Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 451

Chapter 450 bloody events along the entire way slaughters along the entire way
Chapter 450: Bloody Events along the Entire Way; Slaughters along the Entire Way!
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He looked at the dumbstruck crowd after he finished speaking. These people still hadn't been able to react. So, he chuckled and spoke-up darky, "You people still haven't left? Do you also want to be like him? Do you prefer your body being crushed so that you leave this world pure? Anyway, I'm very interested in this purity. Does your body have it? He he, come Let me take a look!"

Everyone recoiled in unison. In fact, many of them of even cried out in pain as they tumbled over each other.

"I'm saying it for the last and final time I won't permit this matter to be heard anywhere in Tian Xiang City after today!" Jun Mo Xie coldly swept his gaze over everyone. In fact, his voice even seemed to bringing cold winds along, "Your mouth is a part of your body. Whatever you discuss in private is your business! I won't stop it but, I'll look for your 'purity' if I hear of it In fact, I'll look for the 'purity' of your family till the ninth generation!"

"Get lost!" Jun Mo Xie roared.

The crowd was instantly sent into a state of panic. They shouted indiscriminately as they went fled in disarray.

"These nobody-scholars were presumptuous enough to think that they could cause trouble for me!" Jun Mo Xie laughed heartily at first. Then, he suddenly flew up and stationed himself on the head of the big man who hung from the flagpole. He then sighed and turned towards the city's gates. Then, he shouted towards the Tian Xiang City, "Are you people tired of living?"

His voice shook the city as it surged through it like a thunderclap.

It surged forth in an imposing manner, and carried an unrivalled murderous aura. It seemed like thunder itself had descended and plowed through the city's gates.

Jun Mo Xie stood near the City's gates. The sun shone high, and cast his shadow to slant through the gates. And, it suddenly seemed as if the entire city had been shrouded by his shadow

The thousands of wolves frenetically dashed away in order to escape. The momentum of Jun Mo Xie's aura seemed like a wild and devilish sword as it rushed into the city.

There were many people at the back of the crowd. So, they hadn't understood everything at first. However, even they had been awe-struck by Jun Mo Xie's imposing aura. So they also started to roll-about in the streets.

Fortunately, it was a broad and well-built road!

He turned his neck to look at the city's gates in a disdainful manner. He then waved his whip in the air, and a "Snap!" sound echoed. Then, he tilted his head and snorted, "I'm back in town now! So, I will see how many gossipers are there in Tian Xiang City! Let's see how many men there are willing to die a brave warrior's death! I will also see how many men wish to remain with pure, and how many men are capable of remaining pure! I will check the number! One by one!"

He bent his legs. Then, the clip-clop of a horse was heard as Jun Mo Xie shouted and took the lead to pass through the city's gates.

Thousands of people saw him enter on his horse, but they remained silent out of fear.

The heavy wheels rolled, and the carriage carrying Guan Qing Han and the other two women slowly followed after him.

Jun Mo Xie's words had made everyone's blood boil.

But, there were still exceptions. And, Jun Wu Yi was one such exception.

This Third Master Jun tilted his head, and looked at the tall and straight back of Jun Mo Xie as he rode his horse ahead. He couldn't help but mutter, "Damn it! He handled this in such a straightforward manner. Even my lifetime-worth of influence wouldn't have been able to pull this off! This was too damn excessive!" He snorted regretfully. In fact, he felt somewhat sullen as he followed after his nephew.

Jun Mo Xie was emanating a cold and powerful aura as he rode his horse. His face was dark, his back was straight, his lips were pursed, and his sword-like eyebrows had somewhat shot up. In fact, it seemed like he stirred a panicked uproar wherever he looked

Then, he suddenly heard someone speak in a very low voice, "I also don't know why he looks like that! He commits adultery with his sister-in-law. And yet, he arrives here with such a haughty expression? He's shameless!"

Jun Mo Xie's body remained motionless as he rode on his horse. But, there was a streak of silver light in his sleeves. Then, there was a "Bang!" sound, and a very thin man was snatched up from the crowd. The Young Master was even more straightforward this time around; he even saved himself the interrogation. The Young Master merely hung that man from the flagpole. There was a bloody cavity in that man's throat, while the expression of disdain still hadn't left his face.

This man's body had flashed with a gold light before it had gotten annihilated. So, it was evident that he was also a Xuan expert who was hiding in the crowd to create trouble. However, he had been luckier since he was already breathing his lasts when he was swung in the air.

There was a cry of alarm, and the entire crowd began to pull back when they saw this. They looked at Jun Mo Xie with expressions of terror. [Is this boy mad?! Will he genuinely do what he said he would? Will he murder so blatantly?]

Several men suddenly found themselves drenched in cold sweat at the edge of the crowd. They did their best to push back and nearly twisted their legs in theirs attempts to escape.

But, how could they escape from the huge power-net of Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense? Jun Mo Xie's glare remained cold as a golden light quickly flashed in his hands. And, the seven or eight people who had broken into a run fell to the ground. Each of their backs had a small and bloody hole in them. The golden throwing knives flickered on their backs as their bodies got pasted to the road. The golden knives obviously shone very brightly under the effect of the sunlight

Several members of the Heaven Destroyers Team quickly ran forth, picked up the golden knives, and respectfully returned them to Jun Mo Xie

Jun Mo Xie's eyes remained expressionless as he took the eight knives. Then, he gave them a swirl, and they suddenly and mysteriously disappeared with the flickering of a golden light.

He then calmly continued to move forward. His dark and handsome face only had one thing written over it [I've said this once, and I won't repeat it. I'll kill you if you dare to open your mouth! So, you open your mouth, and I will kill you!]

[Simply! Plainly! No exceptions!]

The three scholars were shouting themselves hoarse up ahead. They were also clutching those simple yet special megaphones. In fact, their slogans sounded like crying, "The Third Young Master Jun is great! The Third Young Master Jun is noble! He's the best man in the world! He's a very good man! He's a very benevolent man! We three scholars welcome him to Tian Xiang!"

They continued to shout out these slogans in a very mechanical manner. In fact, it seemed as if they didn't even know what they were shouting about. However, their faces were overflowed with tears, and there was endless humiliation written on them. But, they still didn't dare to make any thoughtless moves. And, that was because the shadow of death had still enveloped them from above. Their voices had become hoarse, and their throats had become raw. However, they still hadn't dared to stop. And, that's because their sole aim was to survive. [What difference does a little suffering make? I need to survive]

Suddenly, thirty-forty scholars of the Wen Xing Institute arrived in front of them. However, they stood shocked as one of them asked, "Brother Han? Brother Yan? Brother Qin? What are you doing? Are you mad? You're opening a path for this lowlife?"

What reply could Qin Qiu Shi and the others dare to give? They could only give hints and meaningful looks before they quickly walked on. But, that scholar didn't understand the meaning hidden in those expressions. So, his heart filled with righteous indignation as he angrily shouted, "Jun Mo Xie! Didn't your father teach you shame? You've committed adultery with your sister-in-law! That's such an immoral thing! But, you still insult my Tian Xiang's scholars?! You've gone too far!"

Many people who stood behind him had already seen that bloody scene. So, they had understood the situation. Therefore, many of them stepped forward to pull him back. However, that youngster stubbornly continued to shout, "Such a shameless man can't exist in the same world as this Shi Wen Chong!"

Jun Mo Xie looked over that person very coldly. His eyebrows moved very slightly as he replied in a faint voice, "Die!"

A sword light spun forth. It didn't seem to care who its victim was as it cut through every scholar that blocked its path. The young scholar screamed in disbelief when he saw this. Then, he also fell into a pool of blood.

Jun Mo Xie sighed as his horse passed by that scholar's body. He then softly said, "Perhaps you genuinely had guts. Perhaps you didn't wish to trouble me. But, even that's useless. And, it doesn't mean that I won't kill you. After all, how would people believe me if I didn't follow through on what I've said? You didn't believe it And, I regret that. In fact, I must remember to put forth two conditions from next time onwards..."

Jun Mo Xie looked calm as he prodded his horse forward; he didn't even look back. But, his soft voice could still be heard, "First, you need to have strength to deal with every eventuality. Second, you need to have a strong backing so that others don't provoke you. You must also have unwavering courage and determination. Only then can you have enough power to target others. But, never try to become a hero otherwise

"You may have bones of iron. But, I see you as nothing but wretched creatures that I have to kill. Moreover, your death won't amount to any injustice."

That scholar had been cut in half, but he hadn't left the world yet. Tears flowed from his eyes as he closed them. He muttered as he inched closer to death's door, "Master you were wrong"

Jun Mo Xie's pulled a slight face dozens of meters away.

[Master? Mei Gao Jie? Kong Ling Yang?]

He suddenly waved his whip and struck the three scholars who were walking ahead. Those three screamed in pain, and turned around to face Jun Mo Xie. He gestured towards the flagpole as he quietly said, "You'll shout louder now. We'll pass the gates very soon. And, you'll shout this, 'Mei Gao Jie is a turtle! Kong Ling Yang is a pimp! Meng Family is a den of bastards!' when we pass from there. You don't want to die, right? Do this, and I'll let you live!"

The three people nearly collapsed when they heard this. How could they say something like this in the backdrop of this era's social values? After all, one's teacher held the highest status in society. A teacher-disciple wasn't a part of the five cardinal relationships. However, the teacher was placed in the highest of regards. Moreover, Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang were their teachers. [We won't have to care about drowning the Jun Family is saliva of shame if we say this. After all, we will have been drowned in it before it would even reach the Jun Family. Moreover, the Meng Family is extremely powerful and influential. You may not have to worry about them, Jun Mo Xie. After all, you're very powerful! But, what about us?]

Jun Wu Yi arrived close to his nephew at once. He then whispered, "This is a bit too much, Mo Xie. Be careful about meddling with the court!"

"Too much?" Jun Mo Xie looked at him in a baffled manner, "Third Uncle, you're not stupid, right? Don't tell me that we still care about the court? Third Uncle must never forget our current identity! We're on the same level as the Silver Blizzard City! Why should we care about the insignificant Imperial Family?"