Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 462

Chapter 461 what is true and what is not
Chapter 461: What is True, and What is Not
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The Third Elder was awfully broken-hearted. He was also quite mad and puzzled.

The Seven Swords and the Third Elder had covered their long and arduous journey in that grim mood, and had finally returned to the Snowy Peaks. And, they went to the Silver Blizzard City the moment they returned to the Snowy Peaks.

The entire sky had been enveloped in a blizzard. And, it was extremely cold.

However, the Silver City's people were obviously accustomed to that cold. So, they didn't care about it. In fact, they were habituated to such a nasty weather. After all, they had grown up in such conditions. These people were obviously unafraid of the cold, but the same couldn't be said for the injured ones. However, they didn't need to worry in reality. They had surely been branded as traitors by the Silver City. However, their companions had still looked after them after being angry at them for a few days in the beginning. Therefore, their injuries hadn't worsened.

After all, humans are emotional beings at the end of the day...

Mu Xue Tong had inquired whether they should send an eagle to notify the Silver City's higher ups of their arrival in advance. However, the Third Elder had resolutely shot down that idea after giving it some thought.

And, he hadn't said no without reason either. After all, the Silver City was controlled by the Xiao Family regardless of how things seemed from the outside. This had been particularly the case ever since the birth of Little Princess Han Yan Meng.

[I had always believed that the Han and Xiao Families were one family. Who could've said that we weren't the same? We hadn't even though about this matter. But, it suddenly seems that the Xiao Family had been obsessed with this the entire time. The thought that I had never even considered has suddenly left my blood to run cold!]

[The letter would surely fall into the hands of a Xiao Family member first if we sent an eagle ahead of us. And, our Han Family would be pacified if that happened.]

Therefore, the wise Third Elder took the safer option, and decided to travel overnight to the Silver City. After all, the Lord of the City and the Old Master of the City would spot their arrival as long as they were to appear at the gates of the city.

However, he had never expected to be intercepted by the Great Elder Xiao Xing Yun at the base of the peak. Moreover, the Great Elder was also leading a team of powerful experts.

[How did he get the news to block me off like this?]

"Elder Brother? How come you're here?" The Third Elder looked at Xiao Xing Yun in astonishment. It wasn't that he was prepared to blindly trust a poisonous snake. After all, he knew that his Elder Brother had sinister motives. However, that man had still been his 'Elder Brother' for eighty years. So, he couldn't change the usual term of address when that man suddenly appeared in front of him.

The Third Elder had cursed him a million times over the course of the journey. But, he still found it difficult accept such a cruel reality when he was confronted with that familiar and amiable face.

"Elder Brother? Ha ha ha you still dare to call me 'Elder Brother'?" Xiao Xing Yun's face darkened as he gave him a deep look. In fact, it seemed like he would swallow him whole, "Two of my younger brothers are dead because of you. My grandson is half-dead because of you. My great-grandson is dead because of you. Moreover, two more of my brothers have been rendered crippled for life because of you! You"

"Do you think you can still call me 'Elder Brother' after everything that has happened? How did you even dare to voice the words 'Elder Brother' in flattery? I won't allow you to address me like that!" Xiao Xing Yun sneered. His glare was as sharp as a knife, "Han Fei Yun, you've boldly created strife within the Silver City by having them killed. You've committed the greatest sin. And, the heavens won't tolerate this! However, you're still standing instead of kneeling and admitting your guilt!"

"Ha ha ha Xiao Xing Yun, I won't call you 'Elder Brother' if you don't want! Anyway, why are you distorting the truth when everyone here is well aware of it? I'd like you to ask your conscience do you still think that you're even worthy of being called 'Elder Brother'?"

The Third Elder's beard trembled as he gave a mournful laugh. He then slowly looked up, "Xiao Xing Yun, I had never thought that you would instigate this betrayal! You've betrayed the Silver City. But, you're too arrogant if you think that you can take the Lord's place. The heavens will not abide by such vile ambitions!"

"Instigate betrayal? Ha ha ha" Xiao Xing Yun laughed insolently, "You say that I seek to betray? Everyone knows who the first true Lord of the Silver City was, right? So, let me remind you why my Xiao Family's ancestor died it was for your Han Family's sake! My deceased ancestor had set up the Silver City, and he had advanced it step by step. And, he eventually died for it. However, the next generations of the Xiao Family had already been born by that time

"It is undeniable that the son inherits the father's mantle. So, tell me something Han Fei Yun shouldn't Han Zhang Meng have succeeded the deceased Old Lord at that time?" Xiao Xing Yun had spoken in a very dark tone.

The Third Elder had been rendered speechless. These arguments sounded and seemed in proper accordance. In fact, it was reasonable to argue that the Han Family's ascension to the Lord's position had been inappropriate.

However, the Han Family had never let the Xiao Family down in any way. They had even been aware that the Xiao Family had been doing many injustices in the name of the city. However, they had ignored it. In fact, their guilty conscience had encouraged the rising flame of the Xiao Family's arrogance in the past centuries. Moreover, the Han Family's children had been taught to have tolerance for the Xiao Family from the start. And, that's why Xiao Han was able to cause such a huge disturbance in those days

"What? You've got nothing to say now? The Han Family should've supported the Xiao Family's younger generation for the Lord's position if they had genuinely felt gratitude and brotherly love towards their benefactor! They should've tried their hardest to help. After all, this is the best action one can take after someone does them a huge favor. But, your Han Family had usurped the Lord's position in the sly of that nonsensical oath. In fact, they had shamelessly done this in front of the entire world!"

"The true Young Lord of the City became a follower of the Silver City as a result. And, the Han Family went from being the follower to the Lord! There's an old saying for this 'give a few drops of water, and they'll thirst for a whole river'! The Han Family usurped the city's command from the descendants of their very savior! Ha ha ha! Moreover, the Han Family even managed to act with such self-righteousness after they had usurped those descendants' position! In fact, they were even praised by the entire world for their actions! This world is ridiculous! Don't you find it ridiculous, Han Fei Yun? Why don't you speak now?" Xiao Xing Yun became even more aggressive after he saw that Han Fei Yun had remained quiet.

"You're talking nonsense! Many parties were vying with each other after the defeat of the Great Alliance. The Silver Blizzard City had run into a lot of trouble, and was facing crisis as a result. The rest of the world would've swallowed us whole if order wasn't brought back by such extreme means! Therefore, the Han Family's chief had bravely gone forward. And, he had taken over the city. Moreover, he had step-by-step formed its base during unsure times! The Han Family had fought every battle from the forefront in order to protect your Xiao Family! Your Xiao Family was always in safe positions, and your sacrifices had also been the least! Can you deny that?

"Moreover, the Silver Blizzard City was only a medium-sized force in society in those days. But, it's now a world-renowned superpower that can crush anyone. Our Old Lord had taken-on a huge problem at that time. And, he had worked his entire life to bring the Silver City to its current status! It can be said that the Silver City has reached its present glory because of the Old Lord's efforts! Can you deny this? Why can't your Xiao Family speak to its conscience? It's very interesting to twist the truth. Isn't it?"

The Third Elder laughed loudly. His face was full of hatred, "Han Family has dealt out too many reparations for your Xiao Family over these centuries! We have cleaned our guilt too many times! Moreover, it wasn't for that oath alone! However, that oath has still allowed you to pressurize the Han Family for so many centuries! So, what grievances do you have?"

Both sides had shed all pretenses, and were in open conflict now. In fact, everything was out in the open now.

"Bullshit! The Silver City was the Han Family's home! So, why wouldn't he do his utmost for it? He obviously wanted to build a foundation for himself! So, he stole it from someone else! Ha ha the Xiao Family's position was stolen by the Han Family, and you still have the nerve to speak with such a pompous attitude? In fact, you even have the nerve to involve the critical situation our city had faced at that time! But, why did the Han Family retain its control over the Silver City once that crisis had passed?"

Xiao Xing Yun roared angrily.

"Wouldn't the Silver City's prestige have remained the same if the Xiao Family had resumed control over the Lord's position? Would our city's power have weakened? What nonsensical argument is this? Are you telling me that the Han Family wouldn't have done their best for the Silver City if they hadn't been allowed to take over?"

Xiao Xing Yun snorted and continued, "Your words are truly shameful! You have been shamelessly using that excuse to cover your vile actions! You've been using that excuse to shove your argument down people's throats! Your family has been unbelievable vile! What shamelessness do you speak of? Your Han Family has been wearing the hat of shameless this entire time!"

"You are twisting words and forcing logic!" The Third Elder's eyes were misty and red. His finger trembled, "A leader's strength and courage relates directly to the power of the city he controls! Don't you understand such a simple thing? The next generation was young and cowardly at that time. So, how could they have supported our city during those turbulent times? How were those descendants better than the Old Lord's skill in strategy? You only wish to add more guilt by using those words. Moreover, you are even trying to use the memory of your ancestor's sacrifice in your selfish struggle for the city's control! Don't you think that you're being too despicable?"

Xiao Xing Yun sneered aloof and unconcerned, "Don't speak nonsense! And, there's no need to stall for time either, Han Fei Yun! Do you know why this old man is wasting so much time in arguing with you? It's because no one from the Han Family will ever come here from the Silver City's peak! In fact, I'm sure that no one will pass from here for two months! So, I've nothing to worry about! Ha ha ha I've been holding these words in my heart for so many years! But, I've finally spoke them to my heart's content! I believe that I can speak these words squarely and uprightly to the whole world! And, I'm sure the whole world will be convinced by them!"

Xiao Xing Yun had roared those words out. But, he spoke with an extremely sad and hollow voice afterwards, "My second brother and I had planned this over our entire lives! And, our desires are within reach now. However, he won't be able to witness it! He will never be able to see it!"

"My second brother he'll never see it!" he roared as his body trembled and eyes watered.

The Xiao Family's powerful and might Xing Yun and Bu Yu had never been separated since childhood. However, they had been broken apart forever when they had reached such an old age

It was impossible to describe the pain of Xiao Xing Yun's heart

Consequently, he had come to hate the Han Family's members even more especially the ones who stood in front of him at this time.

"Xiao Bu Yu is to blame for courting disaster for himself and Xiao Han! What does the Silver City have to do with it? What did we have to do with it? But, you still wish to take it out on us? That's ridiculous!" Han Fei Yun gave a sharp glare as he secretly grasped his sword, "This is rebellion, Xiao Xing Yun! This is a rebellion against the Silver City!"

There was a flash as a sword was unsheathed with a "whoosh", and a piece of clothing fell to the ground.

"I break my ties with you from this moment forth! I discard the friendship we have shared!"