Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 454

Chapter 453 the cats out of the bag
Chapter 453: The Cats Out of the Bag
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Mr. Wen's tone became heavier as he spoke, "The well-known Cold-Blooded Great Master Lei Wu Bei is known for committing massacres. But, even he will find it impossible to be as cold-blooded as Jun Mo Xie! These are the soul-sucking and blood-thirsty people who give no value to human life! Your Majesty, this Jun Mo Xie is very dangerous. In fact, he has surpassed everyone! It's in his innate nature to kill! Even the Great Assassin Chu Qi Hun may not be so dangerous!"

Mr. Wen paused for a long while since he felt something indescribable. In fact, even he was unaware that he had stopped speaking

The Emperor trembled. He felt cold.

He didn't need Mr. Wen to speak any further to understand this matter. He already knew it very clearly now. The consequences of a man like Jun Mo Xie getting his hands on the evidence of his father's entrapment The Emperor could imagine them very clearly

[Jun Mo Xie doesn't care for anything!]

[Moreover, he has already grabbed a lot of power! He's already an unshakeable and formidable existence! Even attacking him suddenly will not bring the surety of results! I could storm the Jun Family's gates. However, I would have to be on guard against vengeful assignations even if one of their top individuals manages to escape. The days of my life will be filled with unspeakable misery, and we'll have to face a lot of mental pressure. And, that's enough for anyone to drown in liquor out of sheer pressure!]

[Blood Sword Hall I have to abandon them! I can't afford to keep them!]

"Besides, you also need to appease the Jun Family. You need to appease them blindly. In fact, you must appease them till you're exhausted!" Mr. Wen suddenly flashed a smile, "I'm sure that the Jun Family doesn't have any concrete proof. So, we still have a margin to rescue the situation. That matter won't trouble you if Your Majesty restores the original relationship I also remember that Old Man Jun had once proposed a marriage between Jun Mo Xie and Princess Ling Meng"

The Emperor had a determined expression on his face as he looked at the sunset. He sighed deeply and said, "Yes! That's true."

Mr. Wen laughed and said, "Then, Your Majesty should have a plan!"

The Emperor remained silent for a long time. He then sighed, but it seemed that he wasn't very comfortable with it. Then, he suddenly asked, "Mr. Wen, do you know if the Elusive World of Immortals has a young talent like that?"

Mr. Wen was stumped by this question. He remained silent for a long while before he replied, "No, there isn't. That place has many talented people, but all of them are very old How could there be anything like this Family?"

However, the Emperor didn't give up, "What about that land's Young Lady..?"

"The 'Young Lady' is approaching sixty this year" Mr. Wen smiled bitterly, "Her son is thirty, and her grandson is only five or six. The Emperor may wish to form a relationship with the Elusive World of Immortals. But, even they won't wish to make enemies of the Jun Family. After all, the strength of the person backing the Jun Family is a profound mystery. Even the Lady herself might not have good odds of success if she faces him."

The Emperor sighed and said, "I'll have to haggle with Jun Mo Xie if that's the case."

Mr. Wen also sighed and stated, "Your Majesty shouldn't be too optimistic. It's too difficult to say if the Jun Family will accept this matter or not. It's easy to expect people to add flowers to the brocade, but difficult to expect them to provide help in the hour of need..."

The room became quiet since the two men stopped talking

A long while passed, and the two men sighed in unison

The Dugu Family.

Dugu Zong Heng's eyes appeared like copper bells as he looked at the movements of the girl. She had a small waist in the past. But, she now resembled a penguin as she moved down the palanquin. She swayed as she walked forward while holding her stomach. And, the old man felt as if the blood from his entire body had started to dash to his forehead.

There was an "Argh!" as Dugu Xiao Yi's mother cried from behind. She didn't dare believe her sight as she covered her mouth with her hand while tears fell down her face.

Everyone's mouths were open as they stood petrified.

The old man eventually came to himself. He resembled a mad tiger circling his cage as he started to pace around in circles. Then, he finally found a target to vent his anger at. So, he roared, and charged ferociously. He then grabbed one of his seven grandsons. And, he started to beat the youngster's entire body in a violent rage.

He also started to shout curses. However, the curses were so chaotic that one couldn't even tell what he was shouting...

The seven youngsters squatted down and stuck their heads into his crotch for safety. Therefore, the first round of kicks landed on their buttocks with 'snap' and 'bang' sounds, and their buttocks swelled as a result. [You want to beat us, right? But, you can't hit our faces. After all, we seven have spent fifteen years of our lives with you!]

Dugu Wu Di covered his head and sneaked away.

Dugu Xiao Yi rushed up to pacify the situation. And, the result was amazing. Everyone increased their distance wherever she walked to. After all, they were afraid that something might go wrong if they touched her Dugu Xiao Yi could only feel more proud and bold. After all, it seemed like she was a firefighter in this chaotic situation. Everyone would scuttle from the spot she'd walk to. And thus, this amusing game continued for a while. Moreover, a group of the family's women would also noisily chase after her in the hope that she'd stop after paying heed to their calls.

Anyway, wasn't Dugu Zong Heng losing his temper a common sight in the Dugu Family? Therefore, Dugu Xiao Yi was also very accustomed to it.

But then

Dugu Xiao Yi had somewhat forgotten her 'condition' in this situation. However, the thick pillow she had tied to her stomach wasn't very firmly tied. So, the ropes couldn't help but become loose as she ran around. In fact, it was a wonder that they had held up till that point

The small support system of the pillow eventually

The old lady had been staring at her granddaughter ever since she had arrived. And, she had finally discovered that extremely shocking thing

Old Lady Dugu had felt that something was amiss the moment she had seen Dugu Xiao Yi enter. [Just look at this girl. Doesn't it look like? Wait, what?] Her eyebrows had shot up, while her neck had straightened. [That doesn't look like a defiled body. How can a pregnant woman stand so straight? And, how did she get so big in these few days alone?]

However, the first impression is the strongest. Therefore, the astute old lady wasn't able to understand the matter at first. In fact, she had even started to doubt herself. But, she then saw Dugu Xiao Yi running around. The little girl's 'pregnancy prop's ropes' had started to loosen, and the prop had slowly started to slide downwards. The pillow had initially been near her chest. However, it had soon slipped to her lower belly, and had then continued to slide downwards towards her thighs

The old lady's eyes suddenly opened wide.

Dugu Xiao Yi also became aware that things were going wrong. So, she quickly and stealthily thrust her hands underneath, and pushed the prop up. And, she didn't dare to run recklessly again. Instead, the little girl started to look around in a sneaky manner...

"Stop! What a scandal!" Old Lady Dugu walked with her crutches as she angrily shouted.

The nine men of the Family were still having a go at each other. In fact, this grandfather-father-son gang still seemed in high spirits. Their enthusiastic exchange of punches and kicks was producing enough ruckus to give competition to a busy downtown slaughter house.

"Xiao Yi! You come over here!" Old Lady Dugu couldn't do anything about the men and their fighting. So, she turned her eyes and called out.

"Wh why? It's inconvenient for a pregnant body like mine!" Dugu Xiao Yi slowly came over while holding her belly. She suddenly seemed docile, and looked somewhat guilty.

"You've been running around ever since you've come back. That wasn't inconvenient? Let me take a proper look!" Old Lady Dugu carefully extended her hand, and felt the girl's belly. However, Dugu Xiao Yi spread her arms in alarm, and jumped back like a small and nimble deer. She then vigilantly spoke-up, "Wat are you doing, Grandma?! This is your grandson! You must be careful"

She hadn't even finished speaking when there was a soft "plop" sound. And, the 'child she was heavy with' suddenly fell down her clothes. It fell down with a "puff", bounced twice, and trembled as it rolled around three meters before it came to a halt. It was a round pillow. And, it even had embroidery on it an adorable kitten!

A jump rope was attached to it like long ribbon. And, another one still hung from Dugu Xiao Yi's waist.

This act was obviously going to lead to a difficult aftermath. Dugu Xiao Yi quickly hopped back, and revealed a 'cat's out of the bag' expression

"This This" Dugu Xiao Yi's lips were drawn. She covered her embarrassed face with her hands. She suddenly felt ashamed and speechless. Moreover, her lovely face had turned very red.

This development blew away the entire family like a landmine!

Old Man Dugu Zong Heng chocked as he opened his mouth wide. His clenched fist had stopped midair, and his face had become ashen.

Dugu Wu Di slumped to the ground with his eyes opened to their extreme. He was covered in dust, and had an extremely incredulous expression.

Dugu Chong felt wronged as he looked at his grandfather. His mouth twisted as he mumbled, "I had told you that nothing had happened I said there wasn't any mishap. It would've been impossible for me to not know if something had happened. I had told you"

"You had also said that you're an idiot! You need a good spanking!" Dugu Zong Heng's roar was like a terrifying thunderclap. Dugu Chong withdrew his neck, and shut his mouth when he heard it.

Dugu Zong Heng's face twisted as he started to stalk Dugu Xiao Yi like a tiger. He smiled in rage, "Good! Good! Good girl! You've grown up now. You fooled your grandfather that's amazing" The old man nodded fiercely; he didn't know what else to say

"Grandpa I Grandpa I I I" Dugu Xiao Yi lost her mind in fear, and turned her beady eyes around. She then drew back in panic, and looked around for help. But, everyone suddenly looked away and refused to help.

[This girl is out of control. She needs a moral lesson! God knows what will happen if she doesn't get one This is scandalous! A young girl from a big and noble family caused such an incident?! She fooled her own family. Moreover, she went ahead and faked her pregnancy in front of thousands of people to draw attention towards herself!]

"I'll break you to pieces!" Dugu Wu Di spoke everyone's thoughts out loud.

"Help" Dugu Xiao Yi turned to run. However, Dugu Zong Heng took great strides and pulled the long ribbon that was dangling on the ground behind her. It appeared like he was fishing, and the little girl was the fish that was stuck on the baited hook. She flew back with a 'whooshing' sound, and dropped on her palms and knees with a loud "Bang!".

Dugu Xiao Yi struggled and shrieked as tears streamed down her face.

Dugu Zong Heng hadn't felt much about beating his grandsons. But, he felt sorry for his granddaughter when he had barely given two slaps to her. Therefore, he didn't hit her again

"Let me deal with this disobedient girl, Father! I won't let her" Dugu Wu Di crawled off the floor as he rubbed his hands and rolled his sleeves. He had a very fierce expression on his face, "This girl has played tricks on me! She deserves a moral lesson! I'll break her bones!"

"What will I hand over this girl to you for, you bastard?!" Dugu Zong Heng's beard puffed as he shouted. "Xiao Yi's body is delicate; how can you beat her? Back off!"

Dark lines appeared on Dugu Wu Di's face. [You just gave two slaps to that 'delicate' thing. But, you suddenly feel sorry for my daughter when I want to deal with her? Can't you believe that I might also go easy on her? But, you're suddenly protecting her again now]