Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 471

Chapter 466 Ye Gu Hans Epiphany
Chapter 466: Ye Gu Hans Epiphany
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"Isn't that right?" Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes wide, and stared at him. "Don't think I won't get to know if you stuff your pockets, you brat! This is only a small lesson! One bottle contains hundred pills, and each is worth about a million on an average! You've taken away fifty pills. And, we usually consider double the prices under these circumstances. This means that you need to cough out a hundred-million right now!"

There was a "Bang!" as Tang Yuan fell face up. His mouth was foaming, and his body was twitching.

However, Jun Mo Xie ignored it, and continued, "I'll count to three, and I'll double the amount if you don't get up by then. So, it doesn't matter to me even if you remain dizzy for a long time as long as you have the funds to afford the time!"

But, Jun Mo Xie hadn't even begun counting when Tang Yuan nimbly jumped to his feet, "You needn't trouble yourself with the counting. I admit to it, fine? You're very fierce, Third Young Master. You opened your mouth, and spoke of a hundred million straight away I barely have three-hundred-million in total!" Tang Yuan gnashed his teeth hard as he spoke-up in a hateful tone at first. He then suddenly felt that he had lost his tongue

"Huh? Three Hundred million?! Fu*k! Damn it, you're quite the businessman, Tang Yuan! You've filled your coffers pretty well! I'm your dad! And yet, you've coveted three-hundred-million from me! You have two choices now first, you cough up that three-hundred-million you've embezzled from me. Or, second; you accompany me to the Dugu Family in the evening," Jun Mo Xie spoke-up ferociously with a desire to exploit.

It needed to be mentioned that Tang Yuan owned twenty-percent shares in the Aristocratic Hall. And, the Aristocratic Hall had made profits worth nine-hundred-million till date. This meant that his share was about one-hundred-and-eighty-million. However, Jun Mo Xie had never expected this Fatty would've siphoned-off three-hundred-million for himself. [There would be no other person in the entire Tian Xiang who'd have such a freakish net-worth] Jun Mo Xie would feel very uneasy at heart if he didn't exploit this fat pig in any manner

"Isn't that easy to choose? We two are brothers! So, I will obviously follow you wherever you go! In fact, I will follow you to a tiger's den without hesitation! So, what's the big deal with the Dugu Family's house? Shit! Ah! The Dugu Family?"

Tang Yuan hit his chest vehemently and hurriedly promised. He suddenly realized that he had spoken of the Dugu Family just when he finished talking. He couldn't help but shiver. Then, he raised his head bitterly, "Third Young Master, your brother can't uphold his promise. I can't help it. I just remembered that I've something important this evening. And, I must handle this matter"

"Is that so? I'm sure you'll make the right decision. And, I'm sure you'll decide to accompany me," Jun Mo Xie chuckled as he replied.

"I'm genuinely busy. And, I seriously can't delay this matter!" Tang Yuan smiled as he looked at the Young Master. He thought that he could still get the better of things

"I won't force you since you're busy. So, give me the three-hundred-million instead..." Jun Mo Xie raised three fingers.

"Oh That matter is very trivial, Eldest Brother. Hehe, its not that important Anyway, it's my duty to accompany you to the Dugu Household. How can I even say that I won't go? Damn! Will it still be no good? Damn it I'm even willing to sell my-fat-self to that terrifying Dugu Family for you. That should be enough, right?" Tang Yuan's face was tragically heroic and solemn.

"Well, that's almost okay. In fact, I nearly believed that you were busy after you said it with such a flustered face" Jun Mo Xie clapped and laughed, "Oh, and that one-hundred-million" Tang Yuan's spirits rocketed. After all, there was a chance that even his hundred-million silver taels could be exempted if he accompanied the Young Master to the Dugu Family [How good would that be]

[It would be worth it even if I was bullied at the Dugu Household]

Therefore, he looked at Jun Mo Xie with excitement. However, he only heard the Young Master say, "I think I'll live to see a fine tomorrow in that case. Anyway, I think even the Dugu Family might not be able to eat the amount of fat you've got on you..."

Tang Yuan fell loudly on the ground. Even his gulp was audible

Jun Mo Xie noticed that there was still a lot of time left. So, he made Tang Yuan wait for him in his area, and asked him to chat with Ye Gu Han. Then, he quietly slipped away

And, that's because chatting with Ye Gu Han was a difficult assignment on its own. This was because that man always spoke to himself, and never paid attention to anyone else. He would talk with passion about the topic that interested him. Moreover, he'd get angry if his audience didn't listen to his words. The man's Xuan strength was crippled. Even Tang Yuan could beat him if he were to get angry. But, could anyone have the heart to beat-up a crippled man? However, one would have to listen to him if they didn't have the heart to beat him

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie pushed Tang Yuan up to the task on this day. Fatty Tang was very excited at the beginning. After all, Ye Gu Han's passionate story had circulated amongst every youngster of the capital.

Ye Gu Han's attachment Ye Gu Han's love Ye Gu Han's legend...

However, Tang Yuan hadn't even spent five minutes when he started to regret it

Ye Gu Han was clearly immersed in his own world. He spoke about it again and again. The man told the story from start to finish, but it seemed as if he was narrating it to himself. In fact, he didn't seem to care if anyone was listening. After all, he was only responsible for narrating it But, he would get upset if Fatty would leave. Then, he would stare wide-eyed at the Fatty while abusing in a loud voice. The other party would've gotten very angry if they hadn't seen his deformity

Tang Yuan wanted to cry, but was devoid of tears. [I've given up a hundred million, and I've also promised to accompany the Third Young Master to the Dugu Household. The Dugus are the nightmare of this city! But, I'm still being made to sit and chat with this madman... This is unfair]

Then, the sharp 'whooshing' sound of a wind from the outside attracted Ye Gu Han's attention. Ye Gu Han stood up, and moved forth to see out the window. And, he couldn't move his eyes away from what he saw. He then quickly walked out.

The two kids were training outside. One was practicing with his blade, while the other was using his sword. Their movements were youthful and inexperienced; they weren't skillful by any means. On glance was enough to tell that they had started to learn martial arts very recently.

However, the child who was using the blade had still attracted Ye Gu Han's gaze

[That child is using a left-handed blade technique!]

[Moreover, this is a purely one-armed blade technique! After all, the slashes are going towards the direction of the right arm. So, the user will chop-off their own arm if they use it with the right hand...]

Ye Gu Han was a veteran expert. So, he could obviously tell this at a glance. [This blade-technique was designed by a one-armed man. There's no other way anyone could've come up with such a technique for the disabled to use...]

However, his right hand had also been chopped off. Consequently, he was also someone who could only use his left hand. Ye Gu Han knew that he was finished ever since he had lost his right hand. His sword had been his lifelong companion. And, he had certainly tried to use it on the odd occasion. However, he could no longer use his sword style since he had lost his right hand. Moreover, he had somehow survived that tragedy by a twist of luck. But, his meridians were still a mess, and he couldn't use his Sky Xuan strength anymore. And, these blows had gradually left Ye Gu Han to despair

However, Ye Gu Han had suddenly found a new hope. [Other people can create such a left-handed blade technique and, that too presumably after suffering from injuries. So, why can't I create a sword technique that suits my left arm? Wouldn't it make for a formidable skill if I can develop it on the base of this unconventional blade technique?]

Ye Gu Han watched-on as that kid stubbornly trained with his blade. He was continuously slashing it over and over

However, he seemed like a fool

That youngster kept training with his weapon. But, he had seemingly failed to grasp the main points. However, he heard someone speak-up just as he became vexed, "That move should be done like this" A hand suddenly took-over his blade, and demonstrated that move with ease.

The kid simply couldn't tell who had managed to perform this technique with such brilliance.

Moreover, that person had also used his left hand.

Therefore, the kid turned his head, and found that this person was Ye Gu Han!

Ye Gu Han's face shone with a fervent splendor. His eyes gradually became red as he looked at the blade he held in his hand. He then calmly stuck that knife to his face for a long time. Then, he softly said, "Thank you. Thank you for letting me know that I'm still useful! I'm not a downright waste yet..."

Then, he stood up; and, stood up straight!

The pride and heroism of winning a thousand difficult battles had suddenly returned to him!

Guan Qing Han was frenetic and confused by the time Jun Mo Xie arrived to see her.

"How are you doing?" Jun Mo Xie smiled and sat down beside her.

"Not bad," Guan Qing Han smiled lightly.

"We will sometimes think excessively about a terrible thing until we come to confront it. But, we'll find that it wasn't necessarily awful when that time of reckoning arrives. In fact, there's nothing that can make our life horrible. Everything is the same, and everything is nonsense. It'll become much easier when you stop fearing it," Jun Mo Xie pondered and said, "And, this is no exception; understand?"

"Yes, I didn't expect this. I had never even dare to harbor such excessive expectations. I had never hoped that things would go away like this," Guan Qing Han nodded gently, and gave a melancholic smile as she spoke, "I had thought that this problem would make life difficult. I had believed that I wouldn't make it through."

"No. This matter isn't fully over yet," Jun Mo Xie smiled, "That's because you haven't faced your own problems yet. Third Uncle is preparing to accept you as his daughter in front of the whole world. You will be a daughter of the Jun Family once that happens. You won't be the eldest daughter-in-law thereafter. And, anyone who tries to use that matter to defame you will become an enemy of the Jun Family. And, they would then have to accept the ruthless fate of being eliminated since they will become our enemy."

"Foster Father is a good man" Guan Qing Han sighed emotionally. Her eyes shone as she looked at Jun Mo Xie, "It's you who lacks consideration."

"Where does this come from?" Jun Mo Xie was stunned by this.

"I heard that Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang were killed. Did you do it?" Guan Qing Han gave him a somewhat accusatory stare, "These two scholars were somewhat conservative, but they were still upright men. Moreover, their knowledge was amazing, and they had served this nation with all their heart throughout their lives. So, it's still excessive to kill such great men!"

"Hehe you still don't understand! Good men can sometimes bring about great harm when they do bad things. And, it doesn't matter what their convictions may have been, or what their purpose was! Moreover, the disaster wrought is greater if the moral character of the person is nobler! In fact, they may even directly or indirectly hinder the progress of all mankind! You won't understand what I'm saying" Jun Mo Xie sighed as he spoke. He couldn't help but think of his deeply missed motherland.