Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 465

Chapter 464 the consequences of being forced to loose weight
Chapter 464: The Consequences of Being Forced to Loose Weight
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[Is the Dugu Family is looking for me to talk about Dugu Xiao Yi's marriage?] This was the only possibility that came into Jun Mo Xie's mind. [How will I face it if they raise the issue of an engagement?]

The invitation card spoke very clearly. It was quite concise and comprehensive. It only had one sentence, "The Jun Family's Mo Xie is requested to come to the Dugu Family's Manor for a visit," The inscription unexpectedly bore Dugu Zong Heng's name.

The handwriting was very clumsy. In fact, it was almost unsightly. But, the tip of the writing brush seemed to have been full of hostility. It was bold and uncouth. So, it was evident that Dugu Zong Heng had personally written it.

This was an exceptionally simple invitation card. But, it portrayed the importance the Dugu Family had attached this meeting. It also depicted their resentment

Old Man Dugu Zong Heng had written it himself. And, this was enough to tell the importance they attached to it. But, the concise wordings pointed straight to the heart of the matter. So, that one sentence belied their helplessness and unwillingness regarding the meeting.

The Young Master secretly made his calculations. [The Dugu Family would also wish to re-establish the little girl's reputation apart from talking about my marriage to her, right?] After all, that girl had returned in front of everyone with a big belly. It was one thing to joke about it. However, wouldn't any resolute person find it odd that her belly had become that big in only three or four months? But, the fact remained that the little girl's reputation had been ruined. And, this point had also touched Jun Mo Xie.

The Jun and the Dugu Family could be considered well-matched as far as the facts were concerned. In fact, there were no others who were better matched. But, the Dugu Family would never allow their only granddaughter to be a concubine. In fact, it wouldn't matter to them even if they knew that Dugu Xiao had still retained her chastity. Moreover, they wouldn't understand that Jun Mo Xie only cared about Guan Qing Han.

It was extremely necessary for them to establish the little girl as the first woman. Guan Qing Han had sacrificed her virtue to save the Young Master. And, it was pleasant to say this But, she had been the Young Master's elder sister-in-law at one point of time. Therefore, there would always be some social trouble in the name of Jun Mo Xie's elder brother even if he were to undertake the wedding ceremonies with her. After all, Guan Qing Han's past status would never allow her to become his true wife. However, the little girl had great relations with Guan Qing Han. So, it would make for a good arrangement if the little girl was the first wife, and Guan Qing Han was the concubine.

Jun Mo Xie frowned. [This must be why the Dugu Family is looking for me so urgently.]

However, wasn't Old Man Dugu looking for the wrong person? Shouldn't he have been looking for Jun Zhan Tian instead of Jun Mo Xie? After all, Jun Zhan Tian was the figurehead of the Jun Family. Moreover, the matter of a youngster's marriage must be brought to their parents and grandparents first...

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie wasn't someone who could face Dugu Zong Heng this directly.

After all, his status wasn't sufficient.

Jun Mo Xie was currently covered in fame, and had experienced rampant military success. However, this wasn't good enough.

This aspect of status has nothing to do with one's personal strength. Instead, it was the natural order of respect amongst men. The Young Master was a youngster even if he had become wise during his two lives. Moreover, marriage was a major turning point in one's life, and Jun Mo Xie had no experience in this matter.

Jun Mo Xie folded the invitation card. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Jun Zhan Tian confronted Jun Mo Xie's misgivings after he heard about this. However, the Old Man only curled his lips as he disdainfully spoke, "What's so strange about this, Dear Little Grandson? It seems that Old Dugu Zong Heng had no choice but to come to this after he heard the roars of that tigress at his home. I reckon that it's that tigress who intends to see you in person. That old fool Zong Heng wouldn't have called you in any other scenario. I assume that he's still unwilling to invite you on his own That's all there is to it Anyway, aren't you usually very bold and daring? So, why are you acting so timid and fearful now? Get lost, and don't trouble this old man's training!"

It had to be said that the two old men had been interacting their whole lives. So, they had developed a good understanding of each other's thought processes. And, Old Man Jun could speculate the truth by merely giving it a second's thought.

Moreover, his speculation wasn't even close to the facts it was exactly the same as the facts!

The old man heartlessly expelled the overly-suspicious youngster with his final words. He then continued with his cultivation and training. After all, the opportunity to make such a breakthrough was rare to come by. So, wouldn't he wish to stabilize his newly attained realm as soon as possible?

Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly, and suddenly discovered a thick stack of papers on the old man's desk. They were folded open. And, it was evident that these were the secret reports that had been brought by the messenger eagles.

The one on the top read, "The western province's magistrate has been killed at his home. It is suspected that he was killed by the assassin 'Drifting Cloud'. This assassin has been recently wreaking havoc. The assassin only left behind a verse of a poem, 'Good and evil will eventually be distinguished. Heaven's justice can't be escaped'. So, it seems like the work of that 'Drifting Cloud' only"

Below that was a short reply in Jun Zhan Tian's handwriting

"Investigate quickly!"

The next one was mostly similar. Jun Mo Xie counted. There were fifty of them. Not a single extra. And, each of them was regarding the fifty people Baili Luo Yun had killed.

Jun Mo Xie could only sigh. [Such an efficient intelligence system is remarkably desirable. Baili Luo Yun has barely arrived in Tian Xiang City. But, a summary of his actions are compiled here. Moreover, the Old Man has already read everything. This shows that the information had arrived before Baili Luo Yun.]

The Jun Family controlled this intelligence network. However, it was a pity that its real master was the Imperial Family of Tian Xiang Empire. In fact, it wasn't under the Jun Family's influence by any means. This meant that this network would become useless in case of a feud. Moreover, it would also become a huge problem.

Jun Mo Xie frowned. He put the sheets back to their original place, and slowly walked out. He had barely exited when a guard hurried over. The guard was followed by a grotesque-looking fat individual.

Jun Mo Xie was shocked at first. He was almost unable to recognize Tang Yuan. He hadn't seen the Fatty for three months. But, he had become even fatter now. Moreover, it wasn't like he had become a little fatter he had accumulated several more layers of fat around him!

Tang Yuan was merely round in the past. But, he looked like a triangle now. His huge head appeared like a sharp point while the rest of his body spread out to the sides.

"Third Young" Tang Yuan became excited and emotional when he saw him. He pounced as he came over while panting. It seemed that the Fatty wanted to give him a bear-hug.

"Stop!" Jun Mo Xie jumped in fright. "What are you doing these days? And, how did you become so fat?" He looked his counterpart over, and frowned. "You could at least see the back of your legs earlier. But, even that isn't possible anymore!"

"Ah Don't you say!" Tang Yuan put-on an expression of misery, "Your brother has been suffering this entire time. I was forced to lose weight over these months"

"What? Forced to lose weight? Bullshit!" Jun Mo Xie exclaimed, "Did forcing you to lose weight result in you reducing it from one-fifty kilos to two-hundred?"

"Wrong!" Tang Yuan addressed Jun Mo Xie's mistake in a serious manner. "I wouldn't have been so depressed if it had been two-hundred. It has reduced to two-hundred-and-sixty from one-eighty"

"I fu*k!" Jun Mo Xie couldn't close his gaping mouth. A long while passed before he shouted, "You went from one-eighty to two-hundred-and-sixty in only three months that's over eighty kilos! Damn! Even a pig won't gain so much after eating itself fat for three months!"

"Pig?" Tang Yuan spoke with annoyance. "I have a special reason for this!"

"What special reason? Don't tell me" Jun Mo Xie blinked. It had to be said that Fatty Tang's body type couldn't be described as "fat" anymore. The word appropriate would be "horrifying" now

"That vile woman Sun Xiao Mei has been forcing me to lose weight every day!" Tang Yuan wanted to cry, but no tears came out, "She whips me every morning, and shouts at me to run! She chases me, and makes me work out every day when I have nothing to do. And, not one person takes my side at home! In fact, everyone chases me along with that vile woman! How did my life become so hard? Someone even follows me to the Aristocratic Hall to supervise me!"

"I still don't understand. After all, everyone is trying to get you to lose weight. Moreover, these are very effective and regular methods to lose weight. So, how are you still like this?" Jun Mo Xie became even more puzzled.

"Exercise is exercise, Brother. But, I get hungry after I exercise! In fact, very hungry I almost starve!" Tang Yuan gnashed his teeth and shouted, "I get hungry after every work out! I used to have three meals a day before I started this weight-loss thing. And, one meal used to contain six steamed buns back in the day. But, I have nine meals a day nowadays! And, one meal has ten steamed buns! And, that doesn't include the midnight snacks"

Jun Mo Xie nearly fell down. A black line appeared across his face. [This man must be a legend, right?]

"Of course getting fatter makes sense!" Jun Mo Xie nodded repeatedly. His face was full of amazement, "No wonder you've become so wondrously huge in this short period of three months! It is very reasonable. After all, you have such a strong justification for it. In fact, it would've been bewildering if you hadn't gotten fatter"

"Exactly!" Tang Yuan sighed as he comforted his belly, "I could at least hold my belly in my arms in the past. But, I can't even do that now"

"It seems that we still need some tougher exercise"Jun Mo Xie's face was full of regret.

"You still want to toughen the exercises? I'll break through three-hundred kilos if you make them any tougher" Tang Yuan looked unhappy. He gave a lowly look to Jun Mo Xie. Then, he again became very excited, "Anyway, we've created a miracle, Third Young Master! Your pills have sold for extremely high prices in these past three months! Moreover, it's unceasingly breaking records these days! The bottles you had left behind have turned into a treasure trove! We've made about nine-hundred-million shining-white silvers! And, this is only Aristocratic Hall's share! The Little Prince's share isn't included in this! His share has already been delivered to him"

"What the? Nine-hundred-million? Nine-hundred-million?" Jun Mo Xie was thoroughly shocked by the immensity of this number. It's not that he had never seen money before. In fact, he had expected that those medicines would sell for a lot. But, he had never expected them to be so popular

[I can conveniently prepare eight to ten bottles of those medicines. But, wouldn't I be able to make hundreds of million with my fingertips if genuinely got down to business? Has this world lost its mind? Isn't this too much of an exaggeration?]

"Moreover, I haven't even auctioned the medicines you sent recently the Bone Tempering Pills." Tang Yuan mysteriously raised a finger. "Would it work out, Young Master? Are you sure that it's fine to auction it?"