Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 459

Chapter 458 how can a rosy cheeked hero solve the problems of lasting importance if he cant shed his sentiments
Chapter 458: How Can A Rosy-cheeked Hero Solve the Problems of Lasting Importance if He Cant Shed His Sentiments!
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Besides, Jun Mo Xie had already confirmed his doubt. So, he didn't wish to re-confirm it. Every doubt pointed in the same direction. And, Jun Mo Xie only needed one opportunity; that's it.

"There's another point Jun Mo Xie, you are very dangerous, and the Jun Family's strength is also very profound. However, the Jun Family's strength has been dispersed over these years. The land is at peace nowadays, and there seems to be no signs of wars. So, you may not have gotten the opportunity to achieve something even if you had wished to. You would've at most become another Jun Zhan Tian, and we could've endured you. Also, the country will be able to enjoy long term stability only if there's a balance between warriors and officials. However, the difference in the Jun Family's strength before-and-after the war at the Southern Heaven City is that of night and day! This kind of speed is very frightening! I reckon that the Jun Family's power will increase two-to-three times once you've fully matured

"And, Tian Xiang will have no rulers and officials when that happens. So, it'll truly be over." Mei Gao Jie smiled strenuously. But, his face also became proud with that smile, "This old man is a very old official of Tian Xiang. And, I have dedicated my entire life for the Tian Xiang Empire right from my youth to the present day. And, this old man will never allow the Jun Family to rock the foundations of this Empire! I may die; but, I will die fighting!"

"I see," Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes, and asked softly, "But, I haven't done anything. So, why does Master Mei believe that I will destroy Tian Xiang?"

"The Young Master already understands this matter. So, why is he asking this question?" Mei Gao Jie sneered, "Why did the Young Master pretend to be a debauchee for ten years if he possessed such exceptional capabilities? Why did he suffer for ten years when his Xuan cultivation was so great? He played the fool, destroyed his reputation, and became someone with an extremely notorious one. Why? The Young Master hadn't flown for ten years. However, he's soaring now. He's not roaring now he's shaking the earth! You don't even respect the ruler, why?"

"Haha there's another reason behind that. The Master has spoken this with confidence. But, he has misinterpreted this," Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly. [This old man has amazing vision. His knowledge and experience are great as well. That earlier Mo Xie was a real scum. But, that old debauchee has become a legend in people's eyes with my rise]

Jun Mo Xie had become a legend because he had patiently waited to rise? This can't even be called a joke! Even the former Jun Mo Xie's ghost would become frightened to death if he were to hear about this matter

"The old man can make a guess or two at the Young Master's reasons. But, this isn't the time to discuss these matters," Mei Gao Jie smiled understandingly as he waved his hands.

"Final question you were involved in this matter because you feared that you couldn't brave the storm. So, it may be assumed that you worked with someone else. The two Masters are deliberate planners, but I'm afraid that even you aren't this contemptible. So, this matter has someone else's involvement as well. It's the people from the Shen Ci and the Yu Tang Empires if this Young Master is guessing correctly, right?"

A tiny flash appeared in Jun Mo Xie's eyes, "Why did you commit the traitorous crime by collaborating with them to entrap the Jun Family in the Imperial Court? I had asked the Master to give me an explanation when I had first arrived. So, can you give me one now?"

"Hahaha traitorous crime? This matter is the cleverest part in the whole world!" Mai Gao Jie laughed loudly. "The Jun, the Dugu, and the Murong Family have been defending the borders with troops without any worry. There will be a fit of chaos for some time if the Jun Family is extinguished. However, the Empire can use the resources it's been saving for many years even if the other two empires join hands and invade us. In fact, there won't be any change in dynasties even if we lose the war. But, this sort of a disaster is imminent if you're allowed to grow! However, Tian Xiang's survival is easier if there's only the temporary chaos of Jun Family's elimination. So, we had no choice but to weigh our options!"

"Master Mei, I ask you to take note" Jun Mo Xie looked coldly at the freely-talking old man. His glare was biting cold, "Perhaps your inference is reasonable. But, it's only inference; nothing more! In fact, it's entirely different from fact! Moreover, you've used this inference to harm my Jun Family to harm this country's guardians! Didn't you ever feel your actions were excessive? Did you ever think how many people could've died because of your unconfirmed inference?

"Perhaps it could be said that you have some grudges against the Jun Family. Maybe it could be assumed that I'm not pleasing to your eyes. But, this can't hide the fact that you've distorted the truth to attack us! Moreover, your inference is merely your personal opinion at best. You don't have any proof. Also, you used this method to humiliate an innocent and good woman who readily sacrificed her virtue to repay my family's kindness! And, you clearly knew that she was innocent. You knew that she had nothing to do with any of this!

"Moreover, you also know that her past has been as clear as ice even if she has lost her virtue to me! And, you also knew that my Third Uncle had taken her in as an adopted daughter. So, she wasn't the daughter-in-law of the Jun Family anymore. She wasn't my sister-in-law anymore! But, you didn't let go of her former identity, and you used it to attack her! Let me ask you something since you've acted like this is the happiness of women something one can abandon, trample, or exploit as per their wishes? Is that so in the eyes of great scholars like yourself? Can you sacrifice anyone for your goals? I wish to know why a great and virtuous scholar did this even though he desires to uphold a just and righteous environment"

Jun Mo Xie continued to rain his questions down in a sharp and biting-cold tone.

Mei Gao Jie looked up haughtily. He didn't seem ready to concede anything, "This is quite common. In fact, I even disdain to explain this. But, I'll give an explanation since the Young Master has asked. It wouldn't have mattered if it were that particular woman or this. I would've even sacrificed the country's Princess for Tian Xiang! Sacrificing one woman for the good of the Empire is a good thing. She's only a woman. So why not? Why shouldn't I? So what if she's innocent?! She's only a woman!"

"Don't you think that these words of yours are shameless, Master Mei?" Jun Mo Xie sneered. "What if it were your daughter or wife? Would you still do it?"

"Absolutely! And, that's how it should be! It's the natural order of things, and this old man doesn't begrudge it! I would've sacrificed their honor for the country! I wouldn't have stinted to put family before righteousness even if Guan Qing Han had been my daughter instead! In fact, I would've personally punished her!" Mei Gao Jie raised his head with pride. He did it resolutely, and without any hesitation. It was evident that the old man was prideful about his devotion to the nation.

Jun Mo Xie smiled. He realized that his thinking was irreconcilable with that old man's. [He will argue with me for seasons, and will still speak of justice with the force]

"Then, let me ask you this how much guilt did you feel when you did this?" Jun Mo Xie suppressed his boiling blood.

"Ridiculous! This matter was justifiable! So, what's the need for guilt? Women are like clothes! So, what's the big deal if we abandon them like clothes?" Mei Gao Jie looked at Jun Mo Xie with contempt. "I had always thought you were a character. But, I had never thought that you would be such an emotional child! Let this man at death's door give you a warning 'How can a rosy-cheeked hero solve the problems of lasting importance if he can't shed his sentiments?!' Don't make me look down on you now!"

"It's my fault! The words you just spoke ruined any illusions I had harbored about respecting you as a person! I genuinely shouldn't have talked to you about such matter" Jun Mo Xie shook his head in defeated as he chuckled, "I'm never sentimental! But, you can't think of touching my people even if it's for the country's sake! This is the other reason why I've come to you today, Master Mei! And, you could've never thought of it!

"Master Mei, you are full of self-righteousness and love for the honor of your country. But, men like you will never know a man's persistence! So, you may succeed in politics, but you'll never become a real man! In fact, you and those disciples you taught are surrenders and compromisers in my eyes if I were to be honest about it. I haven't entered the Imperial Court. So, I can't say for sure. But, I presume that the Imperial Court must've felt disgraced by the likes of you!"

"Bullshit!" Mei Gao Jie retorted. He had taught many young disciples. It had been his greatest achievement, and the greatest source of his pride. The fact that his disciples were spread throughout the land and were governing had given him an immense sense of comfort. Jun Mo Xie could've talked about anything else, and he wouldn't have harbored any sentiments. In fact, he would have laughed it away. But, the youngster's remark over this matter had instantly triggered his rage. In fact, that miserable grey-haired old fellow had suddenly become aggressive and emotional.

"Which disciples of mine aren't the pillars of the government? Nineteen of my disciples have already become minor governors at the frontier! They've received ocean's worth of favors from the Emperor and the nation! They're like the greatest pillars of the Empire! What qualifications does a rich brat like you have to speak such ill of my disciples, Jun Mo Xie? They are the most famed talents of the Empire!"

He stood up. His face had reddened with emotion, and his fingers were trembling.

"Sit down! Your emotional upheaval isn't worth a fart, Old Man! I'm being generous to your disciples by calling them 'trash'! After all, trash has some value of re-use! But, they don't even that much value!" Jun Mo Xie sneered and turned his palm. "Open your eyes, and take a look at your disciples, Mei Gao Jie! They've have received ocean's worth of favor from the Emperor and the nation, right?"

A thin booklet appeared in his hand. Then, he tossed it towards Mei Gao Jie.

Mei Gao Jie was left dumbstruck after he had looked inside. Therefore, he looked at Jun Mo Xie in a suspicious manner first. Then, he looked down at the booklet again.

It contained the "glorious achievements" of his disciples.

A disciple of his' had bullied a rich merchant into giving him bribes in some month of some year. He had forcefully taken someone's daughter as his concubine on another date. Moreover, he had even hounded her parents to death

There were many other cases of his disciples breaking the law. In fact, there were many of them as many as a dozen or so of them. Moreover, all reports were based on material evidence. So, there were no doubts regarding them.

And then, there was another

The investigations of those incidents were dated. Moreover, the investigating officers and the dates were different for each case and crime. In fact, someone of the pages were old enough to have yellowed to some extent

These were mountains of irrefutable ironclad evidences. Even death by a thousand cuts wouldn't be enough if those men were to be punished in accordance to their crimes

Mei Gao Jie's hands shook after he had browsed through the booklet. He then slammed it on the table with a "Bang!"

This house and courtyard had been bestowed upon him by the previous Emperor as a reward for his services. However, one wouldn't be able to find any expensive items around the house. In fact, it seemed as if he was a penniless old scholar. However, the bribes his disciples had taken were astronomical. In fact, some of them were even higher than the sum of his decade's worth of government earnings!