Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 455

Chapter 454 leave everything to me
Chapter 454: Leave Everything to Me!
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Dugu Xiao Yi stood up sobbing, and wiped her tears. She looked like she had been seriously wronged.

The entire family became silent as they looked at that pillow in the distance.

The face of Dugu Xiao Yi's mother was full of helplessness for a long while. Then, she eventually looked at her mother-in-law, "Mother what should we do about this?"

Old Lady Dugu panted with rage, "What should we do about it? Put some dressing on it!" She snorted heavily before she gave a long sigh. Then, she said, "The matter has already reached this far. So, what can be done now?"

Dugu Zong Heng's eyes were opened wide. He too panted with rage, "What can be done? This girl appeared pregnant to everyone! And, I'm sure that everyone in Tian Xiang believes that the Granddaughter of the Dugu Family is pregnant with the Jun Family's child! So, what can we do? Fu*k! This thing has happened to the Dugu Family! This old man is very furious! Anyone else taking advantage of this situation would've been better than that Jun Family! Our family is very unfortunate!"

"Father, you mean that" Dugu Wu Di spoke-up very cautiously. He had finally understood the matter. Today's biggest error wasn't made by Dugu Xiao Yi but by him. It seemed that everything he had spoken was wrong. And, it had now become a thorn at the old man's side

[My maiden daughter isn't pregnant. So, she won't be birthing an illegitimate child]

"What do I mean? This is disgraceful! What does this mean for our family? What does this mean for your daughter? I'm saying that our Dugu Family's bad reputation will reach the heavens! Can't you use your brains? You, you, you only want to infuriate this old man further, don't you? You idiot!" Dugu Zong Heng jumped up, and started to rain curses.

Dugu Wu Di withdrew his neck, and became silent. [I'll get a scolding if I speak up. But, he won't let me stay silent either]

"Why don't you speak? Can't you speak? You still dare to stay quiet and rebel against me? This behooves you!" Old Man Dugu circled like an evil monster as his finger pointed at General Dugu's nose, while his saliva sprayed like rain.

[I didn't expect that staying silent would also cause so much trouble.] Dugu Wu Di had been rendered speechless.

"Tomorrow, we will arrange our men to go to the Jun Family in order to talk this matter over. We can't let that brat do the damage and slip away so cleanly! That brat is the reason behind this chaos!" Old Lady Dugu boldly made a decision, "That debauchee brat will feel very satisfied after he marries my granddaughter. Let me meet him tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow isn't that good. The Jun family is also facing trouble right now. So, tomorrow is troublesome." Dugu Wu Di pulled his head back to look at his mother. He had a sense of foreboding.

"I said we'll go tomorrow. So, we'll go tomorrow! And, there won't be any questions about it!" Old Lady Dugu glared wide eyed, "You father-son and seven idiots will deal with whatever's happening in the capital! What's the big deal about it? What's it worth! Even a barnyard is as noisy as this city!"

"Jun Mo Xie is massacring people throughout the capital!" Dugu Wu Di spoke-up in a low voice. However, he saw that no one reacted. So, he continued to speak, "That brat is very ferocious!"

"Very ferocious!" the old lady nodded in a gratified manner, "This old lady's son-in-law can't be a weakling! There's a rumor that he prevailed over four Spirit Xuan experts! I had always thought that it was a rumor. But, I can tell that his power reaches the heavens now that I see him massacring the entire city. He's a powerful youngster!" Then, she suddenly became angry, "You shameful bastard! You know that we are on the same boat as the Jun Family now. But, you still haven't gone to help them?! What will you do if they bully Xiao Yi after the marriage because our family didn't support them? Will you take responsibility for it?"

Dugu Wu Di was left stunned by this.

[My parents are unreasonable! I had always thought that mother is reasonable]

[How did they come to this? They're already thinking of Xiao Yi's happiness after marriage?]

[My mother genuinely has a long foresight]

The women suddenly crowded around the old lady and Dugu Xiao Yi, and began to chatter and giggle. The wedding discussions could already be heard in the distance. In fact, even the birth of children and their names were being discussed

Dugu Wu Di and Dugu Zong Heng looked at each other in dismay. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry

A long while passed like this. Then, Old Man Dugu suddenly raised his leg and kicked Dugu Wu Di's posterior, "You're still too unhappy to help, you bastard? What are you doing standing here? What's so good to see here?"

Dugu Wu Di hastily sneaked away. But, he was still mad inside. [Jun Mo Xie fu*k you! Everything has happened because of you you shameless bastard]

The seven "Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward" saw their grandfather looking at them. So, they quickly got up as well, and fled in Dugu Wu Di's stead

The world outside was crowding with people, and the entire city was being turned upside down. However, Jun Mo Xie was at home. And, he was preparing for his grandfather's advancement with full devotion.

[This is a world where the strong are respected. So, the faster one becomes stronger the better it is! Anyway, where could those clown standing outside run to? A monk may run away. But, he can never run from the temples!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie wasn't too anxious about making reprisals. Moreover, he felt that those people would only discuss about matters that would intimidate them further

He had first taken Guan Qing Han back to her courtyard when they had returned. However, she had told him to stay when he was about to leave

Jun Mo Xie had turned around in astonishment only to see that Guan Qing Han was standing delicately and timidly at the doorway. Her figure was slight, and her face seemed thinned out. She appeared to be cowering in fear as she looked into Jun Mo Xie's eyes with an expression of seeking protection.

Jun Mo Xie looked back at Guan Qing Han. And, she somewhat lowered her head as tears fell down her face, and onto the ground

Jun Mo Xie trembled inside. [This woman!]

[This beautiful woman this unrivalled beauty who knows how much she has had to endure! How much torment she has gone through?]

[Who would have empathized with her? I suppose that the men are supreme, and women are worth less than servants' clothes.] However, Jun Mo Xie had crossed over from the modern world. So, he could somewhat understand her terrible suffering. Only he could put himself in her shoes, and only he could think about her from a woman's point of view

No one else could do it. And, even if anyone could think about it they'd think it right!

But, was it?

This woman had always been like ice. She was a proud and cold woman. But, she was still a woman in the end. And, she had finally shown her weakness!

Perhaps the cold and aloof mannerism of Guan Qing Han's had been nothing other than helplessness of a sort. After all, a young lady in the prime of her youth had been turned into nothing but a tool to climb up the social ladder for the sake of powerful! And, men of this world had fixed that life for her

The realization that her fianc was someone with a heroic character must've consoled the young lady's heart a little. It wasn't long before her wedding It wasn't long before she would be draped in silk It wasn't long before she'd get to assist her husband in running the house and raising the children However, she had suddenly gotten to hear the news of her fianc's death instead of the wedding bells. Her fianc had fallen and died in battle

She had suffered a huge loss, but she still went ahead and got married for her family. Some of it was voluntary, and some it was forced. But, how could she have been forced if she had done it voluntarily?

She would've perhaps become another tool for more power if she had remained with her family. But, it wouldn't have been so with the Jun Family. She would've surely been alone in the Jun Family, but she would also have been free and peaceful. Moreover, she would've been away from those ugly schemes

Therefore, she had consented to come to her fianc's family in despair.

Otherwise, how could a flowery girl whose tenderness could give rise to a poetic dream in any man's life agree to marry a deceased hero for the sake of a life of loneliness?

However, Guan Qing Han genuinely hadn't had any other option.

She had already come to despair everything. She despaired of marriage of the very thought of marriage even of life!

Therefore, she came to the Jun Family. And, the Jun Family was fortunately good to her. But then, the matter with the Xue Hun Manor appeared after a while

And thus, her already-despairing family had been forced into a tough situation.

Guan Qing Han had thought of dying

However, the Jun Family would've endured the very heavens for her. Therefore, she wouldn't have regretted doing anything for Jun Family. She genuinely wouldn't have regretted! So, she followed the army to Southern Heaven City with secret intentions to sacrifice herself for the Jun Family.

She didn't need to sacrifice herself in the end. However, another mishap occurred. Jun Mo Xie her brother-in-law was affected by an aphrodisiac and his life was rendered in peril. And, the one who had caused that evil had already fled in panic. She knew that she could've left if she wanted. But, where would she have found a woman in the military camp?

[Wouldn't Jun Mo Xie die burning with desire if we can't find a woman?]

Therefore, Guan Qing Han had no other choice but to use her body in order to save him.

Someone could argue that Guan Qing Han knew the affections Dugu Xiao Yi had for Jun Mo Xie. So, why hadn't she called her back instead?

However, how could she have explained it to the girl's family? And, why had Dugu Xiao Yi escaped in the first place? Didn't she know the consequences of administering the drug? Who would administer an aphrodisiac and not know what would happen as a result? Dugu Xiao Yi might have been an exception, but Guan Qing Han wasn't

She had thought; [why would she run if she has administered him with an aphrodisiac? But, would she return if she has already fled?]

Guan Qing Han was left with no other choice once she had realized this. Therefore, she could only give her virtue to the Jun Family She could only give her benefactor-family a chance to continue their bloodline

Guan Qing Han had no choice. Moreover, her honor also prevented her from going back. It didn't matter how she felt about Jun Mo Xie she couldn't cower in the face of this situation!

But, she was caught in a storm when she saved Jun Mo Xie's life. And, she was stained with the accusations of the whole world as a result. She was stained with the immorality of a relationship between a brother and sister-in-law And, she couldn't escape that black mark no matter what the reason behind her actions

Her honor!

The honor of the two families!

Her virtue!

Her chastity!

The pressure of these matters had left her to suffocate.

Guan Qing Han had wanted to kill herself every time Jun Mo Xie had even harbored a tiny speck of hesitation with respect to that incident. And, making herself return to Tian Xiang City was already the bravest thing she had every done in her life.

Because she still had a little hope in her heart

And, Jun Mo Xie hadn't let her down!

However, she still felt vulnerable like before. In fact, she felt as vulnerable as a sea weed in an ocean current.

Jun Mo Xie's heart pounded as he took two steps forward. The two had looked deep into each other's eyes. And, Jun Mo Xie had finally seen the helplessness and despair of Guan Qing Han's eyes.

Jun Mo Xie looked at her carefully as he raised his hand and held hers. Then, he spoke in a soft but firm tone, "Don't be afraid! Leave everything to me!"

Jun Mo Xie's words were like an astonishing sword piercing through the haze in the sky. And, that sky full of black clouds was suddenly pierced by a small ray of light

In fact, these words had resembled the grandeur of a boundless mountain they were as an inexhaustible as a bottomless river they were as thunderous as a torrential snowfall in open summer And, Guan Qing Han suddenly felt like she could rely on these words as if they were the unshakable base of a towering mountain peak!

Guan Qing Han's eyes suddenly shone like a full moon.

Her lips trembled a little as she withdrew her curled hand from the warmth of Jun Mo Xie's palm even though she didn't want to.

However, Jun Mo Xie didn't let it go. He held it even tighter instead as he spoke-up again.

"Don't be afraid! Leave everything to me!"

Guan Qing Han finally submitted to Jun Mo Xie's grasp. Her lips moved, but no words came out Only two tears streamed down.

[These hands are very strong! And, very warm!]

Guan Qing Han's tears fell like rain.