!"

This was another 'talented' scholar named Yan Feng. He was also a known face.

Jun Mo Xie finally came to understand the matter.

[It seems that the 'Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute' wants to fight me to the death. Let me give you guys another lesson in grief if that's the case!]

These words instigated the huge crowds that stood behind, and they started to chant loudly, "Adulterous couple! Even death can't wipe your crimes! Go to hell!"

"So, I was guilty of such crimes?!" Jun Mo Xie laughed gleefully and asked Yan Feng, "Yan Feng, I 'may' or 'may not' have any sense of shame. But, what does it have to do with you? Why do you stand forth?"

"Scoundrels and adulterous couples should be punished severely. So, why can't I stand forth? I can't compare with you in terms of power or martial strength. But, our institute stands to embody a righteous environment! Shameless scoundrels like you must be shamed! We must make the world pure and peaceful again!" Yan Feng shouted loudly. His face was full of self-righteousness.

"That's very well said! We may have nothing, but we'll still have a righteous environment! It's important that we keep the world pure and peaceful!" that group of scholars cheered loudly. They were so emotionally stirred that their faces had reddened.

Jun Mo Xie took pity on them as he watched the atmosphere become increasingly ardent. This was because he could feel an extremely tyrannical aura rising within his heart.

"A very righteous environment ha ha ha" Jun Mo Xie suddenly started to laugh. "A good environment of righteousness or what you call 'a good and righteous' is the one where you place your morality at the top and criticize others' ethics, right? So, your so-called 'righteous environment' is to supposed to control other people's emotions? Your 'righteous environment' dictates that the only match made by your parents' choice is a proper one? Perhaps it dictates that it's alright to force an innocent woman to death?"

The eyes of Han Zhi Dong, Qin Qiu Shi, Yan Feng, and the others they led flashed with a frenetic guilt when they heard the term "innocent woman". Jun Mo Xie looked into their eyes, and understood that these men knew of Guan Qing Han's innocent. She was only a fish in a pond that had been caught in a storm. But, they still wanted to create trouble for her

Jun Mo Xie's murderous aura powerfully surged once again!

"I know your real aim! You're here because I ruined your scholarly festival and blocked your road to becoming officials. And, you want to take revenge for it now hehe I spoke correctly, didn't I?" Jun Mo Xie's glare was ice cold.

"So what? Jun Mo Xie, you've become even guiltier after you've mentioned this matter!" these gifted scholars didn't feel ashamed when these words were said. Instead, the 'righteous' Yan Feng continued angrily, "The movement of your lips have blocked the careers of five-thousand gifted scholars! You you don't have any conscience! We studied extremely hard from sunrise to sunset with the only desire of helping the nation's people. However, a man who commits such debauchery destroyed the decades' worth of hard work of five-thousand people! And, there will only be a mediocre and simple life for us from now on! You've buried our future prospects! Are you telling me that you still don't deserve any punishment? Doesn't your conscience make you feel ashamed?

"And, you've committed more evil now! You and your sister-in-law are an adulterous couple. You two fool around, and are replete with vices! In fact, the very stench of it fills the sky! Someone who commits such sins can't live under this heaven! You will face condemnation from the whole world now! And, you must die before you apologize if you have any sense of shame!"

"A strenuous life of studies for the good of the people We could've expected that from you guys? From a group of ill-intentioned bookworms? Could we have expect all that? You blindly make reprisals, and involve an innocent and weak woman because of your personal grudges. Then, you quickly seek to hound others to death Is this the quality of your efforts for the sake of this nation's people?" Jun Mo Xie snorted.

"Let me tell you get your own conscience straight if you seek to help the nation's people! Your hearts are stained. You people would only make corrupt officials; nothing more! It doesn't matter for how many decades such people undertake strenuous studies You people are pieces of shit even if you study your entire lives!" Jun Mo Xie spewed burning venom as he spoke.

"And, you needn't worry about that 'mediocre life' you would have to lead! I can point out another avenue of livelihood for you. In fact, this one will cover you in profit, and make your families extremely wealthy!"

He suddenly smiled and said, "I have a friend. His name is Wu Wu Shan Yun. But, everyone calls him 'the mountain of s*xual references'. He had once said something about people like you. I never understood what he had said. In fact, I thought that it was only random nonsense But, his words suddenly make sense of me now. He had said, "People who stick their awls without any good reason will never find peace in hearts or future. And, there will come one day when their buttocks will be pulled-open a hundred-times-over for it!"

Jun Mo Xie burst out in laughter, "Therefore, it can be said that your future road is very wide! You only need to shed your skin of morality, and tuck-in your butt-cheeks. And, you'll then be covered in money It's not a very big market, but each country's nobility is used to keeping a male-slave! They particularly like people who've achieved something in their lives. So, you seasoned and gifted scholars will be a huge deal in the market"

"Jun Mo Xie! You're insulting us!" many gifted scholars roared, "Only you can have such a dirty mind to think of such things! To disgrace such a refined culture is to be guilty of terrible crimes! You you are very vulgar!"

"Vulgar?! Vulgar your grandma! Do you think you're refined? Your methods are dirty with filthy motivations, and you're still calling me 'vulgar'?" Anger suddenly rose in Jun Mo Xie's heart.

"I'm in no mood to discuss the whole truth of the matter at this time. Anyway, I'm sure that you people already know the gist of it. So, you needn't deny it. Moreover, I have no obligation to give you an explanation even if you don't know. You're a bunch of dog-shit in my eyes! You people are scum from head to toe! Scholars? You're a fu*king joke! You're a bunch that sells their asses; you people look dirty at first sight!"

Thousands of people made a cacophony when they heard this. They shouted and hurled abuses from everywhere. In fact, the vulgarity of those scholars couldn't even be matched by the marketplace merchants. The outrage that Jun Mo Xie had instigated was like a wave of anger which was hard to control.

Guan Qing Han shivered inside the carriage. Her head was hung low, her face was buried deep in her hands, and her shoulders were trembling.

Jun Mo Xie roared, and suddenly stood up on his horse's back, "You feel righteous even when you're implicating the innocent. So, you shouldn't blame me for being vicious and merciless! Could you even blame me for matching your standards?"

Jun Mo Xie moved his aura through his dantian after he finished speaking. Then, he shouted, "Bring it up!"

Suddenly, there was a wave amongst the crowd, and it divided them into two. A group of burly men walked through the crowd like huge sailboats through the sea. These were members of Jun Mo Xie's Heaven Destroyer Team who he had sent to assist Baili Luo Yun in his assassinations. They had arrived several days ago. They had quietly entered the Tian Xiang City, and were attentively gauging the city's activities on Jun Mo Xie's orders.

They were carrying three women. These women had delicate figures, and their facial features were graceful as well. However, their faces were overrun with fear. Some men were pulling-along big wolf-dogs, while some others were dragging big and white pigs.

The faces of Yan Feng, Qin Qiu Shi, and Han Zhi Dong turned a miserable color as the three of them blurted out, "My dear!"

It turned out that those three women were their wives.

"I don't want to waste any effort in telling you the truth. You don't have the qualifications for it; nor do you deserve it! And, I won't discuss what a 'righteous environment' is since you don't think me fit to discuss it. So, I'll only give you two choices."

Jun Mo Xie towered in arrogance. The corners of his mouth were curled in a cruel smile. He resembled an eagle looking down on a nest of white rabbits. His expression and posture belied his rogue and uncontrolled lawlessness. In fact, he was brimming with untamed cruelty.

"The first one" Jun Mo Xie raised his finger, "Each one of you will kneel down and solemnly apologize to me. And then, I'll give each one of you a banner. You will hold them up as you pave the path for my entry. And, you'll shout this as I make my way 'The Third Young Master is great! The Third Young Master Jun is noble, and the best! We wholeheartedly welcome Third Young Master Jun to the Tian Xiang City!' You will also add your names to these chants as you yell them out!"