Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 486

Chapter 485: Assaults Mei Xue Yan Indecently
Chapter 485: Assaults Mei Xue Yan Indecently
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The World Cage was the technique Jun Mo Xie was most afraid of. In fact, it was perhaps the only thing he was afraid of. However, Jun Mo Xie would be like a dragon returning to the ocean in case the fetters of this World Cage were removed. Perhaps he'd be like the tiger that had returned deep into the mountains. And, he would never give her a second chance to do this.

Mei Xue Yan's seemingly slender right foot was many tons heavy. It seemed like an entire mountain was pressing down on Jun Mo Xie's chest. She retracted the World Cage once she finished talking. And, Jun Mo Xie suddenly disappeared the instant this happened. Consequently, only thin air remained there the moment he disappeared. Mei Xue Yan was feeling very complacent at this moment. However, she suddenly felt emptiness under her foot, and lost balance as a result.

Who was this Mei Xue Yan? She would've adjusted her posture if she had gotten a single second to react. But, she didn't get that opportunity in this instance! A man's foot was raised the moment she lost her footing. How could she have thought that the person she had pinned to the ground would turn the tables in this manner? Consequently, she fell to the ground in a state of astonishment. And, the sturdy and muscular body of a man also landed above hers. Her right foot was somehow raised to land next to her face as this happened. And, her left foot ended on the other side of her face. In fact, she had become a rather unconventional horse that was lying belly-up on the ground.

Then, crisp "Pop! Pop! Pop!" sounds echoed in the vicinity. Any outsider would feel that these crisp sounds were being made actions of cat-calling The beautiful Mei Xue Yan couldn't think of one part of her body that wasn't hurting in the moment. Moreover, her fleshy posterior had already been beaten thousands of times in the blink of an eye.

She had settled her debts with this man a moment ago. Therefore, she had been feeling very pleased with herself. However, it seemed as if the tables had been overturned once again

Mei Xue Yan became violently mad. In fact, she was unable to control her fury anymore. Her eyes reddened as she shouted in anger, "World Ca"

"I'll show you the world! I'll crumble your world!" Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt her mouth go warm. Then, the fervent breath of a man affixed itself to her lips. Consequently, her lips were sealed off the moment she was about to unleash her attack. She was pinned to the ground at this time. The strong body of a man was pressing down on hers. Moreover, her legs were raised above her head. In fact, she was literally lying on the ground in splits. Consequently, her lips had no choice to meet his [Oh god]

She wanted to struggle and break free with everything she had. But, this was when she felt an extremely nimble and greasy tongue slipping into her mouth. In fact, this tongue turned out to be so greasy that it somehow slipped into her sandalwood-like mouth by force...

However, this was instinctual; this had been purely instinctive on Jun Mo Xie's part. After all, he had accidently kissed the fragrant lips of such a beautiful woman. Therefore, their sweet and wonderful taste had transmitted back to his nervous system. Consequently, his tongue had decided to move in a spontaneous fashion. But, it wasn't intentional in any way

Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt as if her head was becoming dizzy. She fluttered about at her wit's end for a moment. In fact, she even stopped struggling to some extent

However, this moment of hesitation didn't last long. In fact, it was perhaps one-thousandth of a second. Then, Mei Xue Yan's willed herself to resist the Young Master's special offensive. She then breathed out, and slashed her hands in order to get out of this space

The World Cage was put into effect once again!

However, it was a pity that she felt her body becoming light right before she used the World Cage; Jun Mo Xie had disappeared yet again

She had again suffered a massive loss. And, no wonder medicine could cure the effects of this

Mei Xue Yan stood up with a 'whooshing' sound. She circled around ten times in the blink of an eye. The lady went frantic as she searched everywhere for any sign of Jun Mo Xie. But, that was when a foot suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and kicked her delicate and beaten posterior.

That kick made Young Lady Mei stagger forward. In fact, she nearly fell down. She became extremely angry as a result. There was a "Bang!" sound as the power of her entire body exploded everywhere to protect her. Mei Xue Yan had suddenly recalled that she could use her Xuan strength to protect her body...

Jun Mo Xie was in the midst of raising his leg for another attack while being in a state of invisibility. However, that powerful blast sent him flying away.

It could be said that his stealth technique wasn't a perfect measure for every scenario.

"Jun! Mo! Xie!" Mei Xue Yan roared out. Her face had quickly reddened to the extreme. She could feel that her posterior was painfully swelling up in a very rapid pace. However, her face was clearly more heated up. In fact, she felt as if it would burst into flames.

"Come out you brat! Come out if you have guts!" Mei Xue Yan continued to roar.

The Snake King was hiding in the underbrush. Her face was covered in colors of shock; her eyes were filled with them too.

[Damn! I haven't run into a demon, right? What did I just see? A man was philandering with Elder Sister a moment ago? He was behaving in an immoral manner with her He even kissed her! Good heavens! I'm not dreaming, am I?]

Jun Mo Xie gnashed his teeth while he remained in hiding. He was also caressing his round posterior since it had become sore. [That hurt very badly, girl! You loathsome girl! Try becoming smug again! Try beating my ass again! Humph, the tables have turned! You got a taste of retribution this time, didn't you?]

[Mei Xue Yan's intentions have been very obvious from the start. She only wanted to teach me a lesson; she had never intended to kill me. Why else would she have only given me a violent beating when I was trapped in that World Cage? After all, only half of her strength was enough to kill me when she had gone into that maddened rampage.] Therefore, Jun Mo Xie wasn't doing this for his personal gains. He was only doing it to avenge his posterior.

[I'll beat your ass if you beat mine! This is fair and reasonable!]

[And, that kiss can be considered as repayment of interest. Moreover, there was nothing else I could do at that time!] After all, that woman was about to use the World Cage at that time. But, Jun Mo Xie hadn't been able to take his revenge by then. So, hadn't made any preparations to escape

That rogue method was perhaps the only way to shock someone as strong as her

Mei Xue Yan took deep breaths. And, she finally suppressed the urge to go berserk while bursting from anger. The beautiful woman slowly became calm as a result. But, her face had been becoming increasingly red...

She thought it over for a second, and she couldn't help but smile. [I have trained for so many years. Yet, I still haven't been able to break away from the chronic problem of competitiveness. The difference between Jun Mo Xie and my Xuan strengths isn't small. In fact, the difference is that of earth and heaven! However, I still went crazy while facing such a tiny human. In fact, I even discarded my strength so that I could compete with him in a hand-to-hand fight]

[This is a typical short coming of mine. I meet the enemy on equal footing, and suffer for it afterwards.]

[Could he defeat me by relying on his own strength even if he was more agile than me? So, it doesn't make sense to argue with him.]

[This tendency of mine has left me to suffer this loss.]

Mei Xue Yan's posterior still felt fervent and painful. And, her face was blushing exceedingly. She then redirected her primal energy to heal the inflamed area. Then, she took a deep breath and spoke-up, "Come out Jun Mo Xie. There's an important matter that we must discuss!"

Mei Xue Yan was more powerful than the Great Masters at the end of the day. So, she could control her emotions more easily as well. She had felt very embarrassed a moment ago. But, she had a feeling of being 'stronger than before' now

Jun Mo Xie's lips curled into a grin while he remained in that state of invisibility. His circulated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune in his palms, and exerted his strength to rub his "old friend" while ignoring Mei Xue Yan's calls.

[I'm not going to trust anything you say, woman!]

[And, I'm especially not going to trust a woman who has beaten my ass! Moreover, she's the woman whose ass I've beaten, and whose lips I have forcefully kissed! After all, she's probably like a volcano which may erupt at any time!]

[I'll be annihilated in case she blows up and hits me.]

[How could I ever be foolish enough to get trapped in such a situation? How can I run into a volcano upon listening to a few sweet words from you? You keep shouting. And, I'll rest for a moment before escaping away. I can clearly see that you don't mean to mess with my family! So, why would I care about you anymore?]

Mei Xue Yan waited for some time, but Jun Mo Xie didn't reappear. She was aware that Jun Mo Xie mistrusted her, but she still stayed a bit longer on her own accord. Then, she slowly took two steps to get to a blue stone that was there at the side. She used her hand to dust it. And, she leisurely sat down on it after she had brushed the dust away.

Each one of her movements had reverted to seem elegant and relaxed. And, she again looked like a fairy that had descended to earth. Mei Xue Yan looked extraordinarily beautiful at this time; no one could've guessed that such a great beauty had been involved in a fierce hand-to-hand fight a moment ago.

"Come out, Young Master Jun. We both know that neither of us harbors any feelings of hatred and malice towards each other. In fact, we should be cooperating in the true sense on the contrary. You should also have understood that both of will benefit greatly if we cooperate. What happened before was a nothing but a joke!"

Mei Xue Yan continued calmly, "I'm sure that you won't bring about your doom by taking this to heart. And, I also won't bring down a calamity on you. So, be at ease, and show yourself"

Jun Mo Xie inwardly clicked his tongue. He had acted like such a rogue, and this woman was still calm. This was the first time that he was seeing such a thing.

[But where was the joke in what happened a moment ago? This woman has clearly gauged my true strength!]

"Of course, the Young Master can appear thirty meters away if he still harbors any misgivings in his heart. Our conversation won't be affected even if we stand apart at that distance. However, the Young Master possesses that marvelous skill. So, I'm certain that I won't be able to do anything to you even if I use the World Cage."

Mei Xue Yan spoke insipidly, "I have nothing more to say to Young Master Jun if he still has doubts. So, I request the Young Master to suit himself."

She turned her head after saying that. She then spoke-up, "You can stop hiding as well. Come out, Green Hunter. I'm sure that Young Master Jun has also discovered your presence like me."

The Snake King appeared from behind a tree in a ghostly manner.

Even Jun Mo Xie's figure quickly reappeared at that moment. But, he didn't appear thirty meters away. Instead, he had suddenly appeared right in front of Mei Xue Yan. Then, the Young Master smiled and said, "Young Mei talks about cooperation even with that temper."

Young Master Jun's spirit was connected to the Hong Jun Pagoda at this time. So, nothing would happen to Jun Mo Xie even if Mei Xue Yan suddenly launched the World Cage. Therefore, there was no harm in showing off and appearing right in front of that beautiful woman.

Mei Xue Yan had expected Jun Mo Xie to reappear. But, she was still a bit surprised even though she had been expecting this. A flash of embarrassment appeared on her face as she spoke in a dull voice, "You're not a good man, Young Master Jun."