Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Tang Yuans Romance
Chapter 477: Tang Yuans Romance
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Sun Xiao Mei's face was covered in acnes and pus. The scores of pimples and warts had spread over her face like a forest. It didn't look like a woman's face anymore. In fact, it didn't look like a person's face. Only the black and white of her eyes could be seen on her face. However, they were glaring fiercely at Tang Yuan, and it seemed as if they were on the verge of shooting flames.

"Oh my God!" Jun Mo Xie's face revealed a fake expression of fear. He had tried to make it look as if he had seen a ghost.

Sun Xiao Mei nearly stamped her feet in anger since she was being mocked by those two hateful men. Young Lady Sun's physique had transformed in its entirety, but her innate temperament hadn't changed one bit. She had been somewhat afraid of Young Master Jun when she had raining curses at him after that matter with Princess Ling Meng. But, he had jeered at her appearance at this time. And, that was something she couldn't endure. So, she rose above her fears and shouted, "Do you two men wish to court death? You're mocking me instead of thinking of ways to help me! Do you need a beating?"

"He he We've dared to mock your face. But, this indicates that we have a cure for it; we wouldn't be mocking you otherwise. Young Lady Sun is very intelligent. How could she not see this?" Jun Mo Xie clicked his tongue, and tilted his head as he looked her over. He then spoke, "However, the Young Lady's current beauty is too rare a sight! So, I need to appreciate it very carefully. After all, I may not be able to appreciate it later..."

Sun Xiao Mei became angry and anxious. She covered her face, and started to stamp her feet. Then, the Young Lady suddenly let her leg fly while stamping her feet, and kicked Tang Yuan's posterior, "Fatty Tang! You bring your brother here, and he mocks me after he looks at me. And, that too at my face! What do you think I am?!"

Tang Yuan screamed upon receiving the kick. He then clasped his posterior, and impleaded, "Third Young Master, please start quickly! Have pity on me, Brother! This hag has been driving me insane these past few days. Even my merry and great appetite has started to wither"

Jun Mo Xie laughed mischievously as the sound of his fingers' snaps echoed. He smiled and said, "Wow she's genuinely someone with a devilish face yet an angel-like body"

Tag Yuan fled with a 'whooshing' sound, "I'm going to arrange that matter regarding the gold and silver coins for the auction. Third Young Master will treat you slowly and steadily. And, I'm certain that you'll get rid of your illness with the help of his medicines."

"Damn! You're going to leave your wife to me like this? You must be feeling very happy" Jun Mo Xie let out a scream of horror. After all, he had been left to face that terrifying face on his own. Jun Mo Xie's courage could certainly soar to the heavens on ordinary days. However, even his nerves had started to fail him at this juncture

"Ha ha you won't bully your friend's wife. Can't I even have that much faith in the Young Master? I would've felt slightly uneasy about leaving her to a pervert like you if her face was fine! But now it depends on your ability" Tang Yuan's voice echoed from the distance. However, he had gone so far that his last words didn't even reach their ears...

"This is such a terrible loss!" Jun Mo Xie sighed. He snapped his fingers and let out a low whistle. Then, he said as his body moved forward, "Come here girl. Let this brother take a look at"

A "whoosh" sound was heard as a knife flashed; it nearly cut Jun Mo Xie's fingers

Jun Mo Xie laughed as he dodged it.

"You're a very violent girl! Fatty will have a very happy future!"


Jun Mo Xie finished Sun Xiao Mei's treatment after a while. Sun Xiao Mei's illness wasn't that serious if truth were to be told. After all, it was merely a case of hormonal imbalance. There was no place the poison could be drained from. Therefore, it had gathered on her face. It was certainly an incurable disease as far as that era's medicine was concerned. But, it was an easy thing for Jun Mo Xie.

This problem couldn't be compared to that of his Third Uncle or even Old Man Dugu. In fact, this was a piece of cake.

He initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune, and the pure aura travelled into the meridians above Sun Xiao Mei's neck. Then, it pushed forth onto her face. She felt cool on her face as this happened. In fact, it was a very pleasurable sensation. But, this pleasurable feeling lasted only for a moment. After that, she suddenly felt a piercing pain as if tens of thousands of ants were crawling on her face.

The pimples on Sun Xiao Mei's face had burst by the time Jun Mo Xie withdrew his hand. However, a lot of pus had flowed out on her face as a result. Jun Mo Xie stretched his hand several times. But, he felt too embarrassed to do it himself. Therefore, Young Lady Sun herself got some water to wash her face.

Sun Xiao Mei tried to wash her face with cold water. However, the creases on her face made her feel very uncomfortable. The many pimples which had ruptured by now had also started to itch very severely. And, she eventually couldn't help but scratch them. But, the Young Lady couldn't help but feel the thin layer of skin there as she did this. She then opened her eyes, and saw that she had nearly peeled off the entire layer of skin from her face

It was a layer of dirty skin.

Sun Xiao Mei cried out in fear, and threw it away. But, she couldn't prevent herself from feeling her face. She was pleasantly surprised to realize that her face had become quite smooth now. So, she washed her face as quickly as she could, and jumped to look at herself in the mirror. The face of the woman in the mirror still had some red patches. But, the surface of face was quite clear. Her face wasn't as terrible as it was before. In fact, it was heavenly even

Glossy skin was exposed over large parts of her face.

[It worked out so quickly!]

Sun Xiao Mei stared stunned at the mirror.

A long time passed before two streams of tears flowed down her face.

Jun Mo Xie had been standing behind her. He sighed and said, "We need to do this at least two more times Then, your face will transform into the beautiful flower it should've been. In fact, I'm certain that another flower would be added to the peerlessly beautiful garden of Tian Xiang City by then. You'll be counted the same as Xiao Yi and Princess Ling Meng a springtime flower. Someone without a rival! You will be transformed three hundred percent. But, it's a pity that such a beautiful woman is that Tang Yuan's fiance. My spirits dampen as I look at this disequilibrium. This is a waste of a valuable thing. But, I'll make a beautiful woman like you my ninety-ninth concubine if you come with me."

Jun Mo Xie's pretext of saving someone from a dire situation was getting 'increasingly excessive'. The first half of his speech was pleasant to hear. But, the second part of the man's speech was very brutish.

"Go to hell!" Sun Xiao Mei suddenly forgot that she was emotional. She then mercilessly struck at her benefactor with her fists and her embroidery-clothed leg since he was mocking her.

Jun Mo Xie laughed in a merry manner.

Sun Xiao Mei suddenly gave a long sigh after a while had passed. She then said, "Young Master Jun, there aren't enough words to thank you. But, you're Fatty's brother. So, I won't say much more. I only wish to ask you for one thing. Fatty's weight is there a chance of reducing it? I'm worried about Fatty's health. Once he reaches his thirties"

[This damned couple is too much! I first dealt with this woman's face. And, she simply turns around and requests me to reduce that guy's weight!]

"It's very dangerous But, you will need to make him work with everything he's got if you want him to lose weight," This issue had become a headache for Jun Mo Xie as well. [How can that guy lose weight the way he eats? He eats meat, drinks soup, and eats a hundred steam dumplings in one day! Could this guy still be called a man? And, can he lose weight? That's a fantasy!]

"Please you must help him lose weight! He's certain to die if he continues to gain weight," Sun Xiao Mei seriously raised her head, and gave a worrying look to Jun Mo Xie. "Fatty had once said that he would personally take the initiative to cancel our engagement if my face is restored. It doesn't matter what he is like. He's a good man in my eyes! I I wish to be with him! I wish to live my life with that man I want to grow old with him!"

She even blushed a little as she spoke those words.

[Fatty's a good man?]

[When did that Fatty become so noble?]

[Isn't this like a fairy tale?]

Jun Mo Xie was left flabbergasted. He picked his eyebrows, and asked in a low voice, "It would be difficult to make Fatty lose his weight. And, he isn't easy on the eyes. However, your face has been restored. In fact, you've now become a beauty who can bring down cities. Moreover, Fatty is willing to cancel his engagement with you. So, why don't you seize your freedom? After all, you could easily find a man who looks better than Fatty. All of us are acquaintances here, but what I say is true!"

"Jun Mo Xie, Fatty had sounded very sincere and honest when he had spoken about breaking our engagement. However, I feel that you sound"

Sun Xiao Mei returned to her usual tranquil self. She wiped her tears, and looked at Jun Mo Xie, "Are you testing me for your brother? Do I seem like a fickle and unfaithful woman to you? Am I like that?"

"Ah that" Jun Mo Xie was somewhat embarrassed. He rubbed his nose and didn't speak anything in reply.

"Tang Yuan is fat, and his looks aren't outstanding. In fact, I'm certain that no woman would find him attractive. And, I'm the same. But, Tang Yuan handles himself like a real man even if he's fat! And, I'm glad of this. I had resisted my father's decision when I had learnt that I would be getting engaged to Tang Yuan. I had told him that I wouldn't marry such a notorious fat man. However, I eventually made peace with the fact that I'm very ugly, and I couldn't land a great husband. But, I've changed my mind after getting to know him over these past months!"

Sun Xiao Mei spoke softly, and gave a meaningful look with her blurred eyes, "It doesn't matter if he's good or bad I've settled on him whether he's a good man or a tyrant! I'll be perfectly happy being Mrs. Tang whether he loses weight or not. I'll become the wife of an official if he becomes an official. And, I'll accompany him to the warehouses if he becomes a businessman. In fact, I'll stay by his side and beat the dogs with a cudgel if he becomes a beggar!

"Fatty is a good man, and I'm fond of him!" Sun Xiao Mei raised her head to look at Jun Mo Xie. She then spoke slowly, "It doesn't matter if he's rich or poor or handsome or ugly. I wish to accompany him throughout this life! In fact, I would rather not have my appearance fixed if it disturbs our marriage. After all, we'll be able to stay together if both of us have a huge deficiency in appearance..."

All women cherish their appearance. Sun Xiao Mei had looked ugly most of her life. However, someone like her would never give up on the opportunity of suddenly transforming her appearance into that of a beautiful woman. But, Sun Xiao Mei was ready to renounce her beauty for an ugly man who had next-to-no redeeming qualities. Who wouldn't be emotionally moved by this?