Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 469

Chapter 472 A Joke Or A Set Up
Chapter 472: A Joke Or A Set-Up?
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The seven "Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward" shouted loudly in their drunken state. They cried themselves hoarse while singing songs. Their intoxicated eyes eventually started to narrow, and the seven brothers finally rolled onto the ground. They then shook the heavens with their snoring.

Everyone had drunk so much that they couldn't even hear what the maid said when she came in

Even the Young Master didn't escape the scene. He spent the night at the Dugu Family's household. He had no other choice; he was also quite drunk. The Young Master had forced out a lot of wine from his body by cheating. But, the amount that had remained was enough to be compared to drinking an entire vase. The wine had eventually started to take effect, and he became drunk as a result. He tried to find Tang Yuan, but was unsuccessful. So, he merely went to the guest room in his drunken state, and fell asleep.

He heard two maids whispering outside when he got up the next day, "Hey, do you know about the 'esteemed guest' who had come yesterday? He had drunk too much"

"Ah, I've heard about it. But, not in detail"

"I'll tell you. But, don't tell anyone else"

"Uh, I swear I won't tell anyone else"

"I heard that the fat man went to the latrine yesterday. And, he vomited there for a long time. Then, he jumped into something; can you guess what it was?"


"He jumped inside the latrine pit! It seems that he wanted to catch some fish in-there or something Ah, good heavens! And, that was after the heavy rains he had poured in there So, everything splashed out Ah It's so disgusting"

"Did he fall in for real? What was done afterwards?"

"It took many men to get him out. The smell was terrible, and the entire place was in a horrible mess. That fat man had properly gone into it. It took more than ten men to pull him out with a rope. And, all of them also got covered in it... Blueergh! Then, they dragged him to the pond, and washed him five times. After that, they took him to the guest room. But, they said that the room was still stinking. So, they had no choice but to bring seven or eight buckets and wash him twice more before it was clean"

"Uh that Young Master was being tossed around, and he still didn't wake up?"

"He didn't wake up! Moreover, he kept shouting that he wanted to catch the fish"

"Wow this is too much..."

"There's more to it. I heard that one of our young masters was squatting in there when Young Master Tang had gone in. However, Young Master Tang simply grabbed our young master and tossed him out. I guess that's a good thing. Else, Young Master Tang may have taken him along into the latrine pit. Our young masters are surely big. But, they can't match up to Young Master Tang. Then, our Young Master was still lying perplexed on the ground outside when he heard Young Master Tang talk about going for fishing And, he jumped into it after that"

"Ah? Ha ha ha But, I still find it funny."

"Ha ha ha I'll die of laughter" Jun Mo Xie guffawed as he overheard that. He fully understood that this was embarrassing for his brother, and he shouldn't laugh at it. But, the Fatty had overdone it this time. In fact, even the heavens would've heard the sound of his fall given his weight

The two maids were startled when they heard the Young Master laugh. But, they relaxed when they saw him walking out while laughing to ask about Tang Yuan's whereabouts. It was important to know that this family's household rules were extremely strict. In fact, the maids couldn't even let the guests learn that they were discussing about their matters.

Fatty was sleeping wrapped in quilt when Jun Mo Xie found him. The entire room reeked of alcohol.

Jun Mo Xie couldn't detect any trace of what had happened last night when he saw Fatty like this.

Young Master Jun had found that matter very funny. Fatty had gotten too drunk. He had then had some more wine, and had run to the latrine pit in order to catch fish. But, doubts had suddenly begun to rise within Jun Mo Xie's mind when he saw Fatty Tang lying down.

Tang Yuan may not have been a respectful character. He may be thoughtless, or disappointing; maybe even tacky. But, he shouldn't have lost his head to that extent. He may have gotten extremely drunk. But, he wasn't weak-minded enough to have gone fishing in the latrine pit. Moreover, what kind of a pit would be big-enough to fit Tang Yuan's massive body inside it?

[Could he have fallen inside it? Moreover, could he have gone that deep into it?]

[It isn't a fu*king swimming pool!]

Jun Mo Xie didn't know how the other families' latrine pits were designed. However, he knew the Jun Family's latrine pits. There were a few pits for the family's members. Some pits were reserved for the guests. And, there was a large pit for the family's guards. The pit for the guards was fairly huge and low quality. However, the other pits were high quality set-ups. So, there was no chance that someone could accidentally fall into it. Moreover, one had to reckon Tang Yuan's body size. And, Young Master Jun estimated that the Fatty would've had to put in a fair amount of struggle to make his way in. Moreover, he still wouldn't have been able to fit his entire body into it

Therefore, the issue was [How could Tang Yuan fall inside?]

And, the sole explanation was

[Was it planned?]

Jun Mo Xie gently tapped into Tang Yuan's Qi stream, and carefully examined his whole body. But, he couldn't see anything peculiar. So, he stood up and muttered for a while. He then walked out and lazily gestured to the guards, "Take me to where I was drinking last night."

The guard was in front of the family's future son-in-law. So, he didn't dare to ignore. And, he took Jun Mo Xie to the place where they were drinking last night. The mess had been cleaned up long ago. But, the faint smell of alcohol still hadn't dissipated from the surroundings.

Jun Mo Xie went to the place where Tang Yuan had been seated the previous night. However, Fatty's 'special seat' had been taken away by now. The Young Master then asked, "How many toilets are there around this place?"

The guard was stumped for a second, "There are a few around here. The others are further away."

"Take me there. I want to see them," Jun Mo Xie waved his hand.

The guard was extremely astonished by this. He thought; [this future Son-in-law is very strange! Everyone has visited the rock gardens and similar places before. But, this is the first time someone is visiting the toilets!] However, the guest had made a request. Moreover, this youngster was no other than the family's future son-in-law. So, he didn't have any choice but to agree. He then took the Young Master there.

Doubts continued to arise in Jun Mo Xie's mind as he saw three toilets in succession. There wasn't a trace in those three toilets. However, these were only three of the toilets in this area. So, where was the one Tang Yuan had used?

"Are there any other toilets here?" Jun Mo Xie pensively asked in a faint tone.

"There are more. But, they're a bit far off. And, that place is used by a lot of people. So, it's unbearably filthy" The guard felt an indescribable touch of chill. [This Young Master Jun is very strange. An ordinary person would hold their nose in such places. But, he goes there so calmly. In fact, he doesn't even frown!]

"Damn! Take me there." Jun Mo Xie's face remained calm as he walked out.

The guard became nervous. He had realized that something was wrong. [I fear that this future son-in-law is investigating the matter of Tang Yuan and the latrine pits.] So, he led Jun Mo Xie to the scene of the incident. But, he gave a meaningful look to several guards along the way. He had bid them to bring the Young Masters and the Lord. After all, this could be a big deal

Jun Mo Xie paid no attention to it. [Let him spread the news. After all, it's important that this matter is reported to the Dugu Family. So, this man is only saving my time by doing this]

Jun Mo Xie moved his hands to his back as he arrived at the latrine which was the scene of the previous nights' incident. He then attentively looked around. [It must've happened here. There's a deep pit after a few steps. However, there's a small protrusion of about forty-fifty centimeters at the edge of the stairs. This ought to be here to ensure that no one would fall drunk inside. In fact, this would even prevent the kids from falling inside.]

[I must say that the Dugu Family has done an efficient job.]

[But how did Tang Yuan fall inside?]

There was still a pond somewhat far away. But, it was slightly frozen because of the winter. Jun Mo Xie's expression continued to become colder as he looked around. Eventually, he snorted and stepped out. He then asked, "I heard that there was another Young Master who had availed this toilet last night. May I ask who that person is?"

"Yes. That's the Second Lady's nephew. He's been here at the Dugu Family for many days..."

"Call him over! Tell him that this Young Master wants to ask him something!" the guard hadn't even finished speaking when Jun Mo Xie interrupted him. Moreover, Young Master Jun's voice was cold, and his words seemed to be full of killing intention.

General Dugu arrived outside the latrine by now. He seemed to be burning with anxiety. He was accompanied by three Dugu Brothers Dugu Ying, Dugu Xiong, and Dugu Hao. Dugu Ying spoke-up when he saw Jun Mo Xie coming out of the toilet, "Why are you looking at the latrines so early in the morning, Brother-in-law? Haven't you found a place to squat yet?"

However, Dugu Wu Di noticed that Jun Mo Xie's expression was dark and murderous. And, he figured that something was wrong. So, he asked, "What happened, Mo Xie?"

"Tang Yuan got drunk on wine last night... hehe... his luck is bad. He then fell into this latrine pit. That's what has happened" Jun Mo Xie stretched his finger and pointed at the latrine pit at the back. Then, his glare became cold and electric as he turned to look at the Dugu father and sons.

"He fell in this latrine?" Dugu Wu Di was a straightforward person, but he wasn't a fool in any way. How could he have become a renowned general if he were? His mind worked quickly, and he understood the matter, "How could he have fallen in it?"

"So, General Dugu also wonders about it? I also have doubts about it... There are many latrines in your house. So, why would he wish to come so far? Moreover, this isn't his home. So, he would've been unfamiliar with this place. And, he had also been drinking. However, he came here to jump in this pit an entire kilometer away from the banquet hall..."

Jun Mo Xie sneered in a mischievous manner, "Don't tell me that Fatty was possessed by a ghost?"

Dugu Wu Di's face looked like he had drowned. Tang Yuan may not have looked much. But, he was still the next confirmed heir of the Tang Family. Moreover, Tang Yuan wasn't like before anymore. He was the main operator of the Aristocratic Hall now, and he was known as the 'God of Wealth' in the Tian Xiang City. It could be said that his social status had improved by many folds. Moreover, he was also Young Master Jun's acknowledged brother. How could that be ignored? They would have to deal with extremely grave consequences if there was even a little mistake in handling this situation.

General Dugu turned to his three large sons, "Who can tell me what's going on here?"

"It's very common, Dad... what doesn't happen when someone gets drunk? Fatty Tang has a cumbersome body. He drank a lot, and fell into this pit. I don't think there's a need to make a fuss out of it," The corner of Dugu Ying's mouth curled slightly. He wanted to laugh. After all, this matter was very amusing to him.

"You're disgraceful! You want to laugh? Don't you have any brains? Does your brain have fungus in it?" Dugu Wu Di nearly vomited blood at his son out of anger. [It's not worth fussing about? Don't you see that your brother-in-law is nearly ready to go on a killing spree? Oh, and then there's Tang Yuan's cumbersome body. Do you think he would've run a kilometer after having so much to drink?]

"I've heard that there's another Young Master here," Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes and smiled. However, he had unexpectedly spoken-up very gently, "And, he was squatting in the same toilet with Tang Yuan for some reason. I would like to see this person."