Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 458

Chapter 457 you will bring great sufferings for the common people
Chapter 457: You Will Bring Great Sufferings for the Common People!
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He had spoken those three words very slowly. And, there had been a pause between each of them. However, he had also spoken them very calmly. In fact, it seemed as if he had expected and prepared for this; he knew for sure that it could be none other than Jun Mo Xie.

"Master Mei deserves to be called the wisest of his generation. He has great foresight," the faint voice still sounded like it was chatting with an old friend. It was neither angry nor anxious. Moreover, it was full of patience.

"This old man is ashamed! How could he dare to be called a wise man? And, what foresight do you speak of? The Young Master had notified me long ago; that's why I haven't slept yet. Instead, I've been waiting so that I may welcome Young Master Jun with honor."

Mei Gao Jie finally turned around. He was calm. But, there was a flash of alarm in his eyes as he looked at the youngster who stood in front of him.

[This man isn't 'that' young debauchee who I remember, right?]

There was an extremely handsome and elegant young man in front of him. This young man was dressed in white robes. And, he seemed to be standing upright in a carefree manner. It seemed that he had arrived as swiftly as the wind in the dark of the night. In fact, it appeared as if a deity had descended from the Ninth Heaven in the chaos of this night!

That aloof, victorious, cold, and elegant youngster gave a very warm smile. But, that very warm smile emanated a very cold and dense murderous aura instead. In fact, it was like the cold winds of mid-winter maybe even colder.

That warm youngster wasn't carrying any weapons. He didn't even seem to be carrying that divine sword the rumors had mentioned about. But, the sharp aura emanating from him made it seem that he-himself was a blood-thirsty, demonic, and extremely exceptional divine weapon!

This young man was Jun Mo Xie!

The debauchee Young Master of the old days suddenly had the bearings of someone with a formidable and domineering character

Jun Mo Xie gave a light smile in reply. His expression didn't seem to hold any resentment. He walked to the table, and calmly poured himself some wine. Then, he raised a toast, "Allow me to pay you my respects before I ask you for an explanation! After all, it's amazing to see that you're this calm. But, it's a pity that this wine is so inferior. It can't match the wine of my Aristocratic Hall. Everything is perfect except for this. So, this is honestly a matter to pity over"

Mei Gao Jie smiled and drained the cup with the toast. Then, his feeble body became straight as he slowly walked back. He then sat opposite Jun Mo Xie, and slowly spoke-up, "This wine is just ordinary wine; that's an obvious fact. So, why should Young Master Jun care? And, today's matter has already gone beyond my control. So, what questions could the Young Master have for me? This old man knows that he will have nothing to say in his defense as the matters stand."

"I only wish to ask this you before we start. Was this your first destination tonight?"

"Hah! I'm coming from the Kong Household!" Jun Mo Xie replied in a casual manner.

"So, I shall presume that Master Kong is dead?" Mei Gao Jie sneered.

"Correct. Master Kong's character was very unwavering. He wasn't cooperating. In fact, he was quite stubborn. So, I had no choice but to steel my heart, gnash my teeth, and stamp my feet. But, I didn't have the heart to deliver him through the road to the afterlife. So, he must be wandering around in the vicinity of the road at this time. Hehe or maybe he dislikes the silence of the road. So, it's possible that he may be waiting for someone he could talk to on the way"

"Ha ha! Good, good! We've been together our entire lives. So, this old man will surely join him! But, I'm very interested in knowing what questions this amazingly talented Young Master Jun wishes to ask me before I leave this world," Mei Gao Jie spoke-up after a long while. And, his tone had a hint of ridicule in it.

That poor scholar was unexpectedly acting with a rare composure and indifference at this moment of life or death. In fact, he was acting freely and optimistically.

"My first question how did Master Mei know that I would be paying him a visit today? I clearly remember that I hadn't sent anyone to notify you," Jun Mo Xie asked carelessly. He rubbed the emptied wine glass in his hands, and rotated it. And, his eyes remained focused on the wine glass as it nimbly rotated in his hands. It seemed as if he had found it very interesting. After all, he hadn't even glanced at Mei Gao Jie even though the scholar was opposite him.

"Young Master Jun insulted my disciples in public today. And, he also made them insult this old man. This made me realize that you will come! I believed that you'd do it tonight to settle our grudges."

Mei Gao Jie smiled and continued, "Because you leave no room to maneuverer. So, you and I have nothing to mediate over now! After all, I would've fought you with everything I had if you hadn't come tonight. I may not be able to harm your family. But, I have enough assurance to make a sizeable number of your underlings suffer! Those men are inside our control! And, it's unlikely that the shrewd Young Master doesn't know this! Moreover, Young Master Jun might not care whether they lived or died. However, the Old Man Jun Zhan Tian and General Jun Wu Yi would certainly have cared!"

"That's right." Jun Mo Xie nodded slowly. This was certainly true, but it wasn't the main reason. [I've come here to check how much you know.]

"Today's matter has clearly shown that the Jun Family doesn't care about the Imperial power nor do you fear it. So, it would've been meaningless even if I had gone to the Emperor tomorrow. However, I could've used this time to circumvent the court. And, that could've been a very hard blow to your Jun Family's power. I couldn't have destroyed your Jun Family, but I would've made you pay a huge price. In fact, it would've been a price you couldn't have afforded!"

He laughed heartily, "This old man is a court official. But, he still has enough power to win over many almighty heroes. And, I can also bring many unrivalled heroes down! And, our members have had deep-rooted and majority power within the Tian Xiang's court. So, you can't defeat us even if you have the greatest military power! Therefore, the best time for you to start was tonight!

"Moreover, the Young Master had revealed his true powers today. So, it seems that the Jun Family's young eagle has finally spread its wings. However, he had also demonstrated that he targets the ones in power. Therefore, this old man and Kong Ling Yang were certain that we'd make for the optimum targets. I and the Young Master have had limited contact. However, I am certain that the Young Master is a vengeful person! You're a venomous person who can deal with tomorrow's storm of accusations, but you wouldn't have waited till tomorrow to deal with it!

"The Young Master may be dishonorable. However, I must say that he at least possesses filial piety. The one to bear the brunt of this attack on the Jun Family would've undoubtedly been Jun Zhan Tian! However, you won't allow your grandfather to be attacked! Ah, this angle was something which this old man had repeatedly considered in order to deal with you. I had wished to force you into submission by using the pressure from public opinion. But, it's a pity that a man's plans don't always pan out. You adapted yourself, and displayed thunderous power while becoming tyrannical. And, you successfully destroyed the comprehensive arrangements I had laid by doing so. The young will truly surpass us elderly!

"These were the reason that left me convinced that you would come no matter what happened. You would've come for me at Kong Ling Yang's place if I hadn't been here. Your arrival was inevitable. So, how could this old man not be here?"

"This Jun Mo Xie truly sees Master Mei in a new light now. In fact, this youngster feels even more honored now," Jun Mo Xie gave a profound nod. [Mei Gao Jie has clearly made a thorough analysis of me in order to arrive at this conclusion.]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had spoken to him with respect.

"Secondly, why would Master Mei not make any preparations even when he knew that this youngster was coming over? Master Mei may be an official, but he has orchestrated many murders. So, he could've left me to suffer serious damages because I was coming to kill him. But, I found no guards in place when I came over. It is evident that Master Mei had removed them on purpose. Why do this?" Jun Mo Xie asked the second question.

"It's like I just mentioned I've understood you quite well even though our interaction has been limited. It may seem that the Young Master behaves rampantly, tyrannically, and maybe even absurdly but, it can now be assumed that everything is interlinked. Moreover, your arrangements are far reaching. So, you must be thoroughly prepared since you've dared to come here. I have indeed orchestrated some deaths. But, how can I compete with your Jun Family? Moreover, I had feared that I wouldn't even get the chance to chat with you."

Mei Gao Jie smiled farsightedly, "This old man is an extremely weak scholar. I had never understood Xuan cultivation, and never knew what Sky Xuan or Spirit Xuan is. But, I know that I'm no match for the Jun Family. However, I knew that the Young Master would definitely talk at my invitation if I were the only one present here."

"I had previously considered Master Mei to be a rotten scholar. But, I now see that he's a very wise man!" Jun Mo Xie laughed, and poured two glasses of wine. "Mo Xie again pays you respect for what you've spoken!"

Mei Gao Jie's expression remained mild and generous as he drank as well.

"My third question this Jun Mo Xie's actions may have been dishonorable in your eyes. However, it was my business. So, what business do you have with my Jun Family's affairs? Moreover, you knew the truth of the matter. So, why did you speak so forcefully in favor of covering my head in shame and having me killed?"

This problem had genuinely left Jun Mo Xie very puzzled, "It seems that my persona vice has nothing to do with Tian Xiang's usual customs. But, why did you bother making these irrelevant connections and accusations? Why did you provoke my Jun Family's thunderous anger by attempting to get me killed? When had I ever behaved properly in the past? But, I had never seen you rallying everyone then Do you mind being generous with your explanation, Master?"

"This dispute ends with you, Young Master. But, it had also stemmed from you! There have been disputes between Jun Zhan Tian and us. But, this old man would've never acted against him in this manner. After all, that old man has been very good for the country and its people. His son Jun Wu Yi has also been good. Our political views have differed, and we've struggled against that father and son. But, we've still admired them. We wouldn't have accused them if they had been in your place. Moreover, we would've tried to save them instead! You are the reason why this matter has taken place! Young Master Jun Jun Mo Xie!"

Mei Gao Jie smiled coldly, "Because you don't hold anyone important! You ignore everyone in the world! This old man isn't being ridiculous, Jun Mo Xie. And, I haven't misinterpreted you either! I feel like I know the Young Master like he was an intimate friend. However, it would've brought endless misfortunes if you had inherited the Jun Family's power! In fact, I am convinced of this. The entire Tian Xiang would've enveloped into chaos! The emergence of your talents was the first signs of danger. Therefore, you needed to be strangled as soon as possible since the entire Tian Xiang would've been brought to destruction by your hands. In fact, it's only Tian Xiang for now. But, you are bound to cause great destruction to the entire world if you prevail!"

There was no doubt that Mei Gao Jie's words contained some profound meaning. But, Jun Mo Xie didn't enquire any further. Now wasn't a good time to take revenge even if Mei Gao Jie genuinely knew the truth. And, perhaps there wouldn't have been a need for any evidence if it had been the opportune time for it...