Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 453

Chapter 452 abandon
Chapter 452: Abandon?!
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[And, you want me to act on this? The circumstances have already spiraled out of my control! So, what action can I take? Can I even dare to act in this situation?]


"Your Majesty, what burdens your mind?" Mr. Wen had barely returned from the outside after witnessing Jun Mo Xie's killing spree. He calmly lifted his wise gaze to look at the Emperor, and smiled as he asked, "Is it that Jun Mo Xie?"


The Emperor sighed, and motionlessly gazed at the sunset for a long time.

"I don't think that the Emperor needs to be so worried. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing in the long run," Mr. Wen remained silent for a while before he spoke, "Jun Mo Xie's power is great. And, the Jun Family's power as a whole has also reached great heights. In fact, they had reached a league of their own. However, they don't pose a threat to the Imperial family"

"They have reached different league, but they pose no threat?" The Emperor frowned. "What do you mean?"

"That's right. The Jun Family would've become something like the Murong Family if they had been getting powerful step by step. And, they would've had the power to cause chaos in society, and could have flipped the heavens. But, the speed at which their power is increasing is too great. They've leapt from being a regular influential family to an extremely Great Family in a short period of three to four months. He he Your Majesty, do you know where these Super Families have been positioned since antiquity?"

Mr. Wen smiled slowly, "Such families occupy very special areas, and aren't interested in the title of the 'Emperor'. So, I'm sure that the Jun Family will slowly fade away from all levels of society. They will wander amongst the clouds, and observe the great transformations. But, they will be indifferent to the changes. This has been the norm since ancient times. And, no Super Family has ever been an exception to this.

"And, that's because these Super Families don't pursue the glory of one generation. Instead, they seek one which endures through the long ages! They laugh at unstable situations, and remain unaffected by them. They are elated, and possess the dark of the world in the palm of their hands!

"Hence, Your Majesty need only be patient for now. This upstart family will cause a storm with their awe-inspiring might. But, they will eventually become tired of the attention. Then, they will settle in their own place. Moreover, having such a Super Family within the borders of Tian Xiang will be a great deterrent against the neighboring countries! The reason for such a huge reaction to that matter between Jun Mo Xie and his sister-in-law isn't because of the Jun Family's old enemies alone the neighboring countries who see him as a threat have also seized the opportunity to cause trouble. After all, they would wish to create enmity between the Jun and the Imperial family even if they can't eliminate the Jun Family. Otherwise"

He smiled lightly, "This is an insignificant affair of this person. And, it may even involve an immoral act with one's sister-in-law. But, why did it give rise to such a huge reaction? Was Jun Mo Xie's reputation ever good? Your Majesty has always been farsighted. So, you need to consider these troubles properly. That arrogant Jun Mo Xie won't act with humanity even if you handle these matters properly. But, Old Man Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi will surely regard you kindly"

"You say this But, how can I not know?" The Emperor stood up and placed his hands behind his back. His expression was desolate, "That's not the problem here The biggest problem is the Blood Sword Hall"

"Blood Sword Hall? I remember that Your Majsety had said that it was the core of the secret strength at your hand. Ah, I see! This Wen can also more or less figure out the matter if we combine that with Xiao Bu Yu's confession. The truth of the deaths of Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng However, the Jun Family has no evidence! Moreover, Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi still have the final say in that family. And, those two men have deep feelings towards Tian Xiang City. In fact, they have a lot of sentiment"

Mr. Wen smiled, "Your Majesty it's difficult to turn against one's homeland. Jun Mo Xie may not care. But, Jun Zhan Tian will. So, there's a margin for mediation."

"Margin to mediate" The Emperor's eyes lit up.

"Yes. Those events happened a very long time ago. Your Majesty hadn't revealed anything, but Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi are shrewd men. So, how could they not have suspected? What's important here is that the Blood Sword Hall is merely a group of killers despite their strength. So, how could it have influenced the army? That father-and-son duo has suspected for ten years, but they haven't made a move. They've never carried out any vendetta. Does Your Majesty know why?" Mr. Wen was calm. He obviously had a card up his sleeve.


"I believe that the Jun Family doesn't doubt that it had been Your Majesty's act. However, their family members whether alive or dead have done too much for Tian Xiang! And, this 'too much' is the reason here!"

Mr. Wen continued in a serious tone, "The Jun Family's members have been the mainstay of the Tian Xiang Empire for the past few decades. They had somewhat saved Tian Xiang, and have been its greatest servants! Tian Xiang has tens of thousands of miles under its territory, and has a huge populace because of their hard work. The masses live in peace and tranquility. And, this is a result of the Jun Family's blood and sweat. This is because of the contributions of countless men of the Jun Family. After all, their people have expended immeasurable efforts to make such a situation possible."

He continued to smile, "So, put yourself in their place, Your Majesty. Would you ever think of destroying this country if you had done so much for it, and had paid two generations of blood for it? Would you destroy your greatest accomplishment? Would you think of destroying the safety and joy of millions of people?"

"You're right! The Jun Family is too kind. They would never do it!" A light flashed in the Emperor's eyes as he quickly jumped up. He circled excitedly, and his face started to glow again.

"However, Your Majesty will have to give them some explanations when the time comes. So, I'll give you one word of advice" Mr. Wen smiled mysteriously. He turned down his palm and spoke, "Abandon!"

"Abandon?" The emperor trembled. His joyous expression froze, and he was left to stare blankly, "Abandon?" His heart was in agony. "But, that is my most elite force. They have won so many battles over the years! They have given everything for so many years to make me Emperor!"

"Do I really need to abandon them?"

"Yes, abandon them! Do it even if you don't want to you have no choice!" Mr. Wen spoke without hesitation, "You'll have to face the Jun Family if you don't abandon the Blood Sword Hall! But, the Jun Family can shake the entire world in confrontation! So, would you dare to confront them? And, the Emperor might be next if the situation worsens. Your life and the lives of the entire Imperial Family will be in danger!"

The Emperor's face became gloomy, and his body started to sway.

"Abandon the Blood Sword Hall! Not for Jun Zhan Tian! Nor for Jun Wu Yi but for Jun Mo Xie!" Mr. Wen sighed and continued, "Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi have spent a lot of blood for Tian Xiang during their lives! So, there's no need to doubt their sentiment for Tian Xiang! These two men won't do too much if you look at it from a humane perspective! So, I'm sure they won't do anything drastic even if they become fully aware that Jun Wu Hui's death was your doing. That's because the Jun Family's blood, their effort, the entirety of Jun Zhan Tian's life, and half of Jun Wu Yi's life have all been for the Tian Xiang Empire! Even the lifetimes of Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng have been for this nation along with the deaths of those Jun youngsters!

"Tian Xiang is the pillar for the Jun Family. It's the fruit of their labors, and it's also their biggest solace!

"I'm sure that Your Majesty would only need to unrestrainedly reward and apologies to Jun Zhan Tian even if genuinely gets some conclusive evidence. And, you could then swear an oath and uphold it. They will also hold their pride and accept it. They won't do it for official positions. But, they'll do it for the country's people! I'm not wrong, Your Majesty. Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi are good men who work for this nation's people. They are real, respectable, and brave men! Therefore, you can disregard those two!

"But Jun Mo Xie is different he's completely different! He has his father's ability to lead soldiers. He had never shown his key traits before. He had always hidden his talents! But, Jun Mo Xie is acting like that now! He has stood out since the last half-a-year! He was only a debauchee wastrel in the past. But, he's like an unrestrained storm now! He could've been stopped before he had left Tian Xiang. But, he's a full-fledged eagle which has spread its wings now that he's back from Southern Heaven City. He is young, but his power has soared above the nine heavens. He's a hero who overlooks the world, and dares everything!

"Moreover, he has been vindictive ever since this vicious personality of his has arrived! And, his behavior is even more merciless. His means are unwavering, and he doesn't hesitate while making a decision to kill. You genuinely can't afford to be at fault with him! And, he also has that powerful backing. So, he won't have any misgivings because of it. He will look at the world disdainfully if this continues. I've observed something upon his return today no one holds any value in his eyes! No matter who they are! He doesn't care about spilling blood, and he's indifferent to any crime! Such a man is the most dreadful kind! Your Majesty needn't worry about Jun Zhan Tian or Jun Wu Yi getting their hands on a conclusive proof of what happened those days. But, everything will come to an end if this kid gets his hands on them!"

"Is there no alternative to abandoning them? I am very" The Emperor's complexion turned pale as he clenched his fist. It seemed that he had made up his mind.

"This is the safest and the most dependable method. We have to deal with someone like Jun Mo Xie So, we have to be on guard that this Jun Mo Xie doesn't find anything to hold on to. Your Majesty, you must know that the main difference between Jun Mo Xie and Jun Zhan Tian is that the former doesn't have any feelings towards Tian Xiang. And, from that time Jun Mo Xie he" There was a strange light in Mr. Wen's eyes.

"He what?" His Majesty asked.

"He ignores people In fact, he might not even consider them as 'people'! He's extremely cold-blooded. And, I saw him while he was killing people. His expression maintained the same tranquility throughout the time he coldly went-about killing them. You must know that one's eyes will undergo some fluctuations even if one kills a chicken or a dog. This is because there would be surge in their energy. But, Jun Mo Xie didn't react like that at all! His expression might've belied some emotion, but his eyes remained calm. In fact, killing a person was the same to him that eating is to a hungry person It was like a natural course of action"