Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 468

Chapter 473 No One Can Insult My Brother
Chapter 473: No One Can Insult My Brother!
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Dugu Wu Di's expression became pained. That Young Master was his second wife's nephew. And, he hailed from the Huang Family of the Golden East City. The Huang Family was also considered to be somewhat of a Xuan Family. But, it was still far beneath the great families like the Jun and the Dugu Families.

That Young Master had overestimated the Huang Family's prestige, and had come here with an odd request. Even the Second Lady didn't know how to handle him. So, she went straight to Dugu Zong Heng and Old Lady Dugu behind Dugu Wu Di's back. However, both of them had refused him on the spot. This was because his family was an unsuitable match. Moreover, he himself was a worthless man.

In fact, Dugu Zong Heng had said, "What? This little shrimp has come to our Dugu Family to seek a marriage? We might as well marry her off to Jun Mo Xie! After all, at least the Jun Brat's family's status is good!"

However, that youngster was very thick-skinned. And, he made use of his aunt's status in the Dugu Family after he was rejected by the old couple. He wanted to wait until Dugu Xiao Yi had returned since he wished to ask her opinions on this matter. After all, those two had played together in childhood. In fact, they had grown up as childhood sweethearts. The two of them hadn't had any connection for many years. But, they still had that childhood connection as an emotional foundation.

Then, he heard that the Dugu Family had once rejected the Imperial Family's proposal for marriage. So, it seemed to him that the Dugu family was looking for a good family for their girl, and weren't very particular about status of the family. Moreover, he heard that the young girl had fallen for Jun Mo Xie a thorough hoodlum and debauchee. And, the entire Dugu Family was against this. So, this youngster's heart became even more elated

Therefore, he shamelessly waited for Dugu Xiao Yi to return.

The Second Lady had beseeched Dugu Wu Di when it came to this. So, General Dugu hadn't paid much attention when it came to the matter of giving shelter to this youngster. After all, the Dugu Family was big, and could take care of the food and lodging of many people.

However, the matter of Dugu Xiao Yi's marriage came up again very recently. Moreover, it could be said that her nuptials had been fixed with Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, Dugu Wu Di had obviously started to find the presence of his wife's nephew somewhat irksome. After all, it would be terrible if something bad happened at this stage...

The General had been planning to send that youngster back for a few days. But, he had never expected Jun Mo Xie to spit that name at this moment...

This was the Dugu Family's household; not the Jun Family's. But, Jun Mo Xie had still spoken these words. So, this meant that he was extremely certain about this matter. Moreover, it seemed that he had the means to determine that it was that other Young Master who had done this

The Dugu Family's reputation would melt like candlewax if this turned out to be true. After all, that woman from the Huang Family was Dugu Wu Di's second wife. She wasn't some common concubine either she had come here with a proper wedding procession. She certainly wasn't his first wife, but she was still considered his wife nonetheless. However, Jun Mo Xie's current expression made it seem as if he wouldn't care about the Dugu Family's reputation if this turned out to be true. In fact, it seemed that he wouldn't be appeased even if the entire family were to kneel in front of him.

[When has this youngster Jun Mo Xie ever shown care for human life?]

"That little bastard! He has created such a big trouble for me!" Dugu Wu Di spoke those words in resentment. He was extremely annoyed. [Why didn't I send him back earlier? I shouldn't have listened that woman's blabbing! Damn it! Isn't this a disaster? And, that woman has brought this upon us. Her love for her nephew has brought us to the gates of hell!]

[Can you provoke this brat Jun Mo Xie? He'll slaughter everyone in your family by merely looking at them! In fact, your insignificant Huang Family can't even provoke that Tang Yuan! And, it doesn't even matter if he's a member of Tian Xiang's Tang Family! He himself is enough to deal with you people. After all, he can simply put a bounty on your heads to have you guys killed!]

[You've got some guts!]

Everyone present was either embarrassed or at their wits' end. However, the three Dugu Brothers' case was slightly different since they had thoughtlessly folded their arms, and were waiting to watch the drama with indifferent expressions. Dugu Wu Di quietly beckoned a guard. He then ordered him to find the Old Man Dugu, and request him to come over. After all, Dugu Wu Di knew that he wouldn't be able to stop his 'good son-in-law' if Jun Mo Xie went mad.

That Young Master was finally brought swaying to the end of the path under everyone's watchful gaze. He had been smiling wholeheartedly as he came over. But, he looked stumped for a moment when he saw that everyone was standing in front of the latrine. However, he reinstated his composed appearance very quickly.

Jun Mo Xie's drooping eyes moved slightly as he looked at that 'not-a-Dugu' Young Master in the distance. Young Master Jun's eyes were like binoculars, and he could easily see the other Young Master's expressions even when he was over thirty feet away. In fact, Jun Mo Xie could see each bit of his face very clearly.

That included the flash of alarm on his face, and the panic in his eyes! Moreover, Young Master Jun had also seen how that youngster's opened palms had turned into closed fists as he walked towards them in a cautious manner. Also, the twitching of his neck's muscles had given away how stiff he had become when he had seen everyone.

[Right; it should be this youngster's doing!]

[That's ample evidence.]

"Are you looking for me, Uncle?" That Youngster had finally arrived close. He respectfully and cautiously walked towards Dugu Wu Di. His figure was slim and straight. He looked elegant and handsome at first glance. But, his eyes drooped, and his expression was evil. Moreover, his lips looked cruel, thin, and merciless. Moreover, he had a very perverted expression on his face.

"I'm not looking for you Young Master Jun is." Dugu Wu Di calmly turned his face to look at Jun Mo Xie. "You will give honest replies to any questions the Young Master Jun has for you. Is that understood?"

"Young Master Jun? Young Master Jun Mo Xie?" That Young Master quickly looked at Jun Mo Xie and nodded. He then smiled and spoke, "My Family name's Huang. I'm Huang Shu Liu from the Huang Family of the Golden East City." His eyes had a small flash of amazement. After all, the debauchee with such a loathsome reputation in the entire Tian Xiang had turned to be an extremely good looking youngster.

"Huang Shu Liu? This name means 'a man who looks perverted'! It suits you well." Jun Mo Xie nodded before he turned his eyes, "I've heard that you saw Young Master Tang go to the latrine last night. Or, he seemed to have pushed you out of there last night?"

Huang Shu Liu was stunned at hearing those words. He said, "Yes, that mishap had happened last night. I still have lingering fears from it. But, what is Young Master Jun getting at?"

"I'm not getting at anything. I only wish to ask where you saw Young Master Tang last night? Was it on the path, or was it inside the latrine?" Jun Mo Xie smiled gently and asked.

However, Jun Mo Xie was feeling very impatient within. In fact, he would've straightaway used his hypnosis technique to look into this youngster if it weren't for the respect owed to Dugu Wu Di's presence. After all, he was merely at Silver Xuan Level. So, how could he not be an easy target?

However, they were at the Dugu Family's residence. And, Dugu Wu Di was at his side at the moment. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie genuinely wanted to preserve the Dugu Family's reputation in this matter.

[I'm stuck!]

"It was here in the latrine hehe I like staying clean. I had some stomach problems last night. But, I didn't go to the guest room's toilet for the fear that the sound of my bowel movements would disturb the honored guests. So, I came here hehe since I was ashamed that someone would hear me." Huang Shu Liu's eyes didn't change expressions as he smiled.

"Is that so? But, I must ask you take note, Young Master Huang. I had only asked you where you had seen Tang Yuan. I never asked you why you had come so far to relieve yourself." Jun Mo Xie looked at him with a cold glare, and slowly attacked him by surmounting pressure, "Please answer my question!"

"I had come here and squatted down when he suddenly burst in. He then grabbed my neck, and threw me out. I got so scared that I jumped with fright. Hehe..."

Huang Shu Liu laughed and spoke smilingly, "I'm sure that everyone can understand how bad a situation I was in. After all, I had barely dropped my pants when I was suddenly picked up. It had scared me so much that I nearly got a diarrhea. He-he" he laughed twice at first. Then, he realized that no one else had found it funny. So, he awkwardly stopped laughing.

"After that?" Jun Mo Xie asked in an unfeeling tone.

"I reacted to it after that, and saw that it was Young Master Tang. So, I started to beg for forgiveness. I said, 'Please wait a moment, Young Master Tang. Let me pull my trousers, hehe... However, Young Master Tang was very drunk, and he couldn't understand me. He then threw me out. And, I fell down on my ass when he threw me out. My butt was nearly torn to flower petals. In fact, I hadn't even pulled my pants up by then. After that, my belly started feeling unwell again and I nearly disgraced myself"

"It was midnight when Tang Yuan had come here last night. And, there were no stars or moon in the sky. So, the visibility must've been very low. Moreover, you had come to the latrine, and were caught off guard by his actions. So, it must have been even more difficult to see. And, this is particularly true when your neck was held like that. After all, your head must've been facing downwards at the time. So, how were you able to see that it was Tang Yuan? Do you even know Tang Yuan in person? Moreover, it seems that your Xuan strength is at the Silver Xuan Level. Tang Yuan is big in size, but his strength is meager. How is it possible that he was able to throw you out so easily?" Jun Mo Xie ignored him, and continued to speak in a grim way.

"Obviously. But, I had seen Young Master Tang when he had come... So, how could I dare to resist him?" Huang Shu Liu looked away as he hastily replied.

"But, the Dugu Family had only invited me last night. Only Jun Mo Xie! So, didn't you find it strange when you saw Tang Yuan?"

Jun Mo Xie looked at him with pity, "Huang Shu Liu, this is your last chance! You'll still find it difficult to escape death even if you hide behind your uncle's trousers in case I investigate and find something strange! So, think clearly..."

Young Master Jun had stopped his pressure as he had asked that question. And, Huang Shu Liu had felt a little relieved as a result. However, he suddenly felt an aura pressing down on him a moment later. And, this aura was a hundred times stronger than the one he had felt before. In fact, Young Master Huang felt like kneeling in respect for a moment

"I really saw him there! I'm telling the truth!" Huang Shu Liu felt that his head would burst from the chaos in his mind due to Jun Mo Xie's pressure. He was drenched in cold sweat now. He wanted to give explanations in his defense. But, how could his mere Silver Xuan strength ever compare to Jun Mo Xie's. He had been calm a moment ago. But, Jun Mo Xie's imposing aura had drawn his mind into chaos by now. Consequently, he got panicky, and couldn't come up with words. "I can testify with my character, and I'm sure that Uncle and the others can also testify for me Moreover, how could I have pushed him down that pit?"

The three Dugu Brothers also sighed when they heard. Even they had found these words fishy.

After all, Jun Mo Xie had never asked how Tang Yuan had fallen into the pit. But, that man had replied, "How could I have pushed him down the pit?"

Wasn't that a confession?

"Now what?" Jun Mo Xie looked at Dugu Wu Di. Dugu Wu Di sighed, and closed his eyes at first. He then spoke-up after a long while, "Jun Mo Xie, he's still my nephew. Can you at least leave some honor for my sake"

"But, he has insulted my brother!" Jun Mo Xie coldly interrupted his future father-in-law. "And, no one in this world can insult my brother!"