Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 470

Chapter 465 Tang Yuans Agony
Chapter 465: Tang Yuans Agony
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"It's only a medicine, isn't it? We have plenty of it!" Jun Mo Xie's lips curled in disdain, "Sell it off! The more popular the better!"

"I feel relieved since you've said this. I'm describing this Bone Tempering Pill as a dream medicinal supplement that 'remodels one's entire bone structure, restructures one's entire muscles and meridians to give them a stronger body, and advances their Xuan Levels very quickly!' How about this? Isn't it trendy? Our medicine can be described in big words on paper now! Your medicine is magically effective my brother. Us two brothers will work together. We'll work our hearts out. And, we will provide the public with a divine medicine they had dreamed of!"

Tang Yuan laughed and slapped his belly with a 'bang'. He then spoke with joy, "I have made up another tag line for this medicine. You listen to this, 'Are you worried about your mediocre aptitude? Are you worried that you can't match up to your peers despite your great efforts? Are you worried that you can't advance? Are you worried that you can't become strong? Come take this pill. It 'remodels one's entire bone structure, restructures one's entire muscles and meridians to give them a stronger body, and advances their Xuan Levels very quickly!''It'll have the desired effect! You will become a talented genius! Silver and gold will rain from the sky. Take it now! Come! What are you waiting for? There's no time to lose! Or, the opportunity will be lost! The divine medicine has arrived! It'll be on auction for only seven days! You simply can't be late! Don't miss this and regret it your entire life!' How is it? Isn't it good?"

Tang Yuan seemed very satisfied as he finished speaking. He then saw that Jun Mo Xie's frozen eyes were looking at him.

"Fatty Tang you, you, you you've come from planet Earth, haven't you?! Damn! Why didn't you tell me?" Jun Mo Xie grabbed his shoulders. His eyes were brimming with tears now.

"What? What planet Earth?" Tang Yuan was stumped. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "You are a planet! You think I want to be fat? I don't want to be fat!"

"Ah? So, you're not?" Jun Mo Xie sighed with disappointment, "It's just you have immense talent! You can come up with such great advertisements. You'd have great prospects in advertising if you went to Earth!"

"Advertising? Right We will only be able to sell these things if we spread the word far and wide!" Tang Yuan suddenly realized the meaning of those words. However, he didn't stop looking reverently at Jun Mo Xie, "Third Young Master, you're the one with the greatest talent in reality. That one line embodied everything! This brother's admiration for you is as endlessly as the water of a large river. My mind moves like a violently surging gale on the ocean when my eyes behold the sight of you!"

"Bullshit! Stop talking nonsense! How do you plan to sell these? What minimum price do you estimate for them?" The Young Master didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he waved his hand.

"The efficacy of these pills is likely to be the same as those previous ones. And, they had sold for a base price of around half-a-million silver for two pills at the auctions," Tang Yuan flashed a ruthless smile. He had extended five of his fingers, "My initial estimates suggest that the price can also go over five-million for two pills. It's important to know that the invitation cards should be addressed to the Xuan-based families of the society. After all, these medicines are what they need the most!"

"" Jun Mo Xie was rendered speechless. He had suddenly realized that the person facing him was an out-and-out business man. [This chap is asking an exorbitant price of five-million for two small pills! Moreover, this is for two pills which aren't even important to me] It must be mentioned that only ten silver taels could treat an average household of three to a comfortable lifestyle for half-a-year!

"This is going to be so much fun! This fu*king fun!" Tang Yuan was excited. His eyes were filled with the gleams of glittering silver, "I had always dreamt of such a day when I would sit comfortably and count the money. Damn! But, I had never expected that I would get to count silver notes instead of silver coins! In fact, I sometimes even pull a muscle in my hand while counting the money. This is so much fun! I count it every evening myself, and the counting continues to till midnight! This is great"

"You are too great!" Jun Mo Xie felt defeated. He had never imagined that he would ever be left so speechless. [The entire wealth of the Aristocratic Hall couldn't even be replaced for silver coins. In fact, it can be estimated that even one-tenth of our money would be enough to fill a room. And, Fatty Tang would probably lose a good amount of weight over one night's counting session. In fact, he would tire himself several times in one night since that much silver would cover the entire room. I guess he'd lose about ten kilos of weight in one night. Even the food he'd eat wouldn't affect his weight...]

[Hang on?] Jun Mo Xie was thinking along these lines when he suddenly hit upon an exceptional idea that could make Tang Yuan lose weight. And, he couldn't help the corners of his mouth curling into a slight but extremely sinister smirk.

Tang Yuan was struck dumb when he saw this, and stood shivering at this side, "Is someone scheming against me? Do people still wish to scheme against me? I have Song Shang to protect me. Should I still worry about someone scheming against me?" Fatty muttered to himself in a low voice.

"Ah, Fatty Tell the buyers that the transactions in the coming auctions will be done in either gold or silver coin. We won't be accepting silver notes anymore! Moreover, the auction will be postponed by ten days so that everyone gets enough time to mobilize the funds," Jun Mo Xie suddenly remembered his 'golden' technique. He figured that he could use the metal from those coins to temper and improve his Blood of Yellow Flame sword.

Moreover, this would also make Fatty Tang lose weight.

"Huh? We're transacting in silver and gold coins from now on?" Tang Yuan was confused, "What do you want with those, Third Young Master? We'd end up with a lot of coins!"

"I have a lot of use for them! Just do what I've said!" Jun Mo Xie replied in a serious manner.

"Okay. You must have your reasons. I'll go and get it done" Fatty Tang was somewhat puzzled, but he still agreed to it. "But, I ask the Third Young Master to do me a favor first."

"What happened?"

"It's still that vile woman Sun Xiao Mei. Ah, you don't know This about that bottle of pills you had given me to give to that woman. Sun Xiao Mei took half of it. But, a problem arose when she finished it," Tang Yuan issued a prolonged sigh.

"What happened? Were there any side effects?" Jun Mo Xie's interests were suddenly raised. [Tang Yuan's appearance makes it seem that something must've gone wrong.]

"Ah, the medicine is very effective! That vile woman has become slim now. She can nearly be compared to Princess Ling Meng in that regard! But, the problem is that her face looks even uglier now!"

Tang Yuan tried to cough up tears he said, "Third Young Master you see Sun Xiao Mei can make anyone lose their wits if you look at her from behind. But, she can scare away a million men once she turns to face you! This kind of a contrast makes me crumble. And, this is particularly true when I think that she's going to be my wife in the future"

"The face? How is it ugly?" Jun Mo Xie became very puzzled. That pills he had supplied should've helped in getting and maintaining a nourished and youthful appearance. So, how could her face become ugly? This obviously defied the common logic.

"Xiao Mei had eaten some unknown thing when she was a child. Then, she suddenly started to become ugly, and also started to lose shape. That's why that woman wasn't easy on the eyes. But, her body started to change after she took your medicine. In fact, it seemed that even her bones were slimming down. Ah, she became increasingly slimmer I looked at her, and used my position to give her another half-a-bottle from the hall's quota"

Tang Yuan embarrassingly scratched his head as he looked at Jun Mo Xie, "I saw her again after a few days. And, her rear-profile had started to look even more fascinating! In fact, it had become far more elegant! But, her face had become even uglier! Moreover, there were many kinds of swellings, lumps, and warts! Ah, Third Young Master! You don't know of the pain in my heart! It's such a good figure it is a pity that"

Jun Mo Xie understood the matter when he heard this. It seemed that Sun Xiao Mei's huge built wasn't her natural one. That unknown thing she had eaten had somehow wrought damage to the hormonal balance within her body. Consequently, her constitution had started to lean to a more manly form. But, the Young Master's pill had become an antigen to that. Therefore, Tang Yuan had unintentionally forced that poison out of Sun Xiao Mei's body by giving her more of the medicine. However, this had resulted in a drug-abuse. And, that poison had moved towards her face, and had left it to look horrible. This had then resulted in the current scenario where 'one would harbor nefarious thoughts when they'd see the rear, but retreat in fear and self-defense when they'd see the face'. It was a subtle situation

"It's not that serious; I'll go and take a look. I don't think it's that big a deal. I'll return you an undeniably beautiful wife. But, you must be careful, Fatty. Sun Xiao Mei will trample you if she becomes beautiful"

"Huh?" Tang Yuan said shocked, "Don't mention about. It's not that I don't know. That woman has a fierce character. And, she'll probably get worse if she looks better. But, it wouldn't kill me, right?" He thought for a moment, and became distressed. He then said in agony, "But, her face will kill my desires at this rate if she doesn't"

"Ah, I've got to admit that you've got a point" Jun Mo Xie consoled. Then, he rolled his eyes and said, "But, my dearest brother Fatty let's be honest for a second I understand that your wife has this peculiar condition. But, wouldn't it be considered cheating since you had misused your position at the Aristocratic Hall to get those medicines?"

"Uh" Tang Yuan rolled his eyes.

"You also know the strict rules of our Aristocratic Hall. We sell our items many after increasing their prices by many times of the highest market price. And, we'll deduct the cost of those pills from your shares," Jun Mo Xie showed no quarter, "And, I'll confiscate your shares if these things happen again."

"Don't No. No. Don't do it Third Young Master! That's only shining money! But, that shining money is my life! You plan to take your brother's life?! I'm your brother" Tang Yuan let out a miserable and mournful shout. It was like the man's heart had been ripped out. He teared up, and his nose ran as he retorted, "You can't do this! You're very cruel, boo hoo"

[I had never imaged that this would happen to me. I've been robbing the whole world with my tricks. But, I never thought that Jun Mo Xie would rob me upon his return! Is it karma?]

"Then, you take your pick do you want a pretty wife or do you want money?" Jun Mo Xie held his hands behind his back as he ignored Fatty's pleading.

"This this money is my life But, a wife is like a lifeline. A lifeline is more important... Of course, I want the wife" Tang Yuan grunted and grumbled as he rolled his eyes at first. Then, he finally made a determined decision.