Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Throw Away The Nine Hundred Million But Dont Forfeit Conscience
Chapter 478: Throw Away the Nine-Hundred-Million, But Dont Forfeit Conscience!
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"Good! You've spoke very well," Jun Mo Xie was solemn. He couldn't prevent himself from applauding. He walked two steps, and spoke in a profound manner, "This Jun Mo Xie thanks you for my brother, Sister-in-law."

After that, Jun Mo Xie turned and walked out with long strides. He was happy inside; he felt genuine happiness for Tang Yuan.

"I'll become the wife of an official if he becomes an official. And, I'll accompany him to the warehouses if he becomes a businessman. In fact, I'll stay by his side and beat the dogs with a cudgel if he becomes a beggar!" [Every man dreams of this kind of love. Fatty Tang's life will never be in vain since he has found this love!]

"You still haven't told me if there's a way to make him lose weight!" Sun Xiao Mei anxiously called out from behind.

Jun Mo Xie stopped with his back towards her. He then raised his hand, and gave a 'thumbs up' sign. Then, he laughed heartily, "I will always do whatever I've promised! Nothing in this world is impossible for this Jun Mo Xie! However, you mustn't feel sorry for him when the time comes and you see him suffer! Moreover, I hope that you'll always remember what you've said today! I've taken it to heart!"

Sun Xiao Mei stood there as Jun Mo Xie's figure disappeared from there. She snorted and said, "What was that for? 'I hope that you'll always remember what you've said today!?' You've taken it to heart? Do you think I'm taking this lightly? Do you think I joke around with my feelings? This is truly laughable! I'm not a man, but I still take responsibility in my heart!"


Tang Yuan didn't hold his tongue while ordering people around. Orders incessantly flew out of his mouth in a smooth manner. After that, Hai Chen Feng arranged the Aristocratic Hall's manpower. Each one of them obeyed the orders, and quickly moved out. And, they used any means to travel to every nook and corner of the continent as per Tang Yuan's order.

Jun Mo Xie also heard a few words. He could hear Tang Yuan speak that the Bone Tempering Pills were directed towards the Xuan Families of the continent. After all, these Bone Tempering Pills were tailor-made for those Xuan and military families.

Tang Yuan's primary goal was quite clear.

However, the far-off Xuan Families would find it difficult to transport their gold and silver till here But, Jun Mo Xie suddenly had an idea [These people can bring their silver tickets to Tian Xiang City. And, they can exchange them here. Couldn't we make a profit by looting them? For example, a silver ticket worth one-thousand silver coins would only amount to eight-hundred silver coins. Hehe, this is a great business opportunity]

Tang Yuan's work-related engagements came to an end after a long time had passed. Only Song Shang and Hai Chen Feng remained with him at this time. Jun Mo Xie stood leaning against the doorway. Tang Yuan's expression was gloomy at this moment. His eyes then moved towards Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang. And, a solemn expression spread across his face as he slowly said, "I want to make an important announcement."

Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang rolled their eyes. After all, they would get saddled with bitter work every time Tang Yuan would speak like that. And, it seemed like this time wouldn't be an exception either.

"We have to launch a decisive attack on the Huang Family of the Golden East City. We must attack them from all sides whether it is land or water. Use everything in our arsenal. And, even the things we don't have. Use both light and dark methods. Don't stint any costs. Ignore any collateral damage. But, we must destroy that family as quickly as we can!" Tang Yuan emphasized each word.

"Hai Chen Feng, I request you to make use of your contacts. Get in touch with the administrations of the underworld gangs inside the Golden East City. Commit any means of crimes necessary; cause commotion, threaten, kidnap, and blackmail the Golden East City's Huang Family. Kill any officials of the Golden East City who dare to assist the Huang Family! I'll deal with every consequence!"

Tang Yuan's plump face had a rarely-seen murderous look on it. He smiled and said in a cold manner, "Wait till the Huang Family is in a tight spot. And, bring them to me when that happens!"

"What is the estimated amount of funds you're expecting to spend on this?" Hai Chen Feng frowned. He asked in a worried tone, "It must be mentioned that this is an all-out attack against a reasonably powerful family. Can our Aristocratic Hall afford the expenses of getting over with it in a short period of time?"

He secretly wondered; [This guy is usually smiling like the Buddha. So, what offence did the Golden East City's Huang Family commit against Tang Yuan to force him into scheming against them like a ravenous wolf?]

[This Huang Family is truly out of luck]

"I'm employing you along with all the resources of the Aristocratic Hall for this matter. And, I'll use the Tang Family's resources if that isn't enough! After all, I'm the future successor of the Tang Family!" an extremely cruel light flashed in Tang Yan's eyes as he replied in a low voice.

"Young Master Tang, is Young Master Jun aware of this matter?" Song Shang frowned.

"I know. And, I support this with my full strength! Everything will be done as per Tang Yuan's orders! Tang Yuan is the main proprietor of the Aristocratic Hall! And, his orders are of the highest importance. So, you don't need to question them you mustn't question them!" Jun Mo Xie uttered in a low voice. He had been leaning at the doorway, but hadn't uttered a word until now. Therefore, no one had noticed his presence.

Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang quickly jumped up to greet him.

"We'll do it. There's no problem if that's the case!" Hai Chen Feng became calm and walked forth. Then, he calculated everything in advance, and went through the simulations, "I have one more question to ask. Why are you doing this?"

"Why am I doing this? Why do I need to justify it?" The muscles on Tang Yuan's face twitched. He gnashed his teeth as he replied.

"You certainly don't need to give the reasons," Jun Mo Xie slowly walked in. He looked at Tang Yuan, "But let me remind you, Fatty. We can go mad, we can act in an evil manner, and we can ignore everyone in this world! We can even look at people like they are straws. But, we mustn't lose our conscience!

"We must make reprisals, but we can't be excessive! Someone has provoked us, and we'll certainly kill them in response! However, each crime has its perpetrator. The Huang Family hasn't educated its people well. But, the others are innocent in this matter. We're only venting your anger. And, I hope that you understand this. You said that you want to look at them when they're in their worst state. I want... you to understand! But, I won't stop you if you go and kill all nine generations of their family!"

Jun Mo Xie slowly continued, "And, that's because you are my brother! I'll even accompany you to the very depths of hell!"

Tang Yuan's face convulsed in pain. It then slowly filled with a sense of gloom as he remained silent. A long while passed before he spoke-up in a hoarse voice, "Don't worry I only want them to know that everyone will pay the price even if one of them makes a mistake not that one person alone! I obviously won't mind annihilating them if they don't understand this."

Jun Mo Xie chuckled and patted his shoulder. But, he didn't speak any further.

"I'm only trying to vent my anger. In fact, you also know that I'm only trying to vent my anger. But, you're willing to give me nine-hundred-million for it? You're willing to give me everything we have?" Tang Yuan was somewhat emotionally moved.

"That's because you're my brother! So, I'm willing to accompany you on this madness! After all, can nine-hundred-million buy me a new Tang Yuan? I'll withdraw from this if they can!" Jun Mo Xie smiled.

Tang Yuan suddenly turned away and laughed. However, he somewhat choked with emotion and coughed as he did...

Song Shang and Hai Chen Feng looked at each other. Their eyes belied the fact that they were also slightly sentimental.

[Throwing away nine-hundred-million so that your brother can vent his anger and breathe a sigh of relief? What kind of brotherhood is this? How many brothers since antiquity were prepared to throw away nine-hundred-million for their brothers?]

[The Emperor? Would even he do it? Never!]

[This is nine-hundred-million! It's not nine-million, not nine-hundred or nine-thousand! Even the public treasury of a big nation like Tian Xiang doesn't earn a hundred-million in an entire year!]

[Tian Xiang's public treasury wouldn't earn this much in even ten years! And, would the Emperor spend that entire sum of money on one person would he risk his own life for a friend? Would he spend his entire fortune on a friend? Spending nine-hundred-million in silver? You could build a city with that much money!]

[No one has ever done this since ancient times!]

They didn't say anything. Instead, they quietly went out to arrange what the Fatty had ordered them to do. Consequently, only the two brothers remained there.

Jun Mo Xie spoke-up from behind in a faint voice as they left, "Each one of you should take a Bone Tempering Pill first. You'll feel the effects. And, I'm certain that it'll improve your abilities very considerably!"

Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang were overjoyed by this. So, they thanked in unison.

Tang Yuan finally sighed in relief when he saw the two men leave. However, it suddenly seemed that he had exhausted his strength. He sat paralyzed in his chair. And, he had covered his face with his hands

Tang Yuan jumped up after a short period of time, and sneakily looked around. After that, he went to the doorway, and poked his head out. Then, he went to the window to close it shut. And, he took this opportunity to wipe his eyes with his sleeves. He thought that Jun Mo Xie hadn't seen it. But, Jun Mo Xie had seen that even though Tang Yuan didn't know that he had

"What are you doing? Why are you acting like a sneaky ghost?" Jun Mo Xie looked at him. "Don't worry. Even a Spirit Xuan expert or a Great Master wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on us as long as I'm here."

"That's good!" Tang Yuan moved mysteriously. "Something seems wrong of late, Third Young Master."

"What's wrong?" Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrows.

"There's something wrong with the Imperial Family. It can be said that something is wrong with the Emperor." Tang Yuan breathing had become somewhat hurried, "Young Master, everyone was already prepared for you the moment you left from the Southern Heaven City. In fact, they had prepared everything in advance, and they would ambush you at the city's gates. However, you went on a killing spree upon your return. And, you slaughtered everyone who laid in ambush for you. After that, you took away the Meng Family's properties. You basically killed everyone who had launched those sharp attacks on you. Then, over thirty government officials died in a bizarre and mysterious manner. I'm certain that I would see your hand behind these events even if I use my knees to think! I would try to prosecute you, and confiscate your belongings for the huge crimes you committed. So, don't you find it strange that we haven't seen the Emperor make any move as of yet?"

"Should I find this strange?" Jun Mo Xie put his chin on his hand, and assumed the posture of a great 'thinker'.

"However, the Emperor hasn't even invited you to the Imperial Court ever since you've returned!" Tang Yuan said in a deeply worried tone, "You have to be mentally prepared for this, Third Young Master. The Jun Family is flourishing at the moment. But, you may not be able to do anything if he wants to get rid of it. After all, the strength of an entire nation isn't something an individual can compete against!"

"I'll take note of that!" Jun Mo Xie's expression became increasingly less serious.