Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 457

Chapter 456 dropping in to murder
Chapter 456: Dropping-in to Murder
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Jun Zhan Tian was very excited after having made his breakthrough. So, he kept talking for a long time before he discovered that his grandson was holding his nose. The youngster wasn't able to talk, and looked sullen as well. He then looked at the way his grandson was looking at him, and he couldn't help becoming a bit suspicious. [Is something wrong with my body? How can you treat your grandfather that way?]

He then subconsciously looked himself. And, he found that something was indeed wrong there was something on his body. He was covered in stains. His loose robes were sticking to his body for some reason. And, his normally white gown was covered in thick layers of stain. However, the old man didn't bother to inspect the color of the stains. However, he had suddenly started to feel wrinkly and uneasy over his entire body.

The old man came from a background of generals. So, he hadn't cared about such things in the past. But, he was a duke nowadays, and had been living like a prince for many years. Moreover, he had raised his standards, and had also developed an obsession with cleanliness. And, he paid careful attention to these aspects in front of the younger generation in particular. Therefore, he cried out in fear when he became aware of this shameful incident. He then disappeared into the shadows with a 'whooshing' sound. However, he left these words behind, "This old man is going to bathe. I'll return in a moment."

Jun Mo Xie laughed involuntarily.

This was normal. After all, his grandfather had broken through a tough barrier a moment ago. Moreover, he had covered several levels, and had increased his strength by a lot. He had taken assistance from a Great Master and a very power external item. This had cleansed him very thoroughly. And, the impurity that had accumulated inside his body over the past decades had come out as a result. Moreover, the injuries he had sustained since his youth had been cleared away along with any other dormant illnesses. In fact, the Young Master would've doubted that something may have gone wrong with his grandfather's breakthrough if this filth hadn't been ejected from his body.

Jun Mo Xie was certain that Jun Zhan Tian could easily live up to two-hundred years or more now. In fact, there wasn't any doubt about it. Moreover, his ability to defend himself had also increased by a great margin. In fact, he could even contend against a Great Master if he were to couple his current strength with the marvelous martial arts that Jun Mo Xie knew.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie finally laid his worries to rest

Then, the Young Master suddenly exposed a heartfelt smile. He was felt very gratified and happy at this moment.

After all, this was a world where the clenched fist was the greatest argument. So, this was the only way to ensure the safety of his family here.

What did people live their lives for?

It could be said that people didn't care for their own fate. Instead, it could be said that people lived for the sake of others for the people they cared about for those who cared for them for their close and loved ones!

He had been alone in his past life. But, it would make for a perfunctory statement if one were to say that he had lived only for himself. And, that's because he also wanted to live for someone else. But, no one like that had existed in his life. So, he had lived-on by relying on the belief he held in his heart. [Who could be worthy of receiving my affections? Who can be worth it?]

He had robbed the rich to help the poor. He had reprimand debauchery. However, he had lived for his country, and he had lived for his people. In other words, he had done everything he could to hold up the belief he had held in his heart. He had been an assassin his previous life, but he had still fought for justice. However, he had done that for the sake of the justice his heart had believed in.

He had killed and bullied without bothering about it. But, that belief in his heart had remained unwavering.

The man had walked on the most unjust roads of the world, but he had always done so to take care of the injustice in the world.

However, he had continually walked away from the so-called 'path of righteousness' by doing so.

Jun Mo Xie Jun Xie had been very lonely. An average person couldn't understand that kind of helplessness.

However, he unexpectedly had a family in this life. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie had accepted his new identity, and had also accepted this new family.

Jun Zhan Tian had plunged the Capital in a bloodbath for him. And, Jun Mo Xie was enshrouded by a feeling of deep affection for his family when that had happened.

Therefore, Jun Xie Jun Mo Xie didn't feel lonely anymore. And, that's because his heart finally had something to depend on!

There were people in this family who cared for Jun Mo Xie's fate. And, this was something he could live for!

In fact, Jun Mo Xie would use every means, and would go to any extent to ensure a healthy, happy, and long life for his family members. And, he would never allow anyone to destroy such a beautiful feeling!

That 'rootless' man had finally obtained the love and affection of a family! And, no one could imagine how much he could care for them in return In fact, he could even set himself against the entire world to protect them from harm!

And, that's because he didn't wish to feel that 'rootlessness' again

After all, it was too bitter!

Bitterness could make one lose interest in life. However, knowing that someone is concerned for oneself is an extremely warm feeling. In fact, this feeling of warmth is something one would spare nothing to protect. He would employ his very heart and soul, and would do everything he needed in order to protect it.

From healing Jun Wu Yi's legs to raising Heaven Destroyers and Spirit Devourers from advancing Jun Zhan Tian to changing Guan Qing Han Jun Mo Xie had taken these steps for his family's sake.

And, he would continue to do it

Until this family's disgrace had been wiped out. Until it would stand on top of the world! Until no one in the world would have the courage to look upon it!

All living beings would look up to the Jun Family with hope as it would look down on the world.

That was Jun Mo Xie's ultimate goal!

Jun Mo Xie relaxed when he saw the murky night's scene. He ordered the guards to stand down, and made them return to normal security patrols. After that, his body swayed and disappeared from the tower's basement in a flash.

There were still some other important tasks that needed to be done that night. After all, making 'them' cower by force during the daytime hadn't been enough. In fact, it wasn't even nearly enough! After all, he'd need the heads of a few bigwigs if he wanted to get rid of the disturbance

Some rotten scholars had dared to attack the Jun Family so openly and brazenly.

[How could the Jun Family stand above the entire world if we let everyone take cheap advantages of us? How could we become a Super Family in the future if things continue like this?! This matter is no joke!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie found it imperative to deal with such matters.

[You plan to use 'honor' to attack me?]

[Hehe, let's see who cares more about honor]

[You said that I'm lowly and shameless. So, let's see what honor you hold!]

The sky was covered with dark clouds this night. So, neither the stars nor the moon was visible.

It was a windy and moonless night. And, such a night had always been suited to commit murder and atrocities.

Young Master Jun didn't intend to commit atrocities. But, he wouldn't care about committing murder if he deemed it necessary. In fact, it seemed that he had planned to do something that was even more terrifying than committing murder

The Mei Household

The old man Mei Gao Jie groaned and sighed. After all, the matter had developed into such an unexpected situation. Old Man Mei hadn't expected that a debauchee like Jun Mo Xie could resort to using such tough methods on his disciples.

Jun Mo Xie had shown a strong contempt for Imperial Authority in broad daylight. The only explanations for this were that he either had enough strength to challenge the Imperial Authority on his own Or, he had a strong-enough backing to do so! However, it didn't matter which one it was the Old Man Mei wasn't happy to see it.

As far as the Old Man Mei was concerned [You are wicked, Jun Mo Xie. You should've trembled with fear in the face of such public criticism. You should have apologized, and should've begged for forgiveness. And, you should have then gone to the Emperor to beg for his assistance. This is the usual and rational course of events. After that, the officials would've raised the levels of the accusations, and would've cornered you. The military would've done everything to strike back. And, the Emperor would've stepped in to set things right. He wouldn't have uprooted the Jun Family. But, their power would've been weakened very considerably. And thus, the Jun Family's influence would eventually have disappeared from Tian Xiang! Then, that criminal Jun Mo Xie would have to die!] In fact, he wouldn't hesitate to destroy Guan Qing Han even if she had done that act to save someone. The old man respected her bravery, but he still couldn't stand that scandal. Moreover, wouldn't she proclaim Jun Mo Xie's innocence to the world if she were let off from this scandal?

They were an adulterous couple for all concerned, and should've been put to death.

It needed to be mentioned that every empire relied on these kinds of strong families. But, it wouldn't look good if one family were to become stronger than the Empire itself. And, it wouldn't be normal either.

In fact, it would cause disaster in the long run!

Jun Family and Jun Mo Xie's power had experienced a very sharp rise. However, he had suddenly been bestowed with this amazing opportunity at this time. After all, this was a huge and cacophonous scandal. In fact, this was a 'once in a thousand years' kind of opportunity!

Mei Goa Jie believed that he had guessed the Emperor's intentions very correctly. And, that's why he had assumed such an all-out hostile attitude, and had pledged to bring the Jun Family down. After all, the Emperor's backing was like having the entire Empire's support. The Jun Family was strong, but they weren't to be feared in this case.

After all, the Jun Family was rising at the moment, but their wings hadn't fully spread open yet. Therefore, this was the best time to attack them. Such opportune timings were extremely rare to come by. So, he would have regretted it forever if he had missed it.

[But, why is His Majesty's attitude so vague now that the matter is in the open? Don't tell me that he thinks this isn't enough to make a move on them? What else could it be?]

[However, that Jun Mo Xie's arrogance has reached a shocking degree!]

[Things have spiraled out of control!]

[After all, the strength of the scholars' character has been destroyed because those three ended up raining curses on their teachers!]

The world-famous Wen Xing Heavenly Literature Institute had unexpectedly been embroiled in such a huge scandal. In fact, this scandal was even greater than that of Jun Mo Xie and his sister-in-law's! And, this was even more unbearable for the old man.

He couldn't stand the fearless, and was most worried by them. However, Mei Gao Jie felt more dejected over his failure as a teacher when compared to the Jun Family's scandal. After all, he had tutored so many unbearable disciples!

The situation had turned very chaotic in one day alone!

Mei Gao Jie felt deeply sick at heart. It could be presumed that his counterpart Kong Ling Yang was also feeling similarly anxious.

"It seems that Master Mei is in a very good mood tonight. The wind howls like the cry of a ghost on the moonless night. However, Master Mei stands arrogant and solemn under the night sky. Is this why the stars haven't dared to reveal themselves in the night sky tonight?" a faint yet clear voice came along the wind. The voice was faintly audible, but it was still very clear. Moreover, it seemed to be carrying the warmth of a smile with it. However, it somehow seemed as if the wind had come to a stop-still when this voice had echoed. Moreover, a strange chill had suddenly permeated the entire world

Mei Gao Jie sighed. He didn't act surprised as he put his hands behind his back and remained standing behind a stone table that was placed in his courtyard. His hands still held a half-finished cup of wine. He didn't even turn back. In fact, it seemed that he was talking to thin air as he said, "Jun-Mo-Xie?"