Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 466

Chapter 475 Brothers
Chapter 475: Brothers!
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Old Man Dugu was extremely angry. He was jumping and roaring, and his face was emotionally charged and indignant.

Dugu Wu Di was full of resentment. His facial muscles twitched, and his cheek muscles throbbed. He couldn't restrain his anger. After all, his daughter had finally found an ideal husband. In fact, Jun Mo Xie seemed like a giant amongst men at that point of time. Dugu Wu Di was certainly reluctant to admit it, but he had accepted it inside his heart.

[It needn't be mentioned that my daughter had appeared in front of the city's gates with that big belly! So, who except Jun Mo Xie would dare to marry her? This entire matter had been sorted after much difficulty. I was drinking happily with my son-in-law last night. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie had even promised to treat my father's injury! This could be regarded as two happy events for my Dugu Family! It was like adding more happiness to a good day!]

[However, this nephew wanted to push my son-in-law into the latrine pit at such a critical moment?!] Dugu Wu Di wiped his cold sweat. [It's fortunate that he made a mistake and pushed Tang Yuan instead. Suppose he had genuinely pushed Jun Mo Xie]

Dugu Wu Di couldn't even imagine what would've happened in that case. [One thing would've been for certain though My little girl's mind would've become very troubled. And, there would've been no hope of healing of my old man's injuries for decades! Moreover, Jun Zhan Tian would've sent a huge army to attack us! After all, would that Old Man's temperament have allowed his grandson to suffer this shame?]

After all, it's acceptable if one's kin dies. However, one can never stand their kin being insulted

The two families would've become irreconcilable enemies, and the situation would've devolved into a very nasty one.

The Father and Son were roaring, and the courtyard was in utter chaos. That's when a group of women rushed over, "Why are you two going wild so early in the morning?" it was Old Lady Dugu who had asked this.

"I'm not only going wild today I'm also going to kill!" Dugu Zong Heng jumped and cursed, "What about it?"

The Old Lady glared wide-eyed. She was about to get angry when a delicate and pretty woman dressed in luxurious clothes rushed from behind her. She had a panic-stricken look on her face. "Liu Child What happened? Why are you lying on the ground?"

She called out for a long time, but he remained unconscious. So, she couldn't help but cry out in alarm, "What is the matter, my husband?!"

"What's the matter? Ask your nephew! Your Huang Family imparts very good education to its youngsters! I never expected that your Huang Family would have such deep thinking! That's good scheming very good scheming!" Dugu Wu Di came to the point despite being enraged. His face was cold as he cursed.

Jun Mo Xie realized that this household was getting very noisy with their personal business. And, he felt that it was extremely unbearable. Moreover, he was still an outsider. So, he started to move away. However, he had taken only two steps when he suddenly stopped and turned around. He then pointed at Huang Shu Liu, "This man is a relative of the Dugu Family. So, I won't do it myself! But, he must die! There's no room for discussion in this matter. This Jun Mo Xie is ready to explain things to the Huang Family if they have any objections in accepting this verdict. In fact, I can give them an explanation anytime and anywhere!

"He shouldn't have entrapped my brother! I don't care what wrongs he has done before! Nor do I care about how honest or good he has been in the past! He can't escape death for this! Who dares humiliate my brother? No one! Also, I don't know how Fatty will take revenge against him! I can't guess how he'll plot against the Huang Family. But, I will lend him my unconditional support!"

His voice was awe-inspiring, cold, and grim. His sounded like a Supreme Monarch who had declared the verdict for execution.

No one saw that invisible energy as it silently flowed from his pointing finger, and made its way into Huang Shu Liu's head. He had effectively ensured that this youngster wouldn't see another day even if the Dugu Family decided to make some secret plans.

There was no quarter; no quarter at all.

[I won't leave my enemy with any hope of getting back to their feet!]

[And, my brother's enemy is my enemy!]

Jun Mo Xie walked forward in a cold and detached manner after he had finished speaking. And, everyone couldn't help but give way wherever he went.


The Second Lady's face was cold as she stood up, "Young Master Jun, you're Xiao Yi's future husband. So, you're not an outsider anymore. May I ask what offence my nephew has committed against you that you must consign him to death like this? Shouldn't I get an explanation?"

Jun Mo Xie didn't turn back as he replied in a dull manner, "What offense did he commit against me? Please ask General Dugu. However, I can happily tell you that the Huang Family would've been annihilated before sunset if it weren't for their relations with the Dugu Family! In fact, not a single soul would've been spared!"

Jun Mo Xie put his hands behind his back, and grimly concluded, "So, you should rejoice!"

After that, Jun Mo Xie ignored her and walked away. [It doesn't matter who you are. You must never mess with my brother! But, you will pay the price if you mess with him!]

[And, an unimaginable price at that!]

The Second Lady was about to say something further when General Dugu came up, and gave her a slap. He then cursed, "You still dare to nag, you hag?! The Dugu Family's reputation has been ruined because of a hag like you! And, let's not even talk about the reason you married me at that time. It wasn't a simple one, was it?"

The Second Lady was also a bright person. She had inferred the entire situation after she had looked at the scene. And, General Dugu's slap had ended her resistance in its entirety

"Young Master Jun Mo Xie! I beg you! Please forgive my nephew!" the Second Lady cried and shouted. However, she couldn't think of any reasons to justify her plea for leniency at this time. After all, what were her qualifications or backing worth while facing a bigwig like Jun Mo Xie? The Second Lady thought for a long while before she finally remembered a family legend. She then recklessly shouted, "Young Master Jun Young Master Jun! My Huang Family has an ancestor in the boundless ocean of blood"

"Boundless ocean of blood?" Jun Mo Xie stopped in the distance. Then, he slowly spoke, "Nothing can be done if someone messes with my brother. In fact, it doesn't matter if their father is the King of Heavens!"

He then left

"You still haven't gotten lost to your room, you Hag?! You've lost the respect to stand here! Go to your room, shut yourself up, and ponder over your mistakes! Get lost!" Dugu Wu Di berated in a loud voice. But, he still felt for his second wife in his heart. That was why he had agreed for her nephew to stay there. That's why he had overlooked when she had bypassed him and had gone directly to his parents the last time. But, who could've endured such a chaotic and huge matter?

Dugu Zong Heng's face also became dark. He suddenly howled at his son, "You brat you're also a bastard! You can't even take care of your woman! She still weeps uncontrollably; what a scandal! Dugu Hao! Quickly take your mother to her room! You're still pestering here, you bastard Wu Di? Why haven't you gone to check on Tang Yuan?" the Old Man stamped his feet after he spoke those words.

Dugu Wu Di instantly came to his senses. After all, the key to this matter wasn't Jun Mo Xie or the Dugu Family! They key was Tang Yuan!

Jun Mo Xie's first priority was Tang Yuan's reputation. And, he would consider the Dugu Family second. After all, they were future in-laws now. So, this family would keep his matters a secret until they could sit and resolve them at a later date.

However, Tang Yuan was the key. The Dugu Family would be extremely lucky if this matter was covered up. But, they needed to ensure that this matter didn't become public in case it wasn't covered up in its entirety! After all, the consequences would be dire if this matter reached Old Man Tang's ears! Therefore, Dugu Wu Di quickly complied, and hurriedly rushed after Jun Mo Xie to catch up with him.

But, this matter had made this father-and-son duo realize something very clearly

The news of Jun Mo Xie killing Kong Ling Yang and Mei Gao Jie had reached them a while ago. And, Old Man Dugu Zong Heng had then said, "This Jun Mo Xie is vicious and merciless. He can kill without a thought once he has decided to do something. And, no man must ever mess with him or his woman or his family!"

It was clear that Jun Mo Xie's family and woman were his soft spots. And, one would have to face the wrath of the heavens if they ever dared to attack the dragon's soft spot!

However, they had realized another thing after they had witnessed today's matter. No one must mess with his brother apart from his family and woman; especially the brother he had acknowledged!

After all, he had created such a massive uproar at his future in-laws' place for the sake of his brother even though he had drunk wine with them last night.

In fact, it had seemed that he wouldn't leave the Dugu Family with a shred of honor.

However, it was a pity that this father-and-son duo had neglected another aspect. And, it was a very important aspect. It was possible that these two had grossly overestimated their family's influence. The Young Master had agreed to not pursue this matter any further. But, would the Fatty also agree to do the same?

Money could enslave demons; it could also act as God. In fact, money was omnipotent in many cases!

Fatty Tang was the new God of Wealth in Tian Xiang City. And, how could this aspect be taken lightly?

Old Man Dugu looked at the six of his grandsons that remained there. He then gave a long sigh, and spoke in a low voice, "I've invested most of my heart in this matter regarding Xiao Yi. This old man will be very relieved if Jun Mo Xie ever recognizes you kids as his brothers"

Dugu Zong Heng's voice had been very low when he had spoken those words. And, the six brothers hadn't been able to hear him properly. Therefore, they picked their ears, and looked sideways as they asked, "What? Grandfather, what did you say?"

"Nothing. Just chop-up this brat, and feed him to the dogs. I feel annoyed when I look at him," Dugu Zong Heng felt his interest somewhat waning. He couldn't even get angry after having witnessed the chaos Jun Mo Xie had wreaked

[This is what a real man should be like!]

[He doesn't even fear the heavens for his brother's sake. This is a real man! A real and loyal man!]

Dugu Zong Heng recalled what Jun Mo Xie had said last, "Boundless ocean of blood? Nothing can be done if someone messes with my brother. In fact, it doesn't matter if their father is the King of Heavens!"

[He's an arrogant brat! But, he's a great brat in truth!]

[How did I take him to a debauchee in the past?]

The Old Man shook his head, [Had I lost my mind?]

"Grandfather do we kill him for real?" Dugu Jie bitterly raised his face and asked. He was the closest to Dugu Hao, and he was also comparatively well-acquainted with his cousin. Consequently, he couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Kill him! And, do it quickly!" Dugu Zong Heng's eyes became fierce. He spoke-up in a serious tone, "This is a direct order!"

The six brothers quickly stood up at the same time. In fact, they stood as straight as a ramrod, "We'll follow the order!"

Tang Yuan still hadn't woken up by the time Dugu Wu Di arrived. His snores were still shaking the heavens.

Jun Mo Xie saw General Dugu, and figured why he had come here. So, he said, "Tang Yuan had a lot to drink. So, he may not be able to remember."

"That'd be the best!" Dugu Wu Di sighed. His face had somewhat reddened. He coughed and spoke, "This entire incident was"

Jun Mo Xie smiled in a strange manner. It seemed that he couldn't even imagine this uncouth fellow apologizing. So, he said, "Don't worry. I'll tell Tang Yuan to not speak of this incident outside even if he does remember about it."

"That's good!" Dugu Wu Di wiped his sweat. Then, he thought of something and asked, "Don't tell me that Tang Yuan doesn't even know what happened? Did you find it out yourself? Tang Yuan didn't look for you to complain about it?"

"Brothers are precious to the heart. Would I be called a 'brother' if I waited for my brother to come to me for help? Could I still be called a brother? Could I still be considered a brother?" Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly, "I was that brat's target. However, Tang Yuan was humiliated instead of me. He faced that absurd disaster while I remained unaffected But, I can't be called his brother if remained indifferent to this incident!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled slightly, and looked at the sleeping face of Tang Yuan. Then, he turned his head, and gazed outside as he calmly said, "My brother's problem is my problem."

Dugu Wu Di trembled as if he had been struck by lightning.

Jun Mo Xie's words had reminded him of his revered elder brother Jun Wu Hui and second brother Jun Wu Meng. He remembered how these brothers used to go outside the city to roam. These brothers were robust and in the prime of their lives at that time. Jun Wu Hui had once stood at the top of a hill, and had looked at the distant sea of clouds. The affairs of the world became faint to them as he patted his shoulder and said, "You are my brother, Wu Di; like Wu Meng and Wu Yi. All of you are my precious brothers!"

Dugu Wu Di still remembered what Jun Wu Hui had said. He had stood at the top of the hill while proudly facing the boundless earth and the ocean of clouds. However, his tranquil voice had brimmed with deep emotions of brotherhood.

Jun Wu Hui had obviously made a vow that he would even fight the heavens for his brothers' sake.

[Brothers! It's a sacred term!]

Dugu Wu Di would remember those words throughout his life.

However, Jun Mo Xie had spoken those words with the same tranquil tone and resolute attitude of Jun Wu Hui's. The expression on his face, and the manner in which he had spoken them was also the same. There was no difference. In fact, he even looked like Jun Wu Hui from the side

Even the expression in his eyes was the same.


[My brother's problem is my problem!]

["You are my brother, Wu Di; like Wu Meng and Wu Yi. All of you are my precious brothers!"]

These words by Jun Wu Hui would echo in his heart forever [Jun Mo Xie acted recklessly for his brother's sake. He didn't even care about provoking a huge monster like our Dugu Family. But, what have I done for my brother?]

[What did I do when I knew that my brother had died? When he had died wrongly after being entrapped?]

Dugu Wu Di's throat started to choke. He couldn't even breathe. A strong fit of emotion was rising within him. He coughed with difficulty, and suddenly ran out while covering his mouth. He had even covered his eyes He had rushed out blind

He didn't say anything. He had nothing to say.

He returned to his room, and looked at the private memorial tablet he had setup in Jun Wu Hui's memory. Dugu Wu Di continued to look at the ice-cold tablet for a very long time. His fingers trembled as he said in a quivering voice, "Elder Brother Elder Brother I miss you this Little Brother can't" Tears started to flow from his eyes. He then lay on the ground, and burst out crying.