Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 464

Chapter 463 three assassins
Chapter 463: Three Assassins
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Mu Xue Tong pulled the Silver City's Han Yan Meng tightly to him with one hand, and gave everything he had as he dashed through the snow. He didn't even dare to glance back. And, that's because he knew that his speed would slow down if he were to glance back for even a second. And, there was a chance that he would get caught if he was slowed down even momentarily. However, that would mean that the sacrifice of the Third Elder and the others would go in vain.

Therefore, he lowered his head, and escaped in grief and indignation with every ounce of strength he could muster.

He could hear those resounding and landslide-like explosions in the distance behind him. It seemed like a Spirit Xuan expert was giving everything he had. In fact, it seemed that he was even depleting his hidden tricks while doing his best to attack the enemy. Mu Xue Tong was only at Sky Xuan, but he had been considered a prodigy. There were many Spirit Xuan experts in the Silver City. So, he could recognize the meaning of such explosions very clearly.

The Third Elder was laughing shrilly in the distance, "Are you enjoying this, Xiao Xing Yun? Ha ha ha"

Xiao Xing Yun sounded furious, "So, you're going all out? Everyone, use everything you've got, and cut that bastard up with your swords!"

After that, there was a sound denoting the clash of several weapons. However, a weak sounding mournful cry arose in the distance soon after. It was then that the Third Elder spoke in a resolute manner, "Come! Accompany me! Ha ha ha"


There was a violent explosion accompanied by a succession of blood-curdling screams

A drop of tear flowed out from Mu Xue Tong's eyes.

He knew what this meant

Han Fei Yun had sacrificed his life in that explosion.

[The Third Elder hasn't even left his body intact to stall time for us to stall for only a little more time]

Mu Xue Tong rushed through the dense and snowy pine forest with a 'whooshing' sound along with Han Yan Meng. He left faint footprints that lead to three directions. Then, he took a deep breath and used his entire strength to fly high. He flew for over two-fifty meters as a result. He looked around for a second. Then, he descended downwards behind a cliff that lay ahead. They then disappeared behind the cliff.

This diversion was the best way to escape.

Xiao Xing Yun arrived in extreme hurry after a while. He looked around very carefully at first. Then, he waved his hand in anger, "Search very carefully! The snow has footprints on it! So, they couldn't have gone far! Divide the teams, and carefully follow the three tracks! That little traitor is all that's left now, and he hasn't suffered enough! Look everywhere! Search every bit of land! Dig out three feet of snow if necessary! They don't need to be left alive if found they're found! Kill them without mercy!"

The Young Master Jun lay down to sleep. He had a good nap, and slept through till the next day. He felt like he hadn't had such a satisfying sleep in a good while.

Little Ke kept guard at his door. However, the little girl acted very diligently and responsibly. So, no one went inside to disturb his sleep.

It wasn't until noon the next day that someone came-in with news. It was about Baili Luo Yun. He had returned to meet the Young Master. Jun Mo Xie stretched his body for a moment, and sat up. He then muttered, "He has arrived three days earlier than I had expected!" he stood up after he had spoken those words. Then, he spoke, "I'll meet the youngster myself!"

Bali Luo Yun's entire body was dusty. So, the talented youngster looked travel-worn when Jun Mo Xie went to meet him. His face looked wind-beaten and exhausted. But, his expression had still remained resolute. In fact, it was as sharp as a spear's tip. Moreover, his body had a somewhat ruthless aura about it.

The young expert emanated a very cold, dense, and awe-inspiring aura as he stood there. And, the Jun Household's guards felt great unease because of it. In fact, they couldn't help but be vigilant against it. The guards who kept watch at the Jun Household's doors were merely ordinary soldiers. However, they were still veterans of numerous battles. So, one could well-imagine the grandeur and tyranny of an aura that could make them feel so uneasy

A thin line of light flashed in Baili Luo Yun's eyes when he saw that Jun Mo Xie had come to meet him in person. So, he solemnly cupped his fist and said, "I'm back Young Master!"

"Welcome back!" Jun Mo Xie gave a faint smile, and asked, "How're things going?"

"I've killed those fifty people. There was no trace left in those places except for those verses you had mentioned," Baili Luo Yun had spoken with a trace of indifference. But, even that indifference had contained incomparable confidence and pride.

"You did great! Thanks for the hard work!" Jun Mo Xie patted his shoulder, "I've set aside a place for you. Go and rest. Other matters can wait!" Jun Mo Xie frowned since Baili Luo Yun's disposition hadn't been rectified. And, the Young Master had clearly sensed the pride he had given his report with.

[This is unacceptable An assassin with such pride? How is that a good thing?]

"Young Master What about my my father he" Baili Luo Yun's head sank as he spoke-up with some hesitation.

"I said that the other things can wait. Didn't you hear?" Jun Mo Xie's expression was profound. His eyes then looked meaningfully at Baili Luo Yun while emanating absolute authority.

Baili Luo Yun understood the meaning of this. His complexion became green as he said respectfully, "This Luo Yun will do as you bid!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed windily, "I know that you ask this out of filial piety towards your father. But, this is the only time I'll allow it. This mustn't happen again!"

Baili Luo Yun's expression turned extremely respectful as he said, "Many thanks, Young Master!"

"An Emperor is never short of hungry soldiers. I promised you something, and I've obviously fulfilled it They entered Tian Xiang City three days ago. Moreover, I've made residential arrangements for your esteemed father. You don't need to worry about your father. In fact, you might as well take a look. Follow me!" Jun Mo Xie walked forth, and led him to the back door.

Baili Luo Yun was a smart man. He only needed to be given an indication, and that was enough for him to understand. There was no need to explain any further. He'd understand everything well-enough.

There was an impressive house not far from the Jun Manor.

"The Luo Yun House!"

Those big and golden characters hung glittering in the sunshine. They appeared glorious in gold.

There were many guards at the gate. They were full of vigor, and had doughty statures.

Baili Luo Yun's father sat on a chair at the center of the courtyard. He wore a luxurious black leather gown, and his face was brimming with satisfaction and happiness. There was a pretty young maid behind him, and she was massaging his shoulders in a diligent manner. Several servants were busy cleaning the courtyard.

Baili Luo Yun was pleasantly surprised to find his father's complexion much better than before. His complexion was robust and rosy. And, each bit of him had a healthy luster to it. In fact, it seemed like the man had been reborn. He seemed to have become younger by a few years. Even the wrinkles on his face had receded by a fair margin.

"This is your home Baili Luo Yun's home," Jun Mo Xie smiled as he spoke softly.

"My home" Baili Luo Yun was astonished.

He had a home and a family in the past. But, that 'home' of the Baili Family was a place of bitter memories for him. It had been a cage which was hard to escape from. He had never harbored a sense of home towards it.

[How could I ever have thought that I would have a home here? A brand new home at that! A home only for my father and me]

Baili Luo Yun's heart felt warm as he looked at the flowers and trees in the courtyard. It was a wintry November at this time, but the young man still felt warm.

His previously ice-cold heart had suddenly warmed up!

Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly, and walked out in a calm manner. He had left Baili Luo Yun to experience the new-found gifts of having his own home.

The Young Master obviously understood such a feeling. Therefore, he didn't disturb the youngster.

Baili Luo Yun became emotional, and rushed out after a moment. His expression became solemn, and his body straightened as he saw Jun Mo Xie. Then, he kneeled in a serious manner.

Jun Mo Xie used his left hand to support Baili Luo Yun. He had obviously realized that Baili Luo Yun had intended to kneel and bow in patronage. So, he spoke-up in a melodious voice, "What are you doing? I'll obviously make proper arrangements for you since you're working for me. I've done this so that you don't have to worry. This is the natural order of things. So, don't do this. I want a reliable subordinate. But, I don't want you to kowtow like an insect!" He then stiffly pulled him up.

"Maybe the Young Master feels he ought to do it. But, this is like a heaven-sent favor for me," Baili Luo Yun spoke solemnly as he stared at Jun Mo Xie. His gaze had filled with reverence for the first time aside from when he had awed at Jun Mo Xie's strength.

"But, you needn't do this! Please understand one thing, Luo Yun. You don't need to say much. You also understand matters. So, we might as well speak openly about this. I won't reward you if you become useless to me. And, you must realize that your value isn't limited to a house! We still have to rampage over the entire world! And, I need your skills for that! Remember what I had said earlier that was the only time. This shouldn't happen again!" Jun Mo Xie spoke slowly.

His words had been blunt. Perhaps a bit unpleasant as well

But, Baili Luo Yun knew that it was genuine truth. And, that had made these words pleasant to hear.

Everyone dreams about good things falling in their laps from the heavens. But, no one ever think about why it should happen. Why would good things ever fall in one's laps? Why would anyone reward oneself if they don't have any skill or haven't done anything of significance?

This is exactly the reason why one gives presents to the government official, and not a farmer. After all, an official can do the work which a farmer can't. Obviously, it'll be a different matter if one looks at his flower of a daughter

However, understanding is truth one thing. And, being able to state it so frankly is another. Moreover, doing what one has said was a different matter altogether. [Don't the big families have hundreds of talented fighters in their ranks? Even the richest man in the world may die while paying for their subordinates' expenses of each talented individual was assigned a house full of servants]

[The Jun Family has many peerless experts. So, why is the Young Master taking care of me in this manner? Don't tell me that I'm more useful than those old foxes or even a Sky Xuan expert?] Baili Luo Yun lacked the self-confidence when it came to this matter.

Therefore, Baili Luo Yun nodded in a solemn manner, and didn't show how moved he was again. Instead, he spoke-up firmly, "I understand."

"Ah excellent! It seems that you've forged ahead in your Xuan strength's ranks as well! You were at Jade Xuan Peak the last time I saw you. But, you're at the peak of Earth Xuan's lower level now! You will be at the middle rank of Earth Xuan after one more step! This rate of progress is quite fast. It's indeed lightning fast!" Jun Mo Xie looked over, and spoke-up somewhat flabbergasted.

"This is thanks to those divine pills from the Young Master. I had broken through the blocked of Jade Xuan after I took that pill. And, I was able to advance to the Earth Xuan Realm. I continued to absorb the strength of the medicine for some time. And, even I found it difficult to believe that taking a pill could make me advance so greatly. It's genuinely a heavenly pill!"

Baili Luo Yun again looked emotional the moment that topic was brought up. His limbs trembled in excitement as he recalled the moment when that earthen color had dazzled on his body for the first time. He couldn't help but become red.

[My divine pill should increase a person's cultivation by ten years, right? However, his breakthrough goes against the usual norm!]

Jun Mo Xie stared wide eyed. He gaped, but remained silent. [What kind of person is he? Many of men had taken that pill before. But, no one had advanced levels in such a terrifying manner. Yet, this guy has advanced so much with only one pill? He made it to the breakthrough. That's possible. But, he went even forward until he reached the peak of the next sub-level?]

[This speed is amazing!]

This advancement was still far short of the seven-eight levels Jun Mo Xie could advance in a single time. But, Jun Mo Xie understood the difference well.

[I can jump more than ten levels in one go. But, that's because I have the ultimate cheat-tool the Hong Jun Pagoda! So, my body's aura can be replenished anytime and everywhere. But, this Baili Luo Yun has nothing. He only has innate skill. But, this kind of innate skill is not normal!]

[It is worth it to invest a lot in such an innate talent. The only bad thing about this youngster is that he still can't follow strict orders. But, this important rule can be established slowly and steadily.]

[After all, the canal is formed when the water flows.]

"There's a new task for you. You will be responsible for training your body's overall development this time." Jun Mo Xie handed Baili Luo Yun some loose papers. These papers had a few body poses along with some notes on them. Each posture was extremely odd almost exceeding the limits of the human body's ability to adapt.

Baili Luo Yun took a quick glimpse of the paper. And, he couldn't help his eyes from flashing. An average person would look at these postures, and would find them outlandish and undoable. However, Baili Luo Yun was a genius at martial arts. Moreover, he possessed excellent comprehension ability. So, even a quick glance was enough for him to assess that these postures contained endless potential.

Baili Luo Yun genuinely thirsted to improve his strength. So, this was the best and biggest rewards for him.

Baili Luo Yun had been slaughtering people the entire journey here. And, he had gradually started to enjoy it as well. Therefore, he was quite satisfied with things. However, he had always enjoyed the process of increasing his strength in a gradual and procedural manner.

Therefore, Baili Luo Yun didn't hesitate, and agreed to it without a thought.

"Here is a list of names. I want you to memorize them. You must kill one of these people after every three days you spend in training." The glint of a cruel light flashed in Jun Mo Xie's eyes, "You decide who you'll kill first. These men are our enemies! However, there isn't much of a hurry when it comes to dealing with them. So, we can clean them up slowly. There is no urgency. Do you understand?" Jun Mo Xie said slowly.

Baili Luo Yun nodded slowly while taking the precious papers into his possession.

"I want you to reach the Earth Xuan Peak in three months," Jun Mo Xie moved his hands behind his back as he said these words lightly. "I will help you break through from Earth Xuan Level when the time comes. I will get you to the first ranks of the Sky Xuan Realm maybe even higher!"

Baili Luo Yun trembled. But, there was a fiery light in his eyes.

Jun Mo Xie returned to his courtyard, and heard Guan Qing Han play her flute in her area next doors. The music was mournful. It still emanated a heavy pressure. In fact, it emanated an unbearably heavy pressure....

Jun Mo Xie sighed and shook his head. His gaze then fixated on the two crazed figures that were inside his courtyard at this time. They were the two young kids who had previously nipped at their fingers to write their blood oaths.

Those two kids didn't have a tongue, and one of them didn't even have an arm. Moreover, it was the right arm.

He had given them a training manual before he had gone to the Southern Heaven City. The level of training was three to four times of what children their age could endure. Moreover, the foundation of their bones weren't good. So, their prospects weren't good even if they trained with everything they had.

However, Jun Mo Xie was surprised to find that these two children had somehow persisted even though they appeared so thin that they would get blown away by a gust of wind. In fact, they had somehow increased their capacity to train by three to four times.

It could be said that the Spirit Devourers and Heaven Destroyers were training to their limits. However, these two kids were training themselves to the edge of their lives by the same analogy. They would train four times a day, and they wouldn't stop unless they felt that they would die. Moreover, they would resume training the moment they felt that even a little strength had return to their bodies.

And, they had been doing this for the last three months!

They had already broken the wooden pikes that Jun Mo Xie had grounded for them. In fact, they had done so several times.

Jun Mo Xie felt a cool feeling in his heart when he saw the two going ahead with his training.

It had surprisingly come as a surprise to Jun Mo Xie. After all, the Young Master was also a human at the end of the day. He had experienced two lives, and he had a cheat-tool like the Hong Jun Pagoda. But, he still nurtured the same expectations another person would. Therefore, he would also be amazed by things that were beyond his expectations.

Those two eleven and twelve year old kids were very weak, but they seemed like wolves when they fought.

Two very hungry wolves at that!

There was no hesitation from their part. And, they showed no mercy either. Every punch and every kick could be called fatal. One of them would often get kicked down, and would be left to struggle on the ground for a while as a result. However, the other would only look-on with a cold and unflinching glare. There was no scope for helping the other in getting back to their feet. In fact, the fallen kid would be given a few more kicks.

And, the fallen kid would also get up to fight back the moment his opponent eased up. The two would continue to batter each other every day in this manner. They wouldn't even spare each other's throats; nor the solar plexus They would even batter the area between each other's legs.

Attacking that area without any misgivings could genuinely kill a person

The two knew that should've been helping each other. But, now wasn't the time to do so. Instead, now was the time to fight a decisive battle. After all, they would be killed by others in the future if they couldn't endure this training now. And, wasn't it better to die by one's brother's hand

The training undertaken by those two was simply shocking.

These two kids' innate talents differed very greatly from that of Baili Luo Yun's. However, the same couldn't be said for the murderous aura these two kids exuded from their bodies. In fact, their ruthlessness was even more prominent in comparison.

Those three had an assassin's disposition, and Jun Mo Xie had discovered this. In fact, they'd make for the three great assassins!

Old Man Jun had visited these kids once. However, he hadn't been able to forget their frightening nature and training even after he had returned to his study

In fact, Old Man Jun had said that those two kids weren't even human. A General who had waged battles his entire life had been left this shocked by their training. This showed how fierce their training was...

Jun Mo Xie's courtyard had been clean before he had left. In fact, the ground had become as strong as steel after the ferocious spiritual strength he had unleashed some time ago. But, he found the ground was full of potholes now. The magnitude of change wasn't very great. But, it was still damaged.

Moreover, that damage had been done by the bodies of those two kids.

Even heavy iron hammers may fail to do this kind of damage. However, the bodies of these two kids had managed to do this over the course of their training in the last three months. So, it could be seen what condition their training had reached by now...

Jun Mo Xie sighed at first. Then, he clapped his hands and said, "Come here, you two."

Jun Mo Xie was surprised when the two came over. They had grown a bit taller. Their muscles had also hardened. However, they had an expression in their eyes which belied their indifference towards life. And, this had surprised Jun Mo Xie more than anything else.

The two kneeled in unison, and lowered their heads in respect. This was their set-greetings to Jun Mo Xie. The Young Master had told them not to do this. But, they never changed, and had continued to do this. The Young Master also knew their stubborn personalities. So, he had let it slide

"Get up. I want to see how far your bodies have been trained," Jun Mo Xie extended his hand. Then, he released his spiritual sense, and checked their meridians. He sighed lightly at his observation.

The two kids were training extremely hard. No one could deny that. Their bodily strength and coordination had made great progress.

However, the two kids' innate restrictions were still there.

The innate talent of those two was much lower than that of Baili Luo Yun's. In fact, the difference was that of the sky and the ground or the heaven and earth

Jun Mo Xie felt that he would need to refine a different kind of medicine for them.

He fished out two 'Ten Years Dan' from his chest pockets, "Take these! Then, practice your Xuan cultivation practice accordingly."

Their innate talents were meagre. And, they only had three months of foundation in their support. So, these two would suffer immense pain if they were to take these pills so rashly. In fact, the pain would be tenfold of what an average person would suffer. But, Jun Mo Xie had realized that these two kids' nature was quite fierce after he had seen their training.

[Others wouldn't be able to endure it. But, those two little kids certainly would.]

It could be said that these two kids would see very quickly results once they had ingested these Ten Years Dans. However, these had begun their Xuan cultivation only three months ago. Therefore, their cultivation was only the beginning of the starting stages. In fact, they had only reached the third level of Xuan Cultivation at this time. However, these Ten Years Dan pills were in defiance of the natural order of things. And, the absorption of their efficacy would prove to be an uncomfortable experience even for a Silver Xuan expert

However, their meridians would expand to an extreme degree if they willed through it. The more one bears, the more one gains. For example, it would make no difference to a Spirit Xuan expert if they took those pills. There wouldn't be much of a reaction. They would only absorb ten years' worth of pure aura after ingesting the pills. That's all.

But, these two kids had weak meridians. Therefore, using these pills would give them a great start. In fact, it could even compensate for their lack of innate talent.

The muscles of their bodies underwent a painful expansion as Jun Mo Xie looked-on. Their gnashed teeth made loud 'buzzing' sounds. However, they still pushed through it, and didn't issue a single groan of pain. They blindly and silently endured it. Even an adult wouldn't have been able to endure one-tenth of that pain

They were sweating bullets!

Jun Mo Xie watched as their weak bodies shudder. However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly remembered a knife-wielding technique when he saw that trembling stump of arm left-handed blade technique! Moreover, it was one-armed blade-wielding technique!

This blade-wielding technique was extremely severe. In fact, it was a killer technique!

This blade-based technique had been designed by a senior in his previous life. That man's swordsmanship was world-famous. His strength was even more renowned. Unfortunately, his enemies had managed to ambush him one day. And, they had chopped off his right hand at that time. But, they deliberately didn't kill him. After all, his skillset would be useless since his right hand had been chopped off. So, he wouldn't be able to use it anymore. His enemies had obviously planned to cripple him so that they could shame him in front of the entire world.

However, that man wasn't discouraged. He took immense amounts of pain to contemplate matters. And, he created an extremely powerful left-handed blade-based technique after ten years of hard work. He then went back, and killed his enemies after his blade-based technique was ready.

That man had been no match for his enemies even when he had been at the peak of his prowess. However, his enemies weren't even able to fight back once he had designed and completed his new blade technique. And, this was enough to assess the true hegemony of that technique.

However, that blade-technique was extremely dangerous. It was an extremely strange method as well. It could cut the user's body if they weren't careful. And, that's because every chop against the enemy would come from a very unexpected angle. This obviously made it very difficult for the enemy to guard against the strikes. But, it was also quite dangerous to practice as well.

However, this was the only method that kid with only one arm could use.

The other kid's limbs were still intact. However, Jun Mo Xie had planned to teach that other kid a very strange sword technique as well. The two of them would form a very deadly force after they had combined their blade-techniques in a harmonious manner.

The two kids had suffered the pain for an hour. They had lain twitching on the ground during the later part of it. Even their sweat wasn't visible. In fact, they had clenched their teeth so hard that even the root of their teeth had started to bleed!

The veins of their body had pulsated to their skin.

The two of them were still gnashing their teeth even though the severe pain had ended by now. In fact, their muscles had become so taut that they couldn't even open their mouths

The Young Master's formidable spiritual power surged forth, and loosened them up. The two finally opened their mouths, and saw each other's pained expression. They were covered in wisps of blood. But, their eyes were filled with an expression of non-acceptance.

"This is a set of blade-wielding moves." Jun Mo Xie conveniently grabbed a blade. He held it in his left hand, and raised it as he said, "This will suit you!"

The face of the one-armed kid became fervent as he heard this. And, he watched Jun Mo Xie's every move with careful attention. His eyes were opened wide. He didn't even dare to blink in fear of missing some minute detail

Jun Mo Xie moved slowly. His Xuan strength circulated under his feet as he moved, and left shallow footprints on the hard ground. He then moved into the same track marks as he demonstrated that technique for a second time, "Did you understand?"

The one-armed child nodded twice. His talent was very limited. He wouldn't have understood much of them technique even if it had been displayed once again. In fact, he wouldn't even have remembered many of the strokes.

However, he had clearly understood Jun Mo Xie's intentions he could practice this technique by re-tracing Jun Mo Xie's footprints.

Then, Jun Mo Xie taught the other kid a different sword technique, and told the two of them to practice. Suddenly, the guards came-in and announced, "The Dugu Family has sent an invitation. They've invited the Young Master for dinner today."

Jun Mo Xie was stumped by this. [What? I'm invited for dinner? What's this?]