Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 449

Chapter 448 cruel methods
Chapter 448: Cruel Methods
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"You are dreaming!" The three scholars snorted. They had obviously anticipated that Jun Mo Xie would put forward some conditions since he had grabbed those women. However, they had never expected such whimsical conditions. How could that be possible?

[They are our wives. But, they still aren't anything more than ornaments of convenience]

"Don't worry. You have a second option" Jun Mo Xie raised a second finger, and lowered his voice, "These three women are your wives, and I can't put them to any use at present. But let me assure you one thing You won't want them once they've spent one day with these pigs and dogs. So, I will then sell them to the cheapest and filthiest brothels in Tian Xiang! After all, you may not wish to use them again for their bad name, but do you think that the others would mind? Do you think you will like that?

"And, please don't doubt that I can do it. After all, I have the means to invite these ladies here. So, it also means that I have enough capability to accomplish everything else that I've stated. And, you needn't be worried about the other matter either. You see the truth is that this Young Master has a full packet of aphrodisiac in his hands. And, this aphrodisiac works regardless of whether it's a dog or a hog; it can induce full vitality in them!"

"You're evil, Jun Mo Xie! You're doing a very heartless thing! Those three are innocent! The entire world is looking at you! And, you still dare to do this?!" The three scholars had gone deathly pale. In fact, they didn't have any color left to their appearance

"Why can't I? Why wouldn't I? You're using such despicable means to target an innocent woman. So, why can't this Young Master do the same? Don't I know that they're innocent? Doesn't this remind you of something? After all, they are guilty of being your wives even if they innocent! And, you're a group of men who know a woman is innocent, but you're still using such shameless strategies against her! The world is looking at me. But, do you think that they aren't looking at you?!"

Jun Mo Xie taunted and sneered, "Do you want to try it?"

Qin Qiu Shi didn't wish to abandon his endeavor half way. But, his prospects would be ruined if the others became weak. Moreover, the Jun Family's men seemed fierce, but they were good natured men. Therefore, he didn't believe that Jun Mo Xie would ruthlessly insult innocent women in public. So, he acted tough, and angrily spoke-up, "Jun Mo Xie, you're a shameless lowlife! You're lowly-enough to use innocent women to coerce us! Your Jun Family's name will eternally live-on in infamy if you charge into using our beloved wives!"

Jun Mo Xie replied with an exceptionally cold and cruel laugh, "Isn't that my usual conduct? Isn't my usual behavior a household story? Didn't you know about it? This Young Master is a tyrannical being who doesn't shirk from any crime. You do know this, right?

"Oh, and then there's the talk of innocence you even have the guts to talk to me about innocence? Who's more innocent in reality? You start shouting of innocence when it comes to the things that are related to you. In fact, you start shouting about heaven's will, and humanity! But, your strategies become extremely contemptible when it comes to other innocent women. In fact, you become ruthless, and you commit all manners of crimes! So, what moral standing do you have to speak of innocence? Fu*k you! Let me ask you has your conscience been eaten away by dogs? You stand at the so-called 'height of morality' so that you can needlessly entrap and insult others?"

Yan Feng and Han Zhi Dong hesitated for a long while at the back. They looked around at the crowd, and believed that they had their support. So, they became courageous and shouted in chorus, "We stand for the tranquility of the world, and the purification of everything under the heavens. Would you dare to do this?"

Jun Mo Xie's glare became dense, and his voice became extremely cold, "Tranquility of this world? Purification of everything under the heavens? This Young Master will kill you in broad daylight; how about that? I had previously planned to deal with you after a little while. But, I'll come and help you right now since you're so impatient. Wait; let me look for someone to help you undress your pantaloons. Then, I'll give you some amazing medicines. We'll see how you upright gentlemen's minds don't become a mess after that. We'll leave you a crazed state, but we won't give you a way to solve your problem. However, these hogs and dogs have plenty of elderly female relatives. And, they won't let any harm come to you. Do you think that this Young Master won't dare to do it?"

Young Master Jun jumped off the horse, and walked towards them. He lightly used his horsewhip on Qin Qiu Shi's head. Then, he stroked his pale cheek with his whip and asked in a soft voice, "You're upright and honorable gentlemen who have a habit of insulting and trampling on other people. So, let me insult you today, okay? Also, allow me to give you the wonderful taste of a man that being bullied!"

Qin Qiu Shi subconsciously raised his head with the whip's movement. His expression was one of grief and terror. However, he didn't dare to spit even half-a-word. After all, he knew of the Young Master's behavior and past exploits. So, he knew that this man was fully capable of such acts

The Jun Family's fate would be meaningless to them if they were to be trifled with in this manner. And, that's because they wouldn't be able to see the Jun Family's fate unfold. After all, even mere humiliation was enough to make them lose their will to live

These men had previously remained unyielding because of a rotten notion women were like clothes, and men were like the bodies. It wasn't that they hadn't cared about the humiliations Jun Mo Xie had described he would subject their women to. But, this threat wasn't enough to make them surrender to his conditions. After all, they could always replace their wives in case they had been tainted

However, it was their turn now. And, it had left their very souls in a genuinely panicky state

However, they weren't aware that Jun Mo Xie's mind had become gloomy in the face of this scenario. In fact, he had even scolded himself for this miscalculation. After all, he would've never been able to forgive himself if he had done those things to their wives, and had later come to realize that they genuinely hadn't cared about it. Therefore, he instantly changed targets to those people themselves. And, this change in tactics yielded great results

"Why aren't you speaking now? Weren't you people devoted to righteousness a moment ago? Look at the people behind you they don't know the truth. But, you people know it well."

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously, "It doesn't matter much though. They will also have to pay back if they act thoughtlessly. So, it doesn't matter whether you understand the truth or not. After all, it's meaningless as far as I'm concerned. That's because the outcome will hurt the ones I care about regardless of your reasons or standpoint! And, it won't matter if they're innocent or not if that happens. After all, you will have offended me. And, you will bear the consequences if you offend me!

"I will never spare anyone who offends me! Especially when it comes to hypocrites like yourself! However, those who stand behind you should be glad. After all, I won't implicate their families! But, if you don't do what I want you to do he he he" Jun Mo Xie chuckled in a sinister manner, "I have a bad reputation. But, I'll guarantee that it'll be much better than yours. So, let's try it out if you don't believe me. What was it that you had said the Young Master wouldn't dare; he wouldn't do it?"

Strange noises emanated from Qin Qiu Shi's throat. His eyes shone brightly in fear as he staggered back to stand between Yan Feng and Han Zhi Dong. Then, the three men trembled, and started to shudder violently. They couldn't even think at this time forget about daring to fight. Moreover, that previously 'built-up devotion to righteousness' had already been obliterated from their bodies by now...

Jun Mo Xie's conduct was imposing and sinister at this moment. His mannerism was extremely calm, and his words didn't contain any hint of venom. And, this had left them to feel that this youngster would easily do what he had said he would

He was like a King who had descended from the heavens, and had then proclaimed the future and fate of his people.

These three wouldn't be able to stay in Tian Xiang if they did what he had told them to. They would become the most despised amongst the lowest rungs of society if they shouted the chants he wanted to hear. Even the scholarly power which they had always attached themselves to wouldn't accept the three men. After all, they had stood out in front of their peers. So, they couldn't turn their backs to get out of this predicament even they had wanted to

However, the outcome would be even darker if they didn't do it. And, they would be consigned to eternal damnation. That's because this youngster would arrange the greatest of humiliations for them. In fact, this humiliation was something which would never be forgotten throughout the ages. It would be useless even if they died immediately-afterwards. However, they obviously didn't wish to die

The three men had no choice in what to do for a moment. They were frightened of their opponent, and were at a loss.

However, Jun Mo Xie continued to look at them in a cold manner while he waited for them to choose.

The Young Master wasn't anxious; he wasn't worried either. Moreover, he didn't care what choice those three hypocrites would make.

After all, there wouldn't be a great difference in the outcome

Those three would be made into examples for others to see in either case...

The hundreds of people who stood at the back had realized that something wrong with the atmosphere. So, their sights focused on the center now. In fact, some people couldn't prevent themselves from becoming curious; [why have these three women come out? And, why are these dogs and hogs present here? What are these for? Moreover, those three men looked so serious a moment ago. So, why do they suddenly look so deathly pale? Why don't they look like a living person anymore?]

"I can do whatever I wish with you because I have a lot of power. But, you have nothing except for a quill in your hand. You have no ability to fight back or resist! A clenched fist is the strongest argument in this world. So, I don't even need to counter your tactics despite your so-called 'intelligence'; I only need to force myself through the piles of your rotten flesh! But, you see I dislike using violent force. And, I merely give people a taste of their own medicine. Basically, I treat a person like they would handle others!"

Jun Mo Xie turned the whip very calmly. He then continued in a soft tone, "I have very limited time. And, my patience is even more limited. So, I hope you make your choices very quickly. Otherwise, I'll make them for you in case you find it difficult to do it yourself. I'll tell you the truth I don't care what you choose; I only wish to watch the big drama!"

The three men's complexion turned dead-dark when they heard these words. Qin Qiu Shi couldn't bear it anymore. And, he started to tremble even more violently. In fact, it was like he was about to throw himself down

Suddenly, a muffled call came from the crowd, "Jun Mo Xie, you're a filthy lowlife! You dared to hold others' wives as hostages?! You've have fallen extremely low! We won't take to your threats. We would rather have our bodies torn! At least we'll leave this earth pure in that case! The honor of the wives of the three scholars is very important, and can't be tarnished. But, personal integrity can't be abandoned! In fact, that's even more important. So, we must never bow our heads to this evil of the Jun Family. And, we must continue to struggle against this adulterous couple! Moreover, the entire world supports us! Jun Mo Xie is extremely strong, but can he stand against the entire world's sentiment?"

These provocative words came out, and instantly instigated the subdued crowd. In fact, it even brought out the gleam and resolution in the eyes of the three scholars.

Jun Mo Xie sneered and raised his arm. And, a thin yet very long rope suddenly flashed out from it. It then flashed into the crowd with lightning speed like a viper. Then, someone suddenly let out a shrill and mournful scream from the crowd. After all, a huge figure flew into the sky, and fell right in front of them; it was a person with a pockmarked face.

This man had mixed in the crowd, and had taken the opportunity to stir chaos. He had even changed positions after he had spoken those words. So, nobody would've known where the voice had come from. He was certainly very crafty, but how could he ever evade Jun Mo Xie's now-extremely powerful spiritual sense? In fact, he had been locked-on as a target even before he had finished speaking. And, he obviously couldn't hide once he had been targeted. So, he was quickly caught by the Young Master

This big man snarled after he fell down. Then, his body got covered in a greenish light as he roared and jumped up to his feet. Jun Mo Xie smiled cruelly, "So, it's a Jade Xuan expert! You think you can face me with that cultivation? You truly fu*king don't know the difference between life and death!"

The rope moved again as that "life and death" phrase sounded, and the big man was resolutely thrown to the ground once again. Then, the rope seemingly dived downwards for a moment. However, it rose to the heavens like a wyvern the next moment. The big man was also taken high up, and it appeared like he was being held there by a hand. In fact, he was left to float in the air like a fluttering flag

It wasn't long when Jun Mo Xie lengthened a flag pole to go upwards into the sky. And, the man was left to look like a salted-fish as he hung there with the sharp edge of the flagpole pierced through the nape of his neck. In fact, the edge of the flagpole had pierced through to his skull

The man's body hung straight from the flagpole by his very skull. But, he hadn't died yet. His face seemed full of despair as he faced the scholars and the masses which had gathered there to cause trouble, while his legs continued to cross and twitch

Jun Mo Xie flew up as lightly as a feather, and stood up on his horse's back. Then, he waved his whip, and the entire sky echoed with a loud "Snap!" His sharp eyes flashed with a thunderbolt; everyone had felt this change. His eyes then swept over the crowd, and everyone felt as if an oiled steel blade had gone over their faces. The air around their faces had suddenly become extremely cold; they had even started to feel a chilling sensation in their bones. Consequently, everyone had become extremely quiet in a split second!

However, this silence only lasted until Yan Feng exclaimed in surprise, "That man was?" However, he also knew that this wasn't the right moment. So, he instantly closed his mouth.

Jun Mo Xie sneered as he turned his eyes to look at Yan Feng. It felt like he had seen through to the depths of his heart and, his very soul. He then asked in a stern voice, "Who was he?"

Jun Mo Xie's world-defying spiritual pressure was bore down like an explosive tide along with that sound. And, whatever little resistance Yan Feng had gather was left to shatter in its face.

"He's the Meng Family's man" Yan Feng lost his head out of fear, and quickly answered the question. However, he started to vomit foam by the time he was done talking, and fell down in a skewed pose. Even Spirit Xuan experts would be cautious against such a high-class spiritual attack. So, how could Yan Feng's weak mental strength deal with it? So, it obviously wasn't very shocking that he had fainted. In fact, it would've been normal if his mental state were to be pushed to the brink of idiocy by this attack

"Meng Family's man? That insignificant Meng Family's man had the balls to mess with me?! I'll remember this," Jun Mo Xie laughed heartily, "You said that you would rather have your body crushed so that you can leave this world pure. So, I will help you with your wish. I'll crush your body and examine it afterwards. After all, I also wish to see if your purity is still there!"